Springbank 10-year-old

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Single Malt
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100% Pure Malt
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10 years old
59.0 % Vol.
750 ml
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Tappo Sughero
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30 apr 2013 9:44 pm

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Whisky reviews for Springbank 10-year-old

7 users have left 12 reviews for this whisky. Average rating is 94.33 points.

  1. sagara-kun scored this whisky 95 points Connoisseur

    Tasted alongside the 12yo Samaroli and the 1972 10yo Sutti.
    We smell a little more alcohol on this 10yo, but the integration remains exemplary for 59%.
    It is a little less fruity on the palate, and less complex than the Samaroli. It must be said that the Samaroli is really explosive in the mouth.
    On the other hand, it has a larger woody and spicy structure, which makes it irresistible, and a more expressive nose.

    Hard to decide in the end ...
    • Nose
      94 94
      The nose is full of aromatic power. We still have a little touch of solvent.
      Leather, orange peel, star anise.
      Plum, prunes, dates, figs, clementine, passion fruit peel.
      Old dry wood, dust, old book.
      We have aromas of old rum, Demerara, and almost a little cane sugar.
    • Taste
      96 96
      On the palate it is surprisingly fresh and "almost" light.
      Fresh apricot, pineapple, passion fruit, guava, papaya.
      It is very tropical.
      But the dominant remains woody, with pretty spices.
      Cloves, anise, pepper, bitter chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg. They are all there.
      We have fresh mint, some dry aromatic herbs.
      A little barbecue charcoal, smoke.
    • Finish
      95 95
      Long finish on liquorice, camphor, smoke, ash and barbecue, light peat.
      Pepper, cloves, fresh mint.
      It's long, comforting, it feels like you're at the edge of the fireplace.

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  3. jacekbee scored this whisky 97 points Expert Senior

    Very intense and expressive, some cocoa, coffee, rum, chocolate coated raisins, leather, plums, dark cherries, blueberry pie with brown crust, pudding, mince meat in barbecue sauce, fig compote, coca cola jellybeans, some earthy, heathery, smoky notes. What a wonderful, stunning nose that is. Eucalytpus, thyme, tobbacco. Old cabinet, wardrobe full of vintage coats, gingerbread with blackcurrant jello and honey.
    Mouth: Sweet, fruity, smoky, such an avalanche of flavours, orange peel, tangerine marmalade, candied ginger, haribo bears, peach iced tea, tiramisu. Wonderful.
    Finish: It might be the best finish in whisky ever, incredibly long but also everchanging, with spicy, peppery notes changing into intense grapefruity fruitiness then adding layers of dry biterness broken by the pleasant chocolaty sweetness and then again coffeish bitterness with a hint of sour notes, it stays with you and changes again and again, incredible, simply incredible.

  4. Schollus scored this whisky 98 points Expert Senior

    An old 10 year old sherry bottling that Serge compares to the 12y Samaroli. Then take a look ...

    Nose: Holla the forest fairy! Pickled cherries, rum raisins, sultanas, plums, cognac, OBF, rusty, slightly moldy and fermented, some wax and a touch of sulfur (freshly burned match)
    Palate: divine !! slightly earthy, wild strawberries with sweet paprika powder, tobacco and leather, liquid moncheri, tannins, lovage, marzipan-filled dates (copyright Serge, but hits it perfectly!), paxarette and walnut oil

    Finish: full-length, liquid dark chocolate, beguiling the palate

    Conclusion: what should you say here? ten years??? Really now??? This is pure, liquid magic and an almost perfect distillate with a huge span. A masterpiece! 98P + !!!!

  5. lincolnimp scored this whisky 95 points Connoisseur

    H2H to see how good this Daftmill really is and whether I have lost control of my whisky senses?

    12 year black label big S 80 proof OB dark sherry 57.1% WB 75805
    10 year Tappo Sughero black label big S 59% OB WB 41678
    11 year 2006 Daftmill cask 029 bottled 2020 for UK WB ID 165981

    I had the Tappo Sughero just in front of the Samroli because the finish was 1point better

    Nose (neat
    To be honest they are as good as each other, the 10 year Springer may have the edge over the Daftmill and the Samaroli is not far behind

    10 year


    1st taste 5 drops of water from pippete approx.

