Octomore Edition X4 + 10 / Concept 0.2 /162 ppm

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Single Malt
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Stated Age
10 years old
Bourbon, Sweet-Wine, Sherry
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70.0 % Vol.
500 ml
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L163557 19/220, 2019/09/19 - 2019/09/23
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25 Nov 2019 3:03 pm by Whisky-Fancier
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Whisky Reviews for Octomore Edition X4 + 10 / Concept 0.2 /162 ppm

37 users have left a review for this whisky and scored it an average of 88.71 points

  1. Kaltduscher scored this whisky 91 points Expert Senior

    Despite the 70%, the alcohol is perfectly integrated. The first impression: the barrels did not kill the malt, the Brennereicharakter is still clearly noticeable. It is dominated by sweet notes such as vanilla, shortbread and butter caramel. In the background ripe banana. Roasted almonds. Coconut. The smoke is present but not dominant. With water, fruity notes become stronger (Haribo Tropifrutti!).

    Now the alcohol is noticeable. Chili. Ginger. These are joined by citrus fruits and green apples. Vanilla. With water creamy in the mouth and fruity.

    The finish is long and warm. Ginger cookies. Cinnamon. Cloves. Almonds. In addition, the typical Octomore smoke, but also in the finish never seems too dominant. The oak is fortunately not too dominant, the impression I had in the nose regarding the barrels used, confirmed.

  2. markjedi1 scored this whisky 87 points Connoisseur

    F*ck You Very Much

    Will you look at this? Another Octomore that was hyped so much that it sold out in a flash and fetches almost 400 EUR at auctions – which is ridiculously expensive for a 50cl bottle of a ten years old malt. This is what I call a f*ck you whisky. Even the original price tag of 175 EUR was crazy, but let’s focus on the contents for now. This Octomore was quadruple distilled and is a vatting of bourbon, sherry and wine casks.

    The nose is obviously prickled at first because of the monstrous ABV, but this certainly is not peaty. It is mostly sweet and fruity on vanilla (and quite a bit at that), butter cream, marzipan and banana, followed by a handful of nuts, pineapple cubes and biscuit pie. Some citrus fruit follows with some late coconut in milk chocolate. Very delicate smoke underlines the fruity character of this Octomore and I think it’s is mostly due to the wine casks. For a moment I am reminded of a dusty log cabin in the mountains… now where did that come from?

    It would be a bit silly to say this is quaffable, but on the other hand the alcohol is integrated so well, that I don’t feel like I’m sipping a bomb. That’s craftmanship alright. On the palate I first get some rotting wood followed by the sweet fruit from the nose, but also a light salty note. The development of smoke is lovely, without overpowering the fruit – which can by now be called almost tropical: raisins, mandarin, mango, banana, pineapple, apricots and coconut. The nuts return – in my book either almonds or macadamia – while vanilla appears out of nowhere and slowly but surely starts to dominate, while ginger and chili peppers play second fiddle. It works! This is absolutely outstanding.

    The finish is intense and elegant at the same time, warm then soft, while constantly sweet and smoky. Dry oak at the death. Impressive.

    Indeed an impressive experiment of the boys at Bruichladdich, but obviously way too expensive for what you get. F*ck you very much. And thanks a lot for the sample, Anthony!

  3. Prof_Dr_John scored this whisky 91 points Moderator

    Well, Octomore 4x-10 Concept. I have rarely seen a run on a release like this time. Bruichladdich's homepage was almost permanently on the ground and it was not possible to complete his order. With luck, the next day somehow worked out in a free hour. Converted around 195 euros including shipping for half a liter of Octomore are an announcement, but as you have seen, there are enough trailers that bought several bottles of it. Is the Octomore worth the money? Everyone has to decide for themselves. Almost 200 euros are not exactly small, especially since you only get half a liter. However, if you are a fan of these whiskys, you can do it before and treat yourself to a bottling. I find it a bit macabre that on the same day of the appearance a few bottles for 450 euros were offered on Ebay and many people only cashed in and therefore "real fans" were often denied the opportunity to try an X4-10 , It's a shame, but I think we have to get used to it in the future. Would it be worth me 400 euros? Never in life, there are clearly "better" whiskys. I already liked the Octomore 10 II from the French white wine barrels very much. This goes roughly in the same direction, only that it can still have the component of the sherry casks. For me, this time there are solid 91 points. Slainte!
    • Nose
      The first nose is more than amazing. The expected cloud of smoke does not appear and instead the notes of the sweet wine barrels dominate. Vanilla, butter cream, marzipan, a hint of banana, shortbread biscuits and coconut. Very sweet, very fruity. After a while, the smoke can hardly be felt. With a little water, the Octomore becomes even more fruity and pleasant on the nose. Notes of grapes and malt complete the wonderfully fresh and fruity-sweet overall impression, which is underlined and carried by a delicate note of smoke.
    • Taste
      It's about 20 minutes at night to try. The 70% in the mouth are surprisingly “mild”. It only tickles the tongue for a second and immediately an enormous flow of saliva begins. Now there are also salty-maritime notes, sherry-typical nuances can also be discovered, although not as intensely as with a Glendronach. After a while, you almost think you have tried a tropical fruit cocktail and associations of pineapple and mango sound briefly, completed by sweet shortbread and slightly nutty nuances. As already on the nose, this potpourri is characterized by a wonderfully subtle Ocotomore smoke note that is never annoying, pushy or dominant, as you know it on a 07.3 or 8.1.
    • Finish
      The finish, octomore atypical, is not very long, but it is intense and warm. After swallowing, you can still clearly notice the flow of saliva running down your cheeks. The sweetness stays on the front third of the tongue. Gradually, the mouth becomes drier, especially at the front, and the sweet impressions are now followed by hints of dried grass, wood and slightly ashy smoke, which, however, can never completely mask the sweetness. In the end there remains a licky furry palate.

