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Single Malt
Signatory Vintage (SV)
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Cask Strength Collection - World Champions 2014
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24 years old
Two Refill Sherry Butts
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56.0 % Vol.
700 ml
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German whisky and football fans to celebrate Germany winning the 2014 World Cup in Brazil
de Germany
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01 aug 2014 12:06 pm by wbarchive_73116
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Whisky reviews for Glen Grant 1990 SV

24 users have left 30 reviews for this whisky. Average rating is 83.83 points.

  1. stefsel111 scored this whisky 86 points Connoisseur

    • Nose
      87 87
    • Taste
      86 86
    • Finish
      85 85

  2. Dre73 scored this whisky 86 points Connoisseur

    Fresh, fruity, berries and cherries. Quite some alcohol, but very pleasant.
    • Nose
      86 86
      Very fresh and fruity, berries and cherries. Pencil sharpening. Quite some alcohol. Later on a touch of leather, and some floral notes.
    • Taste
      85 85
      Pretty some power, red fruits, berries and cherries, getting pretty intense. Drying mouthfeel.
    • Finish
      86 86
      More smooth now, blue berries, cassis, pretty long. Wine gums. Warming feeling in the belly for quite some time. Again some floral notes.

  3. SebasDB scored this whisky 85 points Expert Senior

    With time a solution will be found. Gets better with time. Water also helps. Has some soapy feel which I've found more often lately. I read perfume notes below, I can also put it under that. Not my standard refill sherry.

  4. aspa scored this whisky 89 points Connoisseur

    Ohh a great refill sherry nose, soft, aromatic, not overdone and drowned in sherry - very nice! Spicy and tart but also with a play on the sweetness. Leather, furniture polish, cinnamon. Raisins, lightly caramelized brown sugar. Also a bit fruity and light acidity. The alcohol is good but not perfectly integrated, has a powerful effect and tickles the nose a little.
    Reminds me of the great Inchgower 1996 DL. Apples and orange peel, with licked oak and a hint of vanilla.

    Softer, with better integrated alcohol. Now clearly tart and spicy, less sweet. Continue with leather, furniture polish and raisins, plus some maple syrup and light lacquer color aromas. Simply delicious refill sherry, not overloaded and wonderfully tasty. Dark forest honey is added and supports the sweet and tart game. I can't say much more about it, just drink and enjoy.

    medium length or even rather short, but very pleasant with leather, some tobacco and rather bitter and spicy aromas. The forest honey also shows itself and leaves a sticky but very tasty feeling in the mouth.

    Very tasty, tasty refillsherry bottling that you can simply enjoy.
    N-90, T-89, F-87 for 89 points.
    • Nose
      90 90
    • Taste
      89 89
    • Finish
      87 87

  5. Xaver did not rate this whisky Expert Senior

    • Nose
      Blind sample:

      Dirty rose gold

      Dried raisins, damp forest. A flag of smoke and wax. Roasted oranges and a bit of wet tobacco. Countersunk plastic, marzipan and mulled blueberry wine. Persimmon, surrounded by nutmeg and a bit of leather.
      With a little time in the glass, I find Christmas stolle. Lemon peel, powdered sugar, will be drier. Plus a perfume note.
    • Taste
      Powerful start. A taste like after brushing your teeth while rinsing out. Bet over 50%. Mineral - tart. Sour blackberries. More flavor. Herbal tea with a splash. Cognac and rust dust.
    • Finish
      Medium length. Neat dry bitterness. Nuts with almonds.

      My tip was Refill Sherry, 15 years.