    The Tappo Sughero is definatelly better than the Samaroli but the daftmill has extra layers of complexity, I am literally speechless here

    The samaroli is like a basket of stewed fruit, lovely, you cannot fault it. The Tappo Sughero has more power and is thicker in density in comparison.

    The daftmill has too much power but the dark fruity sweetness is awesome.

    An extra 3 drops of water

    Tried in reverse order so
    Daftmill, great, so fruity
    Springer 10 year lovely with just a hint of bitterness now
    Spring 100 proof SA, lovely but again a hint of bitterness, but the fruit is lovely, wow
    Re tried the Daftmill

    I would say the nose on the Tappo Sughero is the best but which has the best palate, well a dead heat, all around the 95 point.

    So can a Daftmill single cask can share equal billing with these two monster Sspringbanlks, yes.
    At the very worst for the daftmill the Springers will be 1 point higher but we are splitting hairs here.
    And this reinforces my scores of 95 for the two springers and 94 for the daftmill.
    Well done Daftmill ????

  6. lincolnimp scored this whisky 95 points Connoisseur

    Springbank Head to Head 22 samples, some tasted before.
    The line up in age order Nas -40 years old, some official bottles some independent bottles.
    Contenders for the best Sprinbank as follows.

    Pure West Highland Malt (NAS)+/- 1960 70 proof peated WB 72988
    10 year Tappo Sughero black label big S 59% OB WB 41678
    11 year Society bottling 57.9% OB WB 21853
    12 year black label big S 80 proof OB dark sherry WB 75805
    12 year green thistle gold cap 46% OB WB 14533
    12 year 100 proof 57.1% sherry wood Samaroli WB 9260
    21 year 2012 46% OB WB 30350
    21 year 2018 46% OB WD 111815
    23 year 1970 23 year Local Barley tall bottle 46% OB WB 11138
    24 year 1966 sherry cask 443 Local Barley dumpy bottle 58.1% OB WB 14391
    25 year pear shape bottle 43% OB WB 38084
    25 year 2006 46% OB WB 656
    29 year 1962 white label big S 46% WB 14430
    29 year 1974 Chieftain’s Choice cask 1778 51.2% WB 27756
    30 year Millennium bottle 1999 46% OB WB 11045
    30 year parchment label dumpy 46% WB 11117
    32 year 1966 bourbon cask 493 Local Barley dumpy bottle 56.8% OB WB 14414
    35 year 1968 Berry Bros 46% WB 530
    35 year Millennium bottle 1999 46% OB WB 11056
    37 year 1970 Secret Treasures 43% WB 12967
    37 year 1968 cask 1541 Dun Bheaghan Pedro Ximenez 56.5% WB 11864
    40 year 1969 cask 263 Signatory Vintage 54.4% WB 15778

    Result 1-22
    1st -30 year dumpy OB - 97/96/96
    2nd 1968 Dun Bheaghan - 94/96/96
    3rd 10 year 59% Tappo Sughero OB - 94/95/96
    4th 12 year Samaroli 100 proof OB - 94/95/95
    5th 1970 Local Barley tall bottle OB - 93/95/95
    6th 32 year cask 493 Local Barley OB - 93/95/94
    7th 1962 29 year OB - 96/93/94
    8th 30 year Millenium OB - 94/94/94
    9th 24 year cask 443 Local Barley OB - 94/93/94
    10th 12 year black label OB - 92/94/93
    11th Nas Springbank Pure West Highland - 91/93/93
    12th 1999 11 year OB Society bottling - 90/94/93
    13th 1974 Ian Macleod 51.2% - 90/94/92
    14th 40 year 1969 cask 263 Signator - y 92/93/92
    15th 35 year Millenium OB 95/92/92
    16th 1967 Berry Bros 35 year - 91/91/91
    17th 12 year OB green thistle gold cap - 90/91/91
    18th 1970 ST 12967 88/91/92 -
    19h 21 year OB 2012 - 91/91/90
    20th 21 year OB 2018 - 88/92/90
    21st year 2006 OB - 92/88/88
    22nd year OB Pear shape - 80/87/87

