Ben Nevis 1991 SV

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Single Malt
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27 years old
Refill Sherry Butt
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53.8 % Vol.
700 ml
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03 Jul 2019 11:01 am by 404fred
UncoloredNon-chillfilteredCask StrengthSingle Cask Whisky

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Whisky Reviews for Ben Nevis 1991 SV

46 users have left a review for this whisky and scored it an average of 91.01 points

  1. hs305 scored this whisky 94 points Connoisseur

    [November, 2019] Two reviews both with 92+points but three members scored it 83 points without stating a single word why - a clear case to check by my own taste buds...

    ...and they state "the best sherry matured dram we had for years". This whisky reminds me of the great sherry maturations of the sixties / early seventies (of the last century), not kidding. Anyone who likes to explore this old (and as I thought extinct) sherry maturation style should go for this dram and if you do not like it, send the (open) bottle to me and I will refund you up to the initial release price of 199 Euro depending on what is left (or another bottle of your preference).

    PS: I re-tasted this dram tonight after dRambos notes and to be honest I am not sure what they served dRambo out of the numerous Ben Nevis 1991 SV bottlings (as a sample, I guess) - but even after excessive nosing I can not detect any single sulphur atom in my whole bottle (I am very sensitive to the smell of hell but there is definitely not any distant whiff of matches or the like). And never ever I would call this dram dirty but "clean" and "dirty" are ill-defined words when it comes to tasting impressions. So if you do not like this whisky please remember to send me your bottle for a full refund (or alternative bottle), I could quaff this stuff all night long...

    To me this is one of the cleanest sherry maturations since years and absolutely on eye-level with the great sherried drams of the sixties and seventies (and I drank hundreds of them). If you prefer the more aggressive-spiked modern whisky styles these drams might be average-only to you (missing the quickly "hard-hitting" taste buds impressions) but the complexity and harmony of the aromas and flavours simply is adorable if you take your time with such drams - they demand both respect and patience before they unlock their secrets. I fully confirm my unusual high score for a modern dram...

    ...but certainly dRambo is right too because there is (and never will be) no accounting for taste - as simple as that!
    • Nose
      94 94
      The colour is burnished and the nose offers a clean old-style (!) sherry profile that is very complex and delicious. Wow, this truly reminds me of some of the greatest sherry matured drams of the past - I am somewhat speechless! I never had such a nose with a modern sherried dram before (meaning distilled after 1982), this is comparable to fine sherry maturations from the sixties or seventies. A dram to sniff for hours and no, I will not mention any aromas here - you have to find out by yourself (this is more fun, believe me!). But I tell you it is completely flawless and without any single off-note (ooh, and use a big spheric blender's glass, if available). The profile stays delicious even after a longer breathing time so no need to hurry with this dram.
    • Taste
      95 95
      Never drink out of any glass designed for nosing only (like the blender's glass mentioned above) because they taste dull and flat. I use a standard Glencairn glass for drinking. The taste is multi-layered on both delicious oloroso sherry and the trademark Ben Nevis malt flavours in perfect harmony (and unbelievable complexity). The woods provide a sound backing but they never try to enter the spotlight (how it should be). Again, this taste reminds me of some of the finest sherried Ben Nevis bottlings from the sixties/early seventies (and no, I do not refer to the bitter wood-driven 40+years releases - the 25 to 35-years old are much better). Ooh, what a finding! Excellent stuff, extremely quaffable and very, very interesting to explore!
    • Finish
      94 94
      The dram arrives warming and instantly coating on the palate with an adorable creamy texture (and no distracting moments). The finish is long and extends the beautiful taste for several more minutes which is great. No distracting bitter or drying moments but more spices and chocolate (my to-die-for combo). Water turns both nose and taste smoother (hence even more quaffable) - I like to explore this dram neat and enjoy drinking it neat and at various reduced levels (another characteristic of an excellent dram).

  2. didi1893 scored this whisky 93 points Connoisseur

    This Ben Nevis is just amazing! The flavors are filigree interwoven and so perfectly matched! The sweet and fruity aromas harmonize wonderfully with the slightly tart and salty notes of wood, the nut mixture goes perfectly with the butter biscuits and biscuits. The mouthfeel is creamy and dry at the same time, at the moment cedarwood and an incredible tobacco note stand out. This bottling is absolutely not superimposed, I love the filigree and straightforward character of this Ben Nevis. I'm excited!!!

