Laphroaig 10-year-old

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Single Malt
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Sherry Oak Finish
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10 years old
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48.0 % Vol.
700 ml
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L1 026 SB1 2034 09:19
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09 Mar 2021 11:42 am by Alex A.

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Whisky Reviews for Laphroaig 10-year-old

50 users have left a review for this whisky and scored it an average of 86.59 points

  1. Archer scored this whisky 88 points Connoisseur

    For someone like me, who counts Laphroaig to his favorite distilleries and who prefers to see his Dram Laphroaig matured in an ex-Bourbon barrel, this comrade takes some getting used to. The color is too dark, the smell too strange, the taste too sweet.
    Laphroaig and ex-bourbon barrels, a connection as sure as a rain shower on Islay when you are about to set off for the American Monument.
    The development towards sherry barrel-aged Laphroaig is only logical, however, if you look at the countless UA who pimp their South Islay Coast purchases with heavily soaked sherry barrels. The last Cairdeas was already under the influence of Port + Wine, the next Cairdeas will be a PX - why should only the UA throw something like that on the market (which demands it).
    In contrast to the undisclosed Islay smokers (who always only sausage Lagavulin), the sherry in the Laphroaig 10yo Sherry Oak does not look superimposed, but as if it belonged to it per se.
    If I think away from the "classic" Laphroaig flavors and the experiences I've had with Laphroaig so far (if this is possible at all), it still looks rather modern, but on a high level. "Objectively" an 88-point malt - subjectively I will certainly be able to enjoy myself. I just think of “Laphroaig” away, then it's okay.
    • Nose
      88 88
      He certainly does not try to hold back with his finish in the presentation, but goes straight to attack: thick, fat sherry notes with raisins, dried figs, leather and tobacco. Smoke? Yes, it is present, but not in the Laphroaig standard version (warm tar paper, hospital corridor, seaweed), but more subtle, slowed down, less characteristic. Dark chocolate, freshly ground espresso beans, light spice.
    • Taste
      88 88
      Very sweet start with smoked dried fruits and candied wild berries. Dry, very spicy. Smoky, but also here on the tongue different from what Laphroaig is usually used to. Okay, you can just make out a clump of seaweed, but the nearest hospital is half a day's journey away - on horseback. Dark chocolate, spicy and bitter fir honey. Wild herbs, pepper, nutmeg, slightly salty. I find myself pouring myself more, even though the glass was full. “War” is the keyword here.
    • Finish
      87 87
      Medium-long, dry and spicy, long aftertaste of the smoky note, which is a touch more intense in the finish than on the tongue. Raisins, dark chocolate, nutmeg.

  2. JuicyJulez scored this whisky 83 points Newbie

    Great nose with the typical peaty accusations and the minerality, the smoke however not typical hospital, more like fireplace smoke. Reminds something of the cart. In addition, vanilla and a beautiful red fruit that I associate with cherries.

    For a Laphroaig and especially 48% in the mouth, initially quite mild. Extremely oily in the mouth. Subtle sweetness, plus the mineral notes. Then oak comes through and it gets a little more rugged. But the nose promises more than it actually delivers.

    The finish is then characterized by smoky barbecue notes, but overall short.

    First impression: what the Triple Wood has in nice approaches appears more pronounced and full-bodied here. I will definitely (have to) taste the two and the PX side by side. But the Laphi has not changed my world now. And when I think about what I can get for 70 €, the bottle will probably never find its way to me a second time. For me, the TW is much more stable in terms of PLV.

    Probably falls under the heading "Made to sell" and not a really useful addition to the previous range.

  3. Tom na Gruagaich scored this whisky 85 points Connoisseur

    He's boring me a little. Solid, tasty, sherry peat. Neither monster nor particularly strong. I lack character, strength, Laphroaig. So it's a good dram, but nothing more. You don't have to chase after that, in my opinion.
    • Nose
      The nose is sweet, sherry, but also very floral, tulips and cut flowers. In addition, astonishingly moderate peat. Interesting.
    • Taste
      More pepper, peat, laphroaig, marzipan and some soy sauce in the mouth, herbal tart notes.
    • Finish
      The finish is slightly bitter, peaty, somewhat herbaceous, just a little sherry sweetness and unfortunately very short.

