Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban

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Single Malt
Distillery Bottling
Bottling serie
3rd Edition
Stated Age
12 years old
Port Wood Finish
46.0 % Vol.
700 ml
Two Part
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02 Aug 2014 5:58 pm by whisk-O-thek

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€ 62,16

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Whisky Reviews for Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban

82 users have left a review for this whisky and scored it an average of 84.11 points

  1. Marko_I did not rate this whisky Connoisseur

    Nice standard, but since the "12" on the label and the price hike in the direction of 50 € I like less to the QR than before. Nevertheless - always a good recommendation for beginners who want to go in the fruity direction, good example of successful portfinish.
    • Nose
      the first nose is sour, fruity, grapes, then sweeter, wine gum, honey, then dark chocolate with a little cinnamon and nutmeg ... settle, stand a while, nose in, and the game starts sour-fresh from the beginning, nice thing
    • Taste
      Cherry, blackberry and blackcurrant juice with dark chocolate and a little bit of spice, slightly tingling in the mouthfeel, like (too) strong bubbly water, the longer in the mouth, the sweeter and spicier it becomes.
    • Finish
      medium long, warm, cocoa, a little nut and pepper

  2. Palindrome scored this whisky 83 points Expert Senior

    If you believe Ralfy, then this is a great whisky! He recently gave it an 89, along with his general disclaimer (just one man's opinion, folks, bla bla bla).

    Considering Ralfy's experienced, sensitive, and frankly expert palate (despite his famous tendency to add more than enough water and ruin more than a few drams of brilliant Scotch as a result), I have a serious problem believing he really thinks this whisky deserves an 89. So what's the alternative? Why would he give it such a high mark if he really doesn't think that? Maybe "just one man's opinion" comes at a price. And maybe that price isn't so shabby when the Man in Question happens to get nearly twenty thousand views for a vlog about . . . you guessed it, Quinta Ruban.

    As for me, I say it like it is, and this whisky is middling at best. It's overly sweet cloying and pedestrian. Quinta Ruban is for people who don't know good whisky and don't really care. It's mass produced average whisky that isn't horrible but isn't good either. I'd rather drink a Quinta than a cheap blend.

    I'd rather drink a Quinta than similarly priced Glenfiddich or Cutty Sark or Glenlivet. I'd rather drink a Quinta than a glass of E150a with a bit of Dalmore in it (which is what most lower end Dalmores taste like to me). I'd rather drink Quinta than McClelland's.

    Then again, I'd rather drink a nice glass of wine or a Bombay Saphire martini, or a nice glass of tequila than a Quinta Ruban. And that's saying something . . . because my favorite kind of drink, by far, is Scottish whisky.

    There are plenty of great sherry bombs out there. I love a good sherry bomb. Just because it's really sweet doesn't mean it's really good, however. Dr. Bill Lumsden strikes (out) again. Yes, his higher end Glenmorangies can sometimes be quite good. Usually, they are not. And neither are his choices in exotic cask wood for his pricey "experiments."

    Every once in a while, Bill creates a winner, but I have to think that these rare exceptions are probably the handiwork of those working for him that are finally set free to work as they will on a pet project. And, no, I don't believe Bill's nostalgic coming of age story about his brother's electric guitar being destroyed when he and his friend had their first taste of whisky. Seems like a tall tale concocted for the lecture circuit to me.

    This said, if you get a chance to see Dr. Bill give a lecture, GO! He's great, but he's at his best when he's a trainwreck, which is the way he was when I saw him a few year's back. He told the most horrible, disgusting, depraved jokes that made the whole pub squirm and that's saying something. I didn't care for his jokes, but seeing a trainwreck like that was worth every penny.

    No, the Glenmorangie pours at the tasting weren't worth the cost, and the food wasn't worth the cost, but Bill's trainwreck most certainly was. Especially after the break when he came back to the stage all wired up and ready to go. Sniff, sniff. It was like seeing Keith Richards speak about whisky. I would pay to see that, as well, of course. All hail the gods of chaos.

    "Life is a hideous thing, and from the background behind what we know of it peer daemoniacal hints of truth which make it sometimes a thousandfold more hideous," quoth Grandpa Lovey (HPL).

    Now what was I saying? Ah, yes, the Quinta . . . well, I wouldn't ramble on like this if I were reviewing a whisky worthy of tasting notes or craft related insights. In this case, I've unbuttoned my top button and spoken a bit of candid truth. Please pardon the liberties I've taken here in my review of this whisky if any of them have given offense.

    Personally, I'd rather eat a nice, juicy, corned beef Rueben sandwich on Jewish marble rye than drink a glass of Bill's infamously middling Ruban. But I would most certainly NOT wash down that delightful sandwich with a glass of Manischewitz. No, I'd rather wash down the last bite with a glass of . . . . Quinta Ruban than that horrible swill that passes for wine.

