Glenglassaugh 1972

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Single Malt
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Rare Cask Release - Batch 1
Stated Age
41 years old
Refill Sherry Butt
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50.6 % Vol.
700 ml
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05 apr 2014 6:51 pm by whiskyman_de
UncoloredNon-chillfilteredCask StrengthSingle Cask Whisky

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Whisky reviews for Glenglassaugh 1972

50 users have left 61 reviews for this whisky. Average rating is 94.47 points.

  1. ctu scored this whisky 95 points Connoisseur

    Wonderful whisky, well combines matured oak, refined sherry, piquant spices and massive fruitiness with the well-known high quality Glenglassaugh marks.
    • Nose
      95 95
      Floral. Sherry. Fruit basket: mango, apricot, orange, grape and waxy apple. Honey and citruses. Matured oak. Spices: cinnamon, clove and pepper. Fresh eucalyptus.
    • Taste
      95 95
      Refined and elegant. Bigger sherry, oak and spices than the nose. Prune. Forest fruits: blueberry, black currant and raspberry. Milk caramel, butter and marzipan.
    • Finish
      94 94
      Long, bittersweet, oaky, spicy.

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  3. Lemserig scored this whisky 97 points Expert Junior

    Aroma: Thick, powerful and sweet. Very fruity - apples, pears and mangoes. Then apricot jam, some beeswax and leather. It ends with a floral aroma - very harmonious and fantastically charming.

    Taste: sherry - and soft, but beautifully oaky. A lot of subtle nuances - oriental spices, chestnut honey, grated almonds. Lots of pears, apricots, peaches, prunes. Something else bittersweet (like cloves, white pepper and nutmeg). Also very clearly ripe berries, raspberries, dates, raisins. Butter cream, meringue. Gorgeous.

    Finish: Long, opening in waves. Very subtle and balanced. No kinks, lots of ripe fruit, blackberry jam, as well as delicate spices, cloves, flowers. It is great. Very complex and rich. In a word - a complete delight.

  4. huangshantong scored this whisky 92 points Expert Senior

    1,Glenglassaugh 26-year-old, 46.0 % Vol. Rare Cask Series
    2,Glenglassaugh 37-year-old,54.8 % Vol. Rare Cask Series
    3,Glenglassaugh 43-year-old,48.7 % Vol. Rare Cask Series
    4,Glenglassaugh 1972 MMcK,43.1 % Vol. Sherry Butt, 40 years old
    5,Glenglassaugh 1972,Rare Cask Release - Batch 1,Refill Sherry Butt,50.6 % Vol. 41 years old,#2114
    • Nose
      92 92
      The overall 5 levels are very online, showing the overall aroma of ripe flowers and fruits, ripe grapefruit (flesh part), ripe oranges, blackcurrants, and ripe red grapes; the aroma of 1972/40yo is heavy among them, and the traditional sherry The feeling of the old wine is more, and the rest of the wine smells are still light and elegant; 26 and 37 have a certain sense of fat and powder, and the aroma is more "pink", "noodle", and grainy; Alcohol aspects , generally very good, if you have to compare, the smell of alcohol in 43yo is relatively heavier among these five (actually, it is still a very weak sense of stimulation); the top three in terms of personal preferences in the smell of fragrance: 1, rare series barrels 37 ; 2, 1972, 41yo; 3, the fragrance of the rare barrels 43yo, 37yo, I horizontally change the richness, especially in the details, there is a faint ginger flower smell, giving a sense of luxury; the other two have a grand sense of smell Very good, and they are all very rich and full; the rest are actually very good, and they can be 90+ when they are singled out.
    • Taste
      92 92
      The 26yo and 40yo are compared horizontally as soon as they are entered, so I won’t go into details. The key point is, 1972-41yo: the oiliness is very high, continuous and delicate, very classical Sydney wine, which is what I think The taste of old wine, rich and ripe berries, ebony, oak, a little honey, dried dates, round and thick, very Sydney wine shelf; in addition, let's talk about the rare cask 43yo, which is very tropical The flavor of fresh fruit and fruit is added with great honey, which is very sweet and not too greasy at all. The sweetness is very natural, creating a sense of experience of fresh fruit afternoon tea, but at the same time, it is rich and deep. , it will never make you feel that it is a young new wine. Compared with 41yo, the oiliness will suffer a bit, and the wine body is a little lighter, but these two people feel completely different trends. The satisfaction is very high, and these two are enough to represent the highest performance of the winery.
    • Finish
      93 93
      After drinking it, 1972-41yo/37yo/43yo is more comfortable. In terms of strength and length, 37yo is more eye-catching, with high strength, dry, dried fruit, and some medicinal fragrance; 41 and 43, long, honey , syrup, oak, some floral. In the overall horizontal review, the 5 pieces are passable, but in general, I feel that this link is not the advantage of the winery, and the overall trend is too downward.

  5. Beccis scored this whisky 95 points Expert Senior

    Best Glenglassaugh i ever tried so far!
    Magic stuff!

  6. pianoman scored this whisky 94 points Connoisseur

    • Nose
      full and deep Ripe yellow apples, mango, candle wax, old church. orange jelly. Mousse au Chocolat. marzipan, blossom honey. Shelled Almonds. sultanas. Some lemon thyme and rosemary.
    • Taste
      Oily with an elegant spice. Orange, Apricot, Peach, Wax. Marzipan in dark chocolate. Some white pepper. Flowery Darjeeling tea and a hint of smoke. Long.

