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Regensburger Whisky- & Weinclub (RW&W)
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Private Club Bottling No. 13
Oloroso-Sherry, PX, Riesling-TBA
51.9 % Vol.
700 ml
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03 Oct 2019 10:58 pm by MFHaberl
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Whisky Reviews for VOLXWHISKY The English Patient

60 users have left a review for this whisky and scored it an average of 90.07 points

  1. MarcoWe65 did not rate this whisky Expert Senior

    It is friday morning and a perfect time to start in the weekend.
    So lets see what this years bottling brings to us.
    Thanks Rick for sharing your bottle. I'm happy to get every year a sample from friends from germany.
    Normally you don't open a bottle so quickly after bottling, so lets see if it is drinkable :-)

    The smoke is immeditaly present, but not too heavy. Oaky,spicy,old sherried style.
    Reminds me on older ''A'' bottlings from the 70's.
    On the palate it is a well balanced sherry malt with spicy and old peaches notes. Not too dry but also a complete different style than the new Sherrycask generation.
    I don't need water for this one. The abv is pretty well chosen.
    I can feel more the dryer Oloroso Cask than the PX, which I like more. Too sweet wouldn't be my taste.So all good for now.
    I have to compare this dram to the older ''Crois Chill Daltain'' bottlings. I think I remember a similarity between these bottles.
    It paints more and more the picture of Ardi or Laga in my head.
    The Chill daltains had more sherry influence and this one is more complex. If I would guess, this one is older and has a much cleaner islay character.
    The finish is mid to long. Nothing what disturbs me for now.
    Spicy and old school sherry style. From plums,peaches,coffee,chocolate and tropical fruits.
    Surprisingly fruity but still different from many islays like Caol Ilas, Bunnas or Laddies.

    I will give this one another try tomorrow or maybe on sunday and will add some notes.
    For me this years bottling is better like the last years Seagull because it is much cleaner and not overloaded with extreme sherry(even if the Seagull is an old bowmore, but there was not much left of the old bowmore style).
    And that is what I love, when I can taste the charakter and decade.
    I would guess that the sherry casks used here were good old second fill european oak from the 60's or70's.
    I don't know if they have such a good connection to get a old cask like this from ''A'' or ''L'', but if you ask me I would immediatly say it is one of them. Don't expect a modern peated style. It is something different.You have to go back in history to taste some older bottlings.

    That is my first impression.
    Well done
    • Nose
      93 93
    • Taste
      93 93
    • Finish
      93 93

  2. hs305 scored this whisky 91 points Connoisseur

    [December, 2019] I just was offered a small sample of this incredibly hyped stuff - thanks for that! Because there are so many other long reviews and detailed tasting notes I skip that. Instead just a couple of impressions from my side:

    This is a fine and quaffable whisky without flaws but it is neither very old nor very complex and it is certainly not produced in any of the traditional South Coast Islay Distilleries (according to my taste buds). Given both the aromas profile of the nose and the flavours profile of the taste I guess this is a Port Charlotte which has been re-racked to several casks over time (what they did regularly at Bruichladdich during the experimental "Jim McEwan" phase)...

    ...but please, dear fellow whisky aficionados: Stop starting these stupid "hypes" everytime a somewhat better bottling hits the market. This is so inane (and there are more excellent drams out there than you can imagine)!

  3. Paulsenheimer scored this whisky 100 points Member Junior

    Auge: We have to talk about the label first. Some say that enjoyment is never apolitical. The "political touch" may not please everyone, but the whisky is in the tradition of the already discussed "Russian snap" and may be enjoyed with a pinch of sarcasm. The label is wonderfully trashy. The color reminds me of a mahogany paneled room. Quiet, yes dignified, the whisky rolls through my snifter. The legs take their time, do not hurry. Deceleration. Then they come slowly, but extremely fine and nuanced. Salivation begins.

