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Gordon & MacPhail (GM)
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Mr. George Legacy
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67 years old
first fill sherry butt
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59.4 % Vol.
30 ml 700 ml
First Edition
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23 feb 2021 10:43 pm by Mitswhisky
UncoloredNon-chillfilteredCask StrengthSingle Cask Whisky

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Whisky reviews for Glen Grant 1953 GM

31 users have left 32 reviews for this whisky. Average rating is 94.72 points.

  1. thijs100 scored this whisky 94 points Connoisseur

    Only superlatives here. The Glen Grant 1953 ‘Mr George Legacy’ is a fitting tribute as much as the Mr George Centenary was.
    • Nose
      Notes of furniture polish, beeswax, burlap, a tinge of charred oak and teak, but also big on the rancio. There are whispers of tobacco leaves and menthol, but also blackberries. Touches of aceto di balsamico, prunes and crème de cassis, but also chocolate and raisins. You get the gist, right? It’s greatness in a glass and shares similarities with older brandies. Perfectly — and I mean flawlessly — integrated.
    • Taste
      There’s this sweet arrival with dried dates and Demerara sugar, but also eucalyptus and a whiff of star anise, supported by a tiny pinch of black pepper as well as some strong coffee and leather. Then more raisins and chocolate. Damp oak and tobacco leaves. Some drier notes, but they’re kept very much in check. And again it’s integrated and balanced.
    • Finish
      Long. Some cloves. A tad dry. Chocolate, balsamic. A hint of ash.

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  3. FluidSunshine scored this whisky 94 points Expert Senior

    • Nose
      94 94
    • Taste
      93 93
    • Finish
      94 94

  4. Dram Dracula scored this whisky 96 points Connoisseur

    I'm trying this side by side with the GG 1956 65yo #4451 55.4%


    This blows the #4451 out of the water. This waves and wavers at the highest level but never breaks.
    • Nose
      96 96
      What a dream... thick, juicy, jammy, fruity, with secondary notes of fine oak and subtle spices like cinnamon, cloves, and star anise. Soooo balance.
    • Taste
      97 97
      Wowwww... this is one of the greatest! So complex, so strong, yet so balanced. This is one of those whiskies that maintain its peak on the palate for a loooong time... There are moments where you thought it's going to break, with perhaps too much oak, or it may become a bit off-balanced especially with the strong ABV, or perhaps simply too much ABV, but nooooo.... No capitulation here. This is a superstar. Through and through. Cohesive. Complex. Cowabunga! This is spellbindingly delicious. At almost 60% but absolutely does not feel it! Probably the only whisky I've had at 60% where all the flavors, minute or otherwise, can be tasted easily... clearly and well-defined.
    • Finish
      96 96
      I am privileged to have tasted this.

  5. StyrianSpirit scored this whisky 97 points Expert Senior

    This old whisky is striking: on the nose it is clearly recognizable as a Glen Grant of the 1950s, but it could also be a very old Armagnac; the aromas of old, damp wine cellars, black tea and a slightly musty library speak for themselves; as well as the ripe berries that gradually appear. The dense consistency as well. The 59.4% is not noticeable at all, it just adds vibrancy.

