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Batch #010
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10 years old
Seasoned Charred Oak Barrels
58.0 % Vol.
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05 May 2018 12:29 pm by rottendon
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Whisky Reviews for Laphroaig Cask Strength

84 users have left a review for this whisky and scored it an average of 88.29 points

  1. Drk Neknul scored this whisky 89 points Expert Senior

    Even the uncorking and pouring me a smile. Within a very short time, Laphroaig's typical, pleasant scent mixture of coal smoke and seaweed spreads through the room. Whenever I smell that fragrance, I think I can imagine how Ian Hunter managed to get his whisky recognized as a medicine in the days of US Prohibition.
    Every year, the tension is great. After Green Label and Red Label, the Laphroaig team has already launched 10 batches of their 10yo Cask Strength. So far, again and again, absolute price-performance blast, which run the parallel appearing, highly praised Cairdeas bottlings mostly supple rank. Well, the bottlings have been all, without exception, although quite different in taste, as a Vergleichstasting confirmed a few years ago. Some batches, like 003, 007 or 009, were even outstanding for IMHO. Curious to see if even the new family member is able to convince.
    Eye / nose Vigorous old-golden shade. Hopefully undyed? Anyhow not cool filtered. Broad, slow-moving spider legs and late drops trickle down the glass wall of Glencairn in slow motion. Visually a treat. The intense nose also arouses interest, while I still relish the oily course of the malts. The barrels used - or at least parts of it - should have burnt down vigorously. Yellow fruits. Like almost every year, I have again the final push that more sherry wood got lost in the batch, as the maximum of 5% of the barrels, which indicates the distillery almost like a prayer mill. In the nose leads first of the (coal) smoke, to the Bourbon vanilla, and in the background then caramel sweetness and apricot jam. The longer I absorb the scent, the more intense the herbal note, a bit like in the coniferous forest. And to it freshly opened Hansaplast. You do not have to say more. Typical Laphroaig.
    palate Warm, he rolled in and a bit spicy. The consistency is very nice creamy and fruity, from the memory a little less sweet than some of the previous batches. The oak is more intense here. A rich tick spicy, kräutriger than I have from the tastings of the former 10 CS remembered. Black forest honey and fir resin come to my mind. But also greasy notes and some licorice Also the apricot jam from the nose can be found again, where I mean English orange marmalade and even some orange peel to taste. Be sure not a dry malt. Rather fruity and quite pleasant, despite the strength and phenol content. The medico-peaty Laphi smoke is, like the alcohol, neatly integrated and gives the pot once again another dimension that makes the malt immediately wonderfully complex. Nothing to criticize. I like it. Incidentally, a few drops of water make it even more blooming; the individual taste nuances appear refreshed, as it were.
    Finish / Conclusion The finish is smoky long and also very spicy. The oak spice draws from the flavors actually like a red thread through the batch 10. There is not much more to say here. Again a strong, creamy, solid Laphi with age, in natural strength without fault and blame for the price of friendship.

  2. hs305 scored this whisky 87 points Connoisseur

    [June, 2018]  A friend asked about my opinion of this new Laphroaig cask strength release and luckily I was able to get a sample (I do not buy bottles of Laphroaig anymore without a prior sampling because most of its last releases were not to my liking - rather immature and too heavily wood-driven).  But the cask strength editions were pretty good so far and I pray this one will be too…

    ...depending on whether you are a "wood-head" or not you might prefer this batch over others or not (like me).  To me the best batch (ignoring the old unnumbered ones which are simply unmatched) is batch 3 followed by the legendary 007 and batch 9.  This one is the best Laphroaig release since its predecessor cask strength batch 9 and the only Laphroaig that is worth the bucks these days (to me as an old-fashioned drinker, only)...
    • Nose
      87 87
      The colour is deep copper and the texture shows a sticky ring that builds small tears with slow legs. The nose is typical Laphroaig-ish with lots of medicinal, vanilla and heavy wooden notes. It seems to me as if the wooden notes slightly increase from batch to batch (Do they add more virgin oak casks now?). I know it is the zeitgeist of wood-driven whiskies but I like distillate-driven drams better as they are more complex and balanced, usually. The wood is too dominant these days (for me) and buries too much of the other fine aromas, but if you like this spike - enjoy it!
    • Taste
      87 87
      The taste is very vanilla and sherry sweetish with a lot of other flavours that tell an interesting story if you chew the dram long enough. But again the wood plays a too much dominating role here and drives the profile out of balance, unfortunately. It is not layered and to be honest, a little simple with a clear bitter spike made out of tannins and herbal flavours of the wood. Too much modern zeitgeist in here, sorry Laphroaig!
    • Finish
      88 88
      The whisky arrives a little hot (no wonder at cask strength) but nicely coating on the palate with a minor bitter-astringent feeling from the heavy woods (the tannins take their toll). The finish is long, more spicy (peppery) and a little bitter-drying at the very end (tannins). Some water releases more aromas in the nose and medicinal-maritime flavours on the palate with just slighty increased bitter wooden notes. I like this dram best when reduced to about 46% abv.