  7. Tomek scored this whisky 92 points Expert Senior

    Aroma: flowers, rose insert for buds, slightly smoky, cinnamon, honey, wild strawberries, strawberries, blueberries, chocolate
    Taste: rose, floral, lots of fruit, dark chocolate, Italian spices, raspberry jam, caramel
    Finish: fruity and oak
    Rating: 7.5

  8. hyc scored this whisky 93 points Expert Senior

    End rhyme--------------------92

  9. Seele scored this whisky 93 points Expert Senior

    N peaches or plums? Sandalwood, almond, hollywood honey cake, sweet medium-heavy sherry, with a soda feel
    T is round and lively in the mouth, peach, slightly bitter in the middle, almond, then turns into light spice, then into light floral
    F Medium, light spice, but there is always a floral fragrance in the mouth and nose, and the changes are complicated. I feel that the aroma has been going up, and the burps are the aroma of peach and plum. It is so delicious. The wine is a little watery
    • Nose
      94 94
    • Taste
      92 92
    • Finish
      93 93

  10. prz22 scored this whisky 97 points Expert Senior

    Spectacular, complex, well balanced Glenglassaugh. Not exactly sherry bomb the way as 44 yo bottling from 60ties but rather refined,layered profile full of aromas and niuances. Maybe not exceeded but met my very ..extremely high expectations!
    • Nose
      97 97
      Typical 70ties Glenglassaugh but more complex, and fantastically balanced. Best cask from so called rare casks I tasted.

      After some time, even more spices, herbs, fruits, desserts, incredible!!!
    • Taste
      96 96
      Everything here is somehow familiar with other rare casks but more accurate, more detailed, deeper, better balanced. Whole spectre of post sherry flavours with typical modern sourness and leathers,
    • Finish
      97 97
      Very long, great wood, amazing complexity, great sweetness full of niuances, amazing whisky!! Wow, what a benchmark speysider it is!!

  11. JeanChan scored this whisky 92 points Expert Senior

    • Nose
      92 92
    • Taste
      92 92
    • Finish
      91 91

  12. foxboro scored this whisky 95 points Expert Senior

    Fruit bomb made from fruit compote, extremely waxy, good influence of wood. Great stuff

  13. OLdBlack did not rate this whisky Expert Senior

    Producer's Tasting Notes
    Appearance: Full amber glow.
    Nose: Revealing depths of prunes and rum raisins over milk chocolate releases harmonious crisp oak spices and zest of lime.
    Palate: Fantastic spiced honey and stem ginger rolls to prune syrup and hints of cocoa. Gentle cantaloupe melon with a dusting of ground almond and warm white pepper liven the crisp finish.

  14. grinface scored this whisky 91 points Expert Senior

    This is a fantastic sherry whisky. Delicious. Probably near perfect. However, I can hardly see any distillate underneath. The cask is just too expressive. Therefore "only" 91 points. Full review (german):

  15. RoKa scored this whisky 96 points Expert Senior

    Elegant and fruity, great finish - fantastic !!

  16. JCTang scored this whisky 100 points Member Senior

    Glenglassaugh 41 YO 1972, #2114, 50.6%. Color: dark golden yellow/amber; smell: direct and unrestrained aroma, also very elegant, honey dipped in dates, dried figs, cream chocolate cake, hot cocoa, chocolate sauce, and some very high-quality elegant cinnamon bark and other spices The feeling of spices is not very complicated, but it is too fragrant; tasting: very balanced and supple, there are obvious three waves, the honey is sweet at the beginning, then dried prunes, raisins, and figs are added, and then there is a clear Spicy spices-cinnamon bark, some ginger, but completely within the controllable range, adding complexity to the wine body, and then returning to the sweetness of various dark fruits; aftertaste: medium and long, but unfortunately disappearing a little bit fast, Honey and jujube continue to haunt, and finally a touch of tobacco leaves, extremely comfortable

  17. penumbra scored this whisky 91 points Expert Senior

    Thanks to ndxs for taking me to graduate this whisky base 50 winery with the highest score, connecting Glendornach and Glenglassaugh after drinking 72, I feel that I have detoxified Biily Walker, there is no hero at all, and I became famous.
    • Nose
      Jujube honey, sweet-scented osmanthus wine, sweet white foam with high residual sugar, Nangao cooked plum wine, red wine sauce, bordeaux chocolate flavor, very intoxicating, with juicy berries naturally fermented on the branches. The rich fragrance of flowers and fruits, sweet sauce made with fresh osmanthus, honeysuckle, acacia, cantaloupe, kumquat, dried apricots, yellow heart kiwi, green extract, roasted banana, cream, syrup. At the end, there are some ginger powder, almonds and Xinxuan cake, maybe smoked or spicy.

      Wenxiang has to be reminiscent of the kitten 17 Manager Dram, sweet and sticky, full of flowers, fruit and wine.
    • Taste
      Temperate fruit basket, same smell blah blah blah, less salt. A bitter rhyme caused by green curry, chalk, and oak spice appears at the end.
      Not bad, more fat, sweet, slightly sour, trace tannin, little bit bitter, no spicy.
    • Finish
      Medium length, matcha tea, 1:5 diluted fruit, honey, vanilla, Amontillado and water.

