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Single Malt
Alambic Classique (AC)
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Small Batch No. 03
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12 years old
Bordeaux Wine Barrel Finish
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59.0 % Vol.
700 ml
The Alambic Classique Collection
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06 apr 2017 4:31 pm by Pxrider
UncoloredNon-chillfilteredCask StrengthSingle Cask Whisky

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Whisky reviews for Irish Diamonds 2005 AC

23 users have left 24 reviews for this whisky. Average rating is 46.79 points.

  1. Tom na Gruagaich scored this whisky 75 points Connoisseur

    It does not scare me, but it's a very idiosyncratic whisky that I find hard to rate. There is no flavor in my opinion, which really repels me, but also nothing except the orange peel, which is somehow attractive. He also falls apart completely with water. I find that with the caraway almost interesting. Well, a Wisky that you do not have to have, but I will not pour it out.
    • Nose
      actually cumin, with orange peel, some vinous, angegorenes fruit, black pepper and a little hay. It's very unusual. With water remains the caraway, some wine and some fruit.
    • Taste
      Pure, very strong, alcoholic. The orange peel comes through, to a little candy sweetness and a good dose of pepper. With water, it tastes almost nothing, a bit harsh, some mint, that's it.
    • Finish
      Herbs, in fact, something reminiscent of throat drops from the pharmacy with undefined cherry flavor.

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  3. mnljng scored this whisky 45 points Expert Senior

    Definitely very strange. Cough syrup, herbal sweets and anise in abundance. The malt doesn't meet my taste at all. At least the alcohol seems well integrated to me. Yeay!

  4. Niftywhisky scored this whisky 65 points Expert Senior

    Se best!
    Just kidding
    This Irish Whisky really is something else!
    Crazy Orange Fennelseed Anise Aromas going on here!

  5. Scapafriend scored this whisky 94 points Newbie

    Wonderful bouquet, no obtrusive, disturbing flavors such as bitterness or spirit. A wonderful drop, it is worth every cent that has to be spent here. To the critics - keep drinking your Aldi Bourbon and develop a taste

  6. Dome306 scored this whisky 39 points Member Senior

    That stuff is just a disaster, it can't possibly be whisky! Just tastes like grapefruit juice, bitter and sour.

  7. Hemdl scored this whisky 38 points Connoisseur

    How drunk do you have to be to bottle something like this under the name "whisky"?
    Smells like a lousy gin, tastes like a herbal liqueur and otherwise has little to do with the drink we all love. What is Alambic was thinking will probably remain their secret forever.
    A case for the cabinet of curiosities!

  8. FritzeKrautman scored this whisky 84 points Connoisseur

    After all the "horrified" reviews, I finally wanted to have it in my glass. It was worth it for me. Of course, it's completely different from any whisky I've ever had in my glass. Of course, it is much more reminiscent of a gin than a whisky. But that's not the point. If I put the type of spirit and the resulting expectations in the background, objectively it remains an absolutely interesting, powerful and individual drink.
    • Nose
      84 84
      Citrus Cleanser, Cardamom, Coriander, Pepper, Cumin, Essential Oils, Peppermint Gum, Vanilla, Toasted Flavors, Cherry
    • Taste
      84 84
      Very sweet, spices, liquorice, peppermint, essential oils, banana, quite strong overall
    • Finish
      83 83
      Almost medium length, slightly drying finish with citrus fruit, vanilla, spices, bitterness, essential oils

  9. Horror_Vacui scored this whisky 75 points Expert Senior

    Herb candies dissolved in vodka. Juniper, Anise (very strong!), Escorial.
    With hand warmth and air still strong sage, caramel.

    Strong sharp start. Again this mixture of herbal liqueur and AAnisschnas, with pepper. Fruit gum with raspberry flavor

    Medium length, sage, anise, anise and more anise. pepper

    75/100 (as a spirit)

    I can understand the ratings in the base if you use a whisky standard. Here I am also tempted to regard this almost penetrating aniseed note as a false note.
    As a spirit, on the other hand, I find whisky quite exciting, albeit a bit one-dimensional

  10. Peaceman1995 scored this whisky 1 points Member Senior

    Today something very special in the glass.
    In the nose rubbing alcohol, label remover, more precisely orange solvent.
    In the mouth orange solvent, blood pressure tablet and denatured alcohol.
    It's an experience, even if not one that I would have to repeat ????

