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Douglas Laing (DL)
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Limited Edition - Number One
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L 14 01 16 3 13:14 BB Batch 05
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29 jan 2016 5:20 pm by Gonathras
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Whisky reviews for Rock Oyster Cask Strength DL

19 users have left 20 reviews for this whisky. Average rating is 83.27 points.

  1. LDB scored this whisky 82 points Connoisseur

    Delicious Stöffchen, not really smoky, but very maritime,
    Dangerously drinkable with a lot of water, you should turn it down by 10 turns.
    • Nose
      82 82
      fresh, sharp sea breeze, at least wind force 8 on the high seas
      with a lot of water (2 teaspoons per 2cl) you get more salt spray, lemongrass, seaweed and some leather
    • Taste
      83 83
      at first sweet, then he bites, very strong acceleration
      with even more water: oily and mouth-filling
    • Finish
      82 82
      OK, because he's a little weak, you just notice the youth. The really unbelievably salty sea impression remains.

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  3. Kraddell scored this whisky 76 points Expert Junior

    pours watery clear. Nose has a strong intensity, mild presence of peat it seems - but not to much for even a peat-disliking person such as myself. A very full, mature, ballsey character that doesn't match it's 'sweet' baby blue label at all. This seems like a rough, powerhouse of a whisky. Taste is very drying, most probably due to the high ABV . Oak presence, but the fine balancing (fine is a weird word to use here) of peat is what lifts this one way up to me. Clearly has some peat in it, but not only is it 'not too much' - it's even a nice adition to the drink - which has to be the first time I ever said something nice about peat. It makes the dram far more robust, without going to 'eating dirt' like feelings. I kinda do dig this one ! finer aroma's of dried fruits, even a hint of chocolate, I do get the saltyness the label taks about - but I don't get much of the mentioned Honey . Enjoyable beyond expectations.

  4. Willum scored this whisky 84 points Connoisseur

    • Nose
      84 84
    • Taste
      85 85
    • Finish
      84 84

  5. Bewcastle scored this whisky 85 points Expert Junior

    An interesting dram where you can play with water.
    • Nose
      Honey, vanilla
    • Taste
      Sweet, nutty, light salty,
    • Finish
      Cold ash, dry later, a bit pepper, warm

  6. greg_0277 scored this whisky 82 points Expert Senior

    The nose is mainly focused on a mineral peat and iodine. The mouth is in the continuity of the nose. Salinity is present but the youth of the drink is felt. It's a little green, pungent, alcoholic. The addition of water makes it more bearable but the aromas are somewhat overshadowed. Medium final, a little hot. I have not tasted the reduced version but it is likely that it is more appreciable ... Not too much my thing!

  7. Rosebank88 scored this whisky 85 points Expert Senior

    • Nose
      Starts very sweet and salty. Iodine, sea breeze, dried seaweed and a doughy-sugary sweetness. Malty (oatmeal), earthy yeasts and licorice.
    • Taste
      First oily malty, again a lot of salt, spicy licorice flavors, delicate smoke, lots of citrus zest, later herbaceous accents and a subliminal syrupy fruitiness.
    • Finish
      Lang, with a nice balancing act of fruity notes of dried apricot and hard-roasted pear, smoked malt aromas, salt, peat and harsh herbaceous notes.

  8. markjedi1 scored this whisky 81 points Connoisseur

    Lovely, sturdy yet youngish blend.
    • Nose
      Just like with the regular version, I get some bread dough and yeast, apples, mint and seaweeds on the nose. While there is some peat, it is quite discrete. 
    • Taste
      The body is fine and the arrival at cask strength a pleasant sensation. Immediately there is a grand smoke development and spiciness with a lovely balance between the sweet and salt elements. I get some baked apples, honey, pepper, salt and some ashes on the palate.
    • Finish
      The finish is medium long and once the smoke clears, it becomes surprisingly sweet once more.

  9. Donwaldorf scored this whisky 83 points Expert Senior

    Dram to forget, I even preferred his reduced version.
    • Nose
      Mineral peat on the eggshell, there is a buttered / malted side that mixes with iodine and oyster. Young nose presumably.
    • Taste
      Poorly integrated alcohol, light and spicy peat. Behind are mainly maritime notes.
    • Finish
      Short, on salty and iodized peat. Small bit of bitter cocoa.