  18. Teresa scored this whisky 94 points Expert Senior

    • Nose
      95 95
    • Taste
      94 94
    • Finish
      94 94

  19. Seanzhang scored this whisky 91 points Expert Senior

    • Nose
      92 92
    • Taste
      91 91
    • Finish
      90 90

  20. Kalleholzbein scored this whisky 93 points Expert Senior

    • Nose
      93 93
    • Taste
      93 93
    • Finish
      94 94

  21. Johannes de Silentio scored this whisky 91 points Member Senior

    Color: Dark Amber

    Nose: There's no assault; instead, you're greeted with what promises to be a well-balanced experience. Right away, there's definite fruitiness, but oddly enough, it strikes me more on the fresh side: red berries. There are some light spices there, too, but they really don't assert themselves too much yet. When nosing deeply, I get a faint trace of furniture polish. As it begins to develop in the glass, a more prominent earthy feel begins to increase. These last few things reveal a bit of the wood and age. Serge sometimes talks about cough syrup in whisky (in a positive sense), and this one is giving off some of that: very classy, expensive cough syrup. On yet another whiff, there is now brown sugar coming through. Wow, on the next, it's turning savory--light soy sauce, gamey meat. Even later, I finally get some light tropical fruits. The complexity is through the roof here--one might even call this a mercurial dram.

    Taste: The initial hit is dry sherry. The mouthfeel is not particularly viscous and there's no real heat to speak of here. There is a caramel note, but it's darker and much less sweet than what you'd normally expect. I'm not getting much of the fruity notes from the nose here on the palate. It just feels very dry and somewhat spicy. In truth, this is a step down, for me, from the pretty stupendous nose.

    Finish: Long and earthy.

    Comments: I'm torn on this one. I only have a few other bottles that are even in the same WB ratings stratosphere as this one, and even all of them are a solid rung or two below (Top 1000-types rather than Top 25). However, I didn't find this to be that step above that I was expecting. The nose keeps it above 90 points, certainly, but I'm not getting enough taste to approach anywhere near 95.

    (I may need to do another session with this one, because I didn't expect to be this far off, and when I've had it before, I assumed it'd score higher for me.)

  22. gallfux did not rate this whisky Expert Senior

    He goes completely in the fruity direction. Very cute. Nice thing! Again, little bitterness. So either I'm insensitive today or they're not all that bitter.
    • Nose
      Orange blossom honey. Peach ice tea. Honeydew melon. Fried banana. Candied oranges Occasionally a bit flowery. The wood flavors go towards wet wood. Hazelnuts.
      With a little water, the whole thing is sweeter and flattering.
    • Taste
      First, very sweet and syrupy. Date. Ripe mango. The juice of canned fruit (tangerine, apricot). Then I have wax again. Now the oak tingles. It gets a little more acidic. Pineapple. Then a little Fanta.
    • Finish
      Milk chocolate with oranges. Dried apricots. Oak.

  23. aphex scored this whisky 92 points Connoisseur

    Another great old Glenglassaugh. It was nice to see the sherry kept in the background on the nose and finally taking the lead on the palate.
    • Nose
      Fresh, fruity and round. Apricots, plums, oranges, grapefruits. A spoon of honey and a few raisins. Spices (ginger, pepper). It opens on more tropicality with time.
    • Taste
      Dry sherry with a buttery touch. Dark chocolate, coffee, caramel, plums, a few red, blue and black berries and just a touch of oak with spices from the nose.
    • Finish
      Long, salted caramel, spices.

  24. LordBellamy scored this whisky 91 points Expert Senior

    Nose: marked PX influence, especially plums and raisins, some oak, but also well integrated. Behind it comes honey and some exotic fruits (mango and papaya), which are so common in the '72 glass eyes. After a while dried apricots and some spices like cinnamon and a hint of cloves are added. The sweetness goes towards noble rot, as one knows from some sweet wines

    Taste: Similar to the nose, clearly sherry with plum, some marzipan, chocolate, the other notes are slightly behind the sherry, the oak is stronger with beautiful spicy notes, but not too dominant, the alcohol well integrated

    Finish: medium, a reflection of the taste impression, hardly any bitterness through the oak at the back, instead some salt is added -

    Water: a few drops make the malt even more harmonious, rounder, smoother, the oak flavors and the sherry aromas are a little more in the background and the Destilleriecharakter becomes clearer - yes, he needs water!

    91 points

  25. lincolnimp scored this whisky 92 points Connoisseur

    Out of 9 high scoring bottles on the base the Glenglassaugh came in 8th, still a good dram bearing in mind the competition. 

    The highest rated whisky on WB was 3rd. 

    Result    1 - Glenfiddich  1956 Intertrade 

    2nd -  Glenlochy 1965 SV   

    3rd - Springbank 1969 SV   

    4th -  Black Bowmore 1st edition  

    5th - Blair Athol MI   

    6TH - Springbank 35 year Millenium   

    7th - Brora 2004   

    8th - Glenglassaugh   

    9th - Glendronach 

    Full details on `The head to head whisky thread for tastings (H2H)`. dated 20th August 2017

  26. Whiskybaron scored this whisky 91 points Member Senior

    Many bottlings from this batch are very woody. This is not true at all! Mega fabric ...

