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Single Malt
Regensburger Whisky- & Weinclub (RW&W)
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Private Club Bottling No. 12
Sherry-, Bourbon- and Rum-Casks
50.4 % Vol.
700 ml
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21 Jun 2018 9:38 pm by MFHaberl
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Whisky Reviews for Sailing Seagull NAS RW&W

46 users have left a review for this whisky and scored it an average of 92.15 points

  1. Drk Neknul scored this whisky 94 points Expert Senior

    The Bowmore distillery has been owned by Stanley P. Morrison Ltd. since its reopening in 1963. While the fires from 1963 initially have an almost unique tropical fruitiness, this flavor profile changed massively in the 1980s. The New Spirit lost large parts of its outstanding fruitiness, moved more and more in the floral direction, heavy flowers and plant notes, especially violets dominate (many) barrel from these years. In the fan base, which at the time was connected via the internet, fortunately for the distillery, but not yet via social media, it seethed, and violently. The new Brennereistil gets the derogatory predicate 'French Whore Perfume', short 'FWP' missed. What happened? The wild speculations ranged from massive shortening of the fermentation times on the changes in the equipment used or yeast strains to the combination of all these elements and other 'conspiracy theories'. Finally, the topic has never been clarified, even the otherwise so open and eloquent Jim McEwen, since 1984 until the year 2000 as a Distillery Manager in a very responsible role at Bowmore active, is on this issue surprisingly short and tight lipped. Until the mid-1990s, the story was then in the flavor sometime off the table. Although the profile has never regained the old fruitiness of the 1960 / 1970s, but at least the difficult FWP notes were gone, fortunately. Eye / nose Visually a strong, brownish tone. Nice to look at. At first very reserved in the nose, almost closed. Excellent! Why great? Well, definitely no trace of FWP. First impression - a mixture of oily looking smoke, pleasant freshness, still unspecific fruit sweetness and a little alcohol. It's great fun and gets more intense the longer I go away. palate Great, warm, soft mouthfeel - yet strong on the tongue. I would not have appreciated a whopping 50.4% ABV. A very nice, strong taste with subjectively less smoke influence than in the nose. Fascinating, the wavy evolution of the fruit in the mouth. If I notice tangerines at the tip of the tongue, this association develops slowly and in the transition to the finish to the juice of a ripe, slightly acidic passion fruit maruja, as you know it. Is that wonderful. As if you had given a few liters of passion fruit juice in the Vattingtank. A very decided, clear fruit note, which is rarely found today. Water may help one or the other to sort the flavors, I find that if one leaves the malt in the mouth space, it is, as so often, dispensable. Finish / Conclusion Long warm finish. A very fine oil film remains felt in the mouth, which breaks only very slowly. And creates a seamless transition between taste and aftertaste. The remaining sweetness is reminiscent of a dark forest honey and gets a herbale undertone. In addition, leathery notes, a little lime and, almost omnipresent, the fresh-fruity finish of the ripe passion fruit. Absolutely flawless creation that brings the old times to life. That's how Bowmore used to be. Hats off! Absolutely successful. This is really big cinema. More notes and reviews on Facebook at #Maltkanzlei