    Nose: A complex and extremely compact aroma front strikes me. There will be a lot to unpack. First impression is cocoa, Nesquik cocoa powder to be exact. Then smoked bacon. Light mineral in the background. Multivitamin sweet. Honey. Forest floor. A parfait of tonka bean. Roasted rind. Malagaeis. Although the whisky is not biting, I add a few drops of water. The result is breathtaking! The whisky is suddenly fruity. Notes from a basket full of stone fruit. Oats. Creme brulee. Then a very brilliant mandarin. Chestnuts. Musk. And certainly you could discover many more nuances. The complexity of this whisky is insane.

    Mouth: Pleasant and very aromatic. The feel is to kneel down. Oily and fine. One does not like to swallow. The alcohol is just an echo, which tingles something on the tongue to say "hello" for a moment. Really elegantly integrated. The taste is initially dry. Leather. Cold smoke. Malt. Then the whisky gets sweeter. A dark sweetie. Very pleasant. Much sweeter with water. Suddenly a clear ash aroma stands out. Strong. Ripe and round on the palate. Pure elegance.

    Heart: Spicy on the palate when swallowing. Direct malagasy in the nose. Ether. Iodine. Leaves a deep but subtle sweetness in the mouth, especially on the tongue. Absurd long reverberation. Cocoa, cold smoke and ashes form the final chord, because you want to take another sip.

    Conclusion: Go straight into my top 3 single malts of all time. That's a league in itself. It does not matter which distillery it comes from. A whisky to sit down and lose in it. More than a drink. More than a stimulant. That's perfection.

  4. short0r scored this whisky 93 points Expert Junior

    First Notes for "The English Patient"
    This is certainly a complex Islay malt. This has been bottled just a few days ago, so it still needs to settle to show its full potential, a bit shy at first but rewarding if you give it time
    It shouldn't be a problem to identify distillery on islay, if you have some islay standard bottling, have them side by side.
    I'll come back to this in time to add and refine notes / score

    Dear flippers: grow wise, drink and enjoy
    • Nose
      92 92
      Burned Christmas stollen/apfelstrudel, eucalyptus, sweet iodine, roasted plums and a cold dry breeze of ashsmoke.
      After 30min: herbal, herbal cough drop, and a cheese note
    • Taste
      94 94
      Sweet and dry smoke. Glaced nuts, pistachios. No nip, no alcohol burn, well rounded, marzipan potatos,
      More sweet smoke and a pinch tymne
    • Finish
      93 93
      herbal, spicy and dry smocked

  5. dewo scored this whisky 95 points Member Senior

    First to the bottle.
    The 13th Club Bottling of the Regensburg Whisky & Wine Club Slowdrink.
    "The english patient", we as Scotch and Malt drinkers / connoisseurs, we don't really know what is happening to the island state and whether / not what the whisky prices do. , , ,
    And John Bercow is enthroned on top of everything on the cork and looks uncertainly to the "bottom right".
    You don't have to look at everything as seriously as you read it, especially when the bottle says "very basic single malt of low quality".
    It is not a simple malt and certainly not of low quality.
    Who has the honor to hold this bottle in his hand, respect, did everything right.
    It is rumored that the distillate was further refined with even older bottles of the still and then went through the barrel maturation in an Oloroso Sherry Butt, a PX Barrique and a Riesling-TBA barrel.
    A long throw at whisky.
    But I am very excited to see how it will change in 3-4 months. The drop, like all of Great Britain, is still in "turmoil" after bottling two weeks ago.
    • Nose
      96 96
      The nose in an Islay whisky is very distinctive.
      The smoke note is there immediately and dominant for the time being, but that's where the barrels come through and that's exciting. Slightly malty sweetness and grapey fruit notes mix slightly peppery sherry notes into an excellent composition.
      But also the light salty pinch from the south coast is present in the nose.
      Slightly iodine and liquorice notes come through and I have sweet dry fruits like dates and plums in my nose.
      Elegant power, venerable and exciting. Great round and "clean".
      From the nose it is an old, long matured malt.
      I really let it drip in the glass of air for 20 minutes and sniffed myself.
    • Taste
      94 94
      The second sip makes the palate really smoky with a very light sizzling on the tongue.
      Then the PX sherry barrel wins, quickly gets dry and only slightly promotes the flow of saliva.
      Now more than ever you think you have an old sherry barrel bulkhead in your glass.
      The smoky, the drier peppery sherry notes, as well as the very light berry wood flavor with a slight sweetness, very light, I taste a "salty peanut chocolate".
      I also imagine light tobacco that comes safely from the barrel, from whatever.
      Not playful, straight out and with age, these are the words on my tongue.
    • Finish
      96 96
      The finish is really awesome.
      Long after swallowing, the smoke is still slightly there, but is replaced by dry herb notes and speculative notes. The iodine is still there and slowly disappears accompanied by a vanilla sweetness.