  27. Derekyu928 scored this whisky 96 points Expert Senior

    Drinker's Lounge
    Rating: Great, delicious (★ ★ ★ ★ ☆) CP: NR Price: VE Fragrance: rich and aggressive scent standing. The dense sweetness reminiscent of flesh and skin of red meat melon first comes first. After that it was very complicated, sweetness of grape juice with high sugar content, slightly oily nuance, sweetness of condensed grapes reminiscent of raisins, malt aroma with a sense of aging was felt from the back, fruit of heaping The ester incense which made it reminiscent of the assortment of assemblages as a whole. Melon sorbet and ice cream, slightly pasture grass. High-quality milk chocolate. The more you search for it, the more various flavors come out. Taste: Also dense here. The sweetness and taste of malt having a sense of aging are felt, but the sweetness of the melon spreads further in the mouth beyond that. Impression that made scent elements powerful overall. Reverberation: Aroma, take over the elements of flavor together. A condensed grape feeling from Sherry cask and a pleasant convergence reminiscent of bitter chocolate. The sweetness of the melon still continues, and with the slight spicyness it also has an impression like chilli chocolate. The reverberation is very long. I think that it was recently talked about around 2014 that I enjoyed the taste of long-term aged sake of Glen Grassa relatively abundantly, but perhaps this taste is treated as a lost taste in the future I think that it is. To the extent that it seems so, Glen Grassa is a whisky with a wonderfully rich and complex flavor, which makes me feel reminiscent of melons that I can not see at all these days. The historic Glen Grassa Distillery, founded in 1875, has been closed once in 1986. After a long closing period, on December 4, 2008, New Make Spirits flowed down again from the still, and sake brewed three years later was released as "Glen Grassa Revival" in 2012. My honest impression is that I do not know what kind of flavor the new sake after the resumption of distillation will acquire through aging in the coming years, to be honest. Regarding the sake after the resumption of distillation about the same long-term maturation as the bottle, perhaps it may be impossible to drink while she is alive. That's why this whisky distilled in 1972 is a precious liquor distilled before closing the distillery. Here is the reason why the taste of long-term aged sake of Glen Grassa may be lost, but this bottle is used for aging due to the complex flavor acquired by sake by long aging This rich mellow sweetness obtained from Sherry Cask (Sherry Bat), I think that it is a rather rare bottle, which holds almost the balance close to miracles. I'm not drinking so much Glenter 1970 Distilling Glen Grassa, but this bottle is Glen Grassa feels that it has the perfection of its highest in my history.
    Well, basically, when I taste the whisky, the glasses are unified in Glencairn, but with regard to this whisky, we can also taste the tasting together with a large glass of "Burgundy · Grand Cru" which is released from Riedel (The big glass on the left of the bottle in the picture shows that the tasting notes describe what was done at the bottle right Glencane.) I think that Riedel's glass of Burgundy, Grand Cru was widely informed among whisky drinkers among the whisky drinkers thought that Mr. Katsuhiko Takemoto who is hosting whiskylink is the achievement, but just by changing the glass anyway, this whisky's A sweet flavor like a freshly ripe melon fruit having it is drawn out at once and it makes me feel really happy when I drink it. Using this glass makes you almost impossible to feel like oily and pasture grass and I think that the experience of thinking that the influence of the glass on the flavor of whisky is beyond imagination (Riedel's glass is quite satisfactory I seem to be selling rarely, I asked someone I got acquainted through whisky at that time.If it is a fixed price it is a very expensive glass, but I think that it was good to buy it. So we treat it quite carefully). I think that pursuing how to taste your own drinks deliciously is one of the ways to enjoy a number of whiskys, but to enjoy changing the flavor of whisky while changing the glasses variously This is one way of pursuit. Alongside food mariage, I do not think that it is one of worth doing 2114-sherry-butt-582bottles-rare-cask-release/

  28. sagara-kun scored this whisky 93 points Connoisseur

    It's just excellent.
    • Nose
      Fruity. Butter. Resolutely sherry. Slight touch of ginger. Very light wine cognac side. Menthol eucalyptus after a little aeration. The fruitiness goes on the exotic, citrus fruits. Grapefruit,
      The apricot. The grape. Red. Of all, it's pretty crazy. More and more exoticism at the opening.
    • Taste
      Always buttered. Dry enough despite the fuzziness and the pasted side. Red fruits that add a good touch of sweetness. Goji Berry. Light and balanced woody. Leather bottom. Black tea.
    • Finish
      Long finish on the red fruit, the mure. Black pepper. Tea.

  29. cuhp scored this whisky 95 points Expert Senior

    FANTASTIC whisky! This is how whisky should be! Tasted blindly.
    • Nose
      Fruity and floral. Violets, kandis, sweets, berries and raisins. 
    • Taste
      Lots of sherry, fruity, cinnamon, filled chocolates, caramel, mint. 
    • Finish
      Wood, warehouse, chocolate and caramel.

  30. Zumbar scored this whisky 96 points Expert Senior

    It is a fantastic whisky VicLin, but unfortunately, when sampling this bottle, the samples seems to become very "flat" after a short while. From the bottle it is no doubt one of the best whiskies ever made. But from a sample bottle with too much air it simply becomes dull. At least my experience after sampling out a whole bottle

  31. VicLin scored this whisky 90 points Expert Junior

    I read the good reviews and purchased a sample. Cannot say I am really in love with this whisky. Maybe I'm still naive...

