Bowmore 1964 Black

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Single Malt
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First Edition
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29 years old
Sherry Cask
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50.0 % Vol.
700 ml
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19 may 2009 6:38 pm
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Whisky reviews for Bowmore 1964 Black

22 users have left 27 reviews for this whisky. Average rating is 94.80 points.

  1. ctu scored this whisky 95 points Connoisseur

    Huge Bowmore. In addition to the magnificent sherry and oak, wonderful fruitiness, piquant spiceness and creamy peat can be seen in a very complex composition.
    • Nose
      95 95
      Big sherry. Black cherry, plum jam, blueberry, black currant, candied orange peel and raisin. Cinnamon, ginger, clove and white pepper. Carpentary workshop. Fresh eucalyptus.
    • Taste
      95 95
      Powerful. Big spices and oak. Citruses and tannins. Vibrant acids. Pepper, nutmeg, chili and sherry. Dutch cocoa. Tropical fruits and creamy peat. Mango chutney. Amazing.
    • Finish
      94 94
      Long, spicy, smoky, creamy, bittersweet.

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  3. DrFreeEnergy scored this whisky 99 points Member Junior

    From a fresh bottle popped by Jim McEwan his self at a tasting back in the day when he was still working at Bowmore (he regaled us with a tale that he was a cooper’s apprentice at Bowmore at the time this was distilled and he was the last man alive from the distillery crew who made this elixir). Typical 1960s Bowmore tropical fruit but anchored by the dark earthy notes of the sherry casks. Bitter chocolate, not overly sweet, complex. One of the best bottles I’ve ever tasted out of many.

  4. Lonach scored this whisky 95 points Expert Junior

    One of the best. Layer upon layer of tropical fruit and soft peat backed up by a wonderful earthiness. Coffee and waxes.

  5. thenoseofpeter scored this whisky 100 points Member Senior

    All time favourite.

  6. WiltChamberlain scored this whisky 95 points Connoisseur

    One of the best whiskys I've ever tasted.
    • Nose
      95 95
    • Taste
      96 96
    • Finish
      95 95

  7. ConvalRen scored this whisky 92 points Connoisseur

    • Nose
      92 92
    • Taste
      92 92
    • Finish
      93 93

  8. Sendilkelm scored this whisky 96 points Expert Senior


  9. Kawa_ZX6 did not rate this whisky Expert Senior

    the picture added by whiskyonlineauctions here shows a fake bottle (wax capsule)

  10. Dram Dracula scored this whisky 95 points Connoisseur

    Purchased a dram at Old and Rare 2020 in London, from a mostly finished bottle. 100 GBP for 1cl.
    • Nose
      97 97
      Extremely juicy -- thick, sweet, sticky tropical fruits, with a side of zestiness. Super bright and super expressive. So fruity, you can't even smell the sherry anymore. So typical of early Bowmores, that is, this is freakin' damn nice, but the heavy sherry takes this up a notch compared to your typical 60's Bowmores.
    • Taste
      95 95
      Cacophony of flavors -- cola, ginger, toffee, rock sugar, cherry cough syrup, coffee, a bit of tea, tons of dried fruits. It's absolutely delicious, but at 50%, still a bit underpowered, in my very humble opinion. Feels more like 43%. Still, who the heck am I kidding. This is great stuff, just not as awe-inspiring as I had hoped.
    • Finish
      93 93
      The flavors stay in the glass longer than your tongue. A bit oxidized, shall we say? So I'll just have to keep on smelling the glass, if you don't mind.

  11. BiBo_38 scored this whisky 90 points Member Senior

    Old school sherry whisky. Thick cigar tobacco, dark chocolate and ripe plums. Smoke and alcohol in the background.

    Restrained at first, then creamy and oily. It takes his time to release more flavors. Plum cake and raisins with chocolate are added. The alcohol is very nicely integrated and the medium-strong bomber smoke is hanging over everything.
    Light salt notes towards the end.

    medium length and slightly warming.

    A great experience, no question.
    But there are other bottlings that have inspired me a lot more.

  12. indyjones scored this whisky 95 points Connoisseur

    Dark as the night, The best sherry nose, deep rich, and surprisingly fresh for its age

  13. Povl77 scored this whisky 95 points Expert Senior

    Awesome experience

  14. Derekyu928 scored this whisky 97 points Expert Senior

    Takemoto Katsuhiko [First]: Dark strawberry Smoky peat Astringent southern feeling (mango) Sour nuts Almond Thick vanilla-like coating around the middle [middle]: Body is firm but not too thick Southern feeling Papaya Mango Chocolate Milk Burnt wheat like milk coffee

    [Finish]: Full of nose, elegant return, solid outline, burnt sugar, lasting tropical style, nuts, chocolate, smoke, astringency like apricot, dark sherry

  15. detachedblue scored this whisky 92 points Connoisseur

    • Nose
      Classic sherried 60s Bowmore, you have light and dry sherry with a lot of tropical fruits, the backbone is maritime style, seaweeds and umami. Dark chocolates, dates and leather. After about 10 mins, there are very jammy sherry, not the same type as the old Speyside sherry monster, felt a bit modernish (Like Talisker/Lagavulin/Oban).
    • Taste
      Jammy sherry, quite intense, leather and red fruits (raspberry), quite some oak, wood spices, fresh and sour.
    • Finish
      Long, inky sherry, violet flowers dark sherry and tropical fruits.