  6. Albaron scored this whisky 87 points Specialist

    Mmm, it gets better with every sip. Very fruity, but still this freshness and still beautiful oak, not too much, just right. I like.
    • Nose
      Fresh, alcohol, sherry, quite a lot of fresh lemon, eucalyptus
    • Taste
      strong onset, quite bitter, but then it is sweeter, some dried fruit, the sherry comes through, a little barrel seasoning, black tea and a certain heat lives in the fire
    • Finish
      here is still the sweetness of the dried fruit, say the sherry, then comes with force the oak, from the dry deposited variety, both tannins and the bitter spice. But that is not too unpleasant or intrusive

  7. KingKutte_4.0 scored this whisky 85 points Member Senior

    • Nose
      86 86
    • Taste
      85 85
    • Finish
      85 85

  8. Oloroso-Butt did not rate this whisky Expert Senior

    • Nose
      87 87
    • Taste
      84 84
    • Finish
      84 84

  9. whiskycuse did not rate this whisky Expert Senior

    Tasting Notes:


  10. The Macallan scored this whisky 85 points Connoisseur

    Very nice version of a sherried Glen Grant
    • Nose
      Sherry comes straight in, dried fruit, plum and crèmebrûlée
    • Taste
      Very tasty, dry, creamy and fruity
    • Finish
      Warm, floral and fruitcake spices

  11. Hemdl scored this whisky 74 points Connoisseur

    Beautiful nose, which can certainly convince with sweetish-fruity aromas.
    Tasty, however, with unpleasant soapy and artificial notes, which push forward at the end and deceive the taste experience clearly.
    You do not necessarily have to drink.

  12. Mr.Edradour scored this whisky 86 points Connoisseur

    In my opinion it has too much oaky bitterness.

    You need to use several drops of water to reduce the alcohoilic strength and to open up the full range of flavours.

  13. Mr.Edradour scored this whisky 86 points Connoisseur

    • Nose
      88 88
    • Taste
      86 86
    • Finish
      82 82

  14. Gatsby-62 scored this whisky 82 points Expert Junior

    Now that the collector's hype has subsided and there is still the bottle to buy, the point anger has relativized. Even users who gave him only 89 points and more and said the bad grades come from users who have not gotten a bottle or have voted against the hype, have now landed at 85 points and less or have completely deleted their points.
    a quote from SteveW110 as an example: I believe this "soap-judgment" comes from people who are just a little tired of the whole "hyperei" and maybe even whisky.
    I tried the GG completely unbiased before the run started and gave him 89 points.
    Neither soap nor an extreme "Bitternote" are for me to make out.
    I find him extremely tasty and do not understand such actions as 60points in the base at all ...
    (Unless you were desperately trying to get one and then did not get one)
    Make your own picture !!! -> great MALT  
    The great malt he has later deducted 4 points (Member Council: SteveW110 85 points ) Just an example ! What the reverse implies that this user wanted to increase the value of the bottle in their possession. Nice that the reality has corrected it. I found the nose pretty appealing, but whisky is also there to drink and then it loses its bitterness and slightly soapy notes. On average, he always manages to score 82 points (because of the nose).

  15. smaeksle did not rate this whisky Expert Senior

    Nice, but not more, he did not convince me.
    • Nose
      Raisins, sherry, hazelnuts, strong alcohol. Little glue and neat vanilla.
    • Taste
      Strong alcohol, chocolate, sweeter the longer it stays in the mouth. Bitterness comes up slowly.
    • Finish
      First bitter, then chocolatically.

  16. notesofmalt scored this whisky 82 points Expert Senior

    Glen Grant 1990 - 2014, 24 years, 55% alc.
    Bottler: Signatory Vintage (CS)
    Expansion: Ex-sherry casks
    Region: Speyside, Scotland

    Special feature: "World Champion Whisky"

    Nose: Dark fruits, raisins, currants, slightly dry / smoky impact. Dark chocolate, slightly perfumed notes (artificial, floral), then becomes almost soapy. Reminds of Edradour, then gets a lime tone.

    Palate: Very spicy with really nice cinnamon notes. Ground coffee, nuts and some dried fruit. The chocolate will come again.

    Departure: Very long and warming, with cinnamon and other winter spices and already a beautiful influence of oak wood, without appearing bitter.

    Conclusion: The nose is funny and rather uncommon for the barrel sizes of Signatory. He really likes me on the palate and in the finish. For the then issue price okay, the hype is more about the packaging than the content.