  32. ZwiJo scored this whisky 92 points Connoisseur

    • Nose
      93 93
    • Taste
      93 93
    • Finish
      94 94

  33. lincolnimp scored this whisky 92 points Connoisseur

    • Nose
      94 94
    • Taste
      92 92
    • Finish
      93 93

  34. lincolnimp scored this whisky 92 points Connoisseur


    The nose is sweeter and there is now some orange which I did not detect when neat.

    Palate with water is very smooth and the bitterness has gone now leaving a creamy sweetness. Its all toffee and syrup sweetness.

    Finish is slightly shorter but still very smooth.

    Very good
    • Nose
      Rich Christmas cake, rum & raisin, dark treacle, fudge, some meaty notes.
    • Taste
      Some initial sweetness is then checked by caramel bitterness and a little salt. I think the sweetness wins and would say this is well balanced.
      I get some caramel, black cherry, balsamic syrup, plum sauce and some other syrupy sweetness.
    • Finish
      Very smooth, long the sweetness wins in the end.

  35. Zumbar scored this whisky 96 points Expert Senior

    • Nose
      97 97
    • Taste
      97 97
    • Finish
      95 95

  36. KayMeertens scored this whisky 92 points Connoisseur

    Great stuff, but I tasted this one after the 1976-2011 and I liked that one even a bit better.
    • Nose
      Dried apricot, melon, bramble, candied cherry, caramel, goji berry, apricot, banana and raspberry sauce.
    • Taste
      Galia melon, cherry, kiwi, caramel, banana and prune.
    • Finish
      Melon, caramel, raspberry and kiwi.

  37. markkerr02 scored this whisky 97 points Expert Senior

    The Single Malt Academy of Dalecarlia

    Malt of the year 2015

    Glenglassaugh 41yo/1972 cask 2114, 50,6 %

    SMAD has in 2015 conducted 11 tests where today / tonight's two bästavwhisky reached the final vote. Thus 22 different whiskys that the board had to assess in the final vote. When the votes were totaled, it was whisky from three tests that dominated, namely Glenglassaugh, Karuizawa and Brora. Three distilleries which partly had a similar history.
    Karuizawa and Brora are closed and definitively lost for the future. Many thought that Glenglassaugh had gone the same fate after closing in 1986. But 22 years later, in 2008, the distillery was opened back in. 2013 was acquired Glenglassaugh of BenRiach Distillery Co. with Billy Walker in the head. One change that has meant a real resurgence and an attention Glenglassaugh never had before. With Billy Walker distillery entry has come into truly knowledgeable whisky hands.
    In our testing April 24 became Glenglassaugh 41yo / 1972-2014 cask 2114, 50.6% Matured in finest Sherry Butt quite outstanding winner of the participants submitted their votes. Bottling was included as the second oldest in the first batch of Glenglassaugh single casks, "Rare Cask Releases". After careful consideration and in strong competition with Karuizawa and Brora, as the Board has decided to appoint Glenglassaugh 41yo / 1972 to the Year 2015. Malt of the Board, we think that it feels good to be able to honor a distillery under professional guidance "resurrected from the dead".

    Bernt Sjödin

    Results 2015

    Glendronach 18yo / 1995 Cask 3025, 51.6% Tested 24e Jan.

    Macallan 18yo Sherry cask, 43% Tested 24e Jan.

    Kilchoman Original Cask Strength 5yo, 59.2% Tested 14th February

    Kilchoman Loch Gorm 5yo B2 / 2009, 46% Tested 14th February

    Glenlivet XXV, 43% Tested 7e March

    Glenlivet Single Cask Edition Minmore 18yo, 57.9% Tested 7e March

    Rosebank 1981/1997, 63.9% Tested 28th March

    Mortlach 1989/1997, 63.1% Tested 28th March

    Glenglassaugh 41yo / 1972 Cask 2114, 50.6% Tested 24th April

    Glenglassaugh 37yo / 1978-2015, 46.2% Tested 24th April

    Karuizawa 1972-2011 63.30% Cask 7038 Tested 9th May

    Karuizawa 42yo 1969-2012 61.30% Cask 8183 Tested 9th May

    Clynelish 16yo / 1995-2012, 55.8%, Adelphi Tested 29th August

    Bunnahabhain 27yo / 1988-2015, 55.4%, A.D. Rattray Tested 29th August

    Miyagikyo 1999-2013 cask 300 092, 61% Tested September 30th

    Yoichi 1989-2013 cask 100215, 62% Tested September 30th

    Macduff 25yo 1990 Sherry Chairmans Private Reserve No. 9, 55.0% 24e in October Tested

    Port Charlotte 12yo cask Syrah 2001 63.3% 24e in October Tested

    The Chichibu peated 2011-2015, 62.5% Tested 28th November

    Linkwood 18yo / 1995-2013, 48.4%, Old Particular Tested 28th November

    Brora 31yo / 1972-2003 Old & Rare Platinum D.Laing, 49.3% Tested December 12th

    Brora 22yo / 1972-1995 Rare Malts, 58.7% Tested December 12th

  38. dram-drinker scored this whisky 97 points Photo Moderator

    • Nose
      98 98
    • Taste
      99 99
    • Finish
      97 97

  39. dram-drinker scored this whisky 97 points Photo Moderator

    Definitely a great, fantastic whisky!
    • Nose
      Sweet berries, lots of fruits, something medicinal like cough syrup, oak wood, sherry, very deep and complex
    • Taste
      Wow! Thick, smooth mellow, oily, creamy sherry. Extremely well balanced notes of oak wood, vanilla, little toffee, dark chocolate, meaty and ham, even a bit salty. Actually no water needed but with water there come up citrusy notes from oranges, lemons, passion fruit, bananas and some more. And there is enough sweetness that it doesn't feel too dry.
    • Finish
      Long and warm, almost no bitterness from the oak.

