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Batch #011
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10 years old
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L9 091 SB1
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13 Jul 2019 7:31 pm by Archer
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Whisky Reviews for Laphroaig Cask Strength

141 users have left a review for this whisky and scored it an average of 88.91 points

  1. hs305 scored this whisky 91 points Connoisseur

    [September, 2019] Finally they managed to get the new cask strength release out to the customers (it was bottled in March already) - hey, dear Beam management: better rush your logistics than the production processes at the distillery! I am very curious if the quality stays high (still the spirit was distilled before the Beam management takeover of Laphroaig in 2011) and to check this I do a head-to-head to last year's edition batch 010...

    ...and 011's profile is exactly what I expect from a balanced, sherry-driven and peaty Islay malt in the best tradition of the great drams of the sixties and seventies. Congrats to this excellent composition, dear Laphroaig! This is a significant improvement over last year's release and I am tempted to say this is the best cask strength release ever (whoever reads this should notice that tastes are very different from person to person and no one should rely on anyone other's tasting note only when buying drams). But you can nail me on that statement: I enjoy quaffing this dram the same way I enjoy to sip old Ardbeg or Lagavulin distilled in the sixties or seventies - not because of the complexity (the old drams offer much more, of course) but because of this adorable "close-to-perfection" harmony of malt, sherry, peat and wood. Slainte!
    • Nose
      90 90
      The colour of 011 is a notch darker than 010 at burnished so maybe they added more sherry casks to this batch. The nose is bold and much more balanced than 010 which is too much wood-driven for me. 011 offers a fine balance of sweet malty, sherry, peaty and wooden aromas without any off-notes. This is a significant improvement compared to last year's edition that is good for three more points on this dimension. And indeed, the nose of 011 promises more sherry impact...
    • Taste
      91 91
      The taste of 011 is very balanced too with the malt, the peat and the sherry in the driver's seat and the wooden notes act as a firm but never dominating backbone structure. It is greatly chewable and even somewhat layered. I do not list all the flavours here because it is much more fun to find them over and over again when having a dram. What a difference to 010 which is more on the bitter (tannins) and herbal side without any differentiating layers. This is even a four points improvement over 010, triple wow! Some water turns both the nose and taste punchier while a bigger reduction releases adorable leathery, chalky and dried fruity aromas in the nose and turns the taste (even) more quaffable. I like this dram both neat and reduced to about 48% abv. A further reduction flattens the dram.
    • Finish
      91 91
      The initial mouthfeel of 011 is warming and instantly coating with nice peppery moments due to the high abv which I rather like (they are not distracting). And there are no bitter-astringent moments from heavy wood impact like in 010 which is great. The finish of 011 is long and adds more delicious spices and a hint of dark chocolate without any drying or bitter moments. Actually, they corrected all the things I did not like with 010 in this release (of course I am not that self-confident to assume they read my old review but it feels good, anyway). Maybe I am a little euphoric now (but it is my second tasting session of 011 already, so it is somewhat reliable) and I score this dimension three points better than 010 again - 010 is too wood-driven and therefore out of balance (according to my taste buds).

  2. Archer scored this whisky 90 points Connoisseur

    Not the first year that makes the 10 CS in delivery on Diva. In addition, he experiences a not insignificant price increase, namely from about EUR 60, - to EUR 72, -.
    No more bargains, but on the way to adapt to the current (overheated?) Market.
    There is no discussion of taste: Again Laphroaig at its best. Very clean Islay smoker, who will take care of the joy of the emptied - and then covered - glass even in the morning after the evening's enjoyment.
    Otherwise, I would recommend adding a few drops to the whisky for uninterrupted, undiluted enjoyment. With a little water, it opens up pleasantly.
    • Nose
      90 90
      First of all, one wonders where, if you please, the tar and the kelp are - with all the herbs that are freaking in the nose.
      But yes, come, just be patient.
      After the first astonishment whether the herbal load turns into the hoped-for blissful smile and one can with joy and enjoy the warm tar, the seaweed, the Hansaplast and hospital corridor, the Wadden Sea scent and the peat smoke. The initial herbs are now gone, crumbled, risen in the blazing peat fire. He puts pressure on his nose, throws everything in the ring, what is expected of him. Maybe an apple flashes here and there, can be found there lemon, but all in all, he is not a peculiar little fruit in the nose. But he is very good.
    • Taste
      91 91
      Full of peat smoke, he floods the entire oral cavity. Dry, not too strong start. Warming. Surprisingly austere oak, which presents as a tray sunlit tar paper, dried algae (Nori leaves), salt, pepper and lime slices. The herbal mixture from the nose has once again its appearance on the tongue, but can not prevail against Hansaplast. The smoke is a constant companion, envelops and carries all the aromas. Sweetness of malt sugar beet syrup. Crème Brulée, espresso beans, dark chocolate. Even if the smoke is omnipresent, it does not kill the other flavors. Gentleman smoke.
    • Finish
      90 90
      Smoke, seaweed, pepper and sea salt make sure that he hardly wants to leave his tongue. Pleasantly woody (for 10 years in barrel, it shows some wood notes). The glass is empty, because you could smooth it again ...