    But the strength on the palate reports and leads to a perfect mouthfeel between density, intensity, fruitiness, spiciness and black tea notes. The mouthfeel is clearly the greatest, as this is where the fruit and a subtle freshness come to the aged notes. The finish develops over time and is expectedly long. Overall the best whisky I've had in my glass so far.
    • Nose
      97 97
      I am immediately in the old wine cellar, dusty books. Old Bottle Flavor (although the malt was in cask until 2021). The relationship to Glen Grant 1956 (WB12047) is unmistakable! And the aromatic relationship to very old Armagnacs, especially the Claveries, as well. Old choir stalls in a cool and damp church. Black tea. The ripe berries are already appearing behind them. Sherry and Madeira, boiled down a bit. A super dense concentrate, the 59.4% cannot be felt. The development in the Premium Snifter is particularly beautiful: First, a full jug of old wine cellars, a confessional, and damp moss. Gradually, i.e. every half hour, then the fruits and strong wines announce themselves. In terms of consistency and density, it is closer to the very old Armagnacs than to the very old Cognacs.
    • Taste
      98 98
      According to the 59%, the Grant comes into the mouth full of sherry, sweet with plums and berries, pregnant with Madeira. Tea notes follow, the damp wine cellar, moss and forest soil. That's just great.
    • Finish
      97 97
      That such a spirit has a "long finish" was to be expected. And is slightly understated. The dark notes report in waves from the wine cellar to the confessional to the damp moss, then sherry and Madeira, then blueberries and blackberries again, followed by the pleasantly tart black tea.

  6. halo3one scored this whisky 93 points Member Senior

    4209, 4450, 4451 side by side

    All insanely fantastic sherry bombs. Any slights below are nitpicking.

    4209 - 94/94/91
    4450 - 93/93/93
    4451 - 93/94/94

    4450 was sublime but clearly a step behind in depth and strength to the other two. 4209 (Mr George) edged 4451 in nose and maybe even palate, but finished considerably drier and more tannic. Feel 4209 would have been better served if pulled a few yrs earlier. 4451 had an off note or two in the nose but was the best all around for me.
    • Nose
      94 94
    • Taste
      94 94
    • Finish
      91 91

  7. Horror_Vacui scored this whisky 92 points Expert Senior

    A fantastic nose. Old furniture, high-quality herbal schnapps, furniture polish, candle wax. Candied berries. Dark, very spicy forest honey.
    Some resin.

    A spicy, tart start. Dark chocolate, tobacco. Dutch liquorice. Herbal liqueur, sometimes a little dark sweetness flashes out of the otherwise rather tart whisky.
    Slightly resinous. Black tea, herbal tea. Toasted walnuts.
    There are other flavors that come out in the mouth with time and become part of the picture. Cough Syrup, Bitters, Pine Needle.

    Long. Clearly resinous here, no sweetness as a counterpoint. Dark chocolate with walnut.


    I have to admit to being disappointed. I was hoping for more from the reviews.
    The whisky has an almost infinite complexity, in contrast to other old whiskys I have had in the glass so far, it has an impressive presence in the mouth.

    However, it has hardly any sweetness, hardly any fruit or anything that occurs as a counterpart to the wood aromas, as I have had and appreciated with some long-aged brandies.
    So it's a bit too one-sided for me.

    Objectively a great bottling. No wood broth, but it's out of balance for my taste.

  8. ThorstenH scored this whisky 98 points Connoisseur

    The perfect Christmas sample. I agree with "dram drinkers" in large parts. The missing fruit would be the icing on the cake.
    With the 2nd sip some blackberries and lilacs.
    • Nose
      98 98
      Full and the high ABV is immediately noticeable. Not negative, but the dram is immediately present. Old strong wood combined with sherry influence. Old library, tobacco. Very sublime. Something very special. Complex? But something like that.
    • Taste
      99 99
      Full and strong. With the 2nd sip, the creaminess also comes in, which makes it perfect. The notes from the nose can also be found here.
    • Finish
      96 96
      Dark and old notes remain. Wood and barrel. I'm missing something more here. However, it gets better and rounder from sip to sip. Complaining at a very high level.

  9. SuppenHuhn scored this whisky 94 points Expert Junior

    • Nose
      94 94
    • Taste
      93 93
    • Finish
      94 94

  10. notesofmalt scored this whisky 95 points Expert Senior

    Glen Grant 1953 - 2021, 67 years, 59.4% alc. Bottler: Gordon & MacPhail (Mr. George Legacy, First Edition). Expansion: sherry cask no. 4209

    Nose: Quite reserved at first, the aromas gradually become apparent, which at first appears very elegant. Antique wood, furniture polish, older railway sleepers, beeswax and heather honey, I also have to think of shoe polish and freshly greased leather boots. After some time in the glass, there is also a mixture of dried apricots and raisins, pepper and sweet pipe tobacco.