  40. Derekyu928 scored this whisky 96 points Expert Senior

    Glenglassaugh 41 yo 1972/2014 'Rare Cask release' (50.6%, OB, refill sherry butt, cask #2114, 582 bottles) Ha-ha, 1972! I had thought our German friends had ‘stolen’ all the casks. It’s true that their bottlings had been super-fab (for example, #2896, WF 93). Colour: deep amber. Nose: there was definitely something with 1972 at many distilleries. The most wonderful combination of honeys and ripe plums, blended with some Sauternes and PX of the highest quality (not touristy ones). And it all blends well! With water: some wonderful complexity – while it wasn’t too complex when undiluted. Wet chalk, the same kind of sandalwood as in the 30, a little marzipan and putty… And always this marvellous honeyness. The wonders of refill casks! Mouth (neat): exceptional, in my opinion. Same winning combo as on the nose, ripe plums and apricots, Sauternes, juicy golden raisins, then a slice of cinnamon cake, and perhaps a little tobacco. Forgot to mention honey. It’s amazing that the oak – because some oak there is – never gets in the way. With water: just b***y perfect. Do they have some kind of de-oakening machine? Because once again, you feel the oak, but the whisky never gets oaky. Wonderful sweet spiciness. Finish: medium, always with this impeccable honeyed profile. It’s got something oriental, with this sandalwood, the very soft curry sauce, and all that. Ravishing. Comments: me want to know what happened in 1972 over there on Scotland! Imagine, according to Wikipedia, even the pipe band of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards released their instrumental recording of ‘Amazing Grace’ in 1972, which reached No. 1 in the UK! Above the Rolling Stones! On the other hand, Compton Mackenzie died in that year, so it must be something else… SGP:651 - 93 points.

  41. Derekyu928 scored this whisky 96 points Expert Senior

    Recently I am so lucky to taste 3 whiskies of the 2015 MMA.

    1. Glenglassaugh 41yo 1972/2014 (50.6%, OB, Sherry Butt c#2114, 582 Bts.) (Average score on 2015 MMA scorecard: 87.9 points)

    2. Supreme Champion Kavalan ‘Solist’ (58.6%, OB, NAS, Sherry Cask c#S060904024, 551 Bts., 2012) (Highest average score on 2015 MMA scorecard : 90.5 points)

    3. Benriach 18yo 1996/2014 (54.4%, OB for Asia Palate Association, PX Sherry finish, c#4521, 717 Bts.) (Average score on 2015 MMA scorecard: 85.4 points)

    Compare the 3 bottles. C#2114 is clean and smooth. C#S060904024 & C#4521 are heavy and strong.

    If the price of c#S060904024 isn't too crazy, just try the bottle to feel how it is.

    Considering the budget, c#4521 is still at reasonable price and also enjoyable.

    Considering the taste, age and rarity, I definitely pick c#2114.

  42. Derekyu928 scored this whisky 96 points Expert Senior

    Tasting note:
    Glenglassaugh 1972 ,c#2114 ,50.6%

    Color: Amber

    Nose: Rose, pure, fresh and sweet fruits, fig, plum, sweet apple, passion fruit, sandalwood. No specific alcohol attacks.(24)Mouth: Very oily, smooth, a little sweet, red meat cantaloupe, citrus, warm pepper, chocolate, mint(24)Finish: Long, flowers, rum raisin, vanilla, sandalwood. Ends in honey peach and licorice. No specific bitter and dryness is noted.(24)Comment: Fantastic, especially after 2 more weeks from the opening! One of the best drams I have tasted. So old, but still fresh, balanced and smooth to drink. Spend more time and feel more fun. Because of the refill butt ,the wood didn't overpower the spirit.
    Comparing with heavy sherry ones, fresh and clean flavors are always more graceful and charming. (24) Score: 96/100I got the sharing sample few days ago before the MMA 2015 result announced. However its average score is only 87.9 points on the MMA 2015 scorecard(Highest average score is 90.5 points). Much lower than my rating. The personal taste probably is the main reason. Just as before, while tasting about 200 samples in a short time (4~6 weeks), it's very hard to keep sensitive at every tasting moment. Maybe that's why the judges always prefer heavy sherry ones every year. Really regretful. Light sherry against heavy sherry. Just like boxing, even for the lightweight world champion, it's impossible to beat every top heavyweight boxer. Anyway, it's superiorly great.

