BenRiach 12-year-old

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Single Malt
Distillery Bottling
Bottling serie
Heredotus Fumosus
Stated Age
12 years old
Pedro Ximénez Sherry Butts Finish
Number of bottles
46.0 % Vol.
700 ml
Added on
03 may 2008 3:17 pm

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€ 106.08

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Whisky reviews for BenRiach 12-year-old

30 users have left 31 reviews for this whisky. Average rating is 85.38 points.

  1. D3US scored this whisky 85 points Expert Senior

    A very interesting expression, with a high Islay feel to it. Not a bad effort though, very nice.
    • Nose
      Clear peat smoke. Sweet after that, with dry wood, sherry, dark fruits and vanilla. Quite flowery still, malty and the peat smoke is now in the background, adding an interesting balance.
    • Taste
      The peat and sweetness make for a taste that reminds me of Fisherman's Friend cough drops, I taste this in a lot of Bowmore expressions as well. Anise, licorice, sweet vanilla and chocolate. A dry, leathery note as well.
    • Finish
      In the end warming smoke and oak, vanilla sweetness and light sherry. After that not much is left.

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  3. Dris scored this whisky 84 points Connoisseur

    • Nose
      83 83
    • Taste
      85 85
    • Finish
      84 84

  4. dcsicsak scored this whisky 85 points Expert Senior

    • Nose
      85 85
    • Taste
      87 87
    • Finish
      83 83

  5. ctu scored this whisky 85 points Connoisseur

    • Nose
      85 85
    • Taste
      86 86
    • Finish
      85 85

  6. gaboruso scored this whisky 83 points Connoisseur

    • Nose
      83 83
    • Taste
      84 84
    • Finish
      83 83

  7. Georges scored this whisky 82 points Connoisseur

    • Nose
      Peat smoke, fresh, fruity (bananas), heather, earthy, brown sugar
    • Taste
      Peat smoke, spicy, liquorice, herbs, tea, blackberries
    • Finish
      Medium long, smoky, spicy (ginger, eucalyptus), dry

  8. Tom na Gruagaich scored this whisky 80 points Connoisseur

    Sweet smoke, light sherry bitterness. Actually very fine, but somehow this does not seem quite harmonious.

  9. Totoro scored this whisky 83 points Connoisseur

    Brakepads and rum-soaked raisins: yup, that's PX alright. Pretty oily and velvety nose, though, purrs like a kitty. The farmy peat that is characteristic for smoky Benriachs is tamed by syrupy, sweet, wet-cask-delivered sherry. Very sweet, very full, dark, and massively herbal. Notes of dark stout and/or Marmite. Kind of like a more mature Laphroaig Triple Wood, or a less strong Ardbeg Uigedail, but the peat smoke is herbal, fungal, and musty instead of maritime, brackish, and salty. It's very successful in what it sets out to do, but I find it a bit vulgar and over-the-top.

    The attack could be more impressive; initially, the mouthfeel is not nearly as oily as the nose would have you think (the oiliness returns with a vengeance at the death, though). Otherwise, the palate delivers exactly what the nose promised: oodles of saccharine, syrupy sherry dripping from a skeleton of dry, peppery, musty herbaceousness. A real bruiser; one shudders to think what this would've felt like at cask strength.

    The finish is predictably long, sweet, and smoky. In a word (or rather two): cough syrup.

  10. whiskyd scored this whisky 77 points Expert Senior

    • Nose
      75 75
    • Taste
      75 75
    • Finish
      78 78

  11. MadScientist scored this whisky 89 points Connoisseur

    • Nose
      88 88
    • Taste
      90 90
    • Finish
      90 90

  12. Gloin scored this whisky 85 points Expert Senior

    Sweet fruit with medium, medicinal smoke, licorice

  13. Lady Dram did not rate this whisky Expert Senior

    • Nose
      77 77
    • Taste
      79 79
    • Finish
      82 82

  14. Arquebus scored this whisky 89 points Expert Senior

    A competent peated and sherried Speysider that's certainly a little different, and a nice breather from the usual Islay Peat Giants. A good write up was given by Mr Murray in his 2012 WB.

