Hereby another list of fixes that will be released later on, this list is not conclusive yet and all work in progress.
More items will be added and a release date needs to be set. Expected release date 1st of June.

Widgets and dashboards

- the checked in tracker widget is missing, this will be put back on the homepage
- homepage can be adjusted again to include personal trackers for brands, distilleries, bottlers and checkins
- checking in on clubs, bars, hotels etc works

Whisky pages

- some information is missing from the whisky pages (bottle code, barcode, label etc) this will be shown again
- adjustment to WB value -> changed to average value and calculates to yes indeed the average value of available shoplinks.
- the ratings slider causes issues for some members; we are adding a save button to make this less sensitive
- adding a bottle to your collection doesn't work well on mobile phones, the screens are not fitting the mobile screen. This update will fix that.
- remove the double s with (sampless)
- editing the shoplink is hard because of the little space between the button and the scrolbar --> create more margin
- WYSIWYG editor minor fixes for easier editing
- In the child version list the ABV is stated as ML not %


- not all bottlers are included in the search results, this will be fixed
- columns disappear when clicking on brand, bottler or members
- column filter button is not positioned correct, this will be adjusted


- accepting offers on bottles for sale gives an exception error, error message will be removed and the accepting of offer will work
- filtering on: shipping destination doesn't work it still shows all bottles.

Personal settings

- highlights don't work at this point, lists and grid layout will be adjusted so the highlights function will work again


- reviewing of bottler photo gives 404 - fixed
- editing shoplinks -> buttons don't work
- brandname missing from photo admin page