  2. MFHaberl scored this whisky 95 points Member Senior

    Again, a masterpiece that will surely last a few more years in the bottle and rather in cooler, slightly humid weather its full range of flavors can call.
    • Nose
      A Friday afternoon had to be tuned for a generous touch. Spotify played the playlist Kaffeehausmusik. As recommended, the sailing seagull has spent the night in the fridge and has now been exposed to the atmosphere of my balcony in a large burgundy glass of Zalto glass manufactory DENK'ART with matching small opening. At first there were still light notes of caramel from condensed milk, Turkish honey, shortbread and light coffee notes in the nose. As time progressed and the product warmed slightly, the aromas turned to red tropical fruits, raisins with a slight smoke and bergamot note. After about 20 minutes, the typical notes of seagrass, wet leather, red pepper and little cold smoke from a campfire with sulfur came to the fore. This metamorphosis of odors was framed by the cask typical notes of sherry, bourbon and rum casks used.
    • Taste
      Pleasant creaminess spreads with the first sip in the mouth. The just over 50% Vol are very harmoniously integrated and present smoked, slightly salty beef jerky and again the beautiful aromas of red fruits like raisins and now also tropical fruits. A fruit basket with ripe mangoes and dark berries and elderberry is spreading.
    • Finish
      On the palate, the phenol-containing smoke of a still warm extinguished campfire of small branches and fine, slightly damp pipe tobacco remains for a very long time. After a few minutes, a dryness spreads that presents maritime notes for shellfish and dried fish.

  3. EinSpatzUnterVielen scored this whisky 95 points Expert Senior

    A Bowmore Vatting from four decades, an absolute perfume with many facets - very delicious and already a bit legendary.
    • Nose
      97 97
      sweet PX (?) notes, honey, caramel, violets, rose petals, lavender, mango, peach, sweet black and cocktail cherries, rum grape nut chocolate, canned milk, eucalyptus, menthol, mountain pine, moist soil, smoke, malt , Leather, vanilla, cinnamon, pepper, nori leaves, oranges, sour cherries, blackcurrant, bergamot, the Rumfass comes to it: rum, syrup, coconut, pineapple, very ripe to overripe, allspice
    • Taste
      95 95
      rather thin, creamy-sweet, slightly spicy - everything, really everything from the nose is also in the mouth - sweet sherry notes, honey, caramel, violets, rose petals, lavender, mango, peach, sweet black and cocktail cherries, rum Grape nut chocolate, canned milk, eucalyptus, menthol, mountain pine, moist soil, smoke, malt, leather, vanilla, cinnamon, pepper, nori leaves, oranges, sour cherries, blackcurrants, bergamot, rum, coconut, pineapple, very ripe, allspice
    • Finish
      93 93
      long, sweet, spicy, slightly metallic, again and again new notes come forward, most violently the Bowmore violet

      Edit: I have to correct myself: the finish is very long and still present the next day.

  4. hs305 scored this whisky 90 points Connoisseur

    [February, 2019] I love such nice experiments like this done by a private German club - and an average score of 92,5 given by more than 200 votes has to be checked by my taste buds, certainly...

    ...and this dram reminds me very much of heavily sherried Bowmore from the end-eighties/early-nineties. If there are any 60ies or 70ies vintages in this experiment they are completely covered by the bold sherry and peaty notes of the modern stuff. Do not get me wrong, this is delicious and easy quaffable but in my honest opinion the fine older Bowmore vintages are somewhat wasted in such a setting. Nevertheless, thanks for this interesting and enjoyable experience dear RW&W!
    • Nose
      90 90
    • Taste
      91 91
    • Finish
      90 90