  3. Jackson05 scored this whisky 89 points Connoisseur

    I was staying at Ardbeg in the Seaview Cottages when the 2019 Supernova was released. It’s a stunning spot and I recommend anyone traveling to the island with a group to consider it. First class accommodation and hospitality with the most rugged distillery vistas on Islay. There’s something magical about wandering the distillery grounds after hours, dram in hand, with no one around. I had a taste of Supernova at the distillery, but waited until I got home to crack my bottle and do a fair review. Every dram is more sentimental in a warehouse, or at the distillery, so the true test is at home.

    So now I do a side by side of a flashy new release (2019 Ardbeg Supernova £140) and a new release of a classic (Laphroaig 10 Cask Strength batch 11 £67.50). Collectors and flippers abound to grab the two allocated Supernovas (sold out in 2 days), while the Laphroaig 10 CS quietly blends in on the shelves with little to no fanfare.

    Ardbeg Supernova 2019 53.9%

    Nose: (84) We are unsurprisingly in Octomore territory. Young and brash. Buttered popcorn, hot vegetable oil, lemongrass, tiger balm, brine, sea water, vanilla, ethanol.

    Palate: (86) Oily, cod oil, eucalyptus, white pepper, burnt rubber, oil of oregano, fennel and lime.

    Finish: (85) Long, charcoal briquettes on fire, rubber, charred lemon zest, charred meat, roasted peanuts, citrus, white pepper.


    Thoughts: Reminds me of Octomore. Its good, but I prefer Ardbeg 10 year. I would guess it’s refill bourbon casks, or around 5 years of age. I refer to Ardbeg as the Macallan of Islay. Growing their brand on the reputation of how their whisky once was. No one seems to notice (or care) all of the annual releases are wildly vague, NAS, extreme wood finishes (virgin oak, rum, intensely charred wine casks...etc). The Ardbeg rep that spoke to us said the core of Ardbeg is refill bourbon casks and that’s what is best for their spirit. Now Ardbeg wouldn’t be having trouble sourcing bourbon casks, would they?

    Laphroaig 10 Cask Strength batch 11 58.6%

    Nose: (88) Big bourbon cask influence, peaches and vanilla ice cream, tar and hot asphalt.

    Palate: (89) Rich, vanilla bean, tarry peat, oily, black licorice, creme de menthe

    Finish: (91) Peanut brittle, licorice, medicinal smoke, iodine and gauze. Long. Very long. Peach cobbler, and smoked meat.


    Thoughts: On the opposite end of the marketing spectrum Laphroaig have been consistently releasing what I consider to be the best deal on Islay. The 10 CS is far better to my taste buds, at less than half the price and likely double the age. I couldn’t say which recent batch of 10CS I’ve liked best, but they’ve all been very high quality. Especially when you consider the competition/price.
    • Nose
      88 88
    • Taste
      89 89
    • Finish
      91 91

  4. HW74 scored this whisky 91 points Expert Senior

    Again a very successful CS! Like Batch 006 and Batch 009, which I also liked very much.
    Every year, I'm really looking forward to the 10 CS from Laphroaig. This very powerful malt is a highlight for me every year. I hope Laphroaig will treat us to this whisky in the next few years in this quality. The price is reasonable.
    • Nose
      90 90
      Without water: at first rather restrained, it opens after a while.
      With a few drops of water, the malt opens faster.
      Sweet, bread dough, yellow and red fruits, some gum mixed occasionally. Smoke, salt, sea
    • Taste
      92 92
      What the nose hears continues in the taste.
      The whisky is initially reserved in the mouth, very sweet. Then it comes powerful, tingling on the tongue, fills the entire mouth with its viscosity. Salt, pepper, you notice the oak which never gets unpleasant.
    • Finish
      91 91
      Very long finish, it comes again and again the different tastes one after another alternately. A powerful malt!