    Palate: herbal liqueur with oak. Very sweet, very intense, difficult to identify. A wild composition of herbal sweets, sawmill and mixed forest. There are also cigar tobacco, raisins, beeswax, cinnamon liqueur and liquorice.

    Finish: Very long, becomes drier as it progresses and the oak wood appears stronger but still surprisingly elegant. Dates, sage and tree resin.

    Conclusion: I've had a few over 50 Glen Grants, but even at the age of 67 the parts aren't over it and they're just terrific. This specimen thrives on its complexity and its almost liqueur-like structure. Really great. 95/100 points (2022)

  11. paradoox scored this whisky 96 points Member Senior

    Others have said it better than I can. This is an exceptional harmonious whisky. It shows its age but in a very good way. There is no woodiness here. So I'm wondering if this is a very old solera cask.

  12. Segens scored this whisky 97 points Connoisseur

    so finally I could get my hands on a sample - after the fabulous reviews the last weeks I was regretting it a lot that I did not participate to a bottle share when the bottle was released.

    So I poured the dram and immediately got this heavy sherry and tobacco notes.
    Then 45 minutes later: Absolutely fantastic dram - maybe missing some fruity notes as it goes into dry tobacco and sherry but really a stunner and also for me my whisky highlight so far.

  13. RoKa scored this whisky 96 points Expert Senior

    Incredibly good - fantastic!! It's all been said already...

  14. Jimenez scored this whisky 95 points Expert Senior

    Just amazing, best malt ever

  15. dram-drinker scored this whisky 97 points Photo Moderator

    Very complex, powerful, balanced, heavy sherry but not a sherry bomb, some fruitiness and lots of wood spices – brilliant!
    It's basically a perfect sherry whisky, however, I realized that I would expect more fruitiness and sweetness to rate it a perfect 100.
    • Nose
      97 97
      Intense, dried fruits, liquorice, spices, cinnamon, cloves, sherry wood, tobacco, nuts, raisins, plums, dates, acacia honey, some menthol and eucalyptus, herbs – fantastic!
    • Taste
      98 98
      Punchy, liquorice, acacia honey, brown sugar, good sweetness, deep sherry wood, spices, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, toffee, coffee liqueur, herbs, menthol, pepper, hints of finest leather – delicious!
    • Finish
      96 96
      Long, warm, spicy, woody, more liquorice, coffee, herbs, toasted bread, tar, cooked oranges, probably slightly drying – excellent!

  16. bigpicture2017 scored this whisky 95 points Connoisseur

    One of the most complex malts I‘ve ever tasted. Outstanding old-school dram. Elegant, silky and yet incredibly intense.

  17. riekio scored this whisky 98 points Expert Senior

    An endless adventure that continues to change so savor this and drink it slow. I prefer it neat for the palate as water brings out a slight imbalance into the bitter and tannic realm, but these are mere quibbles. Water enhances the nose however. Quite amazing for 67 years, both the quality of whisky and the abv. Bravo, the quote on the closure of this bottle can now be changed; the pursuit is over.
    but what do I do with the rest of the whisky in my collection? All else is a disappointment now

  18. Baanaanaabob scored this whisky 95 points Connoisseur

    This shows how GM managed to perfect the maturation process, not an ounce of excess woodiness, prune, tobacco, dark fruits, red fruits, raisins, herbs, chocolate, burnt sugar, candied orange, textbook old style sherry, multi layered, complex and balanced. Head to Head with the 1956 for LMDW which is already an outstanding whisky, this wins hands down.