    82/100 points (tasted 2014, in auctions about 150 €)

  17. Gloin scored this whisky 84 points Expert Senior

    What am I doing with that now? The alcohol is not ideally integrated, but with water it weakens in the smell. Without water, the start is too sharp. Apart from that, it's a delicious sherry whisky, but certainly not a world champion. I give him 84 points.
    • Nose
      Oranges, sherry, cooling mint, but no alcohol. The sherry is very present, but not overwhelming. The smell is more "juicy" than heavy. A few drops of water bring oak and surprisingly it gets a little sharper in the smell. The nose does not get better with water.
    • Taste
      Sharp, strong start, here the alcohol comes through violently. Behind it comes the sherry again, darker now, oak is there and dark chocolate. On the palate, unlike the nose, it does a few drops quite well. The start is mitigated. It forms a fruity note as a counterpoint to the oak
    • Finish
      Warming and bittersweet. The "juiciness" from the nose has almost completely disappeared. The finish is quite long. The finish is softer with a few drops.

  18. wbarchive_73116 did not rate this whisky Expert Junior

    For the record:

    Of course, I tried the whisky myself and it just tastes awful. The bitterness itself is not even the problem. Deduction is only here, because it does not fit harmoniously into the whole. I have a problem with that, but I know just as well that there are connoisseurs who like it that way. Fair enough, not so tragic.

    The real problem, which leads to a comparatively very bad rating on my part, are the very strong, chemical components in the taste. Whether that's soap or not I can not say for sure, it's just generic chemically. Soap, cleaner, paint, or whatever, you name it.

    And there is certainly no rating in the 80s range. A rating of 80 would mean for me that I would recommend this whisky someone. That's definitely not the case here.

  19. Wild Thing scored this whisky 87 points Expert Senior

    • Nose
      89 89
    • Taste
      88 88
    • Finish
      87 87

  20. Wild Thing scored this whisky 87 points Expert Senior

    Is slightly better in the aroma than in the mouth ... But definitely not to find anything from soap or similar blemishes.
    • Nose
      Nice sherry aroma with a portion of oak tannins. Sweetness of caramel, vanilla and dry fruits like raisins and figs.
    • Taste
      Spicy appetizer and a light sweet of candied oranges. Malty. Very complex the good. The oak tree is doing well 24 years are just a long time. Towards the end becoming drier.
    • Finish
      Medium long, spicy with orange peel and warming, he says goodbye.

  21. Roman scored this whisky 48 points Expert Senior

    Nothing annoying. Just soap.

  22. SteveW110 scored this whisky 85 points Connoisseur

    I believe this "soap-judgment" comes from people who are just a little tired of the whole "hyperei" and maybe even whisky.
    I tried the GG completely unbiased before the run started and gave him 89 points.
    Neither soap nor an extreme "Bitternote" are for me to make out.
    I find him extremely tasty and do not understand such actions as 60points in the base at all ...
    (Unless you were desperately trying to get one and then did not get one)
    Make your own picture !!! -> great MALT

  23. mister glenfarclas scored this whisky 85 points Connoisseur


    Allthough I do get your point, I can´t agree with you. If you take a look at the actual way the majority of users on whiskybase are rating, you´ll see, that (round about) 99% of all whiskys are rated between 70 and 95 points. So if you are looking for a realistic way to rate a whisky, it should be somewhere on this scale.

    If I take a look at the bottles you´ve already rated, the median of your personal ratings is 8 points below the median of all other users, while mine is just 1 point below. I´m not saying that my way of rating is the right way. It´s just that it´s in a more comprehensible manner as far as I´m concerned. 

    But this discussion if and how to use the entire scale from 1 to 100 is as old as the Base itself. So don´t worry and slainte mhath...

  24. Sjaunja scored this whisky 69 points Specialist

    @ milanista:

    The worst whisky I've rated yet was 40 points. And that was not the worst.
    69 points is according to Michael Jackson score chart:
    60 to 69 points: enjoyable malt but nothing special.

