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Clydesdale (Cd)
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Islay Single Malt
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22 years old
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40.0 % Vol.
700 ml
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19 nov 2016 4:46 pm by mds51

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Whisky reviews for Ben Bracken 1993 Cd

22 users have left 24 reviews for this whisky. Average rating is 82.10 points.

  1. Marko_I did not rate this whisky Connoisseur

    40 € for a 22-smoke Islay single malt are ridiculously little, especially in the showpiece. Tasty not outstanding, but with quite interesting notes and good tasty - 40 € and more I would probably treat him too blind.
    • Nose
      medium smoke (for 22J. very tidy), rather dry, ashy, a touch of new / hot plastic (plasticizer?), some freshness (salt, lemon, peppermint?), in the background caramel, honey, slightly sweet and fruity (watermelon? )
    • Taste
      Ash, salt, pepper ... then bittersweet - coffee, burned sugar, cough drops, camomile, herbal bitters; by 40% but pleasant, more could be too bitter.
    • Finish
      medium long, warm and dry, ash and cough drops

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  3. LDB scored this whisky 84 points Connoisseur

    That was my first, but not the last Lidl whisky. What can I say, the aromatic mixture of wet corrugated cardboard and smoked lemons and orange peel leaves me a bit at a loss. But you could do a lot more wrong for € 40.

  4. checkpointuk scored this whisky 81 points Connoisseur

    Old gold / amber
    Sweet malt with honey and light peat swaths with suppressed smoke. Dry leather, subtle aromas of wild berries, tart orange and little spice. Overall quite thin.
    Very thin! Barely perceptible and heavily diluted peat-smoke combination with low seasoning. In the second part he develops a little better - pepper, herbs, dried fruits and orange peel with a slightly sweet liqueur and hints of wood. Everything again more than thin.
    Short! Milder and sweeter. Emerging caramel notes push the fruit components into the background. Slightly smoky with some white chocolate and cocoa powder.
    Altogether too thin! The little bit of this malt is not that bad. We would have liked to try it in cask strength.
    81 points
    N: 83P / G: 77P / F: 84P

  5. Punktar scored this whisky 82 points Connoisseur

    For the price a really useful whisky. He would definitely win if he had been filled with a little more alcohol. Tastes good to me Bowmore (but of course only my personal opinion, but if you look at the picture in the inner lid of the beautifully made box, there is a point at the end of Loch Indal circled.) Then there are not so many distilleries left. ..)
    So again briefly: pleasant in the nose, pleasing in the taste (after 22 years there is not really much smoke left, but that does not matter) and a little bit of alcohol. For the price really ok and there are some more expensive whiskys on the market, which would be glad if you reached the level.

  6. Albaron scored this whisky 84 points Specialist

    A delicious whisky that just lacks strength. A touch of alcohol would bring him even further. Still nice flavors and especially the nose is very good.
    • Nose
      Smoke, slightly oily, some barley sugar, malty, dried fruit, raisins, plum jam, sawdust
    • Taste
      some phenolic smoke, also raisins, then barrel wort, dried fruit, a bit musty and malty
    • Finish
      the barrel wort and the smoke fade slowly, the raisins come from time to time again. A few tannins also appear now and then.

  7. Numwierum scored this whisky 82 points Expert Senior

    He lacks volume, but all in all, a very pleasant whisky.
    • Nose
      84 84
    • Taste
      83 83
    • Finish
      82 82

  8. The Macallan scored this whisky 83 points Connoisseur

    Very nice in flavor, a good price quality, but not as round as in the round church.
    • Nose
      Smoky, sherry, slightly fruity and very familiar on the nose
    • Taste
      Sweet, smoky, warm, less intens fruit as the distillery versions
    • Finish
      Dry, fruity and some smoked wood in the back

  9. malthead-sven scored this whisky 80 points Expert Senior

    He can really please me for a "cheap whisky". The nose knows how to please, but then it falls off a bit. Apart from a lot of dye, he certainly got one or the other refill sherry keg.
    • Nose
      fruity and smoky at the same time, ripe strawberries, sweet currants, a slightly maritime note, sal ammoniac, bicycle tube, after the first sip it gets sweeter, more does not change over time
    • Taste
      Grain, brown bread, very little smoke only, brings a certain spiciness, cloves, nutmeg, but everything is rather mild
    • Finish
      the smoke gets stronger again, generally not so intense, just medium

  10. malthead-1984 scored this whisky 80 points Expert Senior

    For a whisky with age rather flat, for me he has an Ardbeg note but it will probably have been a 4-fill barrel ;-(
    Not profound, so no real notes. ...

