Glen Scotia 15-year-old

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Single Malt
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15 years old
American Oak Barrels
46.0 % Vol.
700 ml
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18 mar 2019 4:05 pm by alectron

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Whisky reviews for Glen Scotia 15-year-old

22 users have left 22 reviews for this whisky. Average rating is 85.20 points.

  1. Gareth74 scored this whisky 86 points Expert Senior


    Ever found a scotch and thought I should keep quiet about this one? Yeah, you do. We’ve all had them. Probably goes against your base instincts to cry from the rooftops that you’ve found a corker because you know if you make a clamour and enough other people do the same* they’ll be a run on that bottle and it’ll be gone quicker than a bottle of Springbank Local Barley on release day BUT there’s times when you can say it with gay abandon because there’s more than enough bottles to go around and we all need good whisky. Nay, deserve it in these shitty times.

    *let’s be honest, some nobody reviewer like me will have zero effect on whisky stock out there in the market.

    This is a bottle worth shouting about. Like the Macallan Edition series, this is a sweet spot whisky for me. All the bits slide into place and leave me with that feeling I’ve stumbled on a something special?

    “Oh Edmund! Can it be true? That I hold here, in my mortal hand, a nugget of purest green?”

    Yes, better than Lord Percy’s nugget of purest green (that was pants) but no less exciting? Not quite, but it’s a close run thing. After the last Glen Scotia (which was my first) this is a different beast all together but no less enjoyable.

    On the nose and it’s quick to please. There’s a richness buttressed with a toffee sweetness, bourbon wood and vanilla (even from a cool glass) make a warm arrival. For some reason I keep thinking of sherry and warm red wine and Port. There a fruitiness in the nose, it’s rather good. There a lot of compressed things that need to open up. There’s nice rubber, some cellar funk, a little herbaceous note (from an empty glass), Angelica and something faintly lactic. Toffee apples? There’s nice old varnish, it’s just a very comforting and comfortable nose. This is very cosy.

    In the mouth (and I’m looking forward to this) and it all toffee and fine black tea, apricot jam, initially. It’s rich and gentle at the same time. There a brine and toffee combo that comes in but then the fruit on the nose also arrives, with varnish and, I can’t shake it, a wine or port note. Orange oils? There’s something of a warm vineyard about this scotch, a slight earthiness, maybe chalk, God it a good. This is a sit I’ll night and slide into a bottle kind of whisky. There’s no resistance, it’s all ‘come to bed eyes’ and have one more dram fare. Silky, soft and, crucify me for saying this, ‘smooth’. And the best part is there’s some sort of gently smoke wafting around the just makes the whole thing feel even more relaxed and more enveloping. It’s hard to fault.

    Ok. Want to pick faults? You’ll could argue at 46% you’d want it to be 48% or 50% or cask strength but that’s about it. For me, this is almost spot on at 46% - it can take a bit of water but really, why bother.

    So, a blind punt based on how much I enjoyed the Campbeltown festival 8 year old and I’m happy to say it’s joyous. A different beast but a great bottle.


    Tell everyone.

  2. cloudyweedram scored this whisky 81 points Expert Senior

    I tried to compare this with the 14 Yo Campbeltown Malts Festival 2020 Limited Edition that is matured in first fill American Hogshead and finished in first fill tawny port cask that I have emptied in Jun 2022.
    • Nose
      80 80
      While the 14 Yo is characterized with profound red berry, the nose of this 15 Yo he nose seems light and very shy. Time doesn't seems to help. I could find a whiff of saltiness atop coconut and syrup, may be also some salted crackers. That's pretty much about it.
    • Taste
      82 82
      The mouthfeel is very light, and the body is thin. The oak is quite spot on, though, There's caramelised banana, roasted cashew and a little butter. People who love black tea will find it appealing. Compare to this, the 14 Yo is rounder and more flavoursome.
    • Finish
      80 80
      The finish left some aftertaste of skittles candy and favourless gum. Herbal bitterness lingered in the back of throat. My notes said the 14 Yo has fruit jam, resinous notes, herbal tea and pu erh tea in the finish. So the finish of the two seems quite alike.

  3. Ballahooligan scored this whisky 90 points Member Senior

    My first introduction to Campbeltown as it was the only one I could get at the time, but even now I've managed to get my hands on some Springbank and Kilkerran, I think this is still my favourite. Even more so than Victoriana. Lived well up to its reputation at £55 but the distillery site has now bumped it up to £65. Still worth it, but still......
    • Nose
      90 90
      Apricot, peach, nutmeg, vanilla, a little bit of smoke, caramel and hazelnut.
    • Taste
      91 91
      Dried apricot, quince and fig. Nutmeg, vanilla and licorice, smoky, nutty and a little sour.
    • Finish
      89 89
      Medium to long finish, spices lasting out but also the dried fruit.

