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About me

My rating system explained:

I prefer to use a 5-star rating system as each and every one of us has a different perception of what a certain score actually means. However, I have tried to convert my ratings into the x/100 points system as explained below.

1.0 - undrinkable (no score) - disinfectant
1.5 - undrinkable neat (50 points) - acceptable as a mixer
2.0 - poor quality (60 - 70 points) - whiskies with serious flaws
2.5 - palatable (75 - 80 points) - affordable drams with minor flaws
3.0 - average (81 - 83 points) - decent but uneventful whiskies
3.5 - above average (84 - 86 points) - the 'better' stuff
4.0 - first-class (87 - 89 points) - highly recommended 'must try'
4.5 - superb (90 - 92 points) - truly outstanding malts
5.0 - perfect (93+ points) - close to perfection as can be

Whiskies below 80 points are not recommended although I always try to maintain a positive attitude. Even a cheap Blended Scotch has its purpose if you enjoy mixed drinks. The narrow range of 80 - 89 points for most Single Malts is based on Ralf Mitchell's 'malt marks' (ralfystuff @YouTube). Only the best and truly outstanding whiskies are given a score of 90+.

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