  11. Tobs1991 scored this whisky 84 points Expert Senior

    To me it smells and tastes absolutely like a Bowmore.
    • Nose
      85 85
    • Taste
      84 84
    • Finish
      84 84

  12. vb_bembel scored this whisky 83 points Expert Senior

    • Nose
      85 85
    • Taste
      81 81
    • Finish
      79 79

  13. irrerelevant scored this whisky 83 points Expert Senior

    like an older and milder bowmore darkest
    • Nose
      mild, round, soft campfire smoke, distinct sherry, quite dry, anise, smoked ham, lavender, parfum, vanilla, maybe honey
    • Taste
      round and soft, smoke and sherry are present, lots of caramel, winy mouthfeel, slightly sour fruits, turns a little bitter, herbal tea, licorice and anise again
    • Finish
      pleasent, dry, lots of oak, smoke remains, stays sweet, reminds me of medicin on a sugar cube

  14. Helgo scored this whisky 82 points Connoisseur

    Top PLV! Unfortunately, he flattens out too much in the back. Again, 43-46% Alk Vol. Would catapult the whisky into completely different spheres ...
    • Nose
      82 82
    • Taste
      83 83
    • Finish
      78 78

  15. chrizthewiz scored this whisky 79 points Expert Junior

    The nose was quite shy but nice.. - but wow.. what a weak pallate. I wouldnt even pay 30 quid for this one. A shame they bottled it at 40%abv. One of the weakest Islay drams I tried so far. Not recommended. 

  16. Tom na Gruagaich scored this whisky 80 points Connoisseur

    He would need significantly more than 40%. In the nose still great, but then clearly too thin. Deductions in the B-grade.
    • Nose
      Clear, degraded peat smoke, very maritime, harbor basin, sweetish, strongly overripe citrus fruits. I like it very much.
    • Taste
      Unfortunately rather thin, ashen, harsh, peat smoke, some citrus, and towards the end quite tart.
    • Finish
      medium long, ashy, peaty, bitter oak, some salt and a light citrus note.

  17. LiquidThoughts scored this whisky 83 points Connoisseur

    Nice thing, a few percent more would have been better, but qualitatively well balanced and even a little bit to discover!
    • Nose
      Nice mixture of peat and coast, salt, maritime, light sweetness underneath, but also citrus, in front always decent smoke, but not too much. Agree, unfortunately some cardboard flavor, ham and thyme, honey melon
    • Taste
      First very gentle, sweetness, forest honey, glazed trail mix, then comes the voluminous smoke, for 40% not very little, BBQ, dull oak and some cardboard box in between, toffee, iodine, malt & barley, ashes
    • Finish
      Ash with a beautiful vanilla sweetness and some citrus, oak also remains, medium-length finish

  18. Kaltduscher scored this whisky 84 points Expert Senior

    I would like to try it in cask strength. A good whisky, which would have done well with a higher alcohol content, because occasionally it looks thin and slightly watered down.
    • Nose
      Nice, complex nose. Campfire smoke. Lemon zest. Salty sea air. Algae. Driftwood. Vanilla. Bavarian block malt. In the background lavender.
    • Taste
      First, a subtle sweet. Vanilla. Forest honey. Caramelized nuts. Sweet peat smoke. Then spicy. Bavarian block malt. Iodine. Smoked bacon. Dark chocolate.
    • Finish
      Medium. Ash. Again and again sweet notes flash up, accompanied by iodine and bacon. Lemon zest. Dry and bitter finish with a lot of oak. Dark chocolate.

  19. Gearmailteach scored this whisky 80 points Expert Senior

    Very harmonious and pleasant nose. Unfortunately on the tongue weaker than in the aroma.
    For the price, however, a very nice malt. His age is noticeable to him, at least in the aroma clearly.
    • Nose
      Pleasant, warm smoke with a clear floral note (violets ?!). Süß-floral-kraeuterig like these old German herbal honey candies, which are always on the Christmas markets to buy. In addition, dark fruits and citrus fruit, some sherry, malt and oak.
      Behind it also maritime-salty notes, sea air, some damp wood. Very pleasant nose.
    • Taste
      Unfortunately, in the first moment, watery in the texture. Cold campfire, slightly ashy. Then again sweet with herbs, honey and this floral story. The tilts again into the spicy. Oak, dark chocolate
    • Finish
      Mitelllang and warm. Smoke, oak, floral reverberation.