  3. rottendon scored this whisky 89 points Connoisseur

    Mirabellenmus on sticking plaster with coal dust Compared to the previous batches, it is noticeable that it comes along at least initially much fruity. Otherwise, the flavors are all available as usual. In the mouth, he may be a bit stronger than last year, then overall, especially to the finish out, much drier. With the other Drams comes to me a little boredom, which I did not go at the 009er. He is very clean, maybe a tad too clean ...

  4. Marko_I did not rate this whisky Connoisseur

    I do not know if it's due to the batch or a taste development leap on my part - I think the incredibly tasty, just delicious, would like to refill immediately. Earlier batches: 2cl, OK, very tasty, but at 4cl it was enough as well. My heavy-peat-time has actually been around for some time. Want to say: The # 010 goes down like oil, and I have absolutely no dilution need. (Experiments on other persons confirm this.8-)) They have gotten really good.
    And if you got him for the FOL price and ordered several bottles and comes roundabout € 55, that was a top buy, with 10-15% more it's not bad.
    • Nose
      fat - a lot of light sweetness (caramel, overripe banana, milk chocolate, sweetened condensed milk) almost "framed" by Laphroaig smoke - in this batch not quite as medico-phenolic, but more ash, charcoal, tomato herb, grinded tree needles / cypress, a bit maritime
    • Taste
      fat, oily, full bodied - the sweetness is darker than in the nose, nougat, dark chocolate, brown sugar, to charcoal smoke, ashes, tar, black pepper ... licorice, herbal liqueur / bitters, camillan, coffee, resin
    • Finish
      long, warm, oily-peppery, fat sweetness and bitter-bitter smoke sticking to the tongue, first dribbles saliva, then it's hot and dry with camillian and coffee

  5. ASWhisky scored this whisky 88 points Connoisseur

    • Nose
      Smoke, sweet iodine
      cold wood ash
      vanillig, earthy
      caramelized in the background
      dull notes - like after a downpour
      floral note
      the medical grade remains pleasantly present
    • Taste
      a bit snappy start
      like lukewarm Aspahlt

      smoky spicy sweet - in the mouth

      and snappy
      slightly vanilla, lemon
      some bitter wood on the palate
    • Finish
      sweet, spicy, lemon, wood

  6. LordBellamy scored this whisky 90 points Expert Senior

    Water: he does not need, anyway I try it with a few drops ... yes he opens something, the sweetness is even clearer. Overall, he does not need water in my opinion.

    Conclusion: Wow, what a board !!!!! Maybe a tiny shade worse than Batch 9, but for me that was the best whisky ever, apart from the old Green and Red Stripe bottlings. This is Islay south coast pure. I want this glass of whisky in the glass when I'm sitting in the evening at the port of Port Ellen and end a wonderful day on the mother of all islands. For me, the quintessence of all Islay whisky, a benchmark that all others have to beat first, and very few can do it. And if it now costs 10 GBP more than accidentally in the first Relase - this drop still has an unbeatable PLV, since all PC's, Octos, Caol Ilas and Ardbegs of this world do not lag behind. Honest, clean fabric, no frills, no pimp finish - just pure Islay
    90 points
    • Nose
      Nose: smoke with coal dust, behind it vanilla and mushy fruit, maybe some banana, seaweed, iodine, pebble beach, mussels and thyme. In addition the clear sweetness, the direction Aprikosenmarmalade goes, also some caramel is with it
    • Taste
      Taste: Creamy sweetness with caramel sweets, then the peat beats with a vengeance. paved road after summer rain, asphalt, iodine, light fruit and a dash of oak / pencil abrasion
    • Finish
      Finish: echoes forever, intense peat and sea flavors, tarred boat plank, together with oak, caramel, vanilla and also the thyme can be briefly seen again, maybe a bit too spicy / peppery and metallic in the finish

  7. didi1893 scored this whisky 90 points Connoisseur

    A Laphroaig Cask Strenght ... I do not really need to say anything more, except that Batch # 10, in contrast to its predecessors, looks rather fruity and gives me less association with campfire romance. As always, a very successful batch, which I like this batch because of its fruity side a little better than its predecessors.

