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Glengoyne 25-year-old

Overall rating
Single Malt
Distillery Bottling
Stated Age
25 years old
Sherry Casks
48.0 % Vol.
700 ml
Unhurried Since 1833 (Black Label)
Added on
06 Apr 2014 6:52 pm by Angelos

Average value

€ 331,24

166 × in wishlist

522 × member ratings

893 × in collection

Whisky Reviews for Glengoyne 25-year-old

81 users have left a review for this whisky and scored it an average of 90.64 points

  1. Othorion scored this whisky 93 points Expert Senior

    Just feel in the whisky-heaven! Great malt!
    • Nose
      Old age, heavy sherry, raisins, a leather coat in a musty oak cabinet, still warm cinnamon with hazelnuts, black currants, Werther's real, prunes, orange peel, cedar, later also red apples, no trace of alcohol,
    • Taste
      sweet plums, cinnamon, nutmeg, candied ginger, lots of good dark chocolate, real cocoa, old leather, again cedar, raisins, dark sherry, brown sugar, some orange peel, cinnamon buns, warming, oily and heavy filling the mouth, getting a little dry,
    • Finish
      loooong !! Schoki, Schoki, Schoki, cinnamon, orange peel and nutmeg, sherry and a nice sweetness of brown sugar

  2. Pollenflug scored this whisky 94 points Expert Senior

    Conclusion and pictures on: https://tomtrinkt.de
    • Nose
      Immediately after pouring the Glengoyne shows already from its full-bodied, intense and elegant side. A luscious potpourri of red and ripe fruits (ripe strawberries, cherries, raspberries and blueberries) makes it easy for me to get out of my glass. Behind the massive sherry influence hide vast amounts of different flavors, which gradually crystallize during nosing. The alcohol (48%) is very well integrated in the nose and not noticeable. After about 20 to 25 minutes, the Glengoyne unfolds its full potential: juicy blood oranges with a sourish touch, raisins, plums, caramel, cane sugar, pipe tobacco, echoes of leather, Christmas spices, dark chocolate with a cocoa content of over 70%, walnuts and intense oak notes are strongly interwoven. The intensity, balance and complexity of the different flavors already conjure a smile in my face.
    • Taste
      Gorgeous! With a wonderful, oily texture, the Glengoyne spreads throughout the mouth. A pleasant sweetness runs down the cheeks, while the tip of the tongue uses a minimal amount of pepperiness and causes a slight tingling sensation. The alcohol content (48%) is perfectly integrated and always gives the malt sufficient strength. Old, intense Sherrynoten dominate the taste events. Red, cooked fruits, cherries, plums, blueberries, raisins and oranges I perceive. Burnt caramel, cane sugar, plenty of dark chocolate, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, hints of espresso, pipe tobacco, leather and spicy oak notes create a wonderful taste experience. Is someone firing a match in the distance? I mean a trace of sulfur, hidden deep in the background. Elegant, harmonious and gradually slightly drier on the palate. Chapeau!
    • Finish
      Long, warm, intense and spicy. Also on the finish line, sherry malt matured for at least a quarter of a century plays one ace after another. Dry sherry notes, plenty of dark chocolate, juicy blood oranges, walnuts, nutmeg, cane sugar, herbs, espresso and an intense oak flavor dominate the finish. Finally, a slight dryness and bitterness on the palate.

  3. EinSpatzUnterVielen scored this whisky 93 points Expert Senior

    The Glengoyne 25 is a malt that inspires me again and again - incredibly intense and complex, the flavors change and regroup again and again. The wonderful nose also holds in the mouth, what it promises, and even on the finish, all the flavors are back ... a great all-round malt, great class!
    • Nose
      Baked apple with cinnamon, thick caramel sauce, vanilla, dark honey, orange marmalade, blackberries, blueberries, dark cherries, plums in rum, leather, pumpernickel, thyme, rosemary, fennel seeds, oranges peppered with cloves, dates, gingerbread spices, stomach bread, liquorice, anise, a lot of dark chocolate sauce, Mon Chérie, pecans, very intense, thick, old (in the beautiful sense), wonderful nose - a breath of espresso is suddenly in the air and fresh pipe tobacco, vanilla, then - slightly warmed - the delicate scent of freshly lit Matches ...
    • Taste
      Wow, a wonderfully warming, spicy, intense snack - juice orange, blood orange, orange marmalade, some kumquat, plum compote, cherry sauce, red groats, the glengoyne baked apple, ginger, white pepper, clove pepper, cardamom and cinnamon, thick dark chocolate, dark honey, again nuts - this time rather roasted hazelnuts, but also again the pecans, rosemary, thyme, fennel seeds, gingerbread, pumpernickel, gingerbread and stomach bread again, anise and liquorice and some freshly prepared espresso, the leather and tobacco impressions from the nose are also there and a touch of oxtail soup in cognac sauce joins in to the intense aromas that you would not want to let go ...
    • Finish
      long and persistent, warm-spicy, with fine unobtrusive sweetness, barely dry, intense here too - dark chocolate, dark honey, a fan of orange elements, dark berries, beautiful spices and sweet licorice and still the glengyone-baked apple in nose and Mouth ... a dream