  19. tenko scored this whisky 98 points Member Senior

    The smell is rich perfume, jam, black dates, peaches, salted plums.
    Full, strong, woody, soapy, dark chocolate, juicy fruit.
    long end rhyme

  20. Artus scored this whisky 92 points Expert Senior

    • Nose
      92 92
    • Taste
      92 92
    • Finish
      93 93

  21. ltlinh scored this whisky 99 points Member Junior


  22. OJK scored this whisky 94 points Expert Senior

    This feels like history in a glass, it has the presence and grandeur of a prestigious library exhibit - but rather than anything stuffy, it's moving and exciting, and feels fresh despite the years. Waves of endless flavour, incredible structural integrity from nose through to the finish, with fractals of flavour taking you in different directions while never going off track. The density on the palate is particularly brilliant, with all the old school sherry notes (prunes, tobaccos, waxes, polishes, dark chocolates, herbs, honeys, spices and nuts) landing with such grace and precision. A true masterpiece.

  23. Maltburger scored this whisky 99 points Expert Senior

    I have allowed myself over 200 days to find the right day, now it was time for the first sip of the sample.

    Don't be angry with me, I didn't want to burden myself with writing down notes, but simply enjoy the oldest and most extraordinary whisky I have had in my glass so far.

    After pouring I left the room for about 45 minutes, the return to the glass was brilliant, you feel like a little boy in front of the candy floss machine.
    I was surprised by the fact that it didn't feel that old. Yes, ok, it is recognisable that it has been in the cask for a long time, but 67 years? No, you have other thoughts in your head beforehand. It is complex and balanced to perfection, the high alcohol content is incredibly well integrated. I wonder which is more difficult to ignore, the tasting notes from Serge and Rubens or the ABV on the bottle.
    The first sip was excellent, I will never forget the mouthfeel, I was totally captivated. It can indeed be nice to be captivated ;-)
    The transition to the finish was consistently nice, I wondered the whole time when the alcohol 59.4% would come? I spent a lot of time afterwards processing what had gone before. Storing memories as best I could. I also decided not to use water for the second and last sip of the evening.
    Maybe next time, today as pure as it gets.

    "Dear GG53G&M, you deserve to be at the top of my personal ranking. It was great meeting you. see you again!" :-)

  24. whiskydramo scored this whisky 94 points Connoisseur

    I'll try to be impartial here because I could easily add two or three points given the age of the whisky (and the price for sure). The fact that it's not a bottle of wood juice is simply incredible after spending 67 long years in a first fill sherry butt, assuming it wasn't re-casked.
    • Nose
      95 95
      Crushed peanut, dark plums, dried cranberries, all dipped into chocolate fondue. Before long, you'd find emerging nutmeg, a bit of anise, later blended with long-aged chenpi. A thin layer of oak smokiness, red Chinese dates, apple peel and women's cosmetics. The longer it stayed in the glass, the more sweet and sour red fruits appeared, fresh prune, cherry and a pinch of persimmon. There's also ripe banana too. It even became floral after a sip. Creamy papaya and tobacco from the emptied glass. Incredible for such an old whisky!
    • Taste
      91 91
      Dark fruits, Li hing mui, quickly covered by spices, black pepper and dark chocolate. More dark choco notes as you chewed. Later there's even some coke, which was followed by cherry and tannin. The taste was great but not unbelievable if you know what I mean. It might need more oxidisation to get rid of the punchiness in order to better show the underlying flavours.
    • Finish
      95 95
      Dark fruit skin, chocolate dryness, black tea, clove, old wood and leather. Gradually you would find fresher cherry, plum and papaya all lingering in your mouth.

  25. U17ral scored this whisky 100 points Newbie

    Best whisky I have ever tasted. Each time I go back to the bottle I find new smells and flavours. Incredible vitality for such an old malt. Looking forward to others in the series.

  26. peatjens scored this whisky 99 points Expert Senior

    Was very lucky to get a sample. The experience ultimately persuaded me to purchase a whole bottle. A whisky born long before me. I hope I will also mature at my peak at 67 years old :)

    100 bottles of 30 cl each were filled, which were not intended for retail. This
    Samples were made available to a select audience.

