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Whisky Reviews for Ben Nevis 1995 whic

57 users have left a review for this whisky and scored it an average of 88.93 points

  1. didi1893 scored this whisky 92 points Connoisseur

    What a sherry board! This elegant and balanced Ben Nevis is simply gorgeous and impressively meets the expectations of every sherry lover. For me there are no criticisms, except that unfortunately I have too little of this dream material in the pantry ;-). The hype about this bottling is in my opinion completely justified, a great malt with a wonderfully sherrylastigen character. I like it very much!
    • Nose
      Dunker Amber shines in the Premium Snifter, on the glass wall a large and oily streak has formed from which occasionally long legs dissolve and run back into the glass in slow motion. Dark oak tones stand out powerfully from the glass, juicy cherries and tart leather dissolve from the dark and spicy wood tones. Dried tobacco leaves combine with leather, caramel, cherries and deep red raspberries to a wonderful fragrant blend. Sweet and creamy forest honey drips on velvety vineyard peach, raisins and dates stand out. The spicy oak tones slowly submerge in the sweet and ripe fruits. Abrasion of old orange peel, currants and dark peach are permeated with sweet honey and caramel. Echoes of bitter milk chocolate are dimmed by cherries, old leather and dried tobacco leaves. Cedar wood and dried tobacco crumbs remind me of my open humidor, the chocolate dominates more and more over the dark and old berries and grapes. A touch of cinnamon and a fresh mint note give the nose a spicy and fresh note. Slowly, the velvety peach is again dominant. I could forever smell that harmonious and elegant nose. Slowly, the salivation begins with me, I want to finally try the Ben Nevis!
    • Taste
      Spicy and fruity oak tones spread powerfully on the tongue with the first sip. Cherries and raspberries dance on the tongue before slowly wooden sharpness envelops the tongue. Sweet honey and creamy caramel on the edge of the tongue drip creamy, dark apricots and peaches are voluminous on the palate. A pinch of white pepper tickles the tongue and lips, while fiery chili makes the tip of the tongue glow. A true firework of flavors burns on the palate. Slowly, the pungency fades, old leather comes to the fore in combination with sweetish tobacco. Creamy and elegant, the second sip flows through the palate. Sweet raspberries and ripe cherries flash briefly, then a load of black pepper explodes again on the tongue, chili burns on the tip of the tongue. Dark apricots and velvety peach accompany the fiery sharpness with fruity elements, again show creamy caramel, leather and tobacco. Milk chocolate and a touch of freshly brewed espresso slowly linger.
    • Finish
      The plump warmth still sticks to the palate, creamy and spicy wood elements rest on the tongue. The initial sharpness is still noticeable for a while, but slowly outweigh the harsh leather and tobacco notes. Dark raisins and dates give the finish with raspberries and cherries a fruity finish, the milk chocolate and the freshly brewed espresso impressively return. Slowly the wooden oak tones are showing again, the pepper-chilli mixture is still very dominant in the foreground. Earthy hints and a hint of oily and creamy walnut give the finish a slightly dirty and greasy aroma. The creamy walnuts stick to the palate while under the tongue creamy wooden elements float in the saliva. Sour cherries and a wonderful blend of tobacco and leather are delicious for the last time.

  2. Thermidor scored this whisky 86 points Expert Senior

    - So, my dear Watson, what do you think happened to Mr. Nevis over there?
    - I do believe he was drowned. It was the Whiskycircle folks, in the warehouse, with the sherry cask.

    I poured this without expectations or checking the cask specifics, and found one of these modern sherry drams, where the cask aromas are very much the same from whisky to whisky (get a young Glendronach SC, a Macallan Rare Cask, a Glengoyne CS, and something like this on the table at the same time if I've lost you), which is a bit tiring. Is everyone using the same casks and seasoning now? if this tickles you, you might like Elements of Islay Br7, which I think is also of the same style, but slightly fruitier and with more punch.
    It's certainly good, as my 86 points indicate, but it does make me pine for the sherry casks of yore.

    Tasted with Mortlach 22yo 1997 SS cask 10090 "Giorgio D'Ambrosio" (85 pts.)

    Thanks to member GIORGOS for the sample!
    • Nose
      At first nosing it's quite boozy with a dominating hazelnut liqueur note, so I expect it'll be a cask-driven thing with a lot of tannins. Even after waiting a while it's still quite tight, with the alcohol pushing through, so I'm getting pear eau-de-vie, coffee grounds, disinfectant, and once again those hazelnuts. With water it tends toward a rich chocolate smell. Despite Ben Nevis being famously a big distillate, it does get lost in the cask here. Adding some more water turns it first into coffee liqueur, but then some pears, dry barley, and sugar come in. You could call this archaeological whisky, in that you have to dig through a few layers of sherry to reach the Ben Nevis below.
    • Taste
      A surprise, in that the booziness on the nose does not translate to the taste at all. A big whisky, with a winegum sweetness (another modern sherry cask marker) and some milk chocolate driving it, but the distillate helps give it a big body so it doesn't feel like only the cask is talking. With water both the distillate's peat and the tannins from the oak start to catch up to the winegums, but apart from the amount of oak, I find it hard to judge the age based on the body and the taste, past a general "must be older than 10yo" feeling. On adding several teaspoons of water I find the cask influence recedes and finally the expected BN taste is here.
    • Finish
      The dastardly ethanol returns to strike a villainous blow, numbing my senses at the moment after swallowing, terminating the finish before it even gets going. WIth water it's drying and tannic and faintly metallic, not really holding up to the mouth.