  4. Danlow scored this whisky 87 points Expert Junior

    We have a slightly above average Laphroaig here!
    I would say it's a “doped” 10 with real power and thrust. Or a quarter cask with complexity (sherry flavors). Laphroaig likes to bottle whisky at 48%.
    The typical Laphroaig flavors break through, like with the Quarter Cask. This Laphroaig is on the medicinal side (smokiness), not the ashy.
    Here the smoke is carried by a dark fruit. Most likely it is ripe churches and otherwise indistinguishable ripe fruit. The fruit got too close to a campfire.
    The finish is medium to long with a spicy dryness. The smoke remains.
    I don't like this one as much as my beloved 16'er, although of course there are two completely different orientations of Laphroaig.
    You can spend around € 60 for this. 50 € would be fair!
    This shouldn't be the first Laphroaig for beginners!

    I can't find any marking on the bottle for a possible color, as can be found on the normal 10'er, a quarter cask and the disused 18'er that are in my closet. It's the same with the 16'er. Therefore one can speculate about a coloring. But it is very dark, which is why I would bet on a color. It has "only" 10 years and after damp barrels, which can quickly bring color to the whisky, it does not taste good.
    • Nose
      88 88
    • Taste
      87 87
    • Finish
      87 87

  5. Reluktanzmotor scored this whisky 89 points Expert Senior

    Color: I actually only know Laphroaig a lot lighter. I have no idea whether it is the sherry barrel influence or whether the still has helped with coloring

    Nose: The whisky is cold. Fresh from the packing station. Still a wonderful Laphroaignase. Smoky, iodic, somewhat ashy, tobacco, cherry, slightly sweet, zero alcoholic. Everything is very fine, not brutal. I like it.

    Mouth: Wow - it pushes hard, full ashes, sweet on the tip of the tongue, then more dry than sweet, then switches back again. Dark fruity. After the sip, the nose has hardly any smokiness (as is so often the case with Laphroaig and me), no burning, tarry. All in all, I would think full Islay ;-)

    Finish: stays in the mouth for a long time. Becomes dry and woody. Burned oak. Cold ashtray.

    Conclusion: For friends of smoky Islay whisky and for every Laphi friend a must, I would think. I find it round and sufficiently complex. Nice interplay between sweet and dry, sufficient fruitiness and fat Laphroaigaschigkeit. Appropriately trained nerds will probably get a lot more flavors out of here. But that is (for me) not an Islay copy, but the full Islay broadside. But not brutal, but nicely round and balanced. But you have to like the strong Laphroaig taste. After a few sips, the nose is completely detached from the smokiness containing iodine. What remains is a fruity, floral, sherry barrel-ripened fragrance with delicate smoky notes in the background. If it was undiluted, I would give it 89 points. An Islay connoisseur might give him more (or less).

    PS Still in the mouth after 30 minutes. I'll go brush my teeth ;-)

  6. didi1893 scored this whisky 88 points Connoisseur

    An extremely tasty and extremely gentle Islaymalt with a wonderfully fine fruity peat note! ... but unfortunately (except for the nose) this wonderful malt has little in common with a Laphroaig. In contrast to the normal 10 bottle, there is no taste of phenol, mineral smoke, seaweed and algae, and absolutely no comparison to the CS bottlings that I love; here I miss the campfire, the embers and the burnt wood. As already mentioned, a damn tasty malt, but not a typical Laphi for me!
    • Nose
      Reddish copper shines in the glass, an oily streak sticks to the glass wall of my Premium Snifter from which many small "legs" loosen in slow motion. At the first nosing, the well-known Laphroaig-DNA is immediately apparent, despite the dark red color, earthy peat and mineral smoke play with each other, phenol and algae with seaweed and salty influences tentatively come into their own, whereby here I have the "scent" of hospital and "totem Man in the bog "miss a little. Gradually, light roasted aromas with fruity sweetness emerge, red grapes and berries followed by mandarins and peaches, along with caramel and a hint of milk chocolate. The longer this 10-year-old Laphi is in the glass, the more sweet sherry aromas come into play while peat and phenolic smoke withdraw more and more ...
    • Taste
      The first sip, sweet and mild, flows creamy over the tongue, roasted aromas and gentle peat stick to the tongue, the minimal smoke note fades more and more and ends peaty on the palate. Here and there burned wood and fly ash flashes, but unfortunately very minimal ... Sweet fruit and mild peat dominate the taste.
    • Finish
      Creamy and wonderfully soft peat and sweet fruity notes stick to the palate, roasted hazelnuts swim in the stimulated saliva under the tongue, the aftertaste is remembered for a medium-long time and leaves soft fruity peat on the tongue ...