  16. wbarchive_526210 did not rate this whisky Member Senior

    A decent whisky but not worth the hoopla. I did have a dram on Islay and, I'm saying this as a fan of Bowmore, I'd rather have my next one to be a 25 year old release. Totally overpaid for what it is and the marketing for the whole series has done a splendid job.
    • Nose
      85 85
      Full, sherry notes are somewhat lost and chocolate comes to the forefront. The fruit you smell is kind of overripe and not safe for consumption. Doesn't have anything to show that it is a Bowmore.
    • Taste
      80 80
      Unremarkable, slightly chemical and reminded me of pasta with octopus ink. Kind of oily and missing all the good stuff. I'd go as far as saying, the whisky has no depth and is one-dimensional.
    • Finish
      85 85
      Short to medium and again, not very remarkable.

  17. lincolnimp scored this whisky 91 points Connoisseur

    Out of 9 high scoring bottles on the base the Bowmore came in 4th.

    The highest rated whisky on WB was 3rd.   

    Result    1 - Glenfiddich  1956 Intertrade   

    2nd -  Glenlochy 1965 SV     

    3rd - Springbank 1969 SV     

    4th -  Black Bowmore 1st edition    

    5th - Blair Athol MI     

    6TH - Springbank 35 year Millenium    

    7th - Brora 2004     

    8th - Glenglassaugh     

    9th - Glendronach   

    Full details on `The head to head whisky thread for tastings (H2H)`. dated 20th August 2017

  18. Bamkero scored this whisky 95 points Expert Junior

    I remember, I tasted it for Free!  at TONY'S BAR, in SHIMBASHI, over 20 years ago.

  19. hs305 scored this whisky 93 points Connoisseur

    [April, 2017]  It is a very special day today - it is monday!!!  Last night I had a fabulous charity tasting at Limburg with the second oldest whiskies I ever tried:  Two ceramic decanters released by Andrew Usher & Co Distillers Edinburgh on the occasion of the "Coronation of King George Vth & Queen Mary June 22nd, 1911" - so the whisky was distilled before 1908 (more than hundert years ago).  For Angus' tasting notes see

    In that tasting setting there was a 1957 Bowmore (WB id 7701) that I adore so I think it is a good opportunity to check it against this legendary Black Bowmore (BB).  Unfortunately my last sample...

    ...and after counting all scores the two drams are at eye-level to each other and it is up to the individual taste which one to prefer in a certain situation - the rather subtle, delicate and full-of-harmony 1957 or the rich, powerful and complex Black Bowmore.  A very convenient result as I can declare a draw ;-) - I swear it is not manipulated...
    • Nose
      The colour of the BB is of brown sherry while the 57 is about four shades paler at tawny. The 57 shows a few slow legs and fat tears while the BB has many fast legs and very few late tears. The nose of the BB offers a very rich and bold sherry driven profile (raisins, coffee beans, chocolate...) with only a few tropical fruity aromas (mangos, passion fruits). The 57 is rather subtle and delicate on sherry and a lot more of fruits (blackcurrants, passion fruits, mango, mirabelle, oranges). Some hints of smoke here that are harder to detect in the BB. I find the 57 more balanced and of greater complexity while the BB is heavier and more rich. So everyone choose what he/she prefers - I like the more delicate and complex 1957 a little better.
    • Taste
      The taste of the BB shows a very rich and complex profile of dried tropical fruits and chocolate, very delicious. Some toffee flavours too and even hints of peaty aromas. Yes it comes in different layers that are peeled one after the other by the taste buds. Same with the 57: A highly layered taste too, maybe even some layers more. Especially at the end there is a (almost funny) little fruity explosion again, as if it will set a last highlight for the finish. Nevertheless the 57 is not as rich as the BB but very balanced on sweet, fruity and slightly peaty flavours. I call this harmony and vote for a draw...
    • Finish
      The 57 comes very smooth and rather gentle (if not shy) to the mouth with a slight peppery and woody note in the end. Nevertheless it is mouth-coating and even chewy. The BB arrives bold and rich - it instantly coats all of the mouth. The 57's finish is of medium length and adds some spicy flavours (among them surprisingly a little saltiness) as well as milk chocolate to its already impressive profile. But it is a little weakish in terms of overall strength. Contrary to this the BB's finish is longer and richer but with some bitter notes (tannins) in the end (not unpleasantly). It comes in several nice waves too and I like it better than the flatter 57's.

