Springbank 100° Proof

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Single Malt
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Green Thistle
Stated Age
12 years old
57.0 % Vol.
700 ml
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10 sep 2010 9:20 am

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Whisky reviews for Springbank 100° Proof

17 users have left 19 reviews for this whisky. Average rating is 93.71 points.

  1. Bart-msb scored this whisky 94 points Expert Senior

    My goodness, what a Springbank! The nose, the taste, The finish! Incredible!
    • Nose
      94 94
    • Taste
      95 95
    • Finish
      94 94

  2. Seele scored this whisky 93 points Expert Senior

    N plum, spice, mineral, seems to have a bit of asphalt? Moderate Shirley, Genting's style is obvious
    Oily and strong in the mouth, lightly peat, tobacco, orange, cooked fruit, a little smoky, a little fruity, a little waxy
    • Nose
      93 93
    • Taste
      94 94
    • Finish
      93 93

  3. penumbra scored this whisky 92 points Expert Senior

    Ahhh, I really want to drink the early 80s version.
    • Nose
      It seems to be older than the last version. Sandalwood and spice are paired with jujube-flavored sherry barrels, apples in mulled red wine, with higher sweetness, amber walnuts, chocolate, and cake embryos, although some honey, rosin , coconut milk, floral and cheese, but still a little frizzy, wood, walnut, cinnamon, peat slightly different from modern, still very light, beeswax, tar, rubber, licorice, and finally a touch of sea salt, banana and orange peel.
    • Taste
      Spice-style old sherry, but if it's not improperly stored, then this wine tastes more stale than the label, the taste is complex and dull, with dry pits similar to high-year Doner, black fruit, if the smell is similar to cognac , then it is dried sherry, licorice, crushed black pepper, salt and pepper ginkgo, cocoa powder, tobacco, slightly obvious peat, charcoal, soil, and finally turned into slightly bitter salt and grass at the end.

      Stronger, normal oil, sweeter, no tannins, no astringency, bitter, no pungent, slightly alcoholic.
    • Finish
      Long, light sherry, peat, coffee, oak, a pinch of sea salt.

  4. NRGCLICK scored this whisky 96 points Expert Junior

    reviewed from a 50ml miniature.
    The best way I can describe this would be, take one of the tall 21s with the lighter hue, (predominately bourbon) from the early 2000s, mid-90s, ramp that up to cask strength, and what you have here is a mindgasam!
    • Nose
      96 96
      Dank earthy dunnage sherry with hints of woven peat. There are a plethora of tropical fruits bursting out of this glass. Dried apricots, cantaloupe melon, peaches, papaya, mangos, loads of stone fruits. There is a creamy sweet mustard note, rich cola, even hints of penicillin in the background.
      Perfection! An absolute masterpiece, something that will never be re-created in the future, truly a once-off piece of work.
    • Taste
      95 95
      WOW!! Thick and so creamy on the palate! I know this is 57% but how could you even tell? The fruits come to life in the mouth, and a beautiful vinegarette throughout the mid-palate, honey, beeswax, hints of paraffin.
    • Finish
      96 96
      The finish is so well-rounded, no alcohol burn that you would expect from this high abv. Beautiful oak spice on the finish, dank earth, and tropical fruit for days.

  5. Whisky-Fancier scored this whisky 94 points Expert Senior

    An incredible aroma. Deep sherry. But not put on. Distillery character. You can smell it all evening. An outstanding malt. Not to be compared with the unfortunately often bad thing nowadays.
    • Nose
      98 98
    • Taste
      93 93
    • Finish
      90 90

  6. HansG scored this whisky 95 points Expert Senior

    Delicate, subtle, complex, perfectly elegant sherried Springbank. No other words needed.

  7. whiskycuse did not rate this whisky Expert Senior

    A big malt that is deceptively "simple" at the beginning, but gradually develops a complexity in the glass that is simply sensational when you consider that there is a "12" on the label to indicate the age! And the taste ... fantastic!


  8. dr.mad scored this whisky 90 points Expert Senior

    super sip, wow
    • Nose
      85 85
    • Taste
      94 94
    • Finish
      92 92

  9. Syleo scored this whisky 97 points Expert Senior

    As a "Tale of Two Brothers" I tasted the Green Thistle head-to-head against the Batch 14 of the Springbank 12 CS of 2017 - Conclusion: While one (12CS) is enjoying his breakfast with fruit and honey sitting in the dark next plumps and dark chocolate crumbles among the groynes, contemplating the plaster on his thumb


    As a "Two Unequal Brothers", I've tasted the Green Thistle head-to-head with 2017's Springbank 12 CS Batch 15. The conclusion: While one (12CS) enjoys his breakfast next to the remains of the campfire and freshly connects the cut on his finger, his older brother (100proof) with a bowl of plum compote and chocolate is already on the beach between the groynes and looks at it thoughtfully Plaster on his thumb ...
    • Nose
      97 97
      The Green Thistle 100 ° of 1995 shows thin legs running swiftly down, turning back to the dark shadowy copper at the bottom of the glass. A deep, warming sherry sweetness of an intense rum raisin chocolate bar with a high cocoa content, creamy creme brulee, and the next fried honey banana Asian restaurant team with lime as well as grapefruit, orange and a few cherries. Deep red roses and walnuts are slowly condensing down to the ginger, iodine and the smell of a plaster. Spicy smells in a wooden bowl. Stock photography Spicy smells in a wooden bowl.


