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The Origin of MaltEdMalt,

    The name comes from a fictional character. He was a Maltese fisherman who one day was fishing in the Mediterranean, just off the shore of Marsaxlokk, Malta in his Luzzo. Suddenly a huge gust of wind appeared and blew his small Luzzu far out to sea into the path of a bad storm that swept his luzzu into the North Atlantic. The fisherman clinging to his small vessel even as he slept through the nights. Days later he awoke on the shores of Scotland where he was greeted by the friendly Scots who fed him and offered him some of their Scotch Malt Whisky. After learning how the whisky was made, then feeling the effects of the whisky and a bit woozy, he proclaimed he felt malted. The Scots then chuckled that he was from the Island of Malta so they referred to him as MaltEdMalt. He then took the Whisky back to Malta and the whole island was forever in gratitude.

My Story,

   Being that my name is Ed, I am Maltese and I enjoy malt whisky, I chose to use the name.

    I started working in the alcohol industry in 1975 @ the age of 19 in Allen Park MIchigan, for a company called Heublein which was purchased by IDV in 1983.  In December, 1997 IDV and UD Guinness merged and formed Diageo. Eventually the plant in Allen Park was closed in 2000 with the bulk of production moved to a former UD Distillery and bottling facility in Plainfield Illinois. I spent some years in Michigan working and moving up to managing. B.Boomers Bar & Grille in Allen Park from some time after the Allen Park plant closed until 2007, when I was rehired by Diageo Plainfield, IL. Which is where I worked from March 2007 through March 2022 when I retired from Diageo and became a full time Whisk(e)y Taster.

     I first tried Whiskey at about the age of 12. My Father poured me a sample to taste in my soda pop. I liked how it made my soda pop taste. These days I prefer Whisky over Whiskey. Although I do like both very much, I don’t like either of them with soda pop. I prefer them both neat with a water back. I preferred Canadian Whisky & Bourbon over Scotch until 2012 starting then sipping Glenmorangie & Johnnie Walker regularly. Drifting into the smoke, the rIchness, the sweetness & all the fruits of the different Single Malts, has me believing the Superior spirit has no “e”.  Of course, I still have a few samples to try before the final decision is made.

  My advice for meeting the perfect Dram. It’s OK to ask a Whisk(e)y how old she is, where she has spent her life & does she use any artificial colorings before you commit to her.

    My whisk(e)y collection was purchased to share.  I am willing to trade, sell where legal or trade samples for other whisk(e)y samples, a good bottle of wine, pastizzi,  or even a hot meal.


97-100  :Balanced w/ enduring quality, a perfect trifecta on the nose, palate & a finish that leave an everlasting memory of flavor notes never to be surpassed

94- 96  :Exquisite, near perfect

90- 93  :Excellent well balanced

87- 89  :Outsatanding top shelf character, a rating that could justify  >$100.00 a bottle

83- 86  :Very good, These are quite drinkable and will leave lasting memories.

79- 82  :Good, we all should be able to afford to buy at least on occasion & find these & maybe drink everyday.

72- 78  :Mediocre, Average. I may pick up flavor notes I do not care for in this category but I can get past the flaw and sip again.

67- 71  :Below average these usually will need a mixer or at least ice to get through, or for doing shots

56- 66  :Only recommended for shots (with a chaser), mixing or for infusing fruits etc...

    < 55  :Should not be consumed as is ??? If I had a bottle rate so low I would investigate if it was contaminated. If I was sure it was safe to drink I might try blending… Or re casking.

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15th Anniversary release - Arran 2005

On the 29th of September 2007, the first whisky enthusiast signed up for Whiskybase.com, which started the journey to becoming the leading whisky platform. Fifteen years later, over 5 million people a year are finding their way to Whiskybase and using the most extensive resource of whisky information. As a second celebration bottle we selected a 17 years old Arran from a bourbon barrel. 



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