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25 years old
Ex-Bourbon & 1st Fill Sherry Casks
45.7 % Vol.
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L0443P L10 05 11 12:21
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25 Oct 2015 4:34 pm

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Whisky Reviews for Highland Park 25-year-old

96 users have left a review for this whisky and scored it an average of 90.57 points

  1. Slàinte Mhath scored this whisky 93 points Super Administrator

    It's hard to find words that do this Single Malt justice. For many connoisseurs, Highland Park 25 is the Holy Grail of the distillery's official bottlings, and rightly so. I could literally spend hours with my nose in the Glencairn. Dark fruits, white chocolate and juicy oranges take turns with spices, cocoa beans and rummy notes. An explosion of sweet, dry and peppery flavors coats the palate while being perfectly balanced and complex at the same time. Distant hints of smoke remain of a prolonged, sweet and spicy finish. This Orcadian whisky is liquid gold!

    RATING: 4.7/5.0 stars ≙ 93 pts → SUPERB [+]
    • Nose
      94 94
    • Taste
      93 93
    • Finish
      91 91

  2. VaryingViewpoint scored this whisky 91 points Moderator

    Although it states "new bottle design" for 2012 it was in fact a new bottle design for the 2007 release https://www.whiskybase.com/whiskies/whisky/34416/highland-park-25-year-old that was bottled at 48.1% abv. The 2012 release was the first of many different batches at 45.7% abv. And that first release in 2012 at 45.7% abv doesn't mean that all HP 25yo of 45.7% abv are bottled in 2012. Unfortunately HP doesn't do anything to indicated the different batches that have come out over the last six years.

    The HP 25yo I believe was released annually from 2012-2018 and I would estimate that the 30yo HPs of the same abv 45.7% had 3-5 different batches over the years starting in 2012 -2018, as well I've personally seen difference in colour between two bottles of the same 45.7% abv.

    Although it's well known that almost every year there was new bottles hitting the market at higher prices points in accordance with each new batch release. There is no discernible markings or stamp dating to indicate batch differences like with the Glendronach core range releases.

    One really needs to have two different batches to compare the colour difference, if you see a HP 25yo and its more gold colour with very little hint of amber that's the one that I had and rated an 87 https://www.whiskybase.com/whiskies/whisky/79566 , the darker one is a shade or two darker and you would definitely notice it being amber in colour to a certain degree. Although an 87 is not a bad mark but it is when there are many different batches sitting on store shelves at $750cnd and one does not know exactly what quality of batch one is getting.

  3. peatbogger scored this whisky 94 points Specialist

    Where do I line up for the life time supply?
    This is ridiculous good whisky.
    Thanks to Feorag86 for the sample.
    • Nose
      96 96
      First nosing; quality, well matured and complex quality.
      So many fruits I can hardly separate them.
      Very sweet apples, peach and pear along with oranges to name a few.
      There's flowers too, I'm just not good with their names.
      Then chocolate, toffee, nougat, rum raisin, honey.
      It's all just floating about in waves waiting to be discovered.
    • Taste
      95 95
      Silky sensory pleasure.
      Spicy, almost prickly pepper on the arrival, quickly turning to a sweeter and rounder allspice.
      Going a little dryer on cocoa powder, coffee, leather.
      Hard to identify the lighter fruit notes from the nose under all the spice and bold darkness, but it's present underneath.
    • Finish
      90 90
      I will not call the finish disappointing, because it's hard to follow such a nose and pallate. But I would have prefered it a little sweeter and less dry. No complaints about lenght, and there is a nice touch of fruit under a transperent blanket of light smoke at the very end.

