Octomore Edition 02.1 / 2_140

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Single Malt
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Ochdamh-mor 140 PPM
Stated Age
05 years old
American Oak Casks
Number of bottles
62.5 % Vol.
700 ml 750 ml
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Added on
11 jul 2009 10:58 am
UncoloredNon-chillfilteredCask Strength

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€ 602.34

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Whisky Reviews for Octomore Edition 02.1 / 2_140

26 users have left a review for this whisky and scored it an average of 86.86 points

  1. didi1893 scored this whisky 88 points Connoisseur

    Peat, peat, peat, ashes, ashes, ashes .... Once again a wonderful Oktomore peat fire is burning in my mouth. Incredibly voluminous and powerful, medicinal, salty and sweet, wooden with an extremely long and intense aftertaste. I like it very much, although I miss the fruity note ...

    22/22/22/22 (88P)
    • Nose
      Light caramel shimmers slightly red in the Premium Snifter. Peat rises voluminously while an oily streak and many thick "legs" have formed on the glass wall. Mineral peat mixes with fresh herbs and zest from lemon peel, iodine comes into its own, sweet caramel and a hint of apricot appear slightly phenolic. Creamy peat with a fresh note pulls through the nose, the alcohol is wonderfully gently and harmoniously integrated despite over 60%. The nose becomes musty over time, minimal hints of cowshed and spicy mountain cheese, sweet yellow fruits with whole milk chocolate and caramel emerge.
    • Taste
      The Octomore wets the tongue sweetly, suddenly smoke and ash burns on the tongue, pepper explodes on the cheeks, the flow of saliva sets in mercilessly ... Burnt wood tones, mineral smoke, iodine, seaweed, burning peat fire, salt crust, medicinal and hot, the Octomore is burning off an unbelievable fireworks display and stimulates the saliva every minute! Ash sticks to the palate, the embers slowly fade, burnt wood tones end with iodine and salt medically on the tongue. Creamy hazelnuts come into their own, the voluminous aroma of the Octomore slowly subsides and fades into the aftertaste ...
    • Finish
      Ash and embers stick to the palate for a long time, really extremely long. Roasted hazelnuts, burnt wood tones, earthy peat, fading smoke, oily wood and hints of dry leaves.

  2. ailean scored this whisky 88 points Connoisseur

    • Nose
      88 88
    • Taste
      89 89
    • Finish
      88 88

  3. amiridis scored this whisky 86 points Member Senior

    Side by side tasting notes 02.2, 02.1, MP6 #0022

    first of all, sorry for the long text. I have taken the tasting specifically to compare all 3 different maturations of the same distillate and posting them separately without the comparative notes would somehow diminish the intended impact and value.

    Freshly opened:


    02.2 has the most earthy nose of the three, with very apparent red fruit (mostly strawberries)

    02.1 a bit sharper - the same earthy note, but with citrus, pear and a small bit of vanilla scent, combining in something like a animal-like smell on the back of the nose

    0022 the most restrained, almost no feeling of peat on the nose, the ribeira del duero gives only soft caramel smell with some gentle wood notes (sandalwood?), slight hint of sulphur? sawdust


    02.2 amazing strawberry pie sprinkled with fresh earth which hosted a fire. "Hell yeah" is an understatement. This is definitely my dram.

    02.1 actually more fruit on palate than on the nose. Pear with citrus zest, the smoke attack soon enough, then lingering honey with sweet grapefruit

    0022 quick heated mouth coating, salivating - wood from the start, but not bitter, slightly astringent
    second sip gives less heat and more sweeter notes from he wood. sour cherries perhaps?
    dark caramel or coffee, not burnt. tannins from wood, still not really bitter. the sweet, yet older wood stays on the tongue for a long time

    Repeat after letting it breathe in glass for 40 minutes:

    02.2 strawberries take the front, together with some darker sweet fruit, perhaps plums? sweet oak appears, earth/peat settles to the background.

    02.1 pear and grapes on the front , but the earth (and peat smoke) weaves around them and interacts.