  4. Stanknoops scored this whisky 87 points Newbie

    Rich and smooth tells the label, and so it is. It has lots of character with chocolate, fruit and the bourbon cask influence. Aftertaste is good, but could be longer.

  5. Glenanalyser scored this whisky 80 points Newbie

    • Nose
      81 81
    • Taste
      80 80
    • Finish
      80 80

  6. notesofmalt scored this whisky 85 points Expert Senior

    Glen Scotia 15 years, 46% alc, aging: American oak

    Region: Campbeltown, Scotland
    Nose: sweet and fruity, very elegant. Mandarins, dried apricots and honey and a pleasant flavor from the oak wood. With a little time, the fruit becomes ripe, cherries and orange peel are added, accompanied by a pleasant portion of smoke.

    Palate: Tense, here the aromas fight for the upper hand. On the one hand the strong fruit aromas and on the other hand a strong spice fraction. Anise, cinnamon and cloves wrestle with oranges, prunes and raisins for supremacy. This was followed by dry biscuits with a slight vanilla sweetness and pepper.

    Finish: Medium to long, dominated by blood oranges and a light peppery note.

    Conclusion: positively surprised. A 15 year old Glen Scotia of the core range who can really see himself. It is a price-performance winner anyway. 85/100 points

  7. dandyman scored this whisky 84 points Expert Senior

    Really sweet, apricots plus various sugars and a little zestiness starring in this Campbeltown dram. No flaws at all, a very good balance alongside a voluptious and rich body really elevate what otherwise would've been only a mediocre single malt. Obviously some first grade and still wet Bourbon casks created a simple but very moreish dram. If you're looking for something complex, move along. If you're in the mood for a simple yet rich and sweet treat, this is it.
    • Nose
      rich and sweet, acacia honey, orchard fruit, rock sugar, dried and sugared apricots, orange blossoms, tea with honey and a few drops of lemon juice, caramelised orange zests in butter, hints of coconut, traces of saline.
    • Taste
      sweet and thick arrival, orange blossom honey, dried and sugared apricots, apricot jam, powder fructose, some candied orange zests, some powder sugar licorice (hints of salinity), a thick and tight body with good depth and a really good balance.
    • Finish
      mellow american oakiness, some soft vanilla, apricot jam, some orange blossoms, a little powder fructose, sadly really short.

  8. z1reticuli scored this whisky 88 points Expert Junior

    I would not be surprised to find out the American Oak came from Wild Turkey, the nose is clear on that.

  9. The_Osprey scored this whisky 79 points Expert Senior

    Glen Scotia 15. At Scotia Bar (appropriately), Glasgow, March 2019. Aroma is huge toffee and oak, elastic bands and banoffee. Taste is banana and booze, big vanilla, huge toffee pennies and booze like an intense bourbon. Comes across like a strong Irish whisky - buttery with huge bourbon character and impressions of sweetness - one for bourbon drinkers. It's intense for sure just not as complex as I'd like. (3.3/79)

  10. jvanopstal scored this whisky 78 points Expert Senior

    Nice and tough whisky
    • Nose
      79 79
      Fruity with peach and vanilla
    • Taste
      78 78
      Sweet and a bit spicy with caramel, cinnamon and a bit of lemon
    • Finish
      78 78
      Medium long and spicy

  11. Johnny_Starkiller scored this whisky 84 points Member Senior

    • Nose
      84 84
    • Taste
      85 85
    • Finish
      83 83

  12. Highlander65 scored this whisky 75 points Expert Senior

    Good, a gentle whisky, as an aperitif
    • Nose
      Good fruit, neither too ripe nor too sweet, very pleasant, sweet, a very slight hint of peat.
    • Taste
      fresh and clean body, sweet and slightly spicy flavor
    • Finish
      not very long but pleasant and delicate

  13. Marcel74 scored this whisky 91 points Expert Senior

    Bottled 8-6-18, the taste is complicated, special whisky and tasty .. I think older whisky has been used in this
    • Nose
      Soft, citrus, fruity, apricot, vanilla, oak, banana, toffee, raisins
    • Taste
      First soft, then spicy, ginger / chili, oak, sea flavor, but also sweet again, after a while biscuits, macaroons are also coming .. great !!
    • Finish
      Long, tannins, spices

  14. the_muskox scored this whisky 85 points Expert Senior

    Great stuff. I was really convinced that there was some sherry influence with all this rich sweetness and spice. The funk in here is interesting, and really helps beef things up. The malty, caramel sweetness is very nice. This can hang with the best standard releases in its class – Clynelish 14, Springbank 15, and Bunnahabhain 12 come to mind. I’m impressed.

    Nose: Sweet and funky. It’s more of an earthy funk, with seashore, over-ripe fruit, and chicken stock. There’s sweet, rounded barley, mixed nuts, milk chocolate, raisins, and orange peel. Plenty of spice too: cinnamon, cloves, sandalwood, and cane sugar cola.