  10. Shane_IL scored this whisky 82 points Expert Senior

    I liked this a good deal. The extra alcohol seems to have delivered more on the sweet, candied notes here and highlighted the very interesting peat character. A win in my book.Reviewed in my blog:https://iwriteaboutstuffilike.com/2017/09/11/douglas-laing-tasting-with-fred-laing/
    • Nose
      Turkish delight. Marzipan. Woodsmoke. Basted meats. Glace cherry. Honey. Slightly chalky and alkaline, Milk of Magnesia even.
    • Taste
      Salt. Soy sauce. Vinegar. Boiled sweets. Vanilla. Vegetal peat. Porridge.
    • Finish
      Long. Porridge. Malt. Wood smoke. Sweet peat. Marzipan.

  11. wbarchive_104650 did not rate this whisky Expert Senior

    He is pretty bad. The cask strength just shoots more alcohol in the dram and does not enhance the already barely existing flavors.
    I do not need it again

  12. lachaineduwhisky did not rate this whisky Expert Senior

    Put some water! Enthusiasm: 2/5 pure 3/5 with water Whiskey n ° 1187
    • Nose
      Round but young. Bad. It gains in amplitude. Honey ... and it falls like a soufflé. With water, more interesting: limited spicy malt with pastry accents.
    • Taste
      Well intense and balanced (spices and honey), a salty chouia. Youth is still visible. More juicy with water.
    • Finish
      Grassy final ... with much rounder water

  13. Laugenbretzel scored this whisky 82 points Expert Senior

    • Nose
      83 83
    • Taste
      85 85
    • Finish
      80 80

  14. ian63david scored this whisky 82 points Expert Junior

    I simply preferred the standard bottling. When the water added was just right it was just like the standard, which I think is great. 

  15. Gonathras did not rate this whisky Expert Senior

    Note by Serge Valentin from whiskyfun.com:

    Rock Oyster ‘Cask Strength’ (57.4%, Douglas Laing, blended malt, 2015)  More mad retro labels ala San Pellegrino. Isn’t whisky design having a stammer these days? I have to say I had enjoyed the ‘regular’ Rock Oyster a lot last year (WF 87). Colour: white wine. Nose: hyper-crystalline, totally minimal, and almost Japanese, if you see what I mean. I haven’t found this much iodine in a whisky since a long time. With water: a baby whisky. More liquorice allsorts. Mouth (neat): this is probably extremely young. Could you smoke liquorice allsorts, marshmallows, and limoncello? It is some smoked limoncello indeed, only at cask strength. Some kirsch too. With water: sweet, sweet, sweet. Strawberries and smoke (which gives me ideas for the coming summer…) Tinned peaches. Finish: medium, almost short. All the fruits are coming out, from pears to peaches. Young sauvignon blanc. Comments: I think I liked the one at 46.8% better. I find this CS excellent, but perhaps a little too young and fruity. SGP:645 - 83 points.

  16. dram-drinker scored this whisky 85 points Photo Moderator

    • Nose
      90 90
    • Taste
      84 84
    • Finish
      80 80

  17. dram-drinker scored this whisky 85 points Photo Moderator

    This is is really maritime - that means it has something fishy - lucky me that I like Sushi - water makes it definitely more enjoyable.
    • Nose
      Very salty, maritime, sea breeze, sweet butter or cheese cookies, some citrusy and lemony
    • Taste
      Oyster sauce - I think I tasted something from the sea ground - then punchy and hot - touch of leather
    • Finish
      Long, hot and salty

  18. TastyDram did not rate this whisky Expert Junior

    Bull's eye for Douglas Laing (again)? Yup, definitely to me. It's a bold one, packed with flavours and a decent balance between sweet and smoke. It feels young and spirity but there's plenty to discover so I'm not complaining. No, I'm lovin' it. Sorry McDonalds but I'm stealing your campaign line for a moment!
    • Nose
      My first impression was literally cheesy. Chaumes from the Périgord region served with a young white wine. Oyster juice with lemon rind. Or that might be my imagination and the Anna Koska imagery playing tricks with my mind. There's a lot going on in the glass. Fresh, clean and spicy. Lemon grass and teriyaki sauce. The malty and young grape aromas pointing to a rather young spirit but that's perfectly acceptable sometimes. Young does not have to be synonymous for bad or low quality.
      Peat, coarse sea salt and a bunch of spices that I find hard to pin down in a mortar and pestle. Pears glazed with honey.