    23/23/24/23 (93P)
    • Nose
      Wonderfully long and oily "legs" stick to the glass wall, bright copper shimmers in the Premium Snifter, from a distance sour cherries and caramel make themselves felt. At the first powerful "nose" spicy oak tones, dried berries and caramel rise in the nose. Caramelized sugar plays with toffee and spicy caramel, dried grapes and berries combine with a touch of milk chocolate, salted and roasted peanuts mix with sour cherries and morello cherries. The nose looks complex and not overloaded, elegantly play fruity sweetness and minimal tart wood elements together. The alcohol is wonderfully integrated harmoniously, crumbs of butter biscuits and shortbread fall on salted peanuts. A truly harmonious, multi-layered and filigree nose, let's see what the Ben Nevis has to offer in terms of taste ...
    • Taste
      Sweet and dry, the first aromas on the tongue bounce, also here the first impression is rather restrained but very tasty and extremely stimulating. Creamy flowing the first sip sweet and buttery through the palate, from butter biscuits or biscuits and a nut mixture dissolve shadow morels and blackberries, only after a few moments a pleasant sharpness creeps over the tongue and teasing seductively on the tip of the tongue. The flavors of the taste are equally filigree, clear and absolutely not overloaded, hazelnuts play with oranges, sour cherries with milk chocolate, plums and plums end in tentative floral notes with a minimal grassy touch. With walnuts and salted peanuts, the taste and lingering blur ...
    • Finish
      Buttery biscuits, plums, caramel, cherries and nuts are creamy and buttery on the tongue. In the end, dreamy leather and tobacco flavors come into their own, chewed walnuts end in full-bodied chocolate and hints of caramel and toffee. Do I taste a slight smoke? No idea, in any case, I'm excited about just dried and sweet tobacco leaves in combination with gorgeous leather ;-) Wow, this Nevis should please never finish and his wonderful aroma should remain forever in my memory!

  3. AngeloMerten scored this whisky 95 points Expert Senior

    I was determined not to buy another whisky this year.
    For me, it was already clear that the Glenfarclas 2002 W18 was my personal highlight in terms of whisky and claims the title "Best Whisky 2019" for itself.
    A good friend then gave me a 2cl sample and just laughed ... what can I say ?! That's him!!!!!

    PS: Class difference compared to Ben Nevis 27yo from the 30th Anniversary Collection for half the price ...
    • Nose
      95 95
      Uuuiii, really nice sherry.

      No false notes!

      I'll wait another 15 minutes and let him breathe, because he's actually too complex for me! seems ... I had the last time at Bowmore 1987 MoS, violently.

      After 15 minutes, the aromas slowly disperse and you get a whole potpourri of ripe / juicy fruits.

      Orange marmalade, overripe raspberries, cherries ... chocolate cookie and cake dough.
      Uii, there's a mocha, - / Kaffenote, which I had not yet ... yummy!
      Everything in perfect combination with the seasoning on tap.
    • Taste
      96 96
      Refill Sherry !!!
      Something of creamy and oily.
      Everything he has promised to Nosing, he holds!
      There are even beautiful Christmas spices.
      No bitterness!
    • Finish
      95 95
      Long, with a nice leather, and tobacco note.
      Will always chokoladiger.

      I'm really excited!

  4. dRambo scored this whisky 86 points Connoisseur

    Match sulfur, hardly recognizable as Nevis in the nose, but extremely oily dirty palate. Not my style - how much over 90 can lie is a mystery to me, but buy it. More old age stuff for me. Thanks for the dram Tom aka reaper
    • Nose
      87 87
    • Taste
      86 86
    • Finish
      86 86

  5. MarcoWe65 did not rate this whisky Expert Senior

    Every week a new panic bottle from my german friends.
    Yesterday a good friend called me to try this Nevis.
    Lets see if it is another Hype bottle like the Longmorn '92 or the Turret "89. I can see the same drinkers bought lots of that stuff with high ratings.

    So thisone is a solid whisky. Not the best Nevis style because very dry for my taste but good enough to enjoy.

    Warm and pleasent smell. I like this one better than the other 2019 release.
    A bit fruity and oaky. No Sherry overload in this one.

    Nice spicy beginning with tasty dry fruits like plums and peaches. The alcohol is good integrated in the spirit, so I drink without water.
    What bothers me a bit is that this strange Nevis style is too dry for my taste. Reminds me on a Scoma bottle from years ago.

