Springbank 100 Proof

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Single Malt
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Imported by Samaroli
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12 years old
Sherry Wood
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57.1 % Vol.
750 ml
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29 Jun 2009 12:12 pm
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Whisky Reviews for Springbank 100 Proof

24 users have left a review for this whisky and scored it an average of 95.54 points

  1. dram-drinker scored this whisky 100 points Moderator

    In an ultimate Springbank tasting session I compared this one against some of the best Springbanks. It had to compete against the following Springbanks:

    1. Springbank 10-year-old ("Tappo Sughero", 59%)

    2. Springbank 1972 (Cask 206, 57%)

    3. Springbank 1969 SV (40yo, Cask 263, 54.4%)
    This one is at the time of writing at the top of the whole Whiskybase!

    1. Very, very close - in a blind tasting session you could probably not find out which one it is. The 10yo is probably even a bit more thick and creamy and really just a tick less fruity but it could also be because I have just opened the 12yo.

    2. This one is clearly a bit less fruity than the 12yo and the 10yo above but absolutely playing in the same league.

    3. This is thrilling - one of the most legendary whiskies against the No. 1 in Whiskybase. First of all they are pretty different. The 40yo has a very different mix of fruits - more tropical such as mango, pineapples and peppery whereas the 12yo is more about citrus fruits and honey. The 40yo is obviously smoother but is really not overinfused from the oak and the 12yo was obviously in one of the finest sherry butts but it also stays in the background.
    It's really hard to decide and because the scale ends with 100 points I would say it's a remis - both deserve the max rating.

  2. MaltMartin scored this whisky 97 points Connoisseur

    A lot of things have already been said below about this legendary whisky. And it's true, this is fabulous whisky. Very complex. Unfortunately out of reach for ordinary people.
    • Nose
      The nose starts quite punchy with sherry notes of espresso coffee, raisins and dark chocolate. Followed with citrus fruits of lemon, lime and grapefruit. I also got some flowery notes of freesias. Later on hits of cigar boxes and tobacco. Spices of nutmeg and caraway at the background. A lot of things are going here. You have to take your time to discover all its flavors.
    • Taste
      Starts quite meaty and salty. Juicy buttery oak. Stewed figs and dates. Prunes. Forrest fruits of blackberries and raspberries. Roasted chestnuts intermingled with the best balsamico vinegar. Aniseed as well. Complex.
    • Finish
      Long and lingering. Delicate sandalwood. Nutmeg and cloves. Perfectly balanced whisky. A real classic.

  3. jay83 scored this whisky 99 points Expert Senior

    The perfect Sherry matured Whisky! Basta!!!! Impeccabale in terms of complexity and variety of aromas. One of the best Whiskies ever to be bottled. An unbelievable masterpiece within Whisky History. One of the greatest sensorial experiences in your life! Say no more....

  4. penumbra scored this whisky 98 points Expert Senior

    Chinese New Year, Chinese New Year.
    • Nose
      Pouring wine and smelling, well, honey and smoke combine very well, people ca n’t help but recall the very old HP of the very old school, like the beginning of the Chinese lantern, the warm-colored spotlight hit the kind of solid wood sofa that has been through the years, and the leather penetrates With a hint of sweet tobacco, there was a newspaper just next to it. Closer, very gentle and lovely and powerful Shirley monster, jam made with various red fruits, Xinjiang red dates, frozen plums, some fragrant tropical fruits, bananas, giant sweet big grapes, honey Stained kumquat lemon slices, figs. The base is thick but delicate old oak barrels and hazelnuts. It has a maturity that does not meet this age. Is it a certain proportion of old wine?

      Ten minutes after waking up a little cup, Genting's unique salty smell from the seaside people began to emerge, but it was still hidden under the flavors of honeycomb and dark fruits. Different from the slightly dirty motor oil after the new millennium, this wine's fat feel is more reflected in the milk foam on honey, coconut and cappuccino. . The influence of peat is very clear, and extremely light disinfection water hooks up with wooden spices, herbs, and condensed milk.

      Honey, jam 8, coconut milk 6, citrus 5, wood spices 4, smoke 4, sea 1.
    • Taste
      There is a spicy fragrance at the entrance, which is a bit like a chili flavored chocolate produced by Qantu. Then there is the rich nectar and various kinds of fruit dried fruits, which can distinguish the more obvious citrus, and the sweetness is controlled in the right position. This honey jam-style sherry bucket is basically solid. After a few seconds, obvious food salt appeared, but the dimension was relatively single, lacking the marine flavor combined with fish oil. Milk fragrance and oil can clearly feel the separation, just milk tablets and lubricating oil, ending with old-fashioned wooden furniture and a small amount of tobacco.