  4. edhunter15 scored this whisky 91 points Expert Junior

    For my taste, the Concept 2 really succeeded after the fantastic OBA. Especially the nose with the combination of full exotic fruits, the distinct Laddie character and the "ripe" and complex smoke hits me right in the black. The malt also has a lot of delicious and interesting flavors to offer, even if I haven't yet figured out whether I should enjoy it pure or tame it with water. At least my first attempt with water was unsuccessful
    • Nose
      A voluminous aroma package of fresh grain, soft wood, creamy vanilla and dominating exotic fruits defines the first nose. The mouth-watering fruitiness reminds me strongly of a fruit salad consisting of kiwi, papaya, dragon fruit and mango, which I really like. Despite the 70% in the nose, the alcohol is not unpleasant. It seems to promote volume, so I don't dare to experiment with water yet. Due to the 4-fold distillation, the typical Octomore smoke has been significantly reduced and developed into more complex aromas, as can also be found in long-aged island whiskys (Talisker 30 or old Broras). The classic musty-stable distillery character, however, is present as ever. In my opinion, the experiment was successful on the nose.
    • Taste
      My tongue has to get used to 70%. After that, the exotic fruits set the tone very intensely and elegantly. In addition, there are bitter almond flavors, apple seeds, some marzipan, dried banana slices and a clear ex-bourbon oak.
    • Finish
      The finish is initially characterized by slightly unripe banana, rhubarb, mocha flavor and dry wood. The oak then becomes softer and, together with the exotic basic character, remains in the mouth for a relatively long time.

  5. florian09 scored this whisky 89 points Member Senior

    Nose: the alcohol is a little present but much less than it is envisaged to see writing "70%" on the bottle.
    It's a little confusing for an Octomore, we expect the big peat but it is not the case. The register is very pastry with butter cream, marzipan, palate breton, bourbon vanilla and coconut milk. Follows a pretty floral side on the rose petal. A distant veil of smoke is perceptible.

    Palate: the mouth impresses, it is both very volatile and very fat. As if the alcohol evaporates almost instantly to leave you malt honey on your teeth. It heats but without burning.
    We are still on the same register pastry, brioche. Cream butter, shortbread, fluted out of the oven, hazelnut powder. There is also fruit with mirabelle, overripe white grapes.
    As for the nose, it is at the end that a veil of smoke appears.

    The finish is fruity, slightly smoky, some mushrooms (like the smell in the warehouse). By cons it is quite short, too bad.

  6. LaddieNerd scored this whisky 88 points Expert Senior

    As the first whisky of the evening really strong on the palate. The 70% are very noticeable. Do not find it easy to discover a certain complexity behind the alcohol and at the first impression, I am really afraid of "too much" water to whet the volume of the whisky.

    The second sip is a bit more fruity and pleasing therefore. Probably some taste buds are simply not yet recovered.
    I have notes of smoke, wood, dried fruit, bits of hazelnuts, even light sulfur in the background.

    The third sip reveals even more fruitiness. Somehow a combination of apples, plums, a light citrus note and cereals. Not easy to fathom.

    Here in the base he is rated in my opinion primarily for resale with 90 and more points. My first impression lands at 88/89 ... but it is well known that taste can always be argued about.
    • Nose
      88 88
    • Taste
      88 88
    • Finish
      87 87

  7. Izzino scored this whisky 97 points Connoisseur

    Massacre, unbelievable. Specification? Smoke Pina Colada.