  11. Xaver did not rate this whisky Expert Senior

    I thought it was pretty tasty. : D ... really!
    • Nose
      Light amber

      HeHeHe ... it definitely smells different.
      First there is a good portion of caraway. Then anise and fennel tea. A syrupy sweetness plays around the whole thing. Orange peel and also lemon peel from baking. Behind it sour applesauce.
      With a little time in the glass, the colleague becomes fresher and drier. Got something of frozen grain. Sourdough and anise again. It totally reminds me of Sanastol juice.
      So ... honestly. I think it's good and just different from the nose.
    • Taste
      Powerful start. Immediately the Sanastol juice again. Grapefruit, orange oil and an artificial sweet and sour component. Plum and again the grain. Candied apple with icing from the cake. Always the refreshing aniseed note.
    • Finish
      Medium length. Here again the caraway. But then it is replaced by a very pleasant, thick sweetness. This refreshing touch stays longer.

  12. Dirk did not rate this whisky Super Administrator

    this is not good...
    • Nose
      nothing to say here..
    • Taste
    • Finish

  13. Othorion scored this whisky 42 points Connoisseur

    What the F....! Limoncello with Ramazotti. Herbal, spicy, aniseed, Juniper, spearmint, a bit toffee and vanilla. Lots of caraway and lemon.
    The only good thing about this bottling is that is shows once again How manifold the world of single malt whisky is

  14. Dottore scored this whisky 55 points Expert Senior

    In my opinion one of the worst ever bottled whiskys, totally messed up.
    • Nose
      disgusting. Orangeat, citron. Gin. Anis schnapps, nothing but whisky. freshly mown grass. Hustengutti. Caraway seed. I do not notice Bordeaux wine. The anise-Orangeatgemisch is very bad.
    • Taste
      The taste is not that bad. a lot of artificial orange and vanilla. Spicy wood. Minimal wine flavors. Interesting.
    • Finish
      Medium. Artificial orange-rubbery berries encased in liquorice. 55 points

  15. didi1893 scored this whisky 40 points Connoisseur

    From the color I would have typed on a wine barrel finish, from his nose to gin or rum. We are silent about the taste better! If this had been a whisky at all, that was guaranteed a ginfinish or a cucumber barrel or a herring barrel ... Sylter Tide, Fishky, SMWS 35.178, no matter, great what it definitely not!
    If I can even award points, then a maximum of 40 ...
    • Nose
      Blind tasting: Sourish notes mix with juniper, anise and extremely grassy aromas. A touch of sweet rum and green cacti ... I absolutely do not know how to describe or define this nose ... After repeated nosing the nose seems more pleasing, but still I can not do anything with it. With mixed feelings, I take the first sip ...
    • Taste
      Phew ... Juniper, rum, sweet fruit followed by peppery pungency. Hey, what's that? Herbal sweets / cough sweets and fresh mint or eucalyptus, tart notes, tart walnut flavors. Sorry I'm just overwhelmed ... That's supposed to be a whisky ???
    • Finish
      Juniper, sour notes ... The complete program of the nose and the taste returns in the aftertaste. Apart from the nutty touch, I would like to quickly forget this "whisky".

  16. Eckibaer scored this whisky 5 points Expert Senior

    Untrinkbarer Fusel A shame for Alambic to fill something like that

  17. wbarchive_104650 did not rate this whisky Expert Senior

    Boah is the shit! How can you fill something please? What shoud that?! Do you want to scare off his customers? Or just check, what the idiots buy so everything? In the nose with quite a far distance the worst thing I had in the whisky glass ... taste and finish do not make it any better.
    • Nose
      AGE !! 1! What is that please? I can not really classify that ... After Whisk (e) y it smells like zero. This is somehow so Orangeat and Zitronat ... Then somehow also Christmas Stollen .... was behind the stove .... since Christmas 1958 ... The nose makes you really want to dump the porridge immediately in the sink ... where I'm not on it, that eats the stuff through the drain pipe and makes the farmland around the house infertile ...
    • Taste
      HA! What's going on? After the nose, I did not even want to drink the stuff ... but sooooo bad is not the taste, as the nose suggests. Unfortunately (?) Does not come much ... bit of chocolate, red wine ... but everything behind a curtain of orange peel. Still, yummy is different.
    • Finish
      The finish is just alcohol ... with a pinch angekokelter plastic lemon and granny under the arm ...

