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First and foremost I am a whisky drinker, so the basic question is whether I like the whisky and whether it gives me fun. Evaluation is a secondary matter.

If I already give a rating, I use the following system found on the internet. I decided to use it because it allows me (and you) to understand the 1 -100 point scale in a simple and intuitive way.

98 – 100 (A+) = Whisky Nirvana.

This is the promised land where every sense is satisfied and, unless it’s a perfect 100, you have to search and nit-pick for what’s wrong instead of what’s right about this whisky because it’s so on point.

93 – 97 (A) = Exceptional – Superior in every way

These are the best of the best and within spitting distance of Nirvana. They embody everything that category is about and then elevate it to another level. These are ones I HIGHLY recommend.

90 – 92 (A-) = Excellent – want to buy a case

Whiskies that hit this rating are extra awesome. They’re delicious and complex. Even though they are not quite "best-in-class", they’re among my favorite whiskies and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone at any time.

87 – 89 (B+) = Great – always want to have a bottle

These are whiskeys that as soon as you taste them you say “I want to own a bottle” and if you already own the bottle you just smile because it’s yours. It’s not a record breaker by any means, just a good solid delicious whiskey.

83 – 86 (B) = Good – not a “must”, but a nice-to-have

The majority of my baselines are found here. This range is where the “daily drinker” status starts to emerge and where I find whiskies that’re good to drink, but may rotate in and out of my collection. They’re not something you’d miss when it’s out, but good enough to give a moment’s consideration when at the liquor store.

80 – 82 (B-) = Not-too-bad – no major flaws, worth tasting

This is the stuff I’d recommend you try at the bar, an event or at a friend’s house before buying a bottle. There’s nothing really wrong with it, it’s just not… quite… there.

77 – 79 (C+) = Average – not good, not bad, just is

There might be some minor flaws, all-in-all it’s not offensive, but it might be boring. There’s just nothing at all noteworthy about this whisky.

73 – 76 (C) = Below average – drinkable, but better as a mixer / party booze

It’s not like you or I actually WANT to drink this stuff, but sometimes you’re at a wedding or a shitty bar and it just happens to be there and a beer just doesn’t sound great so you grin and bear a glass or, when possible, ask for it in a cocktail. If the bartender sucks you might even take a bit of solace in the knowledge that they didn’t ruin a good whisky with their terrible cocktail.

70 – 72 (C-) = Not good – nearly undrinkable, wonder why the hell they made it

When I drink this stuff I wonder if the Master Distiller is actually proud of what they’ve put out or if it’s something they just shove out to make a quick buck. I then wonder about the person who habitually buy it and wonder what admirable qualities they find in it that I can’t.

60 – 69 (D) = The only thing this should be used for is making Jungle Juice, and even then…

Seriously… I start to wonder if it’s even safe for human consumption at this point. It’s just plain gnarley.

59 – 0 (F) = Horrifically flawed – the worst

This is when I call the FDA because I’m pretty damn sure it’s not safe to drink this swill.

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