    0022 more wood and sawdust on the nose, with sugar topping (for real, still not that drunk:-)

    With a few drops of water:


    02.2 strawberry mixing with a suddenly appeared waxed wood note - like table in a victorian study room. cigar smoke just lightly lingers on old draperies

    02.1 additional grassy or heathery note, with soft honey

    0022 additionally some fruit also coming out, grapes? mirabelle plums? peat gets back, more earthy then initial. burnt match sulphur remains as undertone, bud not in a bad way. complements the rest


    02.2 even on palate the wood is coming out, in quite a settled way, not killing the red fruit (fresh strawberries not that apparent now - looks like they got pickled in the meantime;-). All the parts intertwine nicely, peat, fruit, wood. Amazing balance. On finish the fruit leaves first, wood remains with ash and slight sweetness

    02.1 settled down really well, candied lemon peel with added sweet citrus (not precisely identifiable). The most fresh feeling of the 3 after more than an hour in the glass. The grass stays on the nose, perhaps a bit of rosemary on the palate. The finish is shorter but the earth comes out again and supports the sweet lemon peel. Together they taste almost waxy.

    0022 sweetness comes out now, sweet sugary wood with grapes and a bit of caramel (not salty) topping linger on tongue forever. Unfortunately a slight bitterness comes back into play here, which, for me, spoils it a bit (but that might be just the mood-of-the-moment thing)

  4. pecathor scored this whisky 89 points Expert Junior

    What a beast! It’s not overly complex, but it’s very intense!:) I believe the flavor would stay in my mouth until the morning if I didn’t drink or eat anything else later and the first thing I would think in the morning would be “Why did I chew that brick of peat last night?”
    • Nose
      Massive peat hits you straight away, followed by herbs, more cold smoke, pears, chocolate, white pepper and vanilla notes
    • Taste
      Oily and surprisingly smooth, spicy, meat tortured in the chimney (in a good way:), vanilla, ash notes, very dark roasted coffee
    • Finish
      Very long and intense, smoke, slightly earthy, herbal, salt and oak notes

  5. GJR scored this whisky 87 points Connoisseur

    Tasted blind.
    • Nose
      87 87
    • Taste
      88 88
    • Finish
      87 87

  6. TechnOBY scored this whisky 88 points Expert Senior

    • Nose
      87 87
    • Taste
      89 89
    • Finish
      89 89

  7. Thermidor scored this whisky 84 points Connoisseur

    Best neat, and probably the right choice for fans of bourbons.
    Tasted with the following Octomores: 01.1 (85 pts.), 02.2 (84), 03.1 (82), 04.1 (88), and 04.2 (83). While 04.1 was my favourite, Nearly half of the attending tasters voted 02.2 their top dram of the night.

    Some interesting tidbits mentioned during the tasting: There are among other factors two pretty big ones for why Octomore's peat tastes the way it does. The first is that all the peat is from the mainland, as Octomore does not use Port Ellen maltings or Islay peat. The second is that Bruichladdich's stills are loaded only to around 60% capacity and driven very carefully, so there is a lot of copper contact going on, which explains why the whisky's stated PPM level does not translate directly to the level of peatiness you experience when nosing and tasting it.

    In retrospect tasting 6 cask strength Octomores was the most difficult tasting I've ever been in. If regular peated Islay whisky can at times provide magnificent detail and contrast comparable to the Dutch master painters, having nothing but Octomore feels like trying to replicate a Rembrandt with a paint roller. The loudness of the phenols and the tight ABV clog the senses, so I could only finish the glass I deemed the best, and had to let my overworked nose and palate rest after that. An interesting experience in total, but I don't think I want to do it again.
    • Nose
      Tarry and woodsmoky, but the bourbonwood isn't as big on the nose as in 1.01. A little citric and farmy, with a smidgen of flour. With water: a supermarket pickle tank. Becomes dryer and less vivid. Seems better neat.
    • Taste
      The body's rounder and richer than 1.01. A good amount of bourbon (almost like a Scottish-American blend), engine oil, and tons of turfy peat. Sweet tar candy. Sadly, water kicks it in the teeth and takes the fight out of it completely.
    • Finish
      Chalky and bourbon sweet. With water: ashy tar.

  8. lachaineduwhisky did not rate this whisky Expert Senior

    Enthusiasm 4/5
    Whisky n ° 1319
    • Nose
      Bacon smoked to death! The bourbon cask is trying to make its way, but it is hardly worth it! Saline. And here is the malt!
    • Taste
      Fire fire, ultra-intense. but not violent! A little dry. So many spices on the tip of the tongue! (pepper)
    • Finish
      Very long !

  9. Cast Olila scored this whisky 83 points Connoisseur

    • Nose
      82 82
    • Taste
      82 82
    • Finish
      82 82

  10. GLEN MAUR scored this whisky 84 points Connoisseur

    • Nose
      84 84
    • Taste
      84 84
    • Finish
      84 84

  11. GlenSikkes did not rate this whisky Connoisseur

    Tasting Notes by Jim McEwan, head distiller;

    Character: A spirit for peatophiles. The most heavily peated single malt in the world but with a gentler side which evolves as time goes by.