  18. FernetBranco scored this whisky 83 points Connoisseur

    The first thing that strikes you is the very intense coloring, which immediately reminded me of a copper still.

    It is also very present visually and then olfactorily in the glass. It's not very "viscous" and doesn't pull "legs" at all...

    The nose unusual for a whisky but also for a whisky (as far as I can tell). But this Irishman reminded me of another Alambic bottling: www.whiskybase.com/whiskies/whisky/80850

    To 23-year-old Glen Keith. Since I was able to try it again recently, it is still very much in my mind.

    But beyond that, you don't forget it that easily, because I would still swear today that I was given the one middle-aged gin - but by no means a 23-year-old Speysider...

    And this one, although Irish... only 12 years old and that includes aging in a Bordeaux cask for two years, has such a strikingly similar nose - really odd!

    And I have two questions: In what did the whisky mature before it came into the Bordeaux cask and what kind of Bordeaux was it???

    To cut it short and not to bore anyone: The nose offers orange, car wax, herbal sweets, cough syrup, rubbing alcohol, Becherowka and vanilla liquorice. All things that you don't necessarily expect in a whisky, but which are also absolutely not unpleasant - on the contrary: I like it very much!

    On the palate then the same game. A funny potpourri of the "participants" mentioned above. Also a bit of "Turkish pepper" and iodine tincture.

    Curiously, after I had it on the palate, the "whisky" also came through in the nose...but only subtly.

    The finish then consistently herbaceous and liquorice with a bit of white pepper.

    All in all a nice ... well ... let's call it an aperitif, because it definitely stimulates the appetite. A whisky (or whisky) is not for me in life. Nevertheless, I find it easy to drink and not too bad due to the unusual aroma. Anyone expecting a whisky ala Redbreast or Bushmills: hands off! Anyone who is fearless or adventurous and also likes the Säntis: fire free!
    • Nose
      88 88
    • Taste
      85 85
    • Finish
      80 80

  19. Marko_I did not rate this whisky Connoisseur

    I can not say explicitly that the stuff is bad, but is it supposed to be whisky? I am completely mystified, how something can come out, if you do whisky in a wine barrel, you should check to see if there was not at the same time a herbal liqueur was bottled, the suspiciously tastes like whisky. So for the herbal schnapps fan who is looking for something unusual - Ireland, 12 years old, from the wine barrel, barley malt, cask strength 59% you do not get every day. For 63 € are a bargain. For whisky friends: Go on, nothing to see gips here!
    • Nose
      I am forewarned and reckon with the worst - from the sample bottle it smells intensely of cough drops. Then in the glass: Holla the herb fairy! Mix gin, aquavit and Becherovka. Full herbal drone. Juniper, caraway, anise, fennel and a lot of mint. Marjoram and savory could also be there, and who knows what else has fallen into the pot, and brown sugar. Departed, somehow fascinating. But does not smell like whisky.
    • Taste
      Too bad, I would have been happy, if the nose had now found 1: 1 in the taste again. But the herb is not quite as violent, much less fresh, much sweeter, you can guess the wine barrel (must have been a klebsüßes) and recognizes rudimentary whisky. But it dominates herbal liqueur (the dark, sticky-sweet standard stuff), cough syrup, ricola, herbal honey, a little licorice.
    • Finish
      Licorice, cocoa, a hint of eucalyptus, rather short (I would have expected it to stick in your mouth forever)