    Incredibly good and perfect - a whisky of superlatives. Even with the alcohol content. Instead of the usual 2% Angels Share, it was only about 0.5% per year that was lost if the spirit on the day of distillation was somewhere near the upper limit of 94.8% alcohol by volume that is currently valid in the EU. The link assumes that 1953 was bottled at around 65%.

    https://www.forbes.com/sites/joemicallef/2021/05/02/gordon--macphail-release-67-yo-scotch-whisky-mr-george-legacy-1953-from-glen-grant-distillery /amp/

    "It would have been originally casked at an ABV of around 65%, ... it lost less than 6% of its alcoholic strength."

    Here you will find the statement by Stuart Urquhart, Operations Director of Gordon & MacPhail, on how it is generally possible to bottle at such a high cask strength after such a long maturation period:


    The high alcohol content is due to the optimal conditions of storage and maturation of the whisky in a cask that was previously used to ship sherry from Williams & Humbert in Jerez. In the 1950s, G&M was also a sherry bottler. The casks that the sherry was shipped in were made from thicker than normal staves to better protect the sherry cask from damage during transit. The thicker staves, sturdier construction and storage at consistently low temperatures meant these casks evaporated less alcohol during maturation.

  27. dingleberry scored this whisky 97 points Member Senior

    Sample was given to me, very much thank you Gary. This is just the most sublime whisky I have ever tasted, lingering sweetness and a truly exquisite finish with that amazing high ABV. Never experienced something like this before. Heaven.

  28. zzfranci scored this whisky 99 points Expert Senior

    This is the best Glen Grant I have drunk.

  29. WiltChamberlain scored this whisky 96 points Connoisseur

    This is a sheer unbelievable whisky.
    It opens up a complete new dimension if you are one of the lucky ones to try it.

    7000€? If you have the money, buy it, you won't regret it, especially considering prices for Macallans with similar age statements.

    24.07.2021 - Update: It gets better and better with some air. 94 overall -> 95 overall

    29.10.2022 - Update: The whisky in the open bottle really keeps improving which is flabbergasting. This is easily one of the three best whiskies I've ever tried. 95 overall -> 96 overall
    • Nose
      95 95
    • Taste
      96 96
    • Finish
      96 96

  30. rampah scored this whisky 97 points Expert Senior

    The term "they don't make them like this anymore" is overused, but in this case maybe true.

    A combination of a spirit from the 50s with an outstanding sherrycask (nowadays it would be impossible for whisky merchants to get their hands on comparable casks from that era) can yield outstanding results.

    And in this case, G&M truly delivered a masterpiece.
    Intensity, complexity, and somehow the taste is even better than the already outstanding nose.

    In terms of a Scotch from a sherrycask, it would be nearly impossible to top this imho.

    The only downside is the price: ~160€ per dram is already insane, but good luck getting this even at this price.
    • Nose
      96 96
    • Taste
      97 97
    • Finish
      97 97

  31. hs305 scored this whisky 98 points Connoisseur

    [June, 2021] Oops, many members own a bottle already but no one dared to open it? Hey, whisky is made for drinking! Finally I managed to buy a reasonable-sized sample (6cl) from a bottle-sharing and so I am in the pole position to write the first review (here at WB)...

    ...and what a review! This is the stuff whisky dreams are made of, at least mine. I never scored any dram 98 points so far but after 5000+ different drams tasted I think it is time to break this tradition (and still I can do a 99 points score if an even better dram crosses my way after the next 5000+ tastings). What is absolutely astonishing about this Glen Grant is the fact that the taste is even better than the nose, usually the nose is excellent on very long-matured drams but the taste often fails to meet this high quality level. Enough said, as I like to enjoy the rest of my sample without intellectual exercises.