  6. kanpai79 scored this whisky 93 points Specialist

    And again such an incredibly complex (and yet much more difficult to classify, as my beloved Seagull) ArdLagPhroaig from the Regensburg witches kitchen .... thank you P. for the repeated nose-tongue throat confused ... love it ... geiler shice like that Berlin hipster likes to say. With water, completely different whisky. I'll give the smoky brother a few more months to relax and calm down .... and solidify my opinion that the potential candidate trio will become a duo. Clear case of (very positively meant) WTPhroaig?! .. :-)
    • Nose
      92 92
    • Taste
      93 93
    • Finish
      94 94

  7. RollOff scored this whisky 94 points Member Senior

    Dark tea / chestnut, slightly cloudy.

    The first nose drives me directly a smile in the face. A very set, elegant, spicy whisky streams out of the glass. The maritime-salty smoke holds back discreetly and is very well interwoven with the sherry aromas. The sweetish aromas immediately remind me of the Christmas dice, marzipan and plums, raisins in rum, violets (lilane sweets).
    A whopping, but not unusual oak note is there throughout. The alcohol is perfectly integrated and hardly noticeable. From time to time, a slightly sour note comes out and disappears in the next second.
    It's fun, you could smell it forever.

    Wonderfully spicy it explodes in the mouth. First comes a load of salt and lighter, greasy smoke. Immediately thereafter, musty, old oak broads in the interplay with sweet and sour dark fruits. The alcohol strength is perfect, it should not have more or less%. Overall, everything fits together perfectly, you want to keep the drop as long as possible in the mouth.

    Salty, conclusive, a little musty. Very dry. Somewhat later, something (pipe) tobacco and smoke come out again.

    A gorgeous, set and complex Malt! You have to take your time, there is a lot to discover. The light smoke, the sherry influences, the salt and the old oak play together perfectly. I do not want to commit myself to a distillery, I leave that to the professionals. But there is a tendency.
    Great work, Pit!

  8. Othorion scored this whisky 92 points Connoisseur

    • Nose
      93 93
      Elegant, warm apple pies, iodine, fruit bread, orange oil, tangerines, burnt marshmallows, lots of cocoa, plums, smoked bacon, rum raisins, almonds, honey, a touch of rosemary and tamarind. Again and again come new impressions without an aroma dominates! Great!
    • Taste
      92 92
      Very oily, sweet, dark fruity, chimney smoke, leather, honey, bread dough, roasted almonds, bacon, a little salt, then again sweetness, no alcohol to feel, old bookcase
    • Finish
      92 92
      Infinitely long, warming, spicy, with smoke, light sweetness, cocoa and roasted nuts, getting dry

  9. Kalleholzbein scored this whisky 92 points Expert Senior

    Overall, a very successful whisky. Class interplay between sherry, sweet herbs and maritime notes. For 175 € for me definitely a purchase, even if everything was already out of print in the pre-order and bottles are therefore only to have on the secondary market. The question still remains what distillery it is ... It is "A" in the room, but could also be an "L" for me! But since I'm not the biggest Islay specialist, I abstain from a definite opinion :)
    • Nose
      92 92
      Class interplay between sherry & peat. Intense and great nose, nice Islay style with sweet herbs and maritime notes, greasy.
    • Taste
      92 92
      very pleasantly soft and cool in the mouth. Sparkling, sweetish herbs, greasy. Alcohol super integrated, rather soft and not too intense, well balanced, fat and oily, light smoke but not too dominant.
    • Finish
      91 91
      medium length, greasy, smoke, herbs, surprisingly little alcohol noticeable for 51.9%, following slight oak on the palate