    23/23/22/22 (90P)
    • Nose
      Even when uncorking the Batch # 10 exudes its well-known voluminous bouquet. Creamy amber shimmers in the Premium Snifter, on the glass wall a variety of tough legs pulls its tracks back into the glass. Powerful earthy peat stings in the nose, opulent smokes are added. Dark caramel and abrasion of orange peel mixes with the well-known phenolic and medicinal notes, the nose is initially extremely fruity and smoky sweet. Bananas, apricots and oranges give the otherwise rough and peaty nose a fruity side, burnt sugar is in the air. The different flavors explode every second: gauze bandage, caramel, sugar, apricots, iodine, algae and seaweed, ashes, burnt pieces of wood, bananas, vanilla, a hint of fresh mint, smoke and naturally voluminous earthy peat with a wonderfully sweet touch.
    • Taste
      Sweet fruits and caramelised sugar flash for a moment, as the Laphi unfolds its full aroma. Voluminous and powerful, peat, smoke and burnt wood strike the palate. A hint of ash spreads under the tongue, a touch of sharpness lays on the tongue. A pinch of black pepper spreads gradually on the tongue and spreads in combination with wood sharpness its pleasant aroma in the complete palate. Iodine and algae, salty seawater, earthy peat and extremely sweet fruit flavors tingle through the palate and dress it with plump warmth. With a subtle tingling and tickling on the tongue, the taste slowly melts with the aftertaste.
    • Finish
      A subtle ash note rests on the palate, on the tongue "burn" still slightly residues of black crushed pepper and spicy sharp wood elements. Cold puffs of smoke pass through the palate, the peat spreads its earthy aroma in the farthest corner of the pharynx, sweet apricots and oranges are doused with forest honey and creamy caramel. Green walnuts ripen once a second into old, slightly rancid walnuts while wet leaves stick under the tongue. Appearances of citrus and fresh mint come on, the aftertaste shows again from its fruity side. Suddenly, ashes stick under the tongue, the aftertaste picks up speed again and heats up the palate properly. Ashes, burned wood, smoke, earth and peat stick with a few drops of iodine tincture between the tongue and the palate for a long time.

  8. Archer scored this whisky 91 points Connoisseur

    An absolute pleasure, as every year. You really do not have to lose so many words, because that's once again young and powerful Laphroaig at its best.
    • Nose
      91 91
      Comes first with mild smoked orange slices and banana pieces therefore, presented on milk chocolate tablets and with a pinch of vanilla ... Beautifully faked, because now he is with tar, phenol, Hansaplast in particular and hospitalization in general to. Salty and with seaweed, marine diesel: harbor associations, but also the freshly leveled new tar cover on the A846.
      Over time, then the union of the two extremes, fruit and chocolate on the one hand, tar and the other beautiful things on the other hand.
    • Taste
      90 90
      Rolls with its 58% surprisingly mild on the tongue. It is very smooth, very accessible, not agressive - but leaves a wide trail of tar, licorice and salt immediately after tongue contact on the same, from which one has the feeling that they can chew. Smoked oranges and tangerine slices, a few red grapes even, vanilla and (child) chocolate, coffee powder, toffee sweets, and as a seasoning some marjoram and tarragon. The tar on the tongue as a constant companion, and the salt liquorice swing in the background always with.
    • Finish
      90 90
      Medium long and only slightly dry with now cooled tar, with salt, licorice, toffee and chocolate, still a hint of orange fruit.

  9. whatthefusel scored this whisky 98 points Member Senior

    This batch is among the very best. #006 was excellent, too, #009, but #010 is in the same league. Maybe even a notch better?? I don't know. Typical Laphroaig, peat with iodine, medicine, ash, strong full flavoured body. I could drink this all night. Highly quaffable at high intrinsic quality level.
    • Nose
      99 99
    • Taste
      97 97
    • Finish
      98 98

  10. HW74 scored this whisky 90 points Expert Senior

    Have the bottling of 2017 and 2018 tasted in parallel, there were small differences. The 2017 is a bit more balanced in the taste, smoke and sweetness play better together. The 2018er seemed a bit more brutal to me. Both are excellent.


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