Kilkerran 08-year-old

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Single Malt
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08 years old
Re-charred Oloroso Sherry Casks
Batch #4
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57.1 % Vol.
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04 Nov 2019 4:25 pm by Zinni
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Whisky Reviews for Kilkerran 08-year-old

158 users have left a review for this whisky and scored it an average of 88.71 points

  1. Kalleholzbein scored this whisky 90 points Expert Senior

    All in all a beautiful Sherry Whisky with a great nose and a strong overall package. For 8 years, the alcohol is super involved and there is little to complain about. Personally, I hardly noticed any smoke, unlike other reviews. PLV top with 50-60 € (as of 11/2019), therefore a no-brainer, or must-have. In 2019 one of the best whiskys regarding PLV I could try.
    • Nose
      91 91
      strong sherry nose, combination of subtle dark fruits, Oloroso sherry and sweet herbs.
    • Taste
      90 90
      at the beginning very pleasant sweet in the mouth, then alcohol of 57.1% perceptible but very well integrated for 8 years.
    • Finish
      90 90
      quite a long finish for the age, slight woody note, remains long in the mouth or on the palate.

  2. ARDBERG scored this whisky 89 points Connoisseur

    Official Springbank Notes for Kilkerran 8yo Cask Strength

    The new edition of the Kilkerran 8yo Cask Strength is available from tomorrow (9th November 2019). Bottled at 57.1% this new KK 8yo CS was matured in 100% Re-charred Oloroso Sherry Casks.

    Tasting Notes

    Nose: Waves of smoky bacon and sticky glazed ham are followed by dried fruit characteristics that give way to soft peat smoke.

    Palate: Rich, fruity and spicy. Notes of ginger loaf, fresh ripe cherries and sultanas. Hints of cloves, dark chocolate and a refreshing menthol note.

    Finish: A lasting finish of nostalgic buttered brown toast, espresso and ashy peat smoke. A lasting, earthy character reminiscent of the distillery’s dunnage warehousing.

  3. lovernanako scored this whisky 94 points Member Senior

    looks like someone’s using 3 different account to give this whisky a score of 1. must be some hater who couldn’t get their hands on any.

  4. Archer scored this whisky 88 points Connoisseur

    Not the first 8yo in barrel strength that the Glengyle Distillery brings to the people, but the first one that comes up with such a deep dark color - and so its predecessors, which were only allowed to slip through a bourbon barrel, are still available everywhere at a fairly reasonable price, while Ms. Sherry is ripped out of the hands of the shops; and sometimes at prices that you don't like to see on an 8yo on the price tag.
    Well then: as red as it is, it also tastes red - and that without flaw or blame on the nose and on the palate. Strong, yes, but hey, are 57.1%. Wonderfully integrated alcohol, great sherry flavors, no sulfur whatsoever.
    • Nose
      89 89
      The color of the whisky - deep dark red - speaks volumes - and it is not a blender: a berry mix of ripe blackberries, blueberries, black currants and juicy grapes. In addition, the same program in dried again, although one can speak of raisins and figs marinated in sherry. The berry program is accompanied by a pleasant spice cabinet aroma, with pepper, cloves, cardamom and turmeric as a top note. As with the colleagues across the street with maritime notes and a mineral note (which is not very apparent due to the violent sherry impact). Caramel candy, nougat, vanilla. As time goes on, the aroma becomes more pleasing and rounder.
    • Taste
      88 88
      Strong, yet very tasty start with the same berries as they have announced in the nose. Alcohol very well integrated, no stinging, no burning, just cozy warmth, which spreads quickly in the mouth with intense sherry aromas. Quite dry from the start, spicy and with a lot of dark chocolate. Marzipan bread, cinnamon, cardamom, increasingly pepper and, over time, cooling menthol. Dry wood shavings, leather, tobacco flavors. Dark chocolate, fresh cherry cake.
    • Finish
      88 88
      In the finish menthol continues to spread and play with the berries. Black cherries are pushing in even more, pepper gives a lot of flavor. You want the finish a little longer, but with (only) 8 years in the barrel it will be over at some point, tomorrow is another day, off to bed.