  15. toklian did not rate this whisky Connoisseur

    Serge says:

    12 yo 'Heredotus Fumosus' (46%, OB,
    Peated Pedro Ximinez Finish, 3180
    bottles, 2007)
    Not sure this Heredotus is the same
    as famous king Herodotus... Or does
    it have something to do with heritage?
    Colour: gold. Nose: sweeter and quite
    softer at first nosing, with indeed
    a little cane sugar this time (eh?)
    and much shier peatiness and smokiness.
    Even more mashed potatoes and grain
    in this one, the whole getting frankly
    porridgy after a moment, with even
    whiffs of horse sweat. Soft and wild
    at the same time. Mouth: punchier
    and peatier than on the nose, slightly
    salty, with also quite some liquorice
    and earl grey tea (heavily infused).
    Hints of stout, violet sweets, blackberry
    jelly. Again this bitterness (more
    old walnuts here). Finish: long, more
    ‘peaty and candied’. This
    one isn’t too winey, but one
    can feel it’s not ‘regular’
    whisky and that ‘something’
    happened. I liked the rum version’s
    cleanliness a little better I must
    say. 79 points.

  16. MaltyMillionaire scored this whisky 86 points Expert Senior

    Great dram for a surprisingly decent price at our local population-fleecing state-run liquor control (LCBO).
    • Nose
      Sweet red fruit encasing rich fat peat. Wisps of sweet smoke, clove, and cinnamon.
    • Taste
      Rich, sweet, red fruit arrival with a spice and fat peat undercurrent. Faint smoke. The spices develop more forcefully at the end.
    • Finish
      Sweet fruit dominates the smoke as spices swim their way to the fore. Eventually drying and spicy with some residual sweetness. The finish lingers as the sweetness subsides leaving soft smoke and spice.

  17. whiskeyjedi scored this whisky 81 points Member Senior

    BenRiach Heredotus Fumosus
    Tasted 2015-07-17 @ Whisky InTeam Spaden:
    N restrained currant,
    G spicy chilli with wholegrain fruitiness

  18. molar3rd scored this whisky 86 points Expert Senior

    Color : Gold. (no color was added, no caramel)

    Nose: Are we in Speyside or in Islay !? Had you given me the nose sans telling me it’s BenRiach, i would opt for the latter. What a nose! Loads of peat, sweet peat. Who said sherry and peat don’t mix well (hint : Jim Murray. – so what!). this is a wonderful nose my friends. I just love it. peat , smoke, sherry notes in the backdrop (without the Islay medicinal, Iodine seaweed et al) . one could sniff this dram all day long. It’s a thing of beauty. Some vanilla notes, and wee lemony note (citrus). the best peated Speyside I’ve sniffed to date. period. it’s not one dimensional, but not the most complex nose around. Yet, i love it!

    palate: Peat , and then some more peat. sweet notes in addition. I’d say Smoked Bacon in Caramel-Teriyaki sauce. The PX finish gives a sherry mood and touch to the finish, but is not too imposing. balance. at 46% it’s nice but i would love to get to taste this sweetie at CS. A but more impact will do it well. There is also a certain spiciness to it.

    Finish : smoke,peat, spice and sweet ending on behalf of the PX… great length.

    Summing it up:

    A good dram indeed. I love the nose, and the palate is nice enough. Very impressive in my opinion for a peated speyside. It’s peaty, it’s strong, and the sherry does complement this malt. I have not tasted the other 2 different finishes of this 12 year old (Rum,Port) , but i sure would love to try those out as well in the future. When i am in Peat mood, i can see how i can really connect with this one. It goes straight to my wish list (not top 5 but top 10 on the wish list) , that i can tell you (for now i have only a wee sample left). The price is also right, and for around £30,which is not bad at all.

    Happy dramming!


  19. markkerr02 scored this whisky 88 points Expert Senior Test 092: BenRiach and GlenDronach with Alistair Walker - 090822
    The whisky tested: Glass 1 BenRiach 20Y, 43%; 739 kr 17 points
    Glass 2 BenRiach 21Y Authenticus, 46%; 990 kr 51 points
    Glass 3 BenRiach 12 Peated / Pedro Ximenez Finish, 46%; 579 kr 44 points
    Glass 4 GlenDronach 12Y, 43%; 399 kr 4 points
    Glass 5 GlenDronach 15Y, 46%; 529 kr 110 points
    Glass 6 GlenDronach 18Y, 46%; 689 kr 98 points
    Glass 7 BenRiach 31Y / 1978 Gaja Barolo, cask 4414, 51.2%; about 2000 kr 154 points
    Testimonials Per Eriksson BenRiach 12Y / Peated / Pedro Ximenez Finish, 46%
    Scent: Smoked, salted, ham, oak
    Taste: Smoke, sweetie, honey
    Aftertaste: Smoked, salted
    Score: 88 Testimonials Bernt Sjödin BenRiach 12Y / Peated / Pedro Ximenez Finish, 46%
    Color: Light amber
    Scent: Peat, dried fruit - raisins - plum
    Taste: Dried fruit, smoky - smoke that grows, peaty, sweet mats
    Aftertaste: Long with sweet, dried fruit, smoky
    Score: 87