  43. Mr.Sandwich scored this whisky 89 points Expert Senior

    • Nose
      92 92
    • Taste
      92 92
    • Finish
      90 90

  44. Mr.Sandwich scored this whisky 89 points Expert Senior

    A very fine and elegant Glenglassaugh Price in 2015: approx. 850 Euro
    • Nose
      Cocktail cherries, orange and citrus sweets (take 2), so a sweet and fruity nose. Elegant wood notes blend in, as do spices. Overall, everything is very light, fine and balanced.
    • Taste
      Medium body, which receives its volume mainly due to the alcohol content. It shows again cherry flavors, sweet citrus and orange sweets. The wood is stronger here than in the nose, but does not take over.
    • Finish
      Elegant, fruity sweet with a little dry sherry and long-lasting.

  45. Mr.Sandwich scored this whisky 89 points Expert Senior

    Official Tasting Notes:

    Appearance: Full amber glow..Nose:  Revealing depths of prunes and rum raisins over milk chocolate releases harmonious crisp oak spices and zest of lime.

    Palate:  Fantastic spiced honey and stem ginger rolls to prune syrup and hints of cocoa. Gentle cantaloupe melon with a dusting of ground almond and warm white pepper liven the crisp finish.

  46. mika417 scored this whisky 97 points Expert Senior

    GLENGLASSAUGH 41yo / 50.6% OB 1972-2014 Rich yet elegant Sherry incense, ripe melon and fruit pulp of strawberry, raisins and firm a sense of cereal Elegant Sherry and raisins, strawberries and melons similar to fragrance, taste feels morty sweetness While drinking and drinking with moderate body, rich sense of Sherry is fruity and elegant. Shelley, raisins, coffee, bitter chocolate and other elements of typical sherry barrels can also be felt.
    Glassa tropical and Long ripe Sherry deliciously finished, even if you try to hold a bottle from now on a difficult story. I am pleased that I have met each other here, and I feel comfortable with a happy time saying that the conversation is exciting.

  47. tuntime scored this whisky 92 points Expert Junior

    N: Polished oak, boiled sweets, citrus

    P: Balanced oak, sherry, fruit

    F: Tannin, fruity, long

    Comparing this whisky to Glenglassaugh 1972 39yo #2896 for Andrea Caminneci, I prefer #2896. The extra two years in cask with #2114 brings the refined oak to the foreground. The greater sherry influence in #2114 masks the complexity and freshness of spirit that I find in #2896.

  48. autowatch092 scored this whisky 94 points Expert Senior

    Colour: Amber. Nose: Fruity syrup, raisin, old oak, chocolate orange. Palate: Forest honey, mixed nut, banana, pineapple, cantaloupe melon.
    Finish: Long, sweet and fruity with hints of spices.
    Overall: It's a amazing dram with incredible balance and richness to explore. I get more than I imagine. Now I believe that the Glenglassaugh is really ambitious to be a top distillery after rebuilding . Whatever the future holds, it's a nice beginning at least.


  49. franpincoffee scored this whisky 96 points Expert Senior

    This bottle comes from the first batch of rare cask releases. There are milk chocolate, fruitcake, and roasted almonds with cinnamon in the nose. The taste is thick and oily with spiced honey, grape syrup and vanilla. The length of the finish is long, sweet and a little smoky with melon, honey and roasted chestnut.
    Even though it matured in a re-filled sherry butt for more than 41 years, it wasn't influenced too much by the wood. It's complex and well-balanced.

  50. lyndondd428 scored this whisky 97 points Expert Senior

    N: Heavy fruitiness attacks the nose in the first touch. It's very sherried and shows strawberry jam, red meat fruits and oak spices. The Brazil nut and vanilla are almost there and walk silently in the deep area.

    P: The sweetness comes from sweet melon and smoky honey. With water, the fruit bombs just explode. The fruity notes become more clear, apricots, mangos, apples, bananas and pineapples. It's very gentle and complex. F: The finish lasts long and gracefully with sweetness of honey. The delicate honey also combines with the floral, fruity and spiced flavors. Really well balanced.

    Even though without blending, it's remarkable and much better than what I expect. The price is affordable to me, considering its performance and age. Highly recommended. If you are a old dram fan, just try it before it disappears. 

  51. bull10298 scored this whisky 97 points Expert Senior

    This is the only one without finishing in the rare casks releases batch 1.
    I guess that it is already great so it doesn't need any extra treatment.
    Initially, delicious banana-cocoa cake, orange peel, mild chamomile pass through the nose. Then rich and creamy tastes rise in the mouth, with lush fruits, ginger and molasses. Finally, the long finish dries luxuriously, with sweet malt and slight spices, but no terrible bitter.
    A very, very good veteran dram born in the 70's.


  52. molar3rd scored this whisky 97 points Expert Senior

    Nose:Cherry syrup, stewed pear, chocolate biscuit, walnut

    Palate:Clove, toffee, fresh grape juice, melon, apricot. Not too sweet, just perfect.

    Finish:Long, with caramelized sugar and a little bit pepper.

    Old dram is sliver. Tasty dram is gold. However this one is not only gold, but also old especially straight from a single cask. Natural beauty is always more attractive to me. It's worth the cost.