  5. Noface83 scored this whisky 89 points Specialist

    Wow - straightforward, aromatic, powerful and tasty. Constantly damn high quality for a very good price - a real whisky monster.
    • Nose
      88 88
      BBQ sauce, slightly smoky, slightly salty and a dash of lemon juice, fresh roasted malt, sticky sweet sherry with dried fruit but also a touch of dirt / sulfur (but really just a touch), the alcohol brings a slight menthol freshness in the malt , despite dominant sherry still little oak in the nose.
    • Taste
      90 90
      Powerful, mentholic alcohol, huge portion of sherry - dry Oloroso and fruit cake, cherry and already here some chocolate and spicy oak. Intense and full - it almost kills you.
    • Finish
      90 90
      first oak and warm liquid chocolate then a huge fruit sweetness and again the slightly smoky BBQ sauce. At the end dry with earthy notes and oak bitterness. The medium-long finish uncompromising continues the previous aroma experience and invites you to the next sip.

  6. Palindrome scored this whisky 89 points Expert Senior

    Nice deep burnished red color, natural, no E150a, no chill filtering.

    Legs: thin but substantial for only 8 years. proximal beading, large beads.

    Nose: Campbeltown peat, nice oceanic malt, char, toasted quince, faint sulfur, mint leaf, cinnamon, all spice, old leather. Herb bitters like the Swiss take for colds, and just a hint of wood, which is surprising.

    Mouth: Beautiful hit of fruit and smoke, mixing with the char. Pork ribs but not inside the meat, just burnt BBQ sauce on the top with a hint of grilled fat. Yes, umami. More leather, Christmas cake (I hate saying that, so cliche) and what I mean is the icing, the slivered almonds, the apricot jam, the currants and golden raisins, and some figs perhaps. These oloroso casks are quite good to impart so many flavors. Love the char. Just right Dialed in perfectly with the Campeltown peat and the magical waters of Crosshill Loch. That loch is not to be underestimated, and it gives a unique flavor to all whiskies made from it, so close as it is to Campeltown Loch and the sea. I say that Crosshill Loch is to Campeltown whiskies as the peaty water from Highland Park is to that distillery's special flavor. Very nice and perfectly at home with a meaty, Oloroso char barrel. A marriage made in heaven or hell, take your pick, but perfect. Either fallen saints or risen red devils.

    Finish: powerful but medium and not long. It's long for being an 8 year however. Still the tongue is reeling in a pleasant manner. Last flavor to die: the oloroso coming across as dried orchard fruits.

    Parting observations: Well, for an eight year, I think this is pretty much as good as it gets for me at such an incredible price. There is no sulfur in the mouth that i can detect yet. With water, it moves in that direction but not all the way there. The sulfur is only a faint hint on the nose, thank goodness. There's nothing that spoils a good Campeltown malt for me like sulfur. I hate sulfur and so I am grateful there is none to taste here. For me, the devil's perfume is never pleasant. And I don't look nostalgically back on a licking my burnt fingers after playing with cap guns as a boy, but I did love playing with toy guns and I think boys should be given them for fun today.

    There is that so awful to admit? Back when cap guns, suction cup guns, and potato guns were commonplace in the hands of happy boys, there was far less gun violence in society at large. That is, before American society went widdershins, head over tea kettle, and began sending 18 year olds off to die like clockwork in the largest military ever to exist on planet earth for twenty consecutive years running, but then on the other hand America's media and its psychology industry can't bear to see toy guns in the hands of boys playing happily with mock weaponry as boys have done since the beginning of time . . . even while films and tv shows glorify gun violence in the most gratuitous way imaginable as if that's supposed to be all well and fine, when it's not at all, and neither are video games that are too realistic in the hands of boys, girls, (and adults) with a kind of violence that is not normal and very different from time immemorial in an unhealthy way.

    Ha, this whisky seems to bring out intellectual flights of fancy? Yes, and so much the better. It's a good conversation starter I think. I'm changing my score from an 88 to an 89 just based on that alone. Some whisky is magical. This one is that for me and it doesn't dull the mind at all with the delightful buzz it provides rather quickly I should say. A perfect holiday sitting around chatting after dinner whisky.

    Good cigar optional but not out of place. Blow me a smoke ring if you light one. And if you are Gandalf then please do blow an entire smoking boat out of thin air with your pipe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAZpjWZRNAc. This whisky can help to create . . . a night to remember.