  5. Dottore scored this whisky 96 points Expert Senior

    This year's bottling of Pit and his team is again marked by a legendary Islay distillery. Were the last two bottlings Ardbegs, so it takes us this year in the Bowmore Distillery. Bottlings were mated to various vintages, mainly from the mid-90s, the youngest vintage is from 1964. The goal was again to generate a dirty old-school malt. 75% comes from various sherrycasks, the rest from ex-bourbon casks. The whole thing was then ripened in refill sherry and rumcasks to harmonize and calm the whisky. So, enough talked about, starting with the whisky, which has been scented the room for 30 minutes, the olfactory bulbs: a soothing freshness fills the nose, like a walk through a wet wall of needles in the misty late autumn before the first snow. Wet tree bark and moss. Behind it are maritime influences, salinity and iodine. Honey. Incredibly complex, more complex than the fantastic Crois Chill Daltains, this Bowmore is constantly changing in the glass, is still a bit restless despite the 30 min rest period, yet so simple and so clear. This gentle, clear freshness always stays there. Sherry influences show in charming fruit notes of sour cherries and mango, very different to the classic sweet wine association full of raisins. Here is some anise, some walnut and yes, of course, the Bowmorerauch, discreet and appropriate. And in the background you may also be able to guess light violet and perfume notes. Everything is in steady state, everything is beautiful, everything is harmonious and funky complex, but the autumn freshness stands as a dormant complex that holds everything together. No alcohol that bites me. I want to lose myself in this forever, and I smell a little further .... and on ... The taste is wonderfully creamy and surprisingly vanilla with a beautiful spicy wood. Here is some cinnamon, as light fruit and menthol freshness. The mouth is flooded with light smoke and the tip of the tongue is ashen-dry. Nothing bites here, nothing beats me: the 50.4% are the perfect drinking strength with farmonisch bound alcohol. Ester and phenol notes as well as iodine. Maritime saltiness paired with caramel goes into a medium-long finish, saltiness and maltiness remains at the tip of the tongue, slowly the mouth dries out, becomes slightly bitter and one longs for the next sip, and the next, and the next ... yes one you can not deny him some sweetness either. What more does the whisky heart want? Ok, yes, I admit, I'm Bowmorefan, but this whisky is just awesome without end. When I first tried it, I spontaneously gave him temporary 95 points; Back then, I did not make any notes in the blink of an eye, just enjoyed it - now I could finally take my time. For me, this whisky offers an incredibly nice combination of aromas, the nose is in principle perfect for me. Also in terms of flavor and finish, the filling convinces me on the whole line, so that I upgrade today to 96 points.

  6. mayyerrumleak scored this whisky 96 points Member Senior

    A great Whisky again. I was lucky to taste it one year ago before finishing and i must say it got again a lot better and rounder. Made me feel like drinking an old 60ies, 70ies Bottling but it also has this wonderful freshness and liveliness. Perfect Sherry balance and quality.

  7. lincolnimp scored this whisky 88 points Connoisseur

    Being completely honest I think the high average score flatters this whisky, it is good but certainly not worth that score IMHO.
    • Nose
      90 90
      The nose is pleasant with soft sherry, milk chocolate, dark fruits like black cherry & black currant, hints of fudge & menthol, finally some brown malt vinegar is there, this sounds a little weird but it is a positive addition.
      Not the most expressive but nice certainly.
    • Taste
      89 89
      This is creamy, very fruity and juicy with it but there is a dry edge to it that in time adds a slightly bitter note.
      The sherry is in command here and starts to swamp everything else and there is also a slight metallic note mixing with the dryness, mixed fruit jams and again some milk chocolate that the nose suggested.
      It remains fruity and juicy but there is not enough depth of profile to get it over 90 points.
    • Finish
      86 86
      The finish is nice but not very long and fades too quickly.

  8. schero scored this whisky 88 points Expert Senior

    Anyone who knows the rum from last year knows a lot about this dram. For my taste, the keg has done a good job. In the nose I can not get rid of the initial notes, which is why he unfortunately does not show me his complete complexity. Nevertheless, a very tasty whisky!
    • Nose
      Fresh mint, spicy rum, lots of citrus notes, behind it comes easily a weak ashiness and minimal smoke, but the initial notes always remain superficial
    • Taste
      Creamy with a subtle onset, light smoke, also a bit ashy here, plus nice sweet oak spice, which is getting thicker in the mouth, the citrus notes are also very present here, at the end, a very subtle dryness builds up
    • Finish
      Slightly sweet and creamy smoke, spicy, some citrus notes, long and warm finish

  9. Cobo scored this whisky 90 points Expert Senior

    Undisclosed Bowmore of different vintage, some dating back to the 1960s

    From the slowdrink website:

    very long-matured CV-filling (curriculum vitae) in the best sense: composed of different top-vintages of Pit, mainly from the 'Mid-1990s' and older vintages until 1964 (only 15 ingenious 1960s bottlings (!!!), 12 Bottles 1970s fabric, a few outstanding, unflattering '1980s and many diverse top single-Casks)

    mostly from the best sherry casks (75%: refill and first fill, also Fino shares), with expressive ex-bourbon hogshead shares for a balanced and complex character.