      As I thought it might be a sacrilege to the beauty of these drams I did not add any water to both.

  20. hs305 scored this whisky 93 points Connoisseur

    [November, 1999]  I had another dram during the millennium tasting at Kyrburg. 

    In my old rating system (ten scales that translate into WB points: 50 - 66 - 75 - 80 - 82,5 - 85 - 87,5 - 90 - 92,5 - 95) I scored this 95.  My notes state it is a dark oloroso sherry bottling with a significant phenolic profile.  The finish is very long.  Some drops of water improve this dram even further.

  21. hs305 scored this whisky 93 points Connoisseur

    [October, 1998]  I had this dram during a tasting at Kyrburg. 

    In my old rating system (ten scales that translate into WB points: 50 - 66 - 75 - 80 - 82,5 - 85 - 87,5 - 90 - 92,5 - 95) I scored this dram 95.  My notes state it is very rich and complex.  Bold arrival on the palate with some hot moments.  Water is not needed (it gets flatter and looses some of its adorable complexity).

  22. lincolnimp scored this whisky 91 points Connoisseur

    Score head to head for 1964 Bowmore, in this order.

    Bowmore Gold 1964 42.4% = 91

    Bowmore White 1964 42.8% = 93

    Bowmore Black 1964 50% Fist Edition = 92

  23. lincolnimp scored this whisky 91 points Connoisseur

    • Nose
      93 93
    • Taste
      92 92
    • Finish
      90 90

  24. lincolnimp scored this whisky 91 points Connoisseur

    With a few drops of water.

    The nose is  sweeter.

    The palate now has blackberry, caramel and sweeter fruit notes.

    The length is huge.

    For me I thought it was best with a little water.

    There is no doubting the quality of this but it is heavy going and will not be for everyone.

    A substantial dram sums it up really. Top draw stuff but I do not think it is as good as its reputation would suggest.

    Glad to have tried it and one of the heaviest sherried malts I have had.

    Notes from a sample
    • Nose
      Prunes, dark plump raisins, black cherry, mulled wine.
    • Taste
      Substantial, coffee , dark bitter chocolate, Horse Chestnut, oily, sulphur (traces), salami, chocolate.

      A full fat whisky.
    • Finish
      Long, smooth, oily and chocolaty.

  25. markkerr02 scored this whisky 93 points Expert Senior

    Test 080: Black Bowmore - 080510
    The whisky tested:
    Fligth 1 Glass 1 Black Bowmore 1964 29Y 1993 First Edition 50% 107 points Glass 2 Black Bowmore 1964 30Y 1994 Second Edition 50% 107+ points Glass 3 Black Bowmore 1964 31Y 1995 Final Edition 49% 101 points Glass 4 Bowmore Sky 25Y 43% 46 points Flight 2 Glass 5 Bowmore 12Y 40% 70 points Glass 6 Bowmore 12Y Brown Dumpy Bottle 43% 105 points Glass 7 Bowmore Deluxe Brown Dumpy Bottle 43% 35 points Flight 3 Glass 8 Bowmore 16Y 1989 Bourbon 51% 61 points Glass 9 Bowmore 16Y 1990 Sherry 53.8% 71 points Gls 10 Bowmore 16Y 1991 Port 53.1% 77 points
    Testimonials Per Eriksson Black Bowmore 1964 29Y 1993 First Edition 50% Scent: Russin, basement, warehouse, complex, dates, figs, christmas cake, lavender Taste: Lavender, light smoke, oak, bit bitterness, sweetness, complexion, nuts, spices Aftertaste: Very tall, tanin, oak, lavender, sweetie Score: 93

  26. Furtia scored this whisky 91 points Connoisseur

    • Nose
      92 92
    • Taste
      93 93
    • Finish
      92 92

  27. QuarterCentury did not rate this whisky Connoisseur

    The first edition of the legendary Black Bowmore - distilled in 1964 and

    matured in oloroso casks for 29 years before being unleashed on the

    world. Only 2000 bottles of this were released and there are only few of

    them left in the wild.

  28. magic_slim scored this whisky 94 points Connoisseur

    When I tasted this first edition of Black Bowmore at the Whisky Fair in Limburg (Whiskykanzler) 2007, I was impressed by the complex and balanced mixture of sherry, fruits and smoke.On the other hand I had even higher expectations and thought to myself that I had better whiskies before and others that I talked to shared my opinion. Of course it is difficult to make a final judgement after tasting 1 or 2 cl on a Whisky Fair subsequent to several other drams, but for me Black Bowmore is not the best tasting whisky that money can buy.By the way Serge Valentin judged the first edition of Black Bowmore(bottled 1993) 5 points better than the second (1994), the final (1995) and the 2007 edition.


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