  4. Pollenflug scored this whisky 93 points Expert Senior

    Conclusion and pictures on: https://tomtrinkt.de
    • Nose
      Immediately after pouring, the 25-year-old Highland Park is already showing its full-bodied, intense and elegant side. A multifaceted conglomeration of many different flavors flows to me hesitantly. With the Nosing one can well and gladly spend an hour. Wavy changes the nose and gradually unfolds its full potential. Lots of dates, many juicy oranges, a few dried orange peel, caramel sweets, dark chocolate, cocoa for baking and intense honey notes form the first aromatic base. The sherynoten win in the course of nosing significantly in intensity. Over ripe apples, hints of red fruits, raisins, walnuts, roasted almonds and many different spices (eg nutmeg and ginger) mix with spicy oak notes. The background is always a delicate smoky note. The alcohol (45.7%) is perfectly integrated.
    • Taste
      The texture of the Highland Park is silky soft, almost syrupy, the malt wets the entire oral cavity. A few peppercorns prance on the tip of the tongue for a short time before the dark, spicy-sweet aromas fully unfold. Juicy oranges, hints of red fruit, raisins, dates, honey, caramel, sweet pipe tobacco, dark dark chocolate and a touch of espresso mingle with many different spices and stately oak notes. The fine smoky note blends in wonderfully with the harmonious overall picture. The taste is very harmonious and balanced, always intense, elegant and multi-faceted.
    • Finish
      Long, sweet and spicy and warm. Black cherries, baked apples, juicy oranges, dates, raisins and plenty of dark dark chocolate are present. A short time later, nutmeg, cinnamon, a touch of leather, sweet pipe tobacco and spicy, old Eichholznoten follow. The fine smoky note lingers pleasantly in the background again and ensures the final fine-tuning. A subtle dryness remains on the palate.

  5. Archer scored this whisky 92 points Connoisseur

    It has a lot to offer ... but do not give it a whiff, but serve it bit by bit, bit by bit, so that you can take your time with the aroma research. A gentleman.
    • Nose
      Very fruity at the beginning: fresh apples, apricots, peaches. Orangenmus. Over it a hint of lavender, rose water, a touch of violet perfume. Behind them are toffee sweets, caramel and honey. It becomes chocolaty, first whole milk, then rather towards nougat / noisette. Over time, the fresh fruit, the malt is darker, earthier, it comes in raisins inlaid raisins, dried and sulfurized apricot pieces (but no sulfur notes). Very slight smoky note, which could be confused with a herbal note.
    • Taste
      Full and creamy, slightly dry, the lavender and the violet perfume from the nose, but here at the beginning of much chocolate and freshly sliced ​​raisin bread. Leather notes. Oak pushes in, but does not reach the foreground. Very mild smoke. Mild herbs, spices (cinnamon, coriander, allspice). Over time, it gets even drier, but keeps the balance very nice.
    • Finish
      Medium long, dry, orange peel, dark chocolate.

  6. EinSpatzUnterVielen scored this whisky 92 points Expert Senior

    A very fine HP, multi-layered, full of flavors, very balanced and simply delicious! (In direct comparison with my favorite drop of HP, the Highland Park 30y, 45.7%, WID: 43729, he has to give in all the way, he just plays in a different league.)
    • Nose
      Milk chocolate, caramel, heather, honey, fine sweet herbs (oregano?), Sweet oranges, light smoke, raisins, light grapes, apples, freshly grated cucumber, rose water, a touch of coconut, a hint of almonds, a hint of cinnamon, fresh sea breeze After a while, the chocolate darkens, strawberries, cherries and raspberries are added, very flowery-fruity, melon, peppermint
    • Taste
      sparkling start, like the bite into a juicy orange with a little shell, dark chocolate, the barrel is there at the same time as the orange, the chocolate turns into spicy espresso. Very spicy, cinnamon + cloves + nutmeg, raisins, quince marmalade, honey, slightly burnt caramel, ripe aromatic apples, again a touch of honeydew melon. Strawberries, raspberries, every sip tingles and warms, white pepper spreads; Over and over again, the juicy sweet orange and the pleasantly hot espresso, leather.
    • Finish
      Oranges, oranges, Espressooooooo ... Leather notes, smoke and in the end black tea with some white melon and cucumber (interesting!), Apples and a hint of eucalyptus ... medium ... sweet-herb-peppery with nutmeg

  7. hs305 scored this whisky 91 points Connoisseur

    [February, 2021] Another different batch of the (usually) excellent 25-years old Highland Park, so far I enjoyed all of them...