  10. didi1893 scored this whisky 94 points Connoisseur

    Actually I picked up this sample for a special moment ... Today (after reading some great tasting notes in the forum) I suddenly felt the need for this sample, so today was the right day and the perfect time for this extraordinary one Drops come.
    Anyone who has just read my impressions and perceptions knows that there is really no need for further words and comments. A dreamlike, multi-layered and multi-faceted bottling! The reverberation is just ringing in the next round and brings back the wonderful flavors in memory. Smoky wood tones, dark and dried berries, sweet caramel and old mint with a hint of menthol leave a contented grin on my face ....

    24/23/24/23 (94P)
    • Nose
      After panning, an oily and viscous streak has formed on the glass wall of my Premium Snifter from which long and syrupy "legs" dissolve while the Sailing Seagull shimmers intense amber with a reddish glow in the glass. Stagnant, slightly mineral smoke rises, maritime notes mingle with oily peat and dark fruit flavors. Dried berries and grapes play with sweet peach and a touch of grapefruit, Moroccan mint torments through the sometimes gloomy and oily smoke. Cherries preserved in rum exude their sweet aroma, minimally I perceive resinous pine needles and moist pine cones. Spicy, slightly smoky oak chips are distributed on dark caramel and nut chocolate. Slowly more and more the typical Bowmore aroma comes to the fore: salty seawater, hints of iodine and seaweed, floral nuances show up (it could be the famous violets), oil, tar and liquorice. The sweet and fruity elements have receded, dominated at the moment only smoky oak, earthy peat and sea salt. Rain-softened earthy forest soil, old pine needles, sticky resin and sweet forest honey come into their own. This Bowmore is extremely multi-layered and multi-faceted. Gradually, the fruity elements return, roasted raisins combine with hazelnuts and walnuts, sweet vanilla flashes.
    • Taste
      After having spoiled my nose for almost 25 minutes, the first sip follows. Mild and dry at the same time, the first drops flow gently over the tongue into the lower jaw. Cold smoke and burned wood tones suddenly lick the tongue, woody sharpness creeps from the harsh and dark wood elements, deposits of sea salt and a pinch of white pepper complete the pleasant sharpness. Creamy pours the second sip on the tongue, toasted aromas and dried berries mingle with dark caramel and old peaches. Menthol rises and, in combination with eucalyptus and mint, dresses the palate with a refreshing film. In the background is mineral, cold smoke in combination with dried peat and discreetly burned logs. Creamy walnuts float in the saliva, while voluptuous heat draws voluminous through the palate, a few grains of salt trickle over abrasion or zest of orange and lemon peels, menthol and mint refresh again the entire mouth. With each new tiny sip I discover more aromas and impressions: Voluminous, warming, sweet rum, dried fruits, juicy red fruits, menthol freshness, maritime hints, minimal pepper and grains of salt, smoky wood, minimal echoes of ash and greasy oil. Sweet fruit flavors play one last time with smoke and peat, then blur taste and aftertaste to an incredibly complex flavor package.
    • Finish
      Woody smoke and earthy peat rest on the palate in an oily and creamy way; on the tongues, a sweet-fruited film sticks to it for a long time, whale and hazelnuts mingle with tart and dry wood elements. Hints of old Moroccan mint are discreetly in the background, the aftertaste never seems to end. Tart and creamy, pale and peely, fresh and fruity, smoky and wooden, the aftertaste is as varied and complex as the nose and the taste. From the oak pieces floating in the saliva dissolves brine, butter flakes melt on the tongue. Slightly maritime, grassy and floral, the echo of a felt eternity then gradually fades away.


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