Glen Els The Glen Els - X

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Single Malt
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10 years of The Glen Els
Stated Age
10 years old
Pedro Ximénez Sherry Hogsheads
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49.6 % Vol.
700 ml
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07 Aug 2016 5:19 pm by Vermiethai
UncoloredNon-chillfilteredCask StrengthSingle Cask Whisky

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Whisky Reviews for Glen Els The Glen Els - X

38 users have left a review for this whisky and scored it an average of 86.86 points

  1. didi1893 scored this whisky 92 points Connoisseur

    A great whisky! Chocolate and cocoa pure! Dark fruits and PX sweetness harmonize perfectly with the chocolate flavor. I almost miss the words ... this malt is just great and delicious, I like it very much! somehow this Glen Els is comparable to SV's 88 Blair Athol ...
    • Nose
      Even while pouring sweet and intense PX aromas flow out of the glass. Reddish shiny and rusty brown, the Glen Els shines in front of him, thick and tough streaks stick to the glass wall. Then the first deep draft .... subtly sour berries and grapes immediately mix with dry and dull wood tones. Honey sweetness rises from the wood, sandy and loamy forest soil come to the fore, pine needles fall on the forest floor and resin drips on the brushwood. The honey turns into tart caramel, the dark berries and grapes continue to dominate the nose. These wonderful aromas greatly stimulate the salivation.
    • Taste
      Chocolate, cinnamon and cocoa powder fill the mouth at the first sip. Cocoa powder is dusting on the tongue, creamy sweetness flows from the chocolate while slowly but surely the dark berries and grapes from the nose become noticeable again. Subtle spicy wood, creamy sweetness, fruity berries and spicy notes now dominate the taste. Siren-like, the Glen Els flows over the tongue. A fine aroma of resinous wood and cocoa sets in and will be remembered for a long time.
    • Finish
      Spicy wooden and with creamy chocolate the finish starts. Dried berries and cocoa powder come to the fore again and let the anticipation for the next sip rise. The finish is slightly nutty, then starts again this enormous cocoa-chocolate-cinnamon mixture. For a long time Glen Els will be remembered.