    [July, 2021] I re-tasted this dram tonight and still I am flashed by both its quality and liveliness after 67 years of maturation. To me, this is the most interesting spirit I ever tasted (so far).
    • Nose
      97 97
      The colour is mahogany and of course I use a big spherical blender's glass to nose this old beauty. The first sniff right after serving is very impressive already with dozens of different interwoven aromas from all three the malt, the sherry and the wood. It takes quite a while until my olfactory cells adapt to this onrush of aromas and it takes even longer until they manage to separate the different impressions. For a detailed description please refer to the excellent reviews of Serge and Angus at whiskyfun.com because they own better senses than I do. Nonetheless, I enjoy this nose at least as much as they did (maybe even a little more) because it is not just extremely complex and flawless but perfectly balanced and full of interesting nuances too. Take your time with this nose as it improves greatly upon oxidation, my score started at 93 right after serving but then improved one point every 15 minutes until it finally reached its peak after around one hour of breathing and some drops of water. Remember, old drams demand patience!
    • Taste
      98 98
      Usually the taste of very old drams cannot match their nose but this one is different. This taste is even better! I cannot believe the initial signals from my taste buds so I have to take a quick second sip and it confirms an immense onrush of delicate flavours which is hard to match even by the best drams I had so far (and I had a lot of excellent drams over the last 25+years). This taste is multi-multi-multi layered and if you are able to chew this dram for at least three minutes it offers a myriad of impressions in an endless procession of flavours across your taste buds. Again, please refer to Serge and Angus for details as they stated all flavours already I am able to identify. But what strikes me most is the unbelievable harmony of the holy whisky trinity in this taste - malt, sherry and wood march hand in hand and without the slightest wrestling for dominance as if they fell in love to each other a long time ago and this love has constantly grown over the years married together. Wow, what a taste - I am flashed, to be honest.
    • Finish
      98 98
      The arrival of this dram is absolutely flabbergasting with an immense power and freshness that I never thought was possible after 67 years of maturation. It instantly coats all parts of my mouth with a creamy and warming texture and the best about this mouthfeel is: It is completely free of any distracting bitter or drying moments, this is a triple wow-surprise for a 67-years old dram. The finish is virtually endless and fades very slowly in different vanishing waves again without any distracting astringent or unpleasant bitter notes. Are there new impressions during the finish? Of course, but it is almost impossible to describe them as the taste was over-complex already. Some drops of water release a whole set of new impressions in the nose and turn the taste a little more punchy and smooth at the same time which seems to be a contradiction but actually it is what it is. Unfortunately, the different layers start to intermingle now as it happens so often on reduced levels of very complex old drams. A further reduction smooths both nose and taste and the layers are almost gone now - I prefer the neat dram to be honest (at its flabbergasting 59.4% abv after 67 years of maturation, I still cannot believe this...).

  32. hs305 scored this whisky 98 points Connoisseur

    [May, 2021] Wow, what a flabbergasting butt! After 67 years of maturation this cask yielded still 355 bottles at astonishing 59.4% abv. I certainly have to try a dram (or two)...

    ...and I want to meet that funny WB member who tagged "coal-gas" already (but nothing else and no score either). Just to be clear about the "coal-gas" which usually indicates sulphur-spoiled casks: The practice of treating sherry casks with burning sulphur candles to prevent them from rotting in the hot Spanish climate before they were shipped to Scotland was introduced in 1983 (and stopped several years later when the distilleries discovered how badly this practice spoiled their whisky). So a dram filled into a cask in 1953 (and never was re-racked) could never ever develop such flavours. But maybe the mysterious member knows something all others do not?

    Actually, another member had a perfect explanation for this tagging - here is what he/she wrote: "The coal-gas icon is the first one of the list and very often it is clicked on unintentionally. I've had it a couple of times myself already, especially when browsing on my phone." Thanx a lot!

  33. foxboro did not rate this whisky Expert Senior

    Some ratings from the famous whisky bloggers:
    Angus 94
    Serge 94
    Ruben 95


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