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Menno Claes  •  Member Senior  Senior Member

About me

loving whisky and fine spirits since my father poured me a glass when I was 17. My interest started turning into somewhat of a passion since I discovered Laphroaig and Ardbeg and while I still have much love for the peated smokers from Islay, I'm exploring the wide world of whisky, loving and learning one dram at a time.

How I rate the nectar:

 0-50 points: rubbish and disgusting

 51-60 points: still nowhere near anything decent

 61-69 points: drinkable, just. Might go in a hot toddy or an easy drinking summer cocktail 

70-74 points: can be enjoyed, but probably won't be buying a second one 

75-79 points: we're getting somewhere, this is not too shabby

80-84 points: good stuff. Not to say spectacular, but more than decent 

85-89 points: hitting the sweet spot! Yummie! 

90-94 points: wow! Amazing! Shut up and take my money! 

95-99 points: surely I've died and gone to whisky heaven! 

100 points: there is no such whisky and if there is, I 'll sell a kidney for it. Or two...


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