  53. markkerr02 scored this whisky 97 points Expert Senior Test 157: Glenglassaugh - 150424 The whisky tested: Glass 1 Glenglassaugh Revival, 46%; 449 kr 1 point
    Glass 2 Glenglassaugh Evolution, 50%; 599 kr 12 points
    Glass 3 Glenglassaugh Torfa, 50%; 549 kr 14 points
    Glass 4 Glenglassaugh 43yo / 1972-2015, 45.9%; fat sample 62 points
    Glass 5 Glenglassaugh 37yo / 1978-2015, 46.2%; sample of 139 points
    Glass 6 Glenglassaugh 41yo / 1972 cask 2114, 50.6%; 6700 kr 222 points
    Glass 7 Glenglassaugh 40yo / 1973 cask 6801, 52.1%; 5500 kr 101 points

  54. dicembre29 scored this whisky 97 points Expert Senior

    Nose: Citrus fruit, maybe sweet pomelo.
    Toasted oak. Hints of chocolate.Palate: It's really a fruit heaven. Peach, plum, pear, orange and melon. Sweet. I also find some flowers and spices.

    Finish: Long, well balanced, with spiced honey and tropical fruits.

    Impressions: Gorgeous age and state. I like it. Great smells sometimes can arouse my pleasant memory from the deep mind. Something wonderful and I never forget. Warm weather, spiced foods, tropical fruits and casual life. If you have ever been in the tropical country on vocation, you will know what I said.

  55. barryfox915 scored this whisky 98 points Expert Senior

    Color: Amber
    Nose: Fruity. Dried and fresh fruits. Some chocolate cake and peppermint.
    Taste: Intense. Fresh honey, herbs. Juicy fruits, orange and berry.
    Finish: Quite long. Brown sugar, floral scents, spices and no weird tannins.
    Comments: What a perfect shot! Very impressive. Glenglassaugh might be a future star because of its old casks in vault.

  56. boborban scored this whisky 96 points Expert Senior

    Color: Mahogany Nose: As typical old sherry whisky, it's full of flavors of exotic fruits and oak aroma. Mouth: Tropical fruits such as mango, passion fruit and pineapple. Then the lovely honey, vanilla and spices come silkily. Finish: Comfortable and long, with maple sugar and nutmeg. Comments: Mellow and rich. Although it comes directly from a single cask without any change, everything acts harmoniously 

  57. eleiko5 scored this whisky 97 points Expert Senior

    Nose: grapefruit, chocolate ,oak fragrance.

    Mouth: tropical fruits ,melon, caramel stroopwafel.

    Finish: very long. orange flower, honey, soft spices.

    Pure sherry single cask with sweet tone and tropical flavor. 41 years old, but still charming, smooth and easy to drink.

  58. tebond968 scored this whisky 98 points Expert Senior

    Elegant, fruity and spiced flavors continue from the beginning to the end. First, the nose is full of cocoa, rum raisins, crisp oak. In the mouth, sweet honey comes along with lots of fruits ( banana, mango, raspberry, ... ) and few spices.
    Long and sweet aftertaste with great balance is pretty enjoyable. Another fantastic Glenglassaugh 1972, just like c#2896, but more richness. Thanks, Billy!

  59. newman346 scored this whisky 98 points Expert Senior

    Whisky Shibaura This is good for a cup of the deaf? Glenglassugh 1972! Color unexpected and heavy Thrust of Rush Gish Knose Tomatoes gushing to the nose Tomato Gish with spicy as well as visible Attaching pomegranate Maximum floriculture feeling modest soft punching Body Exquisite cavitating subtle lightweight body Taste Annin tofu and red bean fried rice Exquisite competition Branches of trees Ellinghi loses breathtaking feeling of cacao Lots and points more than richness Finish Tropical moderately replaces mountain ocean and gheech citrus sensation concentrated extract of lemon syrup of pickled minced vegetable sake and kiwi gish The best sense of uniformity Juwatto Hachatsuka pretty urino

  60. Derekyu928 scored this whisky 96 points Expert Senior

    Takemoto Katsuhiko 【First】: rich and reddish amber After a long absence in Moro striking strawberry jam (+++) fresh gigantic (+) apricot raisin violet scent (+++) rich in 60-70's Reminiscent of Sherry Spring Bank Unexpectedly as chocolate does not go out with the aroma of red meat melon (+++) (It lasts till the end) Oxida less little protruding grassy is absent Negative point can be said No nobility 【Middle】: very delicate body lightly smoked priority sweet strawberry (++) red meat melon (++) complicated (+) body outline is not detached Somewhat somewhat away from Shelley layer to explore the tropical fruit sense However, it is much more luxurious than the feeling of the barrel of Berliok of 75 TWA (+++) It is still depending on the finish barrel Again the orange fruit comes out to the front slightly with the time not feeling chemical that was in Benlick And, when combined with cigars, McCarran of better time, yet the texture of Grand Rezerva 18 or earlier 【Finish】: Nose omission priority In this stage as well, fragrant upper odoriferous wonderful red meat melon works (+++) A tight type of astringent (to say it should be ripe) Strawberry Jam violet Green Cestan era fragrant It is already this is not the traditional glasso Wakasan's sweetness

  61. Rossi99 scored this whisky 93 points Member Senior

    Perfumey , tropical fruity and some hints of prunes... nice and easy refill sherry cask with just a little bit of tannin in the aftertaste. Quite enjoyable old pressure! 

  62. Drochaid scored this whisky 95 points Connoisseur

    A 1972 vintage Glenglassaugh released as part of the distillery's first batch of rare cask releases. Distilled on October 25, it spent the whole of its 41 years in a refill sherry butt before being bottled in February 2014.


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