    Quinta Ruban is most definitely not swill. It's just okay. It's worthy of buying your kid when he or she graduates undergraduate college. It's worth buying for your doorman who faithfully protected your apartment building during the Covid plague and sanitized the elevator buttons on your behalf. It's worth serving at a Halloween party costume party for friends dressed as clergy, nuns, and apostles who are Scotch heathens despite themselves. It's generally pleasing to the palates of the uninitiated, and the great unwashed, and, yes, it's sold at a fair price.

    Here are my tasting notes on a bottle at my friend Bobby's house that he bought in 2019, and is now three quarters empty:

    Nose: Orchard pitted fruits, cashew, cheap port dried in the bottom of a glass, peach Jolly Rancher (artificial chemical).

    Mouth: Nice viscosity, creamy; there's that cheap dried port flavor; espresso bean; citrus (mandarine orange); Chinese freeze dried peanuts; white chocolate; chickory; beignet crust; marzipan.

    Finish: medium in length with a hint of black pepper (oak tannin), chickory, and peach Jolly Rancher again.

    Christopher Null, of Drinkhacker fame, gave Quinta Ruban an A- last year in one of his reviews. I'm not surprised, considering the fact that Null's website often caters to the tastes of the Great Unwashed with their middling yet ravenous palates.

    I do find it more than a little ironic that a man whose last name literally means "zero" chooses not to give number scores to the drinks he reviews.

    Be this as it may, Christopher's rating system is "null and void" when it comes to his review of the Ruban. He tends to adjust his reviews to readership, and that's probably a saavy decision, at least from a marketing perspective, worthy of a Dot Com brainchild.

    Christopher Null made his fortune in the Internet revolution before the walls came tumbling down . . . after which point, he shifted the focus of his existence to all things great and small--things worthy of compartmentalizing into tumblers (or glencairns).

  3. Dramned! scored this whisky 87 points Expert Senior

    In the first impression, a very mild and inconspicuous whisky with beautiful berries, but on the palate then plays out his full potential. He sets out with a spicy fruit palette and makes the taste buds dance to their full complexity. Great whisky!
    • Nose
      First, the beautiful red-golden color with an unusual rosé color is striking. In the nose then immediately a very beautiful spicy sweetness, red groats, berry fruits, plum compote, fruit acid of ripe fruit, maritime salt notes, despite the quite strong 46% barely noticeable alcohol,
    • Taste
      The nose promises a light spicy dram, but on the palate it reaches full! A strong full-bodied fiery-fruity onset, the port is surprisingly dry and clearly noticeable and competes with the malty sweetness for supremacy in the mouth. In addition beautiful oak notes, orange peel, a little vanilla, again berry fruits, spices. The alcohol is wonderfully integrated and never pushes to the fore.
    • Finish
      Dry port and citrus notes, overripe fruits and a creaminess are stuck pretty long.

  4. Nosingbär scored this whisky 87 points Expert Junior

    Contributed from June 2017
    Delicious matter from the smell to the finish. The finish seems to bring especially caramel, spice and sweet and sour flavors. Of the Glenmorangies I've tasted so far only beaten by Lasanta. In recent months I have had some wine barrel (matured) whiskys, where the barrel was too concise for me - here, however, a case where it worked well - the contribution from the barrel harmonizes with the rest, very nice. 87/100.
    • Nose
      A lot of caramel. Added raisins, alcoholic praline filling, chocolate, marzipan. Later light coffee and toffee.
    • Taste
      strong, tingling sweet and sour, fruity, with tart oak notes. Raisins, caramel, coffee. Partly sweet-sour, red berries, raspberries.
    • Finish
      Caramel, raisins, sour red grapes. Old Aceto Balsamico. Red berries. Tart spicy, sweet and sour finish.

  5. Dominik scored this whisky 87 points Member Senior

    Complex and very satisfying. The Quinta Ruban stands amongst my favourite Glenmorangies, (almost) up there with the beautiful Signet.
    • Nose
      Starts out pretty fresh, even a little bit sour. Then sweet grapes come out strong along with plums and dark berries as well as shy vanilla and cocoa aromas that make it interesting.
    • Taste
      Fruity and sweet. Definitely raspberries. Grapes again. It's well worth taking a big sip and keeping the whisky in your mouth for a couple of seconds. Very gentle mouth feel, as is typical for many Glenmorangie whiskies. This one is nicely balanced between grapes and oak. The port finish adds just enough complexity to make it worthwhile yet accessible to those still getting started with single malt whiskies.
    • Finish
      Still fruity but more oak now. A dry taste settles on the palate, the mouth feels oily. The finish is medium in length. Perhaps the finish is a tad weak after the compelling nose and taste, but who wants to nit-pick?