      A teaspoon of water unleashes a sweet torrent of passion fruit and pomegranate mixed with charcoal and honey. It may sound disgusting but whisky anoraks are going to love it.
    • Taste
      The initial sips reveal lots of peppery and citrusy notes. Tobacco and smoky wood chips. Honey and lemon rind. Wortegemse lemon jenever or my mom's honey-lemon-thyme liquor - with an added smoky dimension - we use to fight off colds during winter. Can't make up my mind between those two.

      Water made it succulently sweet peat and vanilla pods. Lots of nougat flavours with some peppery smoke and sweet apples in the background. Caramel with a pinch of salt.
    • Finish
      Marzipan mixed with smoky dried chili peppers.

  19. GlenSikkes did not rate this whisky Connoisseur

    Tasting notes and Comments by Douglas Laing & Co;

    Introducing Douglas Laing’s Rock Oyster Cask Strength; the super-charged partner to the original Rock Oyster. Containing the finest Malt Whiskies from Scotland's Whisky Islands, including those distilled on Islay, Arran, Orkney and Jura, this Limited Edition delivers a massive amplification of all those coastal qualities from the original Rock Oyster.

    Tasting Notes;

    Anticipate a blast of sea air on the nose and a tempestuously oceanic storm on the palate. Rock Oyster Cask Strength delivers a big peat hit full of Islay phenols, iodine and coal dust, with a shake of pepper softening to a distinct honey sweetness from the Arran casks. The Isle of Jura brings waves of citrus and barley to the mix, and Orkney fetches up some salt from the deep.

  20. Bishlouk scored this whisky 82 points Connoisseur

    It's young. Very. Alcohol is perfectly mastered, but this kind of profile is not at all what I personally look for in a whiskey. That said, and contrary to the official notes, I do not find it outrageously marine. If you like young, well-made whiskeys, go for it.
    • Nose
      Clearly very young, on a profusion of vanilla malt. A light fruity "New Make" behind this malt. An iodine breeze and drops of fresh lemon. The alcohol does not attack, and this nose is quite fresh (medicinal traces), and even slightly pastry (vanilla).
    • Taste
      Sweet and vanilla, highly malty. It's young whiskey, no doubt. Pinches of salt behind this malty youth. Here, as in the nose, alcohol does not hurt. Hard to guess that he has more than 57%.
    • Finish
      Average. The salinity persists for a while, accompanied by traces of apple and pear not yet quite ripe.

  21. Whisky-Connaisseur did not rate this whisky Expert Senior

    A well put together, rich and powerful blended malt with a gorgeous
    nose, delicate palate, and intensely long finish! Islay's strong
    maritime character is well balanced with the peppery and honeyed
    sweetness of Arran, Jura's citrus notes, and Orkney's input of lingering
    barley, heather and smoke. A big hit with an impressive intensity.
    Absolutely perfect for a cold and windy winter's day.

    I thank Douglas Laing for the sample.

    • Nose
      Fresh and intense on the nose. Delicate vanilla sweetness intermingles
      with toffee, gentle honey and lemon drops. This is all wrapped in
      lingering peat smoke. Islay-typical medicinal notes and iodine emerge,
      beautifully combined with oak, cloves and notes of burnt rubber and coal
      dust. A maritime edge of briny and beachy flavours lingers with hints
      of fresh mint and camphor in the back. Very appealing and refreshing!
    • Taste
      A strong taste! Pleasantly sweetness of vanilla and toasted toffee
      accompanied by delicate notes of lemon, oranges and subtle honey. This
      is immediately followed by a massive load of hot spices - cracked black
      pepper, chilli, cloves and oak. Sweet barley mingles with heather and
      smoke along with some sweeter peat notes. Maritime flavours and a briny
      coastal edge linger towards the finish.
    • Finish
      Long, warm and lingering sweet with a sligtly bitter touch of citrus
      peel. Slightly drying with peat becoming dominant alongside the smoke,
      and a touch of cloves on the tail. Mouth-coating and powerful.

      WATER: Still powerful on the nose with a splash of water. Vanilla
      sweetness, delicate spices and a comforting warmth intermingle with a
      beautiful mix of peat and smoke. Intensely sweet on the palate with lots
      of vanilla and a beautiful potpourri of yellow fruit, oranges and
      peaches, complemented by warm spices. Beautiful! The finish is long,
      sweet and warm with a whiff of peat, smoke and coastal flavours.


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