  10. Drk Neknul scored this whisky 90 points Expert Senior

    EYE / NOSE
    From the original announcement of the Regensburger I have a passage especially remembered, because she was somehow pulled in front of the bracket:
    'The dark peat whisky speaks for itself and is clearly recognizable in its character for the connoisseur (...) you smell it, you know it!'
    Okay, so visually dark I do not feel it visually compared to some 'Dark Sherry', although it is of course anything but a pale malt. I spontaneously make notes of 'black tea'. And the nose? In the Glencairn, the malt shows, which I first allowed to breathe for a long time for the tasting, in order to give the older portions the opportunity to unfold, at first still quite closed, which surprises me. Parallel to the Glencairn I filled the Volxwhisy into the bigger Schott Zwiesel Bar Special, where the nose looks much fuller and more expressive. I continue tasting primarily with Zwiesel and would also recommend using a similar sized or ideally even larger glass here. The Volxwhisky thanks it with fuller flavors. From the glass now at the beginning like sweet smoky notes. Spicy. molasses-malty sweetness, salty spray, as one sometimes perceives on the beach after storms. Spanned! Very multi-layered profile, sure exactly the desired effect of multi-barrel use for ripening.

    The Malt looks quite strong in view of the remaining 51.9% ABV, without, however, suspected of slipping into the Sprittige. I note a slight tickling on the edges of the tongue. The structure on the palate appears very rich, even oily. Quite a lot of sweetness, even restrained acid as a counterpoint, the TBA influences are also recognizable here, and I confused without the knowledge that TBA was in the game, 'Speyside ??' would have noted. Smoke and again a lot of spicy notes, without the individual herbs would stand out for my taste buds, a herbal tea comes to mind. In general, there are various tea aromas. I perceive fruit notes subliminally at best, perhaps some currant and pickled clementines. An old bourbon fruit salad is the Volxwhisky by nature certainly not. A little water helps the fruits.
    Tasty, no question. And yet, on the palate, I actually have the feeling that aromatically could do more with a little time and rest here. I am very curious, what brings the further tasting in 3-4 weeks to light.

    Pleasantly long finish, for me so far the showpiece of the Malts. The now omnipresent but by no means dominant smoke paves the way and pleases the oral cavity. Herbale spice - probably the long basic maturity, TBA sweetness, and vain sherry influences wrestle for last word. Last but not least, it leaves a warm, slightly dry feeling, as if one had just enjoyed a little pipe with spicy Latakia tobacco. Strong finish!
    The alcohol is incorporated perfectly clean, but this does not change the fact that a few drops of water get the Volxwhisky excellent. In parallel tasting, I personally prefer him with a splash of water, which I do not often have - simply because the profile gains in fruitiness and thus seems even more complex. It may be interesting to see if this perception may change as well.
    Finally, on the Gretchen question, this time of every religion. Is the distillery really clearly recognizable? Intended for one of the Malt Maniacs! Some others, however, are likely to brood, I in any case. I have recently - blindly - been tasting whisky friends with an exquisite (smoky) 1975 BenRiach 40yo, Cask # 7028, which I would have thought quite accurate for an old Bowmore due to its deep fruity notes. Blind tastings are fun, but also provide ample room for error. In particular, when different types of barrel and especially, as here, sweet wine is at the start, it will be difficult.
    Talisker, Caol Ila, Laphi, Laga, Ardbeg ... I think there is hardly a traditional distillery that has traditionally operated on peat and was not mentioned in the speculations. Let's make it short, if I put Islay as a region due to the intense smokiness after a long maturity times, I would most likely tap on a Sherry Ardbeg or Sherry Laga as a base. Despite the possible Phenolgate hint, which could be interpreted as a nod to Laphi, I miss the medical, the Hansaplast component so to speak. For Caol Ila missing the usual impressions completely. The deep sweet chimney smoke, the pleasant mineral undertone and the remaining power, that's classic South Coast for me. Ardbeg or Laga. I commit myself in November. To a direct comparison with older bottlings of the two distilleries, I do not get around so easily.


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