  8. Tom na Gruagaich scored this whisky 80 points Connoisseur

    no, it does not fall through, it is exciting and sometimes delicious, the oak is a bit too loud for me, from the extra high New Make alcohol content would have sucked particularly crass and violent aromas out of the wood, the peat, on the other hand, almost sinks. Sometimes it shows nice fruit notes, but they also hang in the background. Perhaps the distillate is too "light" due to the 4-fold burning? In other words, it's an experience and good, but honestly the weakest Octomore I've ever had in a glass.
    • Nose
      it does not come out of the glass, earthy, slightly musty, a little alcoholic, sweet, fruity, hardly peaty. With water ... not much different, a little tame, the undefined fruity comes to the fore, the earthy oak shows up much more, the peat is still surprisingly defensive.
    • Taste
      a little sip. First a gush of peat, then sweet and fruity alcohol, then it gets warm and the hiccups start. With water, still a peppery, violent affair, tart oak, menthol and a handful of black peppercorns. Slightly metallic, slightly peaty.
    • Finish
      Peaty, ashy, dry. Even drier with water, mint, cooling, but also astringent. Amazingly much wood, towards the end the tame peat becomes present, very clean smoke, the dirtiness comes more from the barrels, my feeling. Long, ashy and tart, a slightly oily fruit note goes with it.

  9. Lorion scored this whisky 88 points Expert Senior

    Undiluted, the nose is very interesting and knows how to convince me. The palate is really very good, I didn't expect that. You should be careful with water. It is definitely worth playing with it. But with a limited supply, I would actually advise you to use it very sparingly first. Overall good with some very good aspects. 88 points.
    • Nose
      "How creamy is that? A sweet and creamy vanilla comes first in the nose. Honey. And yes, the alcohol cools and is there. Not disturbing and for 70% also very well integrated. But I doubt anyone the nose does not tickle when the nose reaches into the glass. A dry note of wood quickly comes along too. Cold, charred wood. A log that has not quite burned down that has long since cooled down. And oranges are in the background, fresh and with their peel. Classic style smoke is next to nonexistent.
      Over time, the nose becomes even creamier. Shortbread biscuits with lemon zest. Hand warmth intensifies the dry wood. Sawdust.

      Water: The charred wood goes away. Vanilla becomes more dominant and garden herbs become noticeable. Interesting!"
    • Taste
      "Wow. Now it's getting hot. The whisky flows warm into the mouth, everything starts to tingle. The entire mouth is deprived of its water, incredibly astringent. Then an intense creamy sweetness comes through, paired with earthy smoke. Grapefruit. Orange peel." The aftertaste is dry and slightly bitter. I would not have expected such a great experience with 70%.

      Water: On the palate, the fullness is somewhat lost. It's all still there, just less intense. More water then emphasizes the vanilla. "
    • Finish
      Long. Warm and earthy at first. Then there is smoke and at the end there is a persistent bitterness.

  10. Kantenmechaniker scored this whisky 89 points Connoisseur

    Of course, this is not an easy whisky to slurp away. The 70% tempt you to take smaller sips, which gives you more of a dram ;-) The taste curve is very exciting and varied. You always discover something new. The smoke is a bit more reserved, probably due to the 4-fold distillation, but this does not bother. You can still tell.
    The finish is the highlight for me.
    Water takes away the initial aggressiveness in his mouth without negatively affecting the taste. So it is worth trying out a little.
    • Nose
      The Laddie character still gets through well despite the fourfold distillation, in addition there is a sweet basic character that dominates sweet wine, hazelnut ice cream, creamy, sweet, wow, actually not even that much smoke, the 70% is not felt in the nose , very pleasant to smell, ok, in the long run you notice something in the "wear and tear" of the olfactory nerves, marzipan, butter cream, minimal hints of sherry through red fruit notes, with time a little more, leathery, also raisins, if one once it finds it, it loosens the sweet wine a bit, grapes, chocolate, exciting nose, which is very changeable, also warms liquorice in the nose
    • Taste
      oily, sweet, smoke, now more, yellow fruit, apricot, vanilla, caramel, nuts only hinted at, even Laddie character, the start is quite violent, the second sip comes after the start then liquorice, sherry comes through, raisins, bittersweet , Salt
    • Finish
      then the sweet wine, nuts, hazelnut, biscuit dough, winey, sweet, creamy, pleasant, the smoke is still on the palate, but not very intense, really nice finish
      the second sip also has a salty finish, but is still characterized by the sweet wine notes, a little oak


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