  7. Kovalyoff scored this whisky 85 points Expert Senior

    Blenders Glass.
    Nose: Nice combination of sherry and peat, although obviously young. For peat, grass, citrus, allspice. The light medicine typical of the lafs is present, but uncomplicated - good, but simple. 21
    On the palate, woodiness and wateriness are well masked by peat. Again - good, but simple. 21
    The finish is quite long, woody and sherry (smoked prunes, dates, figs) and peat. 22
    Good, but simple - this is the motto of this drink.
    Summary: It's good to just have a drink while smoking a cigar or pipe, or roll in a company. B21

  8. Halmackenreuther did not rate this whisky Member Senior

    John and Simon von Laphroaig compared him in today's livestream (03/30/21) with a "Triple Wood on steroids".
    In a direct comparison, I found the good old TW better and rounder. Unfortunately, TW is / is definitely discontinued.
    Fortunately, the new Sherry Oak 10 is neither chill-filtered nor colored and has an age indication. Also consistent 48% alcohol. Composition: 25% full maturity in Refill Oloroso Hogsheads + 75% double matured in ex Bourbon Casks for 9 years, the latter then finished for 12 months in "Oloroso impregnated casks".
    TW for currently around 40 € is also a clear PL winner against the new Sherry Oak 10 for around 70 €.
    Both are delicious - especially if you like it sweet.

  9. obst scored this whisky 90 points Member Junior

    This Laphroaig comes with a lot of wood and marries the sweetness and medicinal smoke of Laphroiag into an extraordinary combination for this price range. Islay whisky with sherry should work - as seen for example with the Lagavulin Distillers Edition. The Islay / Sherry combination works this time too - astonishingly dark color and a great taste of oak. The bitterness, which is more likely to be found in older whiskys, is also exceptional.
    • Nose
      89 89
      Lots of oak, not alcoholic despite 48 vol
    • Taste
      89 89
      Smoke, lake, medicinal, wood (oak), bitter (especially after opening the bottle) cedar, sherry
    • Finish
      92 92
      A never-ending finale - bittersweet, sherry - just great

  10. hubatakacs94 scored this whisky 91 points Newbie

    Colour: brownish yellow, dark copper. And what was more noticeable: “The most richly flavored of all scotch whiskys” was replaced by “One of the most richly flavoured whiskys”. What the f happened ?? ????

    Overall, a very complex whisky, the marriage worked very well. It is not nauseatingly sweet, but the oloroso gives rather an extra layer, which mainly dominates on the nose at the beginning. Highly recommended to all Islay lovers! ????
    • Nose
      Nose: Absolutely no alcohol. Thick, oily. I let it air for 15 minutes and then it just started to open up nicely. Soft peat smoke, wrapped in a sweet, syrupy scent. Surprisingly sweet. I smell a little sour cherry and fresh pine scent. As another 10 minutes passed, the sweet / syrupy scent began to fade into the background and I could feel the very well known medical, iodine, algae, leather scent, malty, filthy hospital scent, the unmistakable Laphroaig scent. Fantastic!
    • Taste
      Palate: Like I swallowed an ashtray. Intense, a bit bitter, but no aftertaste or alcoholic bump. The second sip feels the sweet honey / syrupy taste at the beginning of my tongue. Oily, full bodied.
    • Finish
      Finish: Long, warm. Spicy, after a few seconds the very fine woody and malty notes enter the scene. But the sweet tones are there too, it’s more in the background, but they are there. After many long seconds, only the smoky taste remains. The impact / influence of the European oak casks is present and very interesting.

      With a few drops of water: The sweet tones are pushed into the background and the “real” 10-year-old Laphroaig appears. However, it connects the two flavours very nicely, which is very interesting. Overall, a very complex whisky, the marriage worked very well. It is not nauseatingly sweet, but the oloroso gives rather an extra layer, which mainly dominates on the nose at the beginning. Highly recommended to all Islay lovers! ????


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