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About VaryingViewpoint:

I was never an advent drinker of any spirit for most of my life. In fact, I never drank anything stronger than a glass of wine once in a while with dinner. Then, one evening at a function eight years ago (2009) my wife asked me to "try this", I did. I thought it was great "what is it?" I asked, “scotch". From that night on, I was a scotch drinker. 

For the next seven years I enjoyed mostly Glenrothes and only purchased as I drank it. In the back of my mind I knew people collected scotch but I didn't know why? Didn't care. I just liked drinking it. Then we went through a time when I couldn't afford to buy any scotch for months in 2011 and for a while I did not have much disposable income until 2015. Early that year my brother got into scotch and started asking me about it, and telling me about how some of it goes up in value as collectibles. That's when I started loading up on some of my favourite scotches as an investment and to make sure I always have some in reserve I can rely on for drinking. However, when that happened my love of the drink exploded as I was experiencing many different scotches and it wasn’t until, then, that I realized just how much I love a good single malt scotch. Now I purchase for the the sole purpose of drinking it and creating a stash for myself and my wife. So in a nutshell, I collect to drink.

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New support system and FAQ.

We have been working hard on some new features on Whiskybase. It was time to upgrade the help files and the support system. We are not quite there yet but expect a new FAQ and support system in the next week. It will contain a lot of answers and instructions on how to use the website as well as examples how specific elements on the site work.



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