  20. St. Pauli scored this whisky 84 points Connoisseur

    Too bad about the short finish, but very enjoyable
    • Nose
      Peaty, dried fruits from the sherry cask (plum, fig, sultanas), a slicht touch of vanila
    • Taste
      Full-bodied, sweet, yet mild, fruity and a little smoky
    • Finish
      Rather short, mainly on the dried fruits

  21. tebond968 scored this whisky 76 points Expert Senior

    Benriach 12y 'Heredotus Fumosus' richly peated, 46%, OB 2007, Pedro Ximenez Sherry finish, 3180 bottles - Speyside - 76/100
    Sweet, clean peat. No seaweed, no iodine, nothing medicinally. Vanilla, citrus and smoked bacon. The sweet peat also dominates the taste. Licorice and raisins too. After a while it becomes quite bitter, hints of Earl Gray. Pretty long, somewhat dry aftertaste on sweet peat. This is not bad, but I still miss that medicinal touch.

  22. Helgo scored this whisky 86 points Connoisseur

    • Nose
      85 85
    • Taste
      85 85
    • Finish
      87 87

  23. smaeksle did not rate this whisky Expert Senior

    Delicious things. 2)
    • Taste
      Again dark fruits, also the smoke remains present but since he has been open for some time he has lost taste.
    • Finish
      Warm and spicy.

  24. Whiskykoch scored this whisky 89 points Member Senior

    • Nose
      80 80
    • Taste
      90 90
    • Finish
      91 91

  25. Hvdree scored this whisky 84 points Connoisseur

    • Nose
      85 85
    • Taste
      84 84
    • Finish
      84 84

  26. fhomi67 scored this whisky 87 points Expert Junior

    • Nose
      Smoke and sweetness, heavy fruit, plum compote, some chocolate, some caramel,
      Smoke subsides significantly, later aromas of oranges, engl. Orange jam
    • Taste
      soft, sweet and fruity, clearly sherry, then becoming smoother
    • Finish
      Smoke and wood flavors, getting milder, Sherry's sweetness becomes clearer again,
      later malty aromas, some caramel and light smoke again and again.

  27. mister glenfarclas scored this whisky 84 points Connoisseur

    I like it. Way better balanced than the Maderensis Fumosus for example.
    • Nose
      Sweet at first before the peat kicks in. Heavy medicinal peat now. Takes a little while before the sherry gets to the surface. 
    • Taste
      Powerful mouthcoating start. Sweet and rich oak. Spicy peat. Everything underlined by nice sherry fruits. Nicely balanced.
    • Finish
      Medium-long finish, just a little dry. Cold ash and some sweetness staying behind.

  28. Ikkakumon scored this whisky 83 points Expert Senior

    A peaty expression of Benriach quite delectable.
    • Nose
      Peat, red fruits, melon, sherry, a little vanilla.
    • Taste
      Peat, smoked meat, some caramel, sweet fruit, some spices, iodized notes.
    • Finish
      Immensely long, burning and smoke.

  29. granella2003 scored this whisky 83 points Connoisseur

    Colour : Gold

    Smell : Salty, smoky and soft fruit

    Taste : Mildly smoky, vegetables and sherry

  30. granella2003 scored this whisky 83 points Connoisseur

    • Nose
      Notes of honey, vanilla, flowers, fruit
      balanced with beautiful wood tones.
    • Taste
       In the mouth Benriach 12 year really round and firm and he has rich aromas of honey, vanilla, chocolate.
    • Finish
      Spicy and slightly creamy nice aftertaste

  31. HunterRomario scored this whisky 84 points Expert Senior

    • Nose
      A beautifully sweetish combination of sherry and peat from Islay, it really works and it works great! Do not expect anything flatter, on the other hand, not even an exaggerated multilayer. You will also find vanilla tones and woody (perhaps it could be likened to the bark of coniferous trees). Really nice experience. After you breathe, you are expected to have the promising smell as well.
    • Taste
      On his tongue, he first sees his sweetness, along with a bunch of grape seedlings, a smoke with a sweet smell.
      I could not resist direct comparison with BenRiach Sherrywood. The color of Sherrywood is noticeably darker, while Herodotus Fumosus is lighter golden. I would say that the labels and packages are color-matched with the contents of the bottle. Sherrywood is more distinctive in aroma and sharper and stronger in flavor (while alcohol content is consistent). Herodotus Fumosus, on the other hand, is smoother and more rounded.

  32. barto scored this whisky 86 points Member Junior

    Pedro Ximenez finish
    • Nose
      Rubber, peat, vanilla, fruity
    • Taste
      Sweet, peat and smoke, fruity
    • Finish
      Medium, tobacco smoke and peat


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