    Middle and good. Nothing spectacular but also not bad.
    The aftertaste remains long enough to be happy with this one.

    I bought the bottles for my private tastings with the club, but for me personally well overpriced like almost every other SV bottle this year.

    A good " everyday dram" imo

  6. LeChiffre scored this whisky 88 points Connoisseur

    • Nose
      89 89
    • Taste
      88 88
    • Finish
      88 88

  7. Rhönräuber scored this whisky 92 points Expert Junior

    • Nose
      Balanced aromas of dried wild berries, caramel, trail mix with roasted nuts, shortbreads, fruity sweet but also balanced fine-dry.
    • Taste
      fruity sweet, creamy, blackberries, plums, milk chocolate, fading with a fine Campari-orange note and a subtle saltiness.
    • Finish
      silky, orange peel, sweetish tobacco, cherry flavor, leather, caramel and milk chocolate, very long.

  8. S_S scored this whisky 93 points Member Senior

    How is it supposed to be, a few drops got lost next to the glass when pouring out. There is already a characteristic whisky scent in the air, I'm excited.

    It is not as present in the glass as the first fragrance sample suggested. It is an elegant profile that will never kill you. What I particularly like are foreground (sweet) and background (fresh oranges) notes. The alcohol transports the flavors extremely well. No stinging in the nose, no "in your face" sherry, no exaggerated spiciness, no ... .. You pay attention to all the mistakes that a dram can make - I don't find any here. He does everything right for me, with a little hand warmth even more intensely. I'm looking forward to experimenting with water.

    Tingling in the mouth, great start on the tongue. Extreme balance, that describes it best. You can enjoy everything that allows you to taste your own taste buds in nuances, the dram allows it. It does not exaggerate or underestimate in the slightest. Creming, that's how whisky must taste, it can grow to nosing.

    The finish is long and complex. Great stimulation of salivation. Nuts, dark chocolate, a little bitter notes. Slight dryness settles in the mouth. It feels like a “never ending” loop. Great Nevis.

    Exorbitantly good.

    Oh yes, I wanted to experiment a little more with water, it didn't happen, the glass is empty.
    • Nose
      93 93
    • Taste
      93 93
    • Finish
      94 94

  9. VaryingViewpoint scored this whisky 94 points Moderator

    This is an amazing scotch!

    That said, I understand (I think) why there is so much conflicting notes on whether there is sulphur in this or not. Because, on my first dram out of the bottle I was wondering how I was going to go about sending all three of my bottles to hs305 for a full refund as I would have bet my entire scotch collection that this was a sulphured cask release. However, on all my subsequent drams not a hint of sulphur (I am 2/3 through this bottle now only 4 weeks in). So no hs305 will not be getting any of my bottles!

    Why did I think there was sulphur on the first pour? I suspect (only my theory of course) that the flavours were so concentrated and intense (and they were) even though I let it stand for at least 30min in the glass (as I normally do with all my drams) that it gave me the impression that it was overpowering and somewhat harsh with the impression of sulphur components as that was just about all I could taste.

    I've had a similar experience like this (but without the taste of sulphur, just the intense overpowering flavours on the first dram out of the bottle, where it's not all that good) with two other bottles; the Springbank 21yo form 2018 and the Fettercairn 1976 SR https://www.whiskybase.com/whiskies/whisky/130388/fettercairn-1976-sr where on the first dram from just being opened the intense flavours on the palate are almost off-putting in which I was wondering "do I like this?". But, as with this release right out of the bottle (the neck pour as they say) it is not the best time to rate or even allow one's self to over react either positively or negatively as the whisky has just escaped the bottle for the first time, and, until it has time to react to the air around it we don't really know how it will evolve over time. This is why I don't like samples, unless we allow ourselves to explore a full bottle as it evolves in its own way, as it oxidizes, with time, we only get a snap-shot of what that release is at that moment, and have no idea of its true personality over time. Exploring a full bottle as it evolves showing all its good and less then stellar aspects as it reveals itself is really the only way to know what one is drinking.
    • Nose
      93 93
    • Taste
      95 95
    • Finish
      93 93
      When adding a very little bit of water, the finish becomes very much like dark chocolate. Yummy!!!

  10. Dram Dracula scored this whisky 91 points Connoisseur

    One of those whiskies where there is a bit of sulfur, but it's too damn good for me to care. Wild and complex. Perfect Ben Nevis.


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