  3. dRambo scored this whisky 87 points Connoisseur

    Outstanding nose for the price range (109 €) - the level he can not hold on the palate - prefer to crawl away, do not try :)
    • Nose
      91 91
      Passed red berries, blueberry, blackberry with water - not overly intense - which suits me, a subtle acid released from the berries with a touch of gunpowder - maybe even a tiny trace of sulfur - remotely reminds me of Deanston Oloroso 20 and Bunna Wy Viceroy Elixir.
      In addition, there is an oily oak note, partly old partly fresh, with carnauba wax and furniture polish. The nose is alive - acid levels, fruit and oak pulsate up and down - oak and fruit dance - while always remaining elegant.
      With more time shows clearly orange, tea tree oil, coated green tea, jasmine flowers. You can dive deep into the Snifter - nothing stings - on the bottom of the glass always waiting for this rich oiliness - I like it.
    • Taste
      86 86
      sweet - red fruit - clear Nevis herbs - in the nose could have been anything - on the palate, he can not disguise its origin, the proportion of the taste - which is characterized by the distillate, unfortunately goes slightly to neutral / grapefruit peel Bitter, the Fassaromen catch that quite good - but as they alternate on the palate always - unfortunately comes to the delicious strawberry always a bit too much bitterness for me.
      It is solid fruitiness without drowning in the wet barrel, which I feared in the color first. Ginger, pepper, spicy, bright, untreated oak - the second sip makes it milder and no longer bothers you. But he can not reach the promising nose. Reminiscent of the 1991 SV Nevisse of recent times - a little red fruit.
    • Finish
      85 85
      dry, warming, some pepper, the fruit disappears comparatively fast - medium to long - where the really delicious part is rather short - also here clearly a Nevis with some pineapple in the finish

  4. Dramned! scored this whisky 89 points Expert Senior

    Good old bottlings are slowly becoming rarer, younger and younger whiskys are crowding the market with lots of blah, often crude finishes and colors at ludicrous prices. I am always happy about old, straightforward and beautifully matured whiskys at a fair price. And this is one - if you like strong woody flavors. Wonderfully old-fashioned, with rough edges and no mainstream attitude - at any rate, he is not graceful and tender as a nymph.
    If you do not like musty-dry oak woody notes, you may have a hard time, as these are really dominant and borderline. If that does not bother you, he will stay enthralling for a long time and not very tasty, which makes him an excellent connoisseur whisky that you can spend a whole evening with.
    For me a frontier worker in his austere, but aromatic woodiness. But in his totality of flavors he likes me very well.
    Gladly more of such barrels, Arne!
    • Nose
      Like a thin string of pearls, tiny droplets line up on the glass wall, running down only hesitantly and tenaciously like old oil - that and the dark, rich tobacco-brown color promise opulence.
      First of all, old shoe wax blows out of the glass, so give me time to breathe - with a proud 22 years, I allow him a good half hour in the glass. Then no trace of false notes, but then a violent spicy and oily sherry load with everything that goes with it. Dark dried fruits and rum raisins, a piece of old leather, dark dark Demerara sugar with a nice malty sweetness. Vanilla in connection with sweet pipe tobacco, I perceive true, albeit modest. The dark chocolate flavors that are so typical of Ben Nevis I hardly have, because the sherry barrel does a great job. This is noticeable by dry tart wood notes like a creaking scuffed wooden staircase in a slightly rundown musty house. The strong alcohol is well integrated, it appears as cooling as fresh mint in appearance, barely stinging in the nose.
    • Taste
      Oily, warm and dark, the Ben Nevis spills over the tongue, in the mouth spreads immediately a beautiful fruity-floral sweetness with spicy prunes, ripe mangoes and a beautiful berry compote, in addition dark caramel and cooked herb-sweet malt. Salty licorice and tobacco bring even more spice.
      But then beats the same old barrel mercilessly and puts the entire mouth dry. Heavy, musty and old, it gives off harsh woody aromas that tingle with sour notes and tart spices on the tongue - as if you had wrung out a soaked old barrel stave. He should not have stayed in the barrel for much longer.
    • Finish
      Woody dryness, dark sweet malt, forest honey and spicy dried fruit form a very long and dry finish.

