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Tom na Gruagaich

Expert Senior  Senior Expert  •  Online  •  Marketplace Buyer

About me

A short guide to my ratings:

I prefer a german school grade rating from 1 to 6. The 100 point rating ist far to detailed for me, because I really can not tell the difference between a 82 or 84 point whisky. But I try to translate my grades into the 100 points scale.

Grade                Points - Comments
1* extraordinary  95  - absolute extraordinary whisky
1  very good       90  - very good whisky    
2  good               85  - above the average
3  satisfying        80  - a whisky simply to enjoy
4  sufficient         75  - still a whisky I wouldn`t refuse
5  insufficient      60  - the whisky has off-notes that make it hard for me to enjoy
6  fail                  50  - crap whisky


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