  5. Tommyknocker scored this whisky 90 points Expert Senior

    An old love is rekindled. The last batches I found rather mau, but this one has really power again. Lots of sweet, oily oak, thick phenolic clouds and a good shot of mint. That's the way it has to be.

  6. Schnadderli scored this whisky 94 points Member Junior

    This is one of the best batches from the Laphroaig 10 CS! Qualitatively on par with Batch 006 and 009. Better than 008 and 005. Powerful as usual and yet very complex. It tastes that it was burned and stored before the acquisition of Laphroaig by Suntory in 2011. The quality of the bottlings, which is brought by Suntory in the barrels (today's NAS), leaves to be desired, but here again shows the top quality of old batches! Perfect! I also hope for the new 16-year-old from Laphroaig with 48%, because he was filled even before Suntory in the barrels. Just take a look ...

  7. peatbogger scored this whisky 90 points Specialist

    This is plain and simple solid.
    I tried to dilute this down to match the regular 10YO for a side by side, and it wins fair and square.
    • Nose
      89 89
      A very good ballance between peat and sherry.
      I just had (and praised) a glass of Kilkerran Heavily Peated, and this has (although not quite) similar qualities. Maybe this is a little more expressive on the pure smoke notes, not as briny, but then again it keeps the ballance with the sherry also being more subtle.
    • Taste
      92 92
      Bold and oily.
      Peat is not as upfront as on the nose, still ever present.
      Sherry and dark red fruits.
      Considerable build up of warming spice.
    • Finish
      90 90
      Long finish.
      Peat returns at full force.
      Spicy, and going a bit dry.

  8. Rudi2joerge scored this whisky 95 points Newbie

    This is massive! The last one (batch 010) was on the dry side and not that fat (but a welcome alternative to older batches, because differences make those batches interesting). Completely other animal than the 010 was the 009 which was fat, heavy Laphroaig/10yCS.
    But now, the 011, this new batch is even fatter than 009. Phew, what a brutal 10yCS. But really Laphroaigish, I adore this style.
    And while the new Cairdeas 2019/Triple Wood is also a really fat animal (even fatter than CS 011) the CS 011 is complex and not one-dimensional at all. Really the art of Laphroaig. The Cairdeas 2019 is fat but it is very one-dimensional. While Cairdeas 2019 is kind of a fun whisky, the CS 011 is real quality whisky while still being a brutal Laphroaig as it should be sometimes. Congratulations, Laphroaig, well done!

  9. PEATYBOI scored this whisky 91 points Expert Junior

    When first poured, the nose is shy with hints of peat and vanilla notes. After sitting for around 5 minutes, the white fruit notes such as green apples and pear blast out of the glass. After a longer while, notes of coconut and fresh flowers are experienced.

    On the palate, this dram is as complex as it gets for a 10 year old. At first, lots of vanilla and fruity notes. Classic notes such as iodine and medicinal notes can also be detected and especially pronounced in the finish. Seaweed is also prominent on the palate. After a while, sherry notes are detected in the backdrop and it compliments the peat and smoke like any good Laphroaig does.

    The finish is long, dry, and classic Laphroaig. Just like what you would expected from cough medicine, simultaneously sweet and bitter.

    For what this dram is priced at, I feel as though it would be doing a disservice if I rate this anything below a 90. As someone who really enjoys these classic laphroaig profiles, this is a must-try for any islay lovers since this dram showcases perfectly what the distillery is capable of.

  10. g00se scored this whisky 91 points Expert Senior

    Good, detailed Tastingnotes of the experts are here enough to read. I agree with all the enthusiasts of these drams. Really great stuff.
    What really got me excited about it is the versatility and variety of the flavors. One day I had poured the into no classic Glencair glass and there was absolutely no smoke to recognize ... Instead, I encountered a fruitiness that almost reminded me of a torn bag of gummy bears (the particularly juicy!).
    Yesterday I dripped a few drops on the skin and it smelled of roasted peanuts ...

    What is this magical drink? °. °


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