  20. rottendon scored this whisky 10 points Connoisseur

    Au weia, the stuff is really bad! I got the sample because I have a thing for filthy and controversial stuff. At the time there were only the three 90s, one 35 and one 25. The motivation for the Ü90 ratings, after I've tasted it, can not explain rationally for me, except perhaps with payment. Even if you like weird stuff and can really take something away from the stuff, it's not nearly a whisky, and definitely not Ü90. There's nothing polarizing, it's just bad. Gin in the nose, bad grappa in the mouth and the coronation is this rotten note. Also for me clearly the red lantern!
    • Nose
      Caraway, lots of cumin, some anise and possibly a few botanicals, nothing that would remind you of whisky anyway. Dental practice, old washing-up rags, medical. After a while, there are traces of vanilla and caramel behind the whole frightening junk. Somebody wrote candied cumin in his notes, something like that. A fruity note is there now, rotten grapefruit. But again and again cumin, some bergamot maybe. Warms up a lot more caramel, it comes now angegammelte fruit notes that actually remember some Speysider and even a few berries can be interpreted with. But in combination with cumin and Co., the whole thing seems rather disgusting to me, as if you had mixed cumin with fruit tea. Like gin, it just does not work anymore, but it does not work like whisky.
    • Taste
      Oh shame, that is cruel! First he is sharp, then sweet, then he looks like rotten. The whole thing - as expected - with caraway and anise. The mouthfeel is slightly oily. In the second sip he is not quite so cruel, as he has already successfully stunned the mouth in the first. He also looks metallic at the back and he can not hide a spirit of spirit.
    • Finish
      In the finish, he is then actually still sweet with a pronounced anise in the stunned throat, Salmiakpastillen. Definitely the best, or the least bad of the swill, but it is rather short. Well!

  21. Kapitän-Haddock scored this whisky 35 points Member Junior

    I thought so far, the Little Piggy 2010 by C & S Dram is the worst, what I had previously in the glass, so unfortunately I was taught a better. :-(
    I received a sample from an FT of a member of mine known and personally appreciated.
    Full of anticipation, 2cl were immediately put into the glass. Against that hit me a "scent", which reminded me more of Gin.
    The taste was then violent ... strong strong, burning on the tongue (and no, that's not my first whisky, which I have tasted in FS) and little or no reminiscent of wine finish.
    Tastes are different, unfortunately he has not met mine and I consider the rest of the sample, as already the LP, its earthly purpose in the spout feed.

  22. Kapitän-Haddock scored this whisky 35 points Member Junior

    • Nose
      20 20
    • Taste
      20 20
    • Finish
      30 30

  23. ted.striker scored this whisky 10 points Connoisseur

    Moin too, I absolutely acknowledge the diversity of tastes. Also the reason why I (almost) never publish Notes and donate scores otherwise. Because what you or he or she thinks of a malt can only be a reliable indicator of the quality of a bottling for a few whiskynases I know well. As far as the peace offer. That this bottling is, however, said to be the absolute last scrap, with the Alambic Classique has completely shattered his reputation with me, I would like to clarify for me quite explicitly. According to the smartest Whisky database in the world, I was still able to taste 1,555 whiskys today. And I had it underneath. 1-2x something in the glass that has just scoffed me similarly and animated to wegschütten. This whisky gets from me the red all-time lantern. Not drinkable, inedible and absolutely unbearable. And despite my conviction that flavors can be far apart, I speak the ludicrous review of Fassnachtsgilde Fränkische Schweiz ( http://whiskyclub-fs.de/2017/07/27/whisky-vorstellung-irish-diamonds-2005-small- batch-no-3-alambic-classique-590-vol / ) as well as the three fairy tale reviews in the 9xer-Punktbereich here every truthfulness. It's nice to see three of your noses jumping out of the bottle for whatever reason, but if you think that's good for 9x dot stuff, you've never had whisky in your glass before and you're otherwise fed on bioethanol. But to look, fair as I would like to be, if from the total of over 15 participants of my split 2½ bottles at least one raises his finger and would like to insert a good word for the snot, I'll write to all participants and ask for open feedback , Head shaking greetings ...

  24. Pese scored this whisky 92 points Expert Senior

    Even before the glass reaches the nose, the no. 3 fruity aromas. In the nose and on the palate then a wonderful aroma cargo, orange peel and speculaas, seasoning. Soft on the palate despite the 59%, no trace of sulfur, as sometimes found in wine finishes. A long, spicy finish, slight oak notes accompanied by sweetness.
    An absolutely fascinating Bordeaux red wine finish.

  25. Amaliana scored this whisky 35 points Expert Senior

    This has nothing to do with whisky, at best, it could be called middle-class gin. Does not go at all :-(


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