  4. StyrianSpirit scored this whisky 93 points Expert Senior

    Comparing with the 21-year-old Glendronach Parliament and Glengoyne of the same age, one must of course say that the twenty-five-year-old can not be two and a half to three times better than he is in the price more expensive. However, the last few enjoyment percentages that make the difference between enthusiasm and ecstasy always have to be paid disproportionately high, always and everywhere. Whatever.

    Anyway, the 25-year-old Glengoyne is a whisky that I can drink and enjoy for many years and especially with a deeper whisky experience, and I think there will be something new to discover every time. There are only a handful of whiskys (like the 21-year-old Old Pulteney) of the so far about 60 different tasted single malts that have opened up this perspective so far.
    • Nose
      After about 20 minutes, the dark fellow really does. Then, in addition to fruits such as plums and blueberries, you can also smell really sweet caramel, including a light, ripe, sweet fruit jam. / With a teaspoon of water, the alcohol refreshes again in a eucalyptus note. The light and dark fruit components rearrange themselves, the lighter ones come to the fore.
    • Taste
      Comes wonderfully strong and oily in the mouth. The sherry naturally determines the first impression. Then come the sweetish hulls and the dark compote. The 48% are wonderfully noticeable. The oak was more subtle at first touch than at the Glendronach Parliament, but more pronounced than at the 21-year-old Glengoyne. / With a teaspoon of water, the 25-year-old is surprisingly full in the mouth, the rum pot-sweetness increases. The strength of 48% is already a blessing.
    • Finish
      This is how it should be: medium to long, warming and on the palate, on the tongue and throughout the mouth. I have rarely "tasted" for so long and often. A good sign, too.

  5. Hobbit did not rate this whisky Expert Senior

    If you had not both of them directly next to each other, you would not notice, but they are by no means identical. A battle of the giants, which are difficult to distinguish. It is nuances and personal preference that make you feel better.
    • Nose
      Compare Glengoyne 25yo 48% and Glengoyne 25yo 46% 1st Fill

      Preliminary: The aromas in the nose are very similar to the 46s and differ rather in nuances, which approach with increasing time in the glass. Nevertheless, there are little subtle differences:

      The '48 is a bit tart and spicy than the '46, which shows significantly more cane sugar and at the same time sweet and sour-fruitier acts, the '48 shows more oak, is "clearer", the '46 is creamier / heavier. With him it is more in the direction of milk chocolate, the 48er has a slight tendency to dark Schoki, the 46er are more red apples at 48er yellow, the 48er seems a bit musty, dusty and probably a tad older, these old "musty" flavors of Sherrys I find the 46er not.

      Otherwise my notes are transferable to 1st fill 1 to 1
    • Taste
      the '48 is again "musty" in Sherryton, initially slightly sweeter (the 46er is sweeter in the overall picture of taste), older, more creamy chocolate but no apple, but a trace more harsh leather and tobacco
      Again, the flavors approach slowly after repeated tasting.
    • Finish
      The 48 is a little less sour / sweet / fresh fruity finish, but older / heavier, old books, old sherry, a touch more chocolate, less cane sugar, but a very very similar finish, both are incredibly long and great in their own way !

  6. Gearmailteach scored this whisky 96 points Expert Senior

    One of my absolute favorites. A wonderful dram.
    • Nose
      96 96
      Madness. Dark fruit, intense sherry. Wonderfully deep. Chocolate, red fruit, cinnamon, leather, earth, oak. Everything close to each other and everything very intense. In addition, a little orange, some polish, some coffee notes and always sweet currant.
    • Taste
      95 95
      Everything like already in the nose. Strong and full. Chocolate, sherry, coffee, leather. It does not stop anymore ....
    • Finish
      96 96
      Long and intense. Chocolate, currant, leather, coffee, oak. It goes on forever, eternally long finish.