  2. Drk Neknul scored this whisky 90 points Expert Senior

    It's almost a political issue somehow. Already in the run-up, almost the advertised price was more important than quality and taste. So let's start there. Similar to the 12-year-old Slyrs, who appeared some time ago for 190, - EUR, is of course also discussed at Glen Els 'X' for 169, - EUR, the question "may" a 10-year-old malt, also from Germany to be offered in this price region? In absolute terms, a lot of money for a 10-year-old, no question. As we know, the Japanese or Taiwanese have little inhibition about praising a comparatively young malt. And the Scottish distilleries? Devil's Cask III, MAC Ruby, Bruichladdich Octomores ... well. Maybe a control consideration. 1,050 liters of distillate were bottled in 2006 in 4 Sherry Hogsheads, after 7 years, the remaining malt was transferred to 3 of the Hoggies to at least a little limit the further loss. Half of it, ie 750 bottles or 525 liters of whisky, has become 10 years later. Approximately 6-6.5% real angel's share. Significantly more than the usual loss in the Scottish climate. Not really uncommon but for above-ground storage in the continental climate in Germany or Switzerland. The increased share speeds up the maturation process, as we know it from Kavalan. But this also increases the cost of the distillery not insignificant. In Scotland, assuming an annual share of 2%, a similar loss would only occur after more than 30 years of storage. At least you should keep in mind. And otherwise? Original bottling, age, classy, ​​dark PX sherry, valued presentation including wooden box, limited edition with a total of only 750 bottles, the first real 10 of the small distillery. All value-creating factors that would also boost the price in Scotland. Whether 169, - EUR issue price is the "right" price, of course, I can not judge. But ultimately does not matter. Either the market will take it or not, and it seems to be very well received. I chose 3 different glass types in the set-up, the Glencairn as "standard", the long-stemmed Bugatti, because for me it's been the optimal Glen Els glass and the Riedel Vinum, which ruthlessly reveals all nuances in the nose - positive as well as negative , In addition, I picked up a few notorious sherries of the past as a reference from the shelf. Macallan 18yo, 1978, Glen Grant Vibtage 1960, Tullibardine 9yo TWCh, Glengoyne 25yo, 46% GTR and last but not least the already mentioned Slyrs 12yo as German representative. I have deliberately not specifically selected pure PX bearings. It is all about the question, does he like ME in this strong environment similarly good, better or worse. Eye / Nose: Dark mahogany brown tone. The nose starts fantastic. Since I have poured several Drams for comparison, the fragrance spreads by itself. Mild honey notes, breakfast cake, sugar beet syrup, licorice, plum jam, raisins, almonds, all framed by a light, tingling alcohol note, that's how it should be. Terrific. Palate: Extremely creamy it acts. With a honey-like mouth-filling sweetness. Raisins, dates and dried apricots. Almost 50% full-bodied alcohol is present and 'breaks' the pleasant sweetness before it becomes unpleasant. Again lead almond and honey notes, on the palate, however, spices such as cardamom and a breeze of nutmeg are added, oak flavors are noticeable and form with a certain dryness a little contrast to the sweet character, however, remain overall discreetly in the background, no unpleasant bitterness. Finish: A long finish that absorbs the almond and honey flavors from the palate and nose, leaving it smoothly towards the end. Conclusion: All around successful malt from very active PX barrels. No formal weakness, such as sulfur or other real flaws, recognizable. I'm sure that over the years I have had only a few whiskys from Germany in the glass at a similar level, and I bravely try everything I can get at home-made malts. Am I biased? The difficult question of the never existing 'objectivity'. From the Hammerschmiede belong the Alriks Pearl Jubilee and Mittwinter to my favorites. The sweeter Black Morbow I found as a dessert Malt superb, various strong Málaga maturations were great ... but that is contrary to the artist editions I-IV, I tended to rather weak, the Endless Summer as well. The Black Haven Dawn was too round for me, too little characteristic to play in the front. It's just like most distilleries, especially my Scottish highlights. Many things are good, some awesome and some things just do not meet my taste so 100%. Buy more? Yes I will. Sensational nose, very rounded, balanced taste, long, gentle finish, classic PX notes from A to Z and no miss notes. Everything fits together. However, I also suspect that the peak has now been reached. I can not really imagine a 12 or even 18-year-old Glen Els in the style of the X flavor. What I can perfectly imagine, however, would be an Alrik X. Let's say a kind of 10-year-old Pearl Jubilee ... And the comparison with the other subjects? The Slyrs 12, a nice malt for me personally and by far the best Slyrs has ever released, goes down a bit in the comparison field. The Glengoyne looks almost a bit harsh in direct comparison, but has more power in the finish. Like the X, the Tulli 9 looks a little overherried, so I think he likes it so much. The two are as far apart as Oloroso and PX. And that is precisely what makes them not unlike in their kind. Solitaire, uncompromisingly violent, exactly my thing. Both the 1978 MAC 18 and the old Glen Grant 1960 are superior to the X in complexity, seem even more complex. But the X is pretty close. Unexpectedly close, if I'm honest with myself. Big cinema. And the said Macallan, we do not want to forget that, IMHO also gives a Bruichladdich 21 Oloroso - I think great per se - no real chance. Oh well ... I recommend the X to drink from a simple Glencairn or a Classic Malt glass, fit perfectly.

  3. Goethe scored this whisky 91 points Expert Senior

    Glen Els X - The X Files A German whisky, ten years in a PX barrel, the number of bottles limited to 750 pieces, the price of 169 €, published in August 2016 and 49.6% intus. So much for the hard facts. Yes, ten years in the PX barrel, no finish, ten years he was allowed to wallow in the sweet Sud, before he saw the light of day again. The color tells you in advance, this whisky may contain traces of whisky. But one after anonther: Nose: Oops, who spilled the sweet sherry over the carpet? Soaked, full, permeated, what's the best way to say that the distillate was drowned here by the PX? What happened after that? Dates and fig jam were added. Dark fruits come to light that only appear in the fermented state. This Dark Sherry Monster-looking Elk. Lots of sweetness, ripe fruits, nuts. In the background, after a while, even the barrel speaks out. Very thick in the nose! So dominant I had almost no sherry in my nose. Palate: A sweet sticky molasses covers the tongue and mouth at the beginning and keeps the tongue downright hostage. There is no ransom. The consistency reminds a bit of cattle Jus. And the good, with a plum jam. The distillate shows in my opinion but in the fight again and again, when it jumps up and beckons, not desperate, rather overjoyed. As Obelix must have looked when he fell as a child into the potion. I can not take the typical sugar water here, the young soaked distillates but too often have, because the whisky should not be so dominant in the foreground. No, here it is a nice distillate in the background, but the cask pushes a little too much into the foreground. If you could chew fruit pulp, then the taste in the mouth would probably spread just as well. Finish: The medium-long finish is sweet and gives the oak more. All too long, the departure is not altogether. Here, too, a few fermented fruits are to be felt, which are accompanied by a certain Nussigkeit (walnuts). Opinion: It is okay in advance that this whisky, so one may call it quiet, receives from many sides a euphoric approval. This sweet hostage for the palate and nose is quite unique in this area. The hammer smithy has proven to be sensitive and fortunately has not left him in the barrel for 12 years. Then he would definitely tilted for my concepts. The PX barrels have certainly been chosen excellently. But overall, eight or nine years would have certainly done him good. If you are a fan of such sherry bombs, then you almost can not get past this bottling. The fans of cute PX bombs will love him. Those who prefer finishers with their whisky should probably leave it with a sample. For me, this bottling is very successful, even if the finish overall is a little frugal (as if the hostage was terminated prematurely). If I had to award points, it should be about 92/100. No more. But not much less. Because this "experiment" is in my opinion still successful and deserves recognition, as this distillate for me as a whole goes as whisky and not as 49.6% sherry.