    ...and this legacy does not change. This is very quaffable stuff, actually it is dangerously quaffable (dangerous both to your health and your wallet). What else to say? Slàinte!
    • Nose
      91 91
      The colour is deep copper and the nose offers the excellent HP profile with its trademark heather honey aroma beside fruits, autumn florals, waxes, spices and shy peaty impressions. All is well balanced and without any off-note. The wood provides a sound but never dominating backing to the spirit-driven aromas, just the way it should be. It grows stronger upon breathing so take your time with this nose, and if available use a big spherical blender's glass which makes a huge difference to a Glencairn.
    • Taste
      92 92
      The taste is complex and nicely layered which makes chewing a great joy. All the adorable aromas of the nose repeat themselves on the palate and they support each other greatly. The wood is a little stronger than it was with the nose but this is highly welcomed given the sweet fruity-honeyed-sugary profile. Old-style waxes, vegetable oils and bitter herbs ensure the balance and generate a very interesting tasting experience. Again, no flaw or imbalance that I can find.
    • Finish
      91 91
      The initial mouthfeel is warming and instantly coats all parts with a creamy texture, pretty nice. The finish is long and adds more spices and traces of cocoa which I really like. No bitter-astringent moments until the very end, this was an excellent casks selection. Water releases more aromas in the nose and turns the taste even more quaffable but like so often the layers intermingle now. I like to explore this dram neat first and then add some drops for an enhanced drinking pleasure.

  8. Moses scored this whisky 92 points Connoisseur

    I had waited a long time for it. With the closed bottle on the shelf at home, I was looking for cheap samples. Now I was lucky that André had done that shortly before Corona. So it was finally possible for me to devote enough time to the "King of HP" with enough large samples. From here, a big thank you to André.
    • Nose
      Who goes to the glass too quickly and not at least 30 minutes. can wait a bit disappointed. Only the standards are there immediately: oak, peat and the best notes of sherry. But then after a certain amount of time in the glass plus a few drops of water, the very large fruit basket spreads out. You will find everything your heart desires very interwoven and complex. It feels like the fruit cream tart from the pastry shop! Heijeijei, what a nose. If the palate and the finish survive this, this evening will last until late into the night.
    • Taste
      With a lot of power and volume, he does exactly what the nose promised. Impressive notes of sherry without getting obtrusively dirty. With a texture balance of sweet, salty, sour and pleasantly bitter, he lets his 25 year old muscles flex. At least now I have understood how the hefty price came about. But I wouldn't make it a unicorn, because for me it is the logical further development of the 18er. So you can explain it quickly. The big brother of the famous 18, but striking and much more complex. Butter biscuits spread with jam. Tender caramel and grapes in dark chocolate nuts round off the experience. Warm, tangy spiciness leads to the transition.
      WOW: That should never end!
    • Finish
      A delicate transition to the finish. The finest oak chips lie in a cigar box made of the finest leather and are covered with old tobacco leaves. Everything stays on the palate for a long time like hot dark chocolate and brings back memories of the fruit basket nose on all levels. Amazing! What this malt delivers is the very highest art, also in terms of barrel management. Here the best of everything has been given to the best people. Nothing is left to chance. A class 25, carefully planned down to the last detail. Arrived in whisky heaven. Thanks to HP, just great!

  9. ASWhisky scored this whisky 92 points Connoisseur

    a tension from the nose to the finish he impresses with a beautiful interweaving of distillery character and barrel the share of Ex-Bourbon Cask has done its part warm and complex with a well-defined aroma game - a seducer Yes! I'm in Heaven - 92 out of 100 points _______________________________
    if anyone wants to know what barrel chocolate is: barrel notes like chocolate, a bit rough and dry, almost like cocoa powder, a transparent taste not as solid as chocolate
    • Nose
      old school slightly smoky with sweet caramel Peat, bog water, heather, cucumber water, caramelised herbs, crushed light brown raisins Over time, sherry becomes more and more dominant but remains firmly interwoven with old harmonious cymbals - very nice complex, warm and salivary nose You already know how good he is
    • Taste
      on arrival warm soft raisins, light brown caramelized herbs in sherry your tongue is prickling and your saliva is flowing on the palate barrel chocolate and sweet tobacco with slightly dry red fruit
    • Finish
      long The notes of the barrel chocolate become darker, the red slightly dry fruit remains the tobacco becomes sweeter and moist the cooled juice from a baked apple

  10. ColdAesthetics scored this whisky 94 points Connoisseur

    Just awesome.
    • Nose
      Incredibly full and complex, oak, chocolate, caramel, red apple in between, sherry notes such as berries and red grapes also emerge, ocean breezes beautifully soft in the background, all sherry-oriented as the younger bottlings
    • Taste
      Very full and rich, berries of all kinds, currants, raspberries, wild, chocolate (even white even), orange, citrus, honey, fine spices and a hint of smoke as always in HP, dried fruit
    • Finish
      Long, sweet and sour, berries, smoke, spices like nutmeg and Mediterranean, sherry


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