    Colour: Winter sun/Lemon grass.

    Nose: Without water aromas of peat fires. iodine, burning heather and oily, sea-encrusted rope. Opening up to notes of Hawthorn, Birch, Myrtle and Juniper. Adding water, the Myrtle mint oiliness moves forward, clearing the path for notes of green apple and pine needle.

    Palate: A total tempest of peaty marine spirit that leaves the palate mesmerised. Awesome does not even come close! The power of the spirit is as phenomenal as it is phenolic. It crashes onto the palate in a tidal wave of smoke, engulfing the senses with a mind-blowing whirlpool of Islay character.

    Finish: 24 hours is about right!

    Mood: Braveheart. Pugnacious, ready to take on the world. Face the monster and enjoy what is a totally unique experience.

  12. franpincoffee did not rate this whisky Expert Senior


    Just 5 years old, aged in bourbon casks, and with a phenol level of a whopping 140 ppm, the nose on this is peat, peat, and more peat! There are also traces of ash, licorice, and a slightly medicinal note. The taste is best described as a nuclear peat explosion, but retains its overall smoothness with a slight creaminess and notes of garden soil, vanilla, and a slight ashiness as the peat fades. Water adds a touch of cocoa. The finish is long and smoky with a touch of chili powder, and the overall impression is one of great balance with dimensions other than peatiness.

  13. molar3rd scored this whisky 86 points Expert Senior

    Color : Pale straw. quite light in color, as most of the young Islays which have not been to sherry casks.

    Nose : Smoke (no surprise here) , ash, sweet touches too (Laddie or not laddie?) , Wet stable (Someone who rides horses came today with their wet boots, and they smelled just like this one. i swear!). I love the nose on this one.

    Palate : can you spell Kabooom?! what a powerful palate. Atom bomb kind of. Bam! in your face, the peat is Huge, but sweet notes on the side of the tongue do penetrate. Definitely some coffee notes (as Serge notes) and wet cereal sweetness developing into ashtray ash. This baby is anything but one-dimensional. Well Balanced . (if you can say thaty about something so peaty by nature)

    Finish : Loooooooooooooooong. Looooooooooooong. amazingly long, with some dark chocolate notes on the bitter finish combining well with ASH. have you ever licked an ashtray and then eaten dark 80% chocolate? This is the feeling i am getting here.

    Overall : Wonderful dram. At first i was a bit surprised by the sweet nose, as i had expected RAW peat (like the Nova) , but the more and more i visit this one (Happily i have a bottle) i love it even more. I won’t drink it daily, but hey – when i am in the mood for some strong and yummy peat, this is my go-to dram.



  14. markkerr02 scored this whisky 86 points Expert Senior

    http://smad.se/provningar/Provning%2096%20Jim%20McEwan.html Test 096: Bruicladdich with Jim McEwan - 091204
    The whisky tested: Glass 1 Bruichladdich 2001 Resurrection, 46%, 557 kr 10 points
    Glass 2 Bruichladdich Organic 5YO / 2003, 46%, 589 kr 13 points
    Glass 3 Bruichladdich X4 + 3, 63.5%, 757 kr 29 points
    Glass 4 Bruichladdich PX 1992, 46%, 749 kr 109 points
    Glass 5 Cameronbridge Grain 1974, 48.3%, Celtic Heartlands, 1400 kr 67 points
    Glass 6 Port Charlotte PC8, 60.5%, 989 kr 99 points
    Glass 7 Octomore II, 140 ppm, 62.5%, 1289 kr 21 points
    Glass 8 Bruichladdich Peat, 46% (Highland Toast), 447 kr 9 points Testimonials Bernt Sjödin Apparently, I was so fascinated by Jim that I forgot listing and score on a pair of whiskys. Octomore II, 140 ppm, 62.5%
    Color: Light gold
    Scent: Smoke - a different smoke against other smoky whiskys that I can not describe
    Taste: Smoke - smoke, vanilla tones, chocolate
    Aftertaste: Long with smoke and chocolate, apple tones; good aftertaste
    Score: 86