    In your rating system it would be something around 80. But then,according to your rating system, I had to squeeze all good malts between 85 and 90. Thats not fair and not enough. Lets use the whole 100 points we can use.

    Good malts start at 70, even better above 75. ;-)

  25. mister glenfarclas scored this whisky 85 points Connoisseur

    A beautiful dram in my opinion. Very mature.

    I can´t understand why some users would give a low 60s or 70s rating here. If this really is one of the worst whiskys that you´ve ever tasted, you´re some quite lucky bastards... ;)

    And by the way: You guys bought a bottle of 24yo Scotch. I mean look at the color. What were you expecting? If you can´t deal with the rich oak flavors, go try some NAS whisky.
    • Nose
      Heavy oak from the beginning. Burned american white oak. Sweet caramel and vanilla. Then lots of sherry. Fruit cake with honeyed apricots. Some dark and ripe plums and berries. Almost alcoholic already. Adorable nose!
    • Taste
      Powerful, full-bodied start. Initially sweet. Sherry at first. Really very sweet now. Cane sugar. Then strong and rich oak. Can´t hide its age now. Becoming drier and quite bitter, but very spicy at the same time. An enduring interplay of countless flavors. Very nice!
    • Finish
      Pretty long finish. Fairly bitter and dry. Kinda malty. Ending with walnuts and roasted coffee beans.

  26. wbarchive_73116 did not rate this whisky Expert Junior

    Really lovely and fruity nose, but tastewise pretty terrible. It is spicy, most of it comes from the alcohol though, and quite bitter. And it has got a very unpleasant chemical note.

    It is a nice collectors item but for gods sake, don't drink it.

    For the record: This is by far the worst whisky I've had. Ever.
    I don't even know how many points I should give it. I have no reference yet for a whisky which is this bad.

  27. Seymon scored this whisky 79 points Member Senior

    Nose: Nice sherry nose. Cherry compote and apricots, candy, warming. Not too strong barrel influence, just typical refill.

    Taste: Distinct (Tabasco) sharpness and relatively bitter. The fruity impression of the nose is on the tongue unfortunately only conditionally again. It adds a musty sound that has something earthy. No sulfur, no sherry sweetness. With water: The sharpness is tamed, the mouthfeel becomes round, the body more supple. However, bitterness is very evident with water.

    Finish: Medium length, the bitterness remains.
    Conclusion: A pity, I had promised myself much more of this bottling. A sneak whisky is this Glen Grant always, the nose I really liked. The taste, however, drops significantly. Overall, rather disappointing.
    • Nose
      88 88
    • Taste
      82 82
    • Finish
      82 82

  28. Sjaunja scored this whisky 69 points Specialist

    I tried the Glen Grant again a few days later and wrote it here without reading any other notes.
    From the original bottle. Now open for a week, so could breathe. I think he has deteriorated rather than improved. So with 69 points is the Michael Jackson scale (see my About) already rated well.
    • Nose
      bitter notes, hints of rum fruit, wood, then after a while bitter woody notes
    • Taste
      Soap, clearly soap that covers everything else.
    • Finish
      hot and alcoholic, not peppery, soapy the second sip, lather.

  29. Sjaunja scored this whisky 69 points Specialist

    I can not understand the hype about this bottling. Imagine this whisky in a blind tasting, without the black-red-yellow (should'nt it be gold? ;-) ) colors on the label.

    For me this whisky is, apart from the label, not really special, even I found some strange notes in it: soap.

    I tasted the whisky from the original bottle, not from a sample.

    Thats why I do not like it that much. For 120€ you can get much better whiskies.
    Just my two cents.

  30. Erik Elixir did not rate this whisky Connoisseur

    "This whisky was filled into 2 refill sherry butts in 1990, the year Germany previously won the World Cup. It was bottled in 2014 to celebrate Germany winning the 2014 World Cup in Brasil."


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