  7. malthead-sven scored this whisky 93 points Expert Senior

    an absolute toppaint, as it fits on all ends, old and elegant but not too smooth, so it still has its edges, the oak is dominant but not overburdening. Just great
    • Nose
      cinnamon-like sherry notes, these notes just like old sherry cask malts, cocoa powder, oranges, spice cakes, mixed in between an old oil can, bewitching perfume, marzipan stollen, a drop of water elicits the smell of flowery liquid soap, thyme and caramel, tobacco
    • Taste
      dry, tingling, mouthwash, nutmeg, again oranges, thick and oily, slightly diluted, even more vigorous oak comes through
    • Finish
      Gentle and powerful at the same time, the dominant oak tingles on the cheeks, Darjeeling tea, old wooden chest, elegant and long

  8. mosesumike scored this whisky 92 points Expert Senior

    The PLV of this bottle is clearly outstanding. Such a well-made 25 for this money should force other distilleries to THINK. Of course that is not cheap but who has tested it ... feels (tastes) immediately, I did everything right.
    A great feeling and that's why I own two pieces of it.
    • Nose
      93 93
      After the tasting you know exactly, the nose is the best part. Since he is this sherry as you always know him from good bottles. There are matches that simulate the smoke. I like it a lot. This also simulates a fine tobacco fragrance. After a short time you start with apricots, raisins, figs, caramel pudding and orange plus peel. Now the apple. Slowly he gets more mature, juicier and sweeter. That goes up to baked apple. No alcohol, no annoying bitterness.
      I arrived in the whisky heaven. Respect Glengoyne.
    • Taste
      92 92
      Immediately you know. Here is a down to earth well made 25er! So powerful and fantastically thick on the tongue. Typical raisins on milk chocolate with the finest marzipan and juicy ripe berries. Now comes the spice from the barrels. The full program with cedar wood, cinnamon, ginger, etc.! Do you have to swallow it? ....do not want :-)
    • Finish
      92 92
      As expected long and recurring. Again, a "delicate" but pleasant bitterness clearly towards espresso. That's the way it has to be. Typical orange chocolate with all kinds of dried fruits. Stay, come back, stay ...... a dream!

  9. Archer scored this whisky 91 points Connoisseur

    What a sherry board, a whole corner more intense and dense than the same age colleague of Glenfarclas. No malt that pleasingly lays on the tongue demands attention. Still not overloaded, but a great example of a very successful, long matured Sherry Malts.
    • Nose
      Dark and fat ... thickened sherry, leather, raisins, dates, old wood - as expected very full and heavy Sherrynase. The spice content is initially restrained, but it turns out then but a nice combination of lovage, rosemary, cloves, cinnamon and cardamom out. Black cherries enhance the dark fruity impression. Dark chocolate, freshly brewed espresso and tobacco notes follow.
    • Taste
      The heavy sweetness of black cherries, directly spicy with rosemary, thyme, cloves and cinnamon, is also reflected in the agreeably strong onset. Dry with a lot of oak aroma. Roses and dates, dark chocolate, roasted almonds. And the oak as a constant companion. Great spice that continues to spread, continues to strengthen and lines the whole mouth. Leather and tobacco notes, the spices are now slightly scorched. Very intense and dense, to chew on.
    • Finish
      Long and with great chocolate and coffee notes. The oak flavors accompany you to the end, make the finish pleasantly herb-spicy, but also let some of the cherries, the raisins and the dates shimmer through.

  10. Lorion scored this whisky 94 points Expert Senior

    I tried to stay objective. I hope I have succeeded. I was flashed. A big movie theater. We are in the area of ​​lonely top. 94 points.
    • Nose
      Heavy, dark sherry flavors. Wine-soaked wood is included. It takes a while to get through the spicy compote of dark dried fruit. Raisins, prunes, Christmas spices. Dark chocolate. Some black pepper is in the background, just completely removed. Then comes sweet leather. Cherries that have fallen from the tree, were overlooked at the harvest and therefore battered battered in front of him. Nuts come with time. Nutmeg, hazelnut skin. Strong toasted pastry with not too sweet cinnamon. Plum jam. Dried strawberries.
    • Taste
      Sweetish tobacco. Full milk chocolate. Wall unit. Leathery cherries. Incredibly creamy. Prunes. The chocolate is getting darker and darker. After swallowing a lot of fruit and leather remains to be tasted. Noble bitterness. The second sip is even more tasty, chocolaty with berry fruits, rum raisins. With each sip it gets better. So creamy. So full. In the meantime really cute. The tongue is covered and leathery.
    • Finish
      Very long and warm, dominated by tobacco, raisins, plums and dark chocolate.


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