      The processing idea that is very, very different from modern Genting, the most impressive is no longer a three-piece set of cheese, oyster inner wall, and barley, but a spicy spicy, almost inspiring spice, followed by sea salt and tobacco , Wood chips or something, this woody flavor has a deep and beautiful whiteness, which makes me deeply confused about its real wine age.

      Body: Strong, rich in fat, medium sweetness, no tannins, no sourness, and very slight bitterness.
    • Finish
      Extremely long-lasting, 70% dark chocolate, honey, oak, smoked.

  5. dram-drinker scored this whisky 100 points Moderator

    What should I say? Awesome whisky? It's already legendary and I can only reconfirm this. I would imagine that the nectar from the Greek mythology would taste like this whisky. Thus this doesn't deserve anything else than max points.
    • Nose
      Super fresh and fruity including citrus fruits and tropical fruits such as oranges, passion fruits, mango, pineapples, bananas, and also dried fruits like apricots, raisins, plums, prunes, figs, and sticky sweet like a honey comb and whiffs of smoke. It's so intense that it starts tickling in the nose. Fantastic!
    • Taste
      Woahh, punchy! Very oily and creamy, huge mix of fruity notes, oak wood, subtle sweetness, hints of smoke, leather and some meatiness, also some espresso, toffee and milk chocolate notes, and many more - you name it - Superb!
    • Finish
      Very long, spicy and warm, still fruity and never drying. Excellent!

  6. prz22 scored this whisky 100 points Expert Junior

    First I was dreaming of this whisky, then I was afraid of disappointment so it waited and waited..
    Tonight is the night.

    And...with a boy's tear of a fullfilled dream Im happy to state that it delivered..

    Freaky yet elegant, punchy yet complex, sherried yet..springbanked. All beloved springbank notes are here: smoked apples, cider spices, salty plums , ashy woodies...yet with some deep, extra dimensions.
    This equation has no solution within 3 dimensions only...
    Worth the wait. Worth the dream. Worth the 100 points.
    Springbank 100points Samaroli:)
    What about Proof?
    • Nose
      99 99
      Extremely deep. Like a well with fruity treasures at the bottom. But there is also salt and even acid from the rain, the flavoured light of the honeymoon, there is a space for spice, voices from the woods, lemon peat, more fruits.. evolving.. priceless experience.
    • Taste
      100 100
      This whisky delivers best traits from both: young and matured malt. It's bold, fresh, intense and wild, yet refined, complex and elegant. It has flavours that we know from famous sherrybombs but all of them taste differently.. because each aspect is balanced with springbank character. This is absolutely genius. Each layer is a masterpiece of balance between distillery and cask. I am speechless. No need to list the flavours. It will sound familiar but would not describe the experience. Magic happens here.
    • Finish
      100 100
      Massive, deep sherry wood chocolate magical sour sweet explosion of flavours.. which lasts.. forever.

      There might be equally perfect malts - different in many ways.
      There will not be clearly better one.

  7. WindshearAhead scored this whisky 99 points Member Senior

    Unbelivable complex yet so smooth.Incredible Whisky!

  8. lincolnimp scored this whisky 94 points Connoisseur

    H2H to see how good this Daftmill really is and whether I have lost control of my whisky senses?

    12 year black label big S 80 proof OB dark sherry 57.1% WB 75805
    10 year Tappo Sughero black label big S 59% OB WB 41678
    11 year 2006 Daftmill cask 029 bottled 2020 for UK WB ID 165981

    I had the Tappo Sughero just in front of the Samroli because the finish was 1point better

    Nose (neat
    To be honest they are as good as each other, the 10 year Springer may have the edge over the Daftmill and the Samaroli is not far behind

    10 year


    1st taste 5 drops of water from pippete approx.

    The Tappo Sughero is definatelly better than the Samaroli but the daftmill has extra layers of complexity, I am literally speechless here

    The samaroli is like a basket of stewed fruit, lovely, you cannot fault it. The Tappo Sughero has more power and is thicker in density in comparison.

    The daftmill has too much power but the dark fruity sweetness is awesome.