  5. Hemdl scored this whisky 87 points Connoisseur

    I liked the nose a lot, then the malt can not hold this latte anymore. Good taste, without being a high flyer, the finish is too dry and too bitter for me. Overall a good whisky, but by no means the big litter. Who can not handle strong wood flavors, should avoid this here.
    • Nose
      Instant sweet, slightly dry sherry with some oak in the background. Dark, red fruits and Turkish honey. The cask strength is present, but not unpleasantly alcoholic. After a few minutes in the glass, the malt appears even creamier and more pleasing. Without fault and blame.
    • Taste
      The influence of the oak now stronger than in the nose. Oak spice and a few bitter notes are now clearly noticeable, it lies - how can it be otherwise - the sweet sherry together with the Turkish honey, red fruits. Is there still some leather in the background? At least one of those old and slightly dirty notes, as you will also like the Campbeltown - Malts finds. The longer the malt stays in the mouth, the stronger the interaction between the oak and the sweet sherry notes. Overall, that suits, but I do not like as good as the nose.
    • Finish
      Long and strong, astringent and with slight bitterness. A pity, this is where the malt falls off. The sweet sherry can not escape into the finish, here now the tannins have taken command. Too dry for my taste and a bit too bitter to be really good.

  6. gallfux did not rate this whisky Expert Senior

    A delicious sherry whisky. No question. I like it already. Pretty spicy / spicy. And if it still existed, you could already buy a bottle there. Of the beautiful Ben Nevis character is virtually nothing left. Of course you can now say that a more subtle distillery character would have made another whisky out of it.
    All in all, I prefer Ben Nevis to refill butts or bourbon barrels. There's more left over from Ben Nevis.
    • Nose
      Jup. Sherry is neat. Sour cherry jam. Red fruit jelly. Forest honey. Dried plums. In between always a certain spice note. Nutmeg. Also walnut. Every now and then always something moss. Of alcohol actually nothing to feel.
    • Taste
      In the mouth now much spicier. Chilli and pepper. Not as flattering as in the nose. This tingles right from the beginning and not just towards the end as often. But sweet too. Then comes a taste that reminds me of these kids Em-eukal wild cherry cough drops. In addition Jostabeere and red gooseberry. Black tea. Now it gets more bitter. Licorice root.
    • Finish
      Still the tingle. Milk chocolate with pieces of orange. Drying. Cinchona bark.

  7. DenisLeonov scored this whisky 90 points Connoisseur

    Balance sheet (22)
    Tasty (90)
    • Nose
      A warm tree, spices and berries ... leather and lacquered wood ... orange sweets with cinnamon ... wax and tobacco (22)
    • Taste
      Soft, oily, sweet ... dried fruits and chocolate (23)
    • Finish
      Leather and nuts, varnish and spices, viscous wood bitterness ... cherry ... orange oil and tobacco ... burnt match ... melted milk (23)

  8. Othorion scored this whisky 88 points Connoisseur

    • Nose
      Dried fruit, plums, rum raisins, cherries, cotton candy, tobacco, spicy forest honey, in the background a few matches, later also orange and ripe apricots, to feel zero alcohol, at the very most in the form of a subtle, pleasant mint note, now come a few sour Berries, so in the direction of currants. Very pleasant to here!
    • Taste
      Goes well without water, velvety and sweet on the tongue, but also tingling, with chilli and ginger, prunes, some licorice, forest honey, cherries and some tobacco, yummy, but not quite as complex as the nose let hope
    • Finish
      Warm, fruity, with forest honey, dried fruit, some leather and a delicate walnut note, slightly dry, medium

  9. Othorion scored this whisky 88 points Connoisseur

    • Nose
      91 91
    • Taste
      88 88
    • Finish
      86 86

  10. Whisky-Connaisseur did not rate this whisky Expert Senior

    I was pleasantly surprised by this bottling. I would have expected dark fruit notes, chocolate, walnuts, solid oak and the like when maturing for 22 years in a sherry butt. But this Ben Nevis impresses with its extreme fruitiness of red berries and refreshing fruit acid which interact fairly nicely with warming spices and some tobacco notes. It looks very fresh and yet it brings the elegance and complexity of an old whisky. Chapeau to the Whic team. Here they have proved a lucky hand in the selection of casks.

    I thank Leonie and Arne from whic (Whiskycircle) for the complimentary sample!

    • Nose
      There's immediately sherry on the nose, mixed with rum-soaked dark fruits. Then more and more fruitiness with red berries - especially red currants - comes through. Fruity and sour with creamy vanilla in the back. Over time, notes of leather, tobacco and a hint of walnut, typical of old sherry cask matured whisky, arrive. The alcohol tickles slightly but pleasantly in the nose.
    • Taste
      Full-bodied and voluminous on the palate. Rich with sherry, fruity red berries and a pleasant fruit acid. Clearly warm due to the alcohol, but also due to white pepper and some oak. Becomes velvety with creamy vanilla, red fruit jelly and sticky fruit jam.
    • Finish
      The finish is beautifully long with creamy red fruit, slightly dry oak, bitter dark chocolate and fine notes of tobacco, surrounded by light fruit acid.

      With water: Lots of red fruits on the nose when a few drops of water are added. Creamy vanilla, ripe banana, fruit acid and a whiff of tobacco in the back. Vibrant on the palate. Prickling with red fruits and a fairly spicy kick of black pepper, oak and nutmeg. Red berries linger towards a dry finish. The finish is a bit shorter with creamy fruit jam, vanilla and dry notes of tobacco leaves and oak on the tail.


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