      In the Green Thistle 100 ° from 1995, thin spider legs quickly run back down into shady, dark copper in the glass. A deep, warm sherry sweetness of a hefty cocoa-flavored rum-raisin chocolate, creamy creme brulee and the honey banana from the Asia restaurant meet lime and grapefruit, oranges and a few cherries. Deep red roses and walnuts are concentrated in ginger, iodine and the smell of fresh patches. Together with strong oak wood, these spicy tones tickle like an old wall paneling on the nose, with a tart accent to tea leaves, malty black bread and warm plum compote in a wooden bowl.
    • Taste
      98 98
      On the palate, a quite distinct dryness makes its round, mainly noticeable at the edges of the tongue, but not all biting or astringent and only slightly woody, rather like a strong, creamy dark chocolate mousse. The rum raisins are here transformed into raisins and hazelnuts, dried rose petals, tobacco, berries and rosemary. These tones lead into the light of the leather, licorice, lime, in the foreground recognizable maritime taste, the iodine and salt, like on old groyne's head covered with shrimps in the morning sunshine - but rather viewed from a distance and the smell carried by a light breeze than standing amidst the wet, tarred poles, as sometimes seems to be the case with other, predominantly Islay single malts.


      On the palate, a noticeable dryness rounds out, most noticeable at the edges of the tongue, but overall still not biting or astringent and barely woody, more like a creamy dark chocolate mousse. The rum raisins are now converted to darker grape nut, dried rose petals, tobacco, berries and rosemary. The impressions flow into old leather, liquorice, limes, together again the recognizable Maritime, the iodine and salt, like an old, with mussels übersamter stage pile in the sunshine - however from a distance considered and in the gentle wind perceived, differently than with many Islays, where you have the impression of standing directly between the wet, tarred, old poles.
    • Finish
      96 96
      The finish then shakes earthy and peppery flavors down the throat, filling it with honey, grapes, berries and raisins sweetness at the same time, which, duly balanced by some coal from a burned out cask, lingers on and on ...


      The finish then pushes earthy and peppery down the throat and fills it with honey, grape, berry and raisin sweetness, which, balanced by coal as from the burned out barrel, still remains and remains ...

  10. ctu scored this whisky 94 points Connoisseur

    Big antique, complex and powerful Springbank.
    • Nose
      Sherry, honey, peat, salted caramel, dried fruits, raisin, antique leather and marzipan. Fanta, herbals, peppermint, eucalyptus, spicy oak and gingerbread.
    • Taste
      Powerful. Tannic oak, peat, antique leather, cocoa, raisin and candied orange peel. Salted caramel, lacquered wood, grape, herbals, pepper, ginger and chili.
    • Finish
      Long, peaty, oaky, bittersweet.

  11. KayMeertens scored this whisky 92 points Connoisseur

    Notes from a miniature.
    • Nose
      Dried apricot, oak, orange, roasted pumpkin, leather, toffee, milk chocolate, candied cherry, raisin, leather, vanilla, a coal fire and a whiff of peat. Eventually even some marzipan. With water a more dominant and fresher kind of orange, like in some shower gels, but also whiffs of cheese and avocado. The typical Springbank profile is somewhat disguised by the sherry influence, but what a rich nose!
    • Taste
      Orange, leather, toffee, raisin, oak, peat, milk chocolate, marshmallow, beeswax and pepper. The raisin gets stronger when it breathes. With water more orange peel but also more wax.
    • Finish
      Raisin, toffee, peat, cocoa, orange and wax.