  6. maltdude scored this whisky 88 points Member Senior

    Amazing right from the first sip. I like it!
    • Nose
      At first a cooling mint from the alcohol. After a minute or so in the glass, it's starting to transport the aromas. Now with some dried plums, raspberries, ripe apricots, underlying vanilla and toffee, sandalwood, bitter chocolate or baking cocoa. Beautiful nose!
    • Taste
      The typical glenmorangie silky mouthfeel. White pepper, sweet raspberries with dark chocolate or baking cocoa, dried cranberries, currant, sour cherries. All in all very powerfull, mouthfilling and complex.
    • Finish
      Medium finish with bitter chocolate, sour cherries and some nuts. A cooling touch of mint in the very end.

  7. EinSpatzUnterVielen scored this whisky 85 points Expert Senior

    Yes, I like it a lot better than at the first tasting. Today especially a lot of baking cocoa, vanilla and peanuts as well as raspberries and sour cherries, the bourbon impression is palpable. The oxidation in the bottle seems to get the Malt good, the alcoholic from the first tasting is no longer so dominant.
    • Nose
      slightly alcoholic and a touch of muste, then caramel, plums, raspberries, pepper, vanilla, apricots, raisins, wine, dark chocolate
    • Taste
      slightly too alcoholic, sweet, velvety, also sourish, baking cocoa, raspberries, sour cherries, currants, marzipan, vanilla, caramel, peanuts, pecans, some sweet pastries, raisins, red grapes, orange peel, pepper builds up, some cinnamon
    • Finish
      sweet-sourish-bitter, almost medium-long, quickly getting dry, a lot of dark chocolate, sour cherries and raspberries, peppery-warming, nutty, towards the end maple syrup and a touch of mint

  8. dRambo scored this whisky 84 points Connoisseur

    Nose: fresh, fragrant tart, wonderfully fruity grapes, strong vanilla, soft, delicate malt note, tart tart seasoning, honey sweetness, nutmeg, cinnamon, wax

    Taste: slightly noticeable alcohol, light tingling, light fruit acid, ports, exotic nonspecific fruits, mint notes on the palate, with the 2 sips, the wood aromas are much stronger, they are very slightly bitter, tart spicy a little edgy and go into the dry over, at times he comes to my taste a little "thin" over - he has enough alcohol but the aroma I wish for a while intensively, I find interesting that wood and portnotes alternate on the palate and sometimes the one and the other flavor gains the upper hand, are in the finish the Portweinnoten rather reserved here dominates the wood and goes into sawdust.

    Conclusion: for his price a very good Dram (~ 40 €) the nose is far from the taste for me, if I buy it I do not know, not at first, too unsettling and so many other malts to taste
    • Nose
      85 85
    • Taste
      81 81
    • Finish
      81 81

  9. Archer scored this whisky 84 points Connoisseur

    The nose is almost chewing gum-sweet. On the tongue he gets the points, wonderfully soft and creamy. For 12 years already very far.
    • Nose
      A fruity, silky soft nose. Sweet plums and apricots. Some nut. The fruit sweetness is steady and carries the entire nose.
    • Taste
      The taste of a malt candy settles on the tongue. Roasted coffee beans and milk chocolate dominate at the beginning. Then a quick touch of orange marmalade. Over time comes pepper and some oak. Pretty dry on the tongue.
    • Finish
      In the finish drier with pepper, dark chocolate and orange marmalade again.

  10. Whisky-Connaisseur did not rate this whisky Expert Senior

    What a dram! I was very pleased by the depth and multi-layered aromas
    combined in this delicious Highland whisky. Very smooth and tasty with
    good texture. Complex and well balanced with sweet, fruity and spicy
    flavours. A delightful whisky, crafted to be savoured and enjoyed every
    day. I love this port cask finish, perfect for my palate.

    • Nose
      An overwhelming sensation of winter berries, delicious fruit - Sevilla
      oranges, tangerines and peaches - along with a slightly bitter touch of
      citrus. Zesty and sweet. Gentle toffee notes and a bit of caramel
      arrive, mingling perfectly with subtle cereal notes, sandalwood and
      lingering oak, nutmeg and pepper. The mild sweetness of the port is
      shining through in the back. A gorgeous nose!
    • Taste
      Sweet and fruity. Thick with a silky mouthfeel. There's luscious Sevilla
      oranges and tangerines, complemented by Turkish delight, barley sugar
      and an intense spiciness with cloves, pepper, cinnamon and nutmeg.
      Lingering blossom honey emerges with gentle vinous flavours and subtle
      cereal notes. Dark chocolate and slightly bitter orange peel mingle
      towards the finish. Succulent and extremely delicate!
    • Finish
      The finish is long, deliciously sweet and creamy. Red fruit syrup, with
      traces of orange and herbal honey. Silky aftertaste with dark chocolate,
      dry oak, walnuts and gentle nutmeg on the tail. Smooth and rich.

      WITH WATER: A few drops of water emphasize the fruity character with
      more tangerines and oranges on the nose and a delicate touch of dark
      chocolate. On the palate, water brings the spiciness of this dram to the
      fore. Bold and intense with a tamed fruitiness and lingering flavours
      of chocolate and walnuts. The finish is long, fruity and sweet with a
      warm aftertaste.


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