  20. irrerelevant scored this whisky 83 points Expert Senior

    N: milder, round, soft campfire smoke, significant sherry influence, quite dry, aniseed, ham, lavender mothballs, clear perfume, vanilla is coming, maybe honey
    T: round and soft, the pleasant smoke and sherry sweetness are present, a lot of caramel, a wine-like mouthfeel, with a light fruity acidity, gets tart, meditonein, covered herbal tea, some licorice and anise
    Q: is pleasantly dry, oak is clear, the smoke remains present, but unobtrusive, also anise here, reminiscent of bitter medicine on sugar cubes

    A very distinguished, clearly smoky old Islay malt with Sherryfasseinfluss. Like an older and milder Bowmore Darkest. A drop of water helps to reduce the perfume of the nose and the acid in the taste

  21. MadScientist scored this whisky 83 points Connoisseur

    • Nose
      86 86
    • Taste
      80 80
    • Finish
      83 83

  22. Murxus scored this whisky 85 points Expert Senior

    (1. note) My short diagnosis (for the 22yo Islay): Unfortunately with 40% a bit too thin u. powerless, ashes smoke still present even after the 22y. Bowmore perfume (FWP, violet, lavender or whatever you like) I do not recognize degree even if the rings on the Islay card of the packaging suggest.

    (2nd note) The somewhat thin impression I now also on the chill-filtering back, not only on the only 40%, also rather sucked (Sherry?) - Casks. The Bowmore-typically perfumed note, I now find synonymous, albeit weak. So the squiggles on the card should already have their permission.
    Despite the weak points, nothing bad, honest stuff ... if you ignore E150.
    And if you look at the price range in the age group, so well suited to times nen older smoky Islay in the bar without having to sacrifice a small fortune.
    PS: Today it would be scarce 87 pts of me.
    Edit corrected to 85/86 pts. Since comes in the finish but not enough.

  23. Noface83 scored this whisky 78 points Specialist

    Nose: really good. Campfire smoke and coastal flavors (salt and wet wood), in the background citrus fruits, but also has a somewhat strange aroma of cardboard.
    Taste: thin with warm smoke, some ashes, bitter lemon zest, sugar water, mmhh - evil tongues would say that is to drink there ^^ The finish is relatively short for a "smoker" with ash, bitter oak and tingling lemonade.
    Jo is good to drink and is fine for the price. Beautiful smoke and pleasant sea flavors but little substance behind it. You could have expected more for a 22Y Islay. Was it due to the barrels, to which only 40% or, as I am sure believe in both,
    • Nose
      80 80
    • Taste
      76 76
    • Finish
      76 76

  24. fritzbrause scored this whisky 78 points Expert Senior

    Great nose. sensational nose. old school islay. sweet and dried fruits with loads of salt and smoke. Great! in the mouth too weak with 40%. too easy, too round, with really delicious reason aroma. comes back late very much and remains surprisingly long present. Tasty VERY close to Ardbeg corryvreckan, where I could just as well imagine Lagavulin or Bowmore. conclusion: great basis, destroyed by excessive reduction. At the price, a classic of islay is the better investment. but the presentation is nice.

  25. vb_bembel scored this whisky 83 points Expert Senior

    Dealer Description:

    The smoky-rough soul of Islay, tamed by a 22-year-old oak barrel storage.

    Color: amber honey gold

    Nose: A complex whisky that has to be given time to understand because of its multi-faceted aromas. Aromatic spicy peat smoke, eucalyptus, toffee and apple are just a few of the aspects that show. A distinct aroma of spicy pineapple completes this exciting bouquet.

    Taste: complex and fascinating. Hints of salted caramel, peach, freshly roasted coffee and nutmeg. Again and again a torrent of aromatic smoke and the aroma of warm brown sugar make this whisky a true drinking pleasure.
    Award: World Whisky Awards: Best Islay Single Malt Scotch 2016


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