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Yamazaki 18-year-old

Overall rating 710 votes 88.83

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My 4 x 25 ratings


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Nose 23
Taste 23
Finish 22
Balance 23


103 Notes

Claudio + Cats
Expert Senior Claudio + Cats Note
21 Mar 2017 2:51 am
Claudio + Cats gave this whisky 93 points

Das ist einer der allerbesten Whiskys unter 1000 Euro. Der ist deutlich besser als etwa der Sherry Cask 2013 oder 2009, die ich auch offen habe. Ich wiederhole es gerne - der ist selbst jetzt noch - ein Schnäppchen!!! In 2 Jahren gibsts keine mehr unter 600-700. in 5 Jahren ist der um 800-1000. Es gibt nicht viele Scotch, die dem das Wasser reichen können. Klar, es gibt noch bessere - der Yamazaki 25yr. zB. Den 35er und 50er konnte ich leider noch nie probieren. Die sind nicht nur teuer, weil sie selten sind, sondern weil sie gut sind. Der 25er ist das Blut des Zeus! Aber auch jedes Glas vom 18er ist ein Gedicht. Ich freue mich über jeden, der mir die Flasche billig verkauft, wenn sie doch zu viel teuer ist. Viele beschreiben den gar nicht so schlecht. Aber wenn man Orangen liebt, soll man Orangen essen und nicht Ananas! Die schmecken halt nicht wie Orangen! Der Yamazaki 18 stellt jeden "Glen Furz" in den Schatten. Ebenfalls alle Aschenbecher-Rauchsäulen von "Ei la", obwohl ich einige alte Bowmore, ab 25j. durchaus auch zu schätzen weiss.

Auf Neudeutsch: Du vrkoff dise mir bilig, das gutt voll krass Mann, ig kaufe. Nix fürr Frosch das keine anung, nur kennen brikket was is bilige fusel. Du schreibe scheisse fon breis, ha ha du nix ferste-e von guttwiski dise. Voll krass, alter. Du dafürr gans sigger habe Schpoiler auf VW Disel, was meine ferari is, hat mer ps als trabi von bratmaxe ost. Warum du saufen dise weil nix anung, besser saufe fusel andere was wie aschenbecher und scheisse von usakanada, das grosse fusel. Koste nurr 25 dolar, nur. Is voll krass bilig, sage warum! Beser lasse yama18 fur egsbert, das verste-e was dafon.

Ei gaff dise Wisgi 93 puängte.

Expert Senior BMeyerdierks Note
15 Mar 2017 11:08 pm
BMeyerdierks gave this whisky 92 points

What is the problem with the price? Yes, 400€ is a lot of money, but hey folks.....are you looking at the actually whisky prices for an 18 year old "normal" whisky? 

Look for example to ardbeg....
the actually 21 ..... about 440+ Euros and not very tasty.....(no 18y but close to)
the new one from lmdw......ardbeg 18y.....429€.......

and so on........

and this one is a winner and a very very delicious whisky.....the others not......

And in this case the price is for some very "dramatically" for the other bottles not.....why?
Connoisseur Andytka3 Review note
28 Dec 2016 2:19 am
Andytka3 gave this whisky 90 points

Nose:- Very nutty and oily, abundance of dried fruit notes derived from sherry oaks. Apricot syrup. Feints of rubber linger at the background.

Palate:- Medium body with spice note. Velvet and matured with pleasant woody flavors.

Finish:- Smooth and complex with medium long dry finish. Just as you think that the end of it, a sudden burst of sweet vanilla risen from the throat, offering an unique finishes only from this legendary whisky.

— at The Whisky Bar, Kuala Lumpur.

Weighted Rate
Initial taste
Moderator dram-drinker Tasting note
20 Feb 2016 11:29 pm
dram-drinker gave this whisky 92 points

Apricots, blood oranges, ripe bananas, touch of vanilla, apple compot


Sweet vanilla oak, fruity, peppery, pretty balanced


Long and fruity, oaky - really no bitterness


Very drinkable and enjoyable - very good whisky!

Expert Senior Dramlicious Note
29 Apr 2015 9:39 am
Dramlicious gave this whisky 94 points

After my highly pleasant encounter with the Yamazaki 12 Years Old, I was very eager to test it’s older brother, the Yamazaki 18 Years Old. Without revealing too much in advance: My expectations were met in full and I can definitely understand now why it wins so many awards.

Blog: dramlicious.com | Facebook: facebook.com/dramlicious | Twitter: @dramlicious
Connoisseur jazzpianofingers Note
06 Jun 2017 3:33 am
jazzpianofingers gave this whisky 89 points

Sherry, bourbon & Mizunara casks - what can go wrong?

C: Sweet-herbal tincture, with strong echoes of the Karuizawa style. Also hugely reminiscent of 'that' Yamasaki Sherry cask, but the marmalade/jammy/syrupy/tincture quality is a tad more refined and less drying. Amazingly intact juice after many years in the bottle, and despite only a dribble left.

Scores a B+

Connoisseur lincolnimp Note
14 May 2017 9:35 pm
lincolnimp gave this whisky 81 points
Re visiting this, my opinion has not changed, many people think this whisky is worth 400 euro, I do not think on quality alone its worth more than 100 euro. Its one of those manufactured profiles as if something has been added prior to bottling, unlike last time I think its a little soapy this time.
Save your money, get something else, it ok and it certainly has flavour but I think the heavy sherry is hiding a few flaws.
I see 6 people have scored this 100 points, come on, really??????
Expert Senior wisekycourse Note
04 May 2017 12:41 pm

Au nez, du bois ,du sherry ,des épices douces,puis odeur de vieux marc et chocolat!!

My Collection
Expert Junior Gaija Note
05 Apr 2017 6:46 pm
Gaija gave this whisky 90 points

Sure it's an extremely pleasant dram with these serene red fruits notes, along side high-end black tea, spices, and exotic woods. It's an extremely well-composed sherried malt with nothing too loud or over the top, and at that it definitely is very Japanese indeed. That probably remains my favourite Yamazaki to date (granted, I've only had 5 or 6 different ones), even above the Mizunara.

That said ... needless to say it's nowhere near worth the obnoxious pricetag it now commands. Everyone tempted to blindly buy this bottle has to be aware of the fact that massive hype and discountinuted-status play a (far too) big role in its price. I remember seeing it in my local shop for 90$ in late 2014. Sigh.

Anyway, try it if you can, there's something about its "profile composition" that isn't to be found in most Scotch counterparts.
Member Senior Gris Tasting note
27 Mar 2017 11:20 am
Gris gave this whisky 88 points

Du chocolat, des raisins secs, des fruits secs ... Du thé et puis des fruits sechés aussi (dattes/prunes).


Du bois, toujours des fruits secs bien présents. Du caramel qui rajoute de la douceur et de belles notes de sherry. Quelques notes de tabac également.


Moyennement long et équilibré entre le fruité et l'épicé.


Une très belle expression du whisky japonais, mon préféré parmi tous ceux que j'ai pu goûter d'ailleurs.

Damned ma bouteille est presque vide et, vu les prix se pratiquant désormais, je n'en rachèterai probablement pas :'(

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