  12. checkpointuk scored this whisky 92 points Connoisseur

    Color: copper / rust red / chestnut
    Nose: Full of sherry with lots of honey, wood and furniture polish. A spicy aroma, carried by nutmeg, cinnamon, coriander and salt, rises in the glass. Leather, tobacco, humidor, nuts, gingerbread, balsamic and fat-fruity aromas of oranges (orange peel and liqueur). But also tart herbs (bay leaves), peppermint and grape nut chocolate. What a variety of flavors !!!
    Taste: Full throttle with notes of varnished wood, furniture polish, salty spices, tart herbs, some paraffin and juicy orange slices. It continues with all sorts of nuts, chocolate, raisins, red grapes, leather, vanilla, molasses, honey, caramel and a pronounced freshness.
    Finish: Long-woody and dry, again with tart herbs, fresh mint, chocolate and still considerable spice. Slightly green with hints of dried fruits, leather, cardboard and already very dry wood. Subcutaneous: paraffin and mint.
    92 points (nose: 93 / taste: 93 / finish: 91

  13. lincolnimp scored this whisky 92 points Connoisseur

    • Nose
      92 92
    • Taste
      94 94
    • Finish
      93 93

  14. lincolnimp scored this whisky 92 points Connoisseur


    Nose - Much easier to nose on soft caramel and sherry

    Palate - Even creamier on soft blackberry/black currant flan and the sherry is just about perfect.

    Finish - Medium length smooth on dark toffee and dark fruits.

    In a nutshell this is a what I call sherried perfection

    This is class but far too expensive at auction now to make it a viable purchase for a drinker, glad I got a bottle when I did.
    • Nose
      Massive sherry on figs, prunes and blackberry. A few creosote notes that feel prickly to my nose.

      There is some bitter chocolate and mocha in the mix.
    • Taste
      Rich, creamy and powerful but also drying which highlights the fruitiness.

      After time in the glass it gets noticeably sweeter on sweet caramel and pastries (Belguim Bun)
    • Finish
      Long, smooth and sweet and a touch drying.

  15. dram-drinker scored this whisky 96 points Photo Moderator

    This one is a bit dryer than the same 100  proof with 50%. Thus I prefer the one with 50% a little bit over this with 57%.

  16. numen scored this whisky 95 points Expert Senior

    color: burnt copper
    nose: dried fruit, sherry, coconut, light sea
    salt and smoke, and apple. lots of dates, eucalyptus and mango, and a
    touch of clove (as it gets some time in the glass)
    palate: slightly more sherry, and alcoholic verve. dried, waxy fruit follows with a mild, smoky finish.
    as good as it is, the whisky improves significantly with 15-30 minutes of aeration.

  17. WhiskyJug scored this whisky 93 points Expert Senior

    The UK version of the legendary 1990s Springbank 12/100 bottling weighs in at 57% abv (100 British Proof).

    Nose: Rich sherry notes along with some spice and bitter orange rind. 

    Palate:  Dry sherry, earthy notes, chewy mouthfeel, wood like a forest after the rain. 

    Finish:  Red grapes, golden flame raisins.


    Wonderful, earthy stuff.

  18. WhiskyJug scored this whisky 93 points Expert Senior

    12 yo ‘100° Proof’
    (57%, OB, UK, ‘rather light

    Colour: amber. Nose: holy cow! Er…
    excuse me… The first nosing
    reveals the expected mix of superb
    waxy and resinous notes with all
    sorts of dried fruits...

    we have propolis, eucalyptus, tiger
    balm, mastic, almond milk, fermenting
    hay (I love these smells), old books
    (which I cherish as well), very old
    Calvados, mixed with coconut milk
    (almost Malibu, erm…), dates,
    dried figs, Smyrna raisins, cooked
    apples with cinnamon, mulled wine.
    Add to that maelstrom some whiffs
    of sea air and an added layer of pine
    resin and you should get the whole
    picture. Simply a thrill, as expected.
    Mouth: how creamy, how bold and how
    elegant at the same time. Really punchy,
    starting on some bold liquorice, smoked
    tea, coconut liquor again (no name)
    and hints of gentian eau de vie, Suze…
    Lots of dried fruits such as bitter
    oranges, bananas, figs… And
    then the waxy cohort, with mastic
    and eucalyptus candies, fir tree honey,
    mint and liquorice sweets. Great hints
    of dry sherry, old rancio, sherry
    spirit, marc de Bourgogne. The development
    is endless, with kind of a roughness
    that keeps it from getting a ‘simple’
    digestive (or a Club malt). A perfect
    hipflask malt, to pour your very best
    friends after a long walk in the mountains.
    And the finish is endless, very waxy
    and nicely rummy (‘arranged’
    rum?). Okay, enough maltoporn. 95

    From http://www.whiskyfun.com/archivedecember05-1.html#011205
    • Nose
      94 94
    • Taste
      93 93
    • Finish
      97 97

  19. The Macallan scored this whisky 85 points Connoisseur

    Despite the sherry, it still reflects those typical Springbank aroma's and flavors.
    • Nose
      Caramel like, rich sherry, sweet notes and some briny coastal notes very subtile in the back.
    • Taste
      Surprisingly mellow, tasty, creamy, strong malty flavor, sweet dried fruit and some salty notes.
    • Finish
      Long with a southern fruity like finish.


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