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About me

About my tasting notes. Although I do try each whisky I write a note for on multiple occasions, my tasting notes are highly subjective & situational - if it was only tried as a single dram, I state it in the note. Also I adopted my 'rating'/point system, which used to be 50=average, to the MJ/MM scoring where 75=average whisky which is the de-facto standard on the whiskybase. Generally I seem to score lower than most as well and I regularly buy bottles I give 80+ to, depending on the price and how unique/interesting the whisky is.

As for my favourites - I do like a broad range of whiskies, and the most interesting ones for me, apart from sherry casks with some peated spirit are the ones that seem to opinionate. As an idea to what I like personally - I tend to like peaty, salty, sherried, fruity, creamy/milky and don't mind a dirty streak in moderation either, as in sulphur, matches, motor-oil, earth, leather, rotting wood etc. The notes I seem to like less than the next man are woody/bitter/dry, perfume-y, artificially sweet, mineral, farmy, sour & bitter (all of which can add greatly to the balance, but if they are the dominating notes [at the beginning of one of my tasting notes]), I'll most likely score it lower than others...


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