  15. barryfox915 scored this whisky 70 points Expert Senior

    Colour: Straw
    Nose: Very heavily peated, tarry, on warm ashes, with some
    bold peat, maritime, on kelps and roots.
    Taste: Dry, very peaty, salty, very astringent, maritime,
    fragrant, on burnt algae and roots, tar and rusted iron. The finish is medium to
    long, dry, clean, very peaty, maritime and on cold ashes, with a very long peaty
    General Impression: A quite different beast from the first
    official release of Octomore, peatier and more mature, but rather simple.
    Promising, but it would benefit of a few extra years of maturation. If you want
    a blast from barley peated at 140 ppm, you won't be disappointed by this



  16. Austin.Foster scored this whisky 85 points Member Senior

    • Nose
      84 84
    • Taste
      87 87
    • Finish
      84 84

  17. Austin.Foster scored this whisky 85 points Member Senior

    • Nose
      Leather is abundant, floral notes, hospital, smoked samlon.
    • Taste
      Substantial mouth feel, sweetness, mulch, tire rubber.
    • Finish
      Campfire smoke, hot, lengthy, interesting.

  18. mister glenfarclas scored this whisky 86 points Connoisseur

    Don´t water it down too much!! This malt lives and dies with its alcohol strength. If you don´t wanna enjoy it neat, then only add a few drops of water. Otherwise you will rob yourself of a truly sledgehammer experience.
    • Nose
      Very aggressive and feisty, but the peat is not as dominant as I would have expected it to be. There is actually a nice sweetness rigth from the beginning (which reminds me a little of Ardbeg). Nevertheless fierce medicinal peat of course and also powerful alcohol. Therefor very tough to find anything else in it. Maybe some sea salt and very little vanilla. No oak spiciness and I really wonder how anyone could describe it as "fruity" as I read it occasionally. There´s no fruit at all as far as I´m concerned. Maybe some herbs. Also it has this typical immature scent that young malts have. 
    • Taste
      Starting sweet and smooth and then suddenly there it comes and explodes in your mouth. Heavy peat and alcohol. Like biting into an ashtray. Very hard to find anything else to be honest.
    • Finish
      Simply overwhelming, very long and warming finish! Sadly it ends kinda bitter which is clearly caused by its youth.

  19. Furtia scored this whisky 84 points Connoisseur

    • Nose
      87 87
    • Taste
      84 84
    • Finish
      79 79

  20. Junior scored this whisky 82 points Member Senior

    I was afraid this was only about the peat, but for a peat lover, it's a well balanced whisky

    Place: Malt Whisky Corner Knesselare
    • Nose

      peat, peat, peat; some hidden spiciness
    • Taste
      peat; a winter fire; some pine
    • Finish
      peat; nice and round; dry; some salty notes

  21. SpiritHall scored this whisky 88 points Member Junior

    Strong peat aroma and strong spirit smell.

    A strong peat and smoke taste was pleasant, however the coarse roughness of young spirit and some flavours, was not.

    Long finish from the initial explosion. Enjoyable enough, but the coarseness dampened the experience.

    An average heavily peated offering/expression. Priced on the expensive side, upon release, for the experience.

  22. Willie JJ scored this whisky 76 points Expert Senior

    Maybe its a tired nose and palate but this seems better than 01.1. Still way too young to really be a serious drinker though.
    • Nose
      Less feinty than Octo 01.1 seemed to me. Salt air and seashells. Hint of vanilla.
    • Taste
      Vanilla , barley sugar, then heat and smoke. Very powerful but no sophistication.
    • Finish
      Fiery but long. A real throat burner.

  23. Feusi scored this whisky 86 points Connoisseur

    Insidiousness, smell is not really dangerous, but on the tongue, the taste buds are running away and they hide`em. The aftertaste is more as if you licking an ashtray, cold smoke with sweet and lemony flavours in the background. Definitely a new experience.

  24. eilers scored this whisky 88 points Member Senior

    This one I bought when I was visiting Bruichladdic in 2009, it's a great whisky

  25. magic_slim scored this whisky 87 points Connoisseur

    Very good again, but the first cask strength edition of Octomore was even more powerful and better.
    • Nose
      Peaty, farmy and sweet with hints of lemons and menthol. As with the first edition the smell of peat is moderate. Obviously it is bonded by the high alcohol content.
    • Taste
      Explosion of a small peat bomb. I expected even more, but it feels warming and satisfying. Hints of lemons. Simple but tasty and I really like it.
    • Finish
      Very long. All the path down from the mouth to the stomach feels warm and well. Peaty and after some time it becomes also lemony and spicy. Wonderful.


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