    Palate: Medium-thick texture. Sweet up front with caramel and lots of cinnamon, with a hint of bitter citrus pith. The mid-palate is rich, sweet, spicy, and slightly savoury. There’s black pepper, salt, milk chocolate, earthy oak, cloves, and vanilla. I was certain I was picking up some sherry here, but apparently there’s no sherry maturation involved at all. Rich spice on the back end.

    Finish: Sweet and salty. Trail mix, orange peels, cherries, dark chocolate, black pepper, and damp earth.

  15. martinbutterfly scored this whisky 83 points Expert Senior

    ????: bright gold
    ????: barrel-shaped, sweet, alcoholic, slightly peppery, slightly alcoholic, turns into a slight bitterness: /
    ????: warming but acidic, even not so short
    There is no madness, a large impact of oak with a sour finish, the nose promised a slight variability but there was alcohol, weak position
    ????: 3/10
    ????: 83/100

  16. VISION_CHEN scored this whisky 84 points Expert Junior

    Smell: The special and rich fruity flavor was chosen to be released at the beginning, with some original wax texture side by side, the middle section is a pleasing fresh malt aroma, but the main battlefield is soon occupied by the taste of sour ginger and barrel Go and it lasts very long.

    Drink: The taste is warm, the tongue is slightly burned, and the taste begins to melt away from the tongue. The cool citrus and woody notes rise spirally in the mouth.

    Sense: The fragrance of Grande is quite rich and concentrated, and the special fruity and waxy sensory should be in the ranks of the spiritual imprint. The taste and the inexplicable burning sensation burn only the tongue. This 15-year-old Grande can achieve the expected value of smelling and tasting. It is the mainstay in the product line.

  17. Rosencrantz scored this whisky 86 points Member Senior

    It is a drink so unconventional that it is fun! Definitely not easy, probably repelling for some, but really fun and original.
    • Nose
      86 86
      On the nose it presents itself wearing a very evident Bourbon robe, with marzipan, vanilla, apricot, freshly baked tart. Over time, the aromas grow and stratify, with a surge of fruit (peach, melon, yellow orange), lemon zest and a delicate coastal profile. Sprinkled with cinnamon.
    • Taste
      87 87
      The palate turns out to be very saline, with a herbaceous and moist cut that clears the olfactory aromas, making the unfriendly soul of Glen Scotia a little rediscovered.
      Pepper, walnuts, touch of malt and smooth wood, ginger, light bitter undertone. Lemon. The contrast between palate and smell when drinking is in some ways unsettling, it almost seems to be with two different whiskys, practically a bipolar distillate. Underneath, but just underneath, there is also a hint of peaty smoke, but the time to notice it is already gone.
    • Finish
      85 85
      Rather long, dry, herbaceous and lemon-like finish, with wood, spices and a hint of orange.

  18. GJR scored this whisky 85 points Connoisseur

    Tasted in a nas versus aged tasting against de Double Cask. Both have similar familiarities. This one is just a tad beter. More depth and more complexity. Pricewise for a 15 year old this is a very very good buy

  19. Gabor1973 scored this whisky 88 points Expert Junior

    complex, wood, vanilla, spicey all over the tongue.
    Very nice!

  20. diamond2000 scored this whisky 87 points Expert Junior

    Aroma: restrained, lacquer-oak, a slight hint of berries (currants, blueberries) caramel, iodized salt, spicy brine. Over time, apricot jam, varnish, polish, oak adds even more, locksmith - oiled rags, metal, grinding wheel, box with tools; dressed leather.

    Taste: burnt caramel, a little spices and spices, oak, lacquer, a hint of resinous wood, sweet coffee with milk.

    Finish: medium length, varnish with oak, coniferous resin, rosin, mineral-metallic notes, sweetness, caramel, grains of salt.

    Rating: 87

    Bottom line: a good calm Scotia, unlike the slightly tattered Double Cask, salty-sweet, with industrial impregnations in the aroma, and sweet, oak-lacquer in taste. Such a slightly dirty style, I really liked.

  21. wisekyofcourse scored this whisky 84 points Connoisseur

    candied fruit on yellow fruits (orange, tangerine), slightly peppery spices, vanilla in the center, a honeyed sweet return.
    the almond crushed in the center with the malt well present!
    a dram of good quality, but without much particularity with a touch of iodized salt

  22. lachaineduwhisky did not rate this whisky Expert Senior

    • Nose
      Fairly neutral. Some ripe fruits are struggling to emerge. And somewhat alcoholic.
    • Taste
      Pretty juicy, with toffee, but always this alcohol that hangs a bit, without being unacceptable here.
    • Finish
      Honey and delicate spices, here rather spoiled by the bad alcoholic integration.

      A flat and boring dram.

      Enthusiasm 2/5

      Whisky n ° 2086


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