  4. StyrianSpirit scored this whisky 80 points Expert Senior

    An interesting experience, but this flavor and flavor is not for me.
    • Nose
      First impression: dark fruity-sweet. Herbs (marjoram, lovage), damp forest soil. From the background, a slight alcohol breeze appears.
    • Taste
      Oha, what is that? Still can not find out what this reminds me; at least not on single malt, rather on slightly burnt rubber with bitter note. The difference between nose and palate is enormous. In the mouth on the one hand much sweeter and on the other burnt-bitter. The consistency is similar to a herbal liqueur.
    • Finish
      Honestly, it remains even after the third test, an unpleasant for me alpenkräuter-käserinden-bowmorefaulig-Schnapslikörige aroma remembrance catastrophe.

  5. schero scored this whisky 83 points Expert Senior

    Much too long in the barrel, the taste is OK, the spruce needles in the aroma and the finish have spoiled the malt rather
    • Nose
      Thick heavy sherry sweet, raisins, young wood, creme brulee, cloves, sweet and sour spruce needles, the latter bothers with the times and is rather a false note for me
    • Taste
      Amazing watery first mouthfeel, then comes the sweet sherry, again the raisins and cloves, creamy but not thick, a lot of oak, astringent with time
    • Finish
      Sticky sweet wood, again the spruce needles, also here astringently dry

  6. Islay1881 scored this whisky 92 points Expert Junior

    Issue price 120-130 €
    • Nose
      92 92
    • Taste
      92 92
    • Finish
      91 91

  7. EJS scored this whisky 88 points Expert Senior

    • Nose
      88 88
    • Taste
      89 89
    • Finish
      88 88

  8. gallfux did not rate this whisky Expert Senior

    Well, I'm not a fan of Glen Els because most of the time I do not have much to do with whisky anymore.
    He is also quite blatant, but I would probably even put up with that. It is interesting from time to time and I liked it too. This is certainly not a "classic" whisky.
    • Nose
      There are of course a lot of red fruits. For me they are not very sweet, but rather sour. So sour berries, which were put in alcohol. Again and again, fresh and cooling note, which flashes through. Eucalyptus. Also damp forest soil and chocolate.
      After the first sip, the fruits become sweeter.
    • Taste
      Pretty sticky and the alcohol is barely noticeable. Syrupy and extremely sweet. Sugared syrup (red fruits). Forest honey. Red fruit jelly. Then again the forest floor and musty notes. Additionally Ritter Sport Rum and Graube Nut.
    • Finish
      There is some oak. But much more subtle than expected. Rather a mixture of still a lot of sweetness, a little bitterness / dryness tingle. Now the musty notes are rather mossy notes.

  9. berkman Berkmann scored this whisky 90 points Expert Junior

    NOSE: chocolate cake & mocha, strongly oxidized sherry, slightly musty / earthy, sugared redcurrants, creamy and dark-sweet, caramel

    Mouth: again musty / earthy, very sweet, strongly oxidized dark berries, light bitterness, gravy, cloves, dark caramelized sugar

    Abklang: shorter than expected - up to a musty bitterness with slight sweetness ...

    All in all: very successful!

  10. Alois scored this whisky 84 points Expert Junior

    It tastes very different from well-known single malt and that's immediately noticeable. The pure mouthfeel is very great until it comes to a boring finish.
    • Nose
      Blind tasting: Smells a bit musty, sour as carbonic acid paired with oak ... I think it's all very subtle but that comes through very noble.
    • Taste
      Creamy, fresh-sweet with good oak and fruit
    • Finish
      Very short and unspectacular


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