  7. lincolnimp scored this whisky 95 points Connoisseur

    Only 10 years old, this is a hulk of a whisky, so powerful yet so tasty.
    • Nose
      94 94
      Rich sherry, hints of peat, dark berries, hint of mango, raspberry.
    • Taste
      95 95
      Massive sherry, massive peat, massive spice, lordy this is only 10 years old?
      The peat and sherry mix beautifully here, with blackberry notes coming through and a faint woodiness from the cask, this is a heavy one.
      After a few minutes it gets a welcome dark syrup sweetness.
      With more water
      The peat you think has been tamed at first but then a wave of peat & sherry washes across your tongue followed by some lovely stewed dark fruits.
      It has now got a cream angle but the peat still seems to dominate even with more water.
    • Finish
      96 96
      Fruity sherry and masses of peat until the end

  8. Baanaanaabob scored this whisky 96 points Connoisseur

    That is brilliant. Full stop. Will need to taste that again head to head with the Samaroli 12.

  9. jay83 scored this whisky 97 points Expert Senior

    One of the most brilliant combinations between perfect distillate and perfect sherry - wood. Unbelievable complexity and elegance. Mind blowing....

  10. dram-drinker scored this whisky 100 points Photo Moderator

    • Nose
      100 100
    • Taste
      100 100
    • Finish
      100 100

  11. dram-drinker scored this whisky 100 points Photo Moderator

    What a stunner! No doubt one of the greatest whiskies I had so far.
    • Nose
      Extremely fresh and intensively fruity including oranges, lemons, passion fruits, mango, pineapples, bananas, dried fruits, raisins, plums, prunes, figs, you name it! It's so strong that it starts already burning in the nose.
    • Taste
      Very well balanced between the best oak wood notes, fruity notes, some great sweetness, a touch of leather, old books, toffee and coffee, chocolate and many more aromas. I can't enumerate them all. It's also very waxy, oily, smooth, mellow - just great! With water the fruitiness explodes - wow!
    • Finish
      Very long and this one comes up to your nose again like wasabi. Huge!

  12. dram-drinker scored this whisky 100 points Photo Moderator

    Rating from Whiskyfun by Serge

    Springbank 10 yo (59%, OB, sherry, +/-1978)  This is the pretty famous '100% pure malt in red - dark sherry' version. Colour: mahogany. Nose: yes it does remind me of the no-less famous 12 yo for Samaroli. This is simply amazing, with all dimensions involved. So a huge complexity, even at this very high strength, with first, all kinds of raisins plus prunes and marzipan-filled dates, then a wee blend of other stunning old spirits (mainly cognac and rum), then all waxes and oils of the creation as well as the rarest aromatic herbs. You may forget about ‘rarest’. What an experience… With water: not the best use of water ever, the whisky doesn’t change much. Well, it couldn’t have gotten any better anyway… Mouth (neat): where to start? This is big, this is huge, this is as rich and yet elegant and even kind of refreshing as the grandest Montrachet (Serge, we’re getting tired of your wine quotes). The only tiny-wee-ish flaw is an infinitesimal soapiness. Otherwise we have more or less the same aromas as in the nose. With water: please immediately call the anti-maltoporn brigade. And water killed that faint soapiness, unsurprisingly. Finish: long and now rather spicier. Cloves and mint first, which keeps it all fresh, then crystallised ginger and a little paprika. Comments: grand, very grand. Great spirit from some superb sherry casks. And I liked the touch of soap at some point, that kept this whisky human. Haha.SGP:652 - 95 points.

    (with thanks to Angus, Bill, Emmanuel, Ho-cheng, Konstantin, and Tomislav)

  13. dram-drinker scored this whisky 100 points Photo Moderator

    Wow! What a nose - just sniffing this whisky makes me completely dizzy. It's so fresh and full of oranges, lemons, passion fruits, mango and the rest of the fruit basket. On the palate I can then also find notes of any kind of fruits in addition to the sherry wood, a subtle sweetness, lemony and also bit leathery and faint smokey notes. Despite it's high abv it's still very waxy, oily, peppery but smooth. The finish never ends. It does not even need water necessarily. With water it just gets a bit smoother and more notes of leather, smoke and old books appear. The color of this whisky is mahogany (dark sherry to orange red).

    After having compared this against the legendary 12yo 100proof bottled by Samaroli I think it also deserves the max points!


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