  7. Andytka3 scored this whisky 92 points Connoisseur

    1567) Kilkerran, 8YO, Cask Strength, Glengyle Distillery, Batch 4, Bottled 2019
    • Nose
      N- Thrilled and drilled deep into the oak albeit only a 8YO. Authentic seasoned thick pine butcher's block, rubbing peat and salt onto a chilled smoked belly ham. The chocolate rises with steamed milk foam, the roasting scents in a busy barista cafe intertwined with soft Chinese herbs drifting from the traditional medicine hall located next door, angelica lurking in the air, then the savoury meat come again, spicy dried fruits and boiled green barley mashed. What else do you need? (93/23)
    • Taste
      P- Initial bold dryness laying path for the dried fruits, cola sweet peat, caramelized gula melaka and cinnamon to flow thru, a few drops of melting wax onto the compote raisins and dried apricots. Heavily waxed oak balanced with big spicy fruits. (92/23)
    • Finish
      F- Long, burst of strength and keep going on like a grumpy old man, except that this doesn't cause any annoyance. Rock sugar, dried fruits, chewy TCM, firm grip with good depth. (91/22)

      B/B- 94/23 Mesmerizing. A dram that can take me down the memory lane. Not a golden boot that score most goals, but netted when it matter most. Not a Harry Kane, but a Diego Maradona.

      Weighted Rate- 92pt, +1 for super value.

  8. praisethepasta scored this whisky 90 points Expert Senior

    A complete flavor bomb this one. It’s not what you’d call subtle, in fact it’s miles away from the almost understated way the standard 12 yo sibling presents itself This is a loud and impressive powerhouse of a whisky.
    • Nose
      91 91
      Sultana’s, figs, grassy notes, plums, an earthy/soft peaty note, rich and full, oily, brown sugar
      Water: more lively, the fruit really jumps out now, along with the KK signature of grass and hay.
    • Taste
      90 90
      A rich and full texture, actually a complete explosion of dried fruits, wood, earthy peat. After adding water you get even more (red) fruit (but not so much dried fruit as fresh and clean fruity notes), but at the same time a lot more of the wood and the peat shine through.
    • Finish
      88 88
      Long, sticky and clingy and oily before ending on a dry wood note. Water: less dry at the end, a bit shorter and nippy.

  9. Malzbrenner scored this whisky 90 points Connoisseur

    The 8-year-old and strong 2019 bottling from Kilkerran was allowed to mature in Oloroso Sherry barrels and already captivates with a dark mahogany color. Those who got hold of a bottle at the issue price can count themselves lucky, because the prices have already doubled after 9 months. Well deserved, because with the bottling Kilkerran has made a big hit.
    • Nose
      90 90
      Despite the high content, the alcohol does not jump straight into your nose. There is a nice sherry note, raisins, dried plums, black currants, vanilla flowers, ripe figs, sandalwood. There is also a slight maritime note and fine spice can be noticed. A few drops of water intensify the fruit notes and it looks even softer overall.
    • Taste
      91 91
      A beautiful sherry note is wide, fruity in the mouth, with vanilla, cardamom, honey, cappuccino - a real explosion of flavors for such a young whisky. It ranges from whole milk chocolate to black cherries and fruit bread. A great aroma firework!
    • Finish
      90 90
      Rather long, with an oily sweetness on the palate, followed by fresh mint and warm spicy notes. It's hard to believe that such a young whisky can be so complex and mature. Great!

  10. erwinnlim scored this whisky 89 points Expert Senior

    A very high quality. dram as expected from Glengyle distillery. Incredible value for those who get it for retail. A real sherry bomb but with plenty of character to it. Value (£50) : 9/10
    • Nose
      Immediate sherry bomb. Full of dark, deep dried fruits, morello cherries, dried plums and sultanas. Roasted hazelnuts and some peanuts. Dark chocolate and dried tobacco leaves. The Oloroso definitely had it's way with this one. Some baking spices as well, cinnamon mainly but also some cloves. Molasses. A savoury, meaty note shows up, roasted mushrooms intwined with a touch of peat. This makes me think more smoky honey glazed bacon. A touch of chilli heat at the end.
    • Taste
      Sweet initially, with brown sugar and burnt caramel. Then some sour cherries, orange peels and sultanas show up on the palate. Mouth coating and oily texture. A touch of salinity and then earthy peat shows up giving it more of that barbecue note. Quite mineral. A bag of roasted peanuts. Some black pepper spice and cinnamon sugar.
    • Finish
      Medium in length and drying. More oak spices and herbal notes appear here with a touch of aniseed along with cinnamon and thyme. Tannins carry the and the bitterness of dark chocolate and tobacco leaves.


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