    An extra 3 drops of water

    Tried in reverse order so
    Daftmill, great, so fruity
    Springer 10 year lovely with just a hint of bitterness now
    Spring 100 proof SA, lovely but again a hint of bitterness, but the fruit is lovely, wow
    Re tried the Daftmill

    I would say the nose on the Tappo Sughero is the best but which has the best palate, well a dead heat, all around the 95 point.

    So can a Daftmill single cask can share equal billing with these two monster Sspringbanlks, yes.
    At the very worst for the daftmill the Springers will be 1 point higher but we are splitting hairs here.
    And this reinforces my scores of 95 for the two springers and 94 for the daftmill.
    Well done Daftmill ????

  9. UchidaT scored this whisky 99 points Member Senior

    Tasted from a sample taken from a bottle stored at the Golden Promise Whisky Bar in Paris. Notes taken when drank with a few drops of water.

    N: Dry with hints of menthol. Mushrooms and old cheese. Forest undergrowth, dry ferns. Candied fruit and, more precisely, quince jelly. Smells like the last days of Autumn. Patience is needed for it to reveal itself.

    T: Coherent with the nose. Mushrooms, candied fruit and quince jelly with a distant peat. Creamy and quite intense.

    F: Dry. We are reminded of the menthol in the nose but the aftertaste is all in the wood and the fruitiness.

  10. lincolnimp scored this whisky 94 points Connoisseur

    Springbank Head to Head 22 samples, some tasted before.
    The line up in age order Nas -40 years old, some official bottles some independent bottles.
    Contenders for the best Sprinbank as follows.

    Pure West Highland Malt (NAS)+/- 1960 70 proof peated WB 72988
    10 year Tappo Sughero black label big S 59% OB WB 41678
    11 year Society bottling 57.9% OB WB 21853
    12 year black label big S 80 proof OB dark sherry WB 75805
    12 year green thistle gold cap 46% OB WB 14533
    12 year 100 proof 57.1% sherry wood Samaroli WB 9260
    21 year 2012 46% OB WB 30350
    21 year 2018 46% OB WD 111815
    23 year 1970 23 year Local Barley tall bottle 46% OB WB 11138
    24 year 1966 sherry cask 443 Local Barley dumpy bottle 58.1% OB WB 14391
    25 year pear shape bottle 43% OB WB 38084
    25 year 2006 46% OB WB 656
    29 year 1962 white label big S 46% WB 14430
    29 year 1974 Chieftain’s Choice cask 1778 51.2% WB 27756
    30 year Millennium bottle 1999 46% OB WB 11045
    30 year parchment label dumpy 46% WB 11117
    32 year 1966 bourbon cask 493 Local Barley dumpy bottle 56.8% OB WB 14414
    35 year 1968 Berry Bros 46% WB 530
    35 year Millennium bottle 1999 46% OB WB 11056
    37 year 1970 Secret Treasures 43% WB 12967
    37 year 1968 cask 1541 Dun Bheaghan Pedro Ximenez 56.5% WB 11864
    40 year 1969 cask 263 Signatory Vintage 54.4% WB 15778

    Result 1-22
    1st -30 year dumpy OB - 97/96/96
    2nd 1968 Dun Bheaghan - 94/96/96
    3rd 10 year 59% Tappo Sughero OB - 94/95/96
    4th 12 year Samaroli 100 proof OB - 94/95/95
    5th 1970 Local Barley tall bottle OB - 93/95/95
    6th 32 year cask 493 Local Barley OB - 93/95/94
    7th 1962 29 year OB - 96/93/94
    8th 30 year Millenium OB - 94/94/94
    9th 24 year cask 443 Local Barley OB - 94/93/94
    10th 12 year black label OB - 92/94/93
    11th Nas Springbank Pure West Highland - 91/93/93
    12th 1999 11 year OB Society bottling - 90/94/93
    13th 1974 Ian Macleod 51.2% - 90/94/92
    14th 40 year 1969 cask 263 Signator - y 92/93/92
    15th 35 year Millenium OB 95/92/92
    16th 1967 Berry Bros 35 year - 91/91/91
    17th 12 year OB green thistle gold cap - 90/91/91
    18th 1970 ST 12967 88/91/92 -
    19h 21 year OB 2012 - 91/91/90
    20th 21 year OB 2018 - 88/92/90
    21st year 2006 OB - 92/88/88
    22nd year OB Pear shape - 80/87/87


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