Whiskybase Changelog

February 2019 <-- currently active -->
- [FIX] Editor improvement in January release introduced a bug in the editor

-[FEATURE] create photo editing flow for image recognition tool
-[FEATURE] adjust API flow for monitoring images
-[FEATURE] adjust API flow for monitoring barcodes

February 2019
- [FIX] Enabled gzip compression for .js and .css files

January 2019

- [FIX] Too many languages shown in the admin menu
- [FIX] Change signup screen to fit mobile screens and responsive setup
- [FIX] Ability to edit shop reviews was not working -> is fixed now
- [FIX] Payment status of market payments using Paypal eCheck option was not correct.
- [FIX] Translation of tasting notes is not done correctly
- [FIX] Remove social media buttons on market pages (Twitter / Facebook)
- [FIX] History table for shop links not tracking all information: updated to keep track of dates, prices, links
- [FIX] Wrong message shown to a member who doesn't have a market account, updated the message to match the situation that occurs
- [FIX] Profile setting enabled to highlight ticked whiskies in lists
- [FIX] Widgets are not updated when saving new settings (dashboard feature)
- [FIX] Private notes were not working correctly, now enhanced the privacy settings

- [FEATURE] Admin: the ability to keep track of penalties towards members
- [FEATURE] Moderator: show preview of the image in the photo queue list
- [FEATURE] Moderator: scale photo to right proportions
- [FEATURE] Moderator: highlight images that have a transparent background
- [FEATURE] Admins/moderators should be able to duplicate photos from a parent to a child version
- [FEATURE] Admins/super admins: to fight fake ratings super admins have the ability to delete users and ratings from users. Notes should be added to the user when doing this.
- [FEATURE] Editor: improve editor options (headings, tables, alignment)

December 2018

No updates due to holidays, update moved to January 2019

November 2018

No updates due Gathering 2018

October 2018
- [FIX] When adding a shop link it should check URL structure to avoid submission of fake shop links
- [FIX] Warn people if privacy settings are not set correctly when trying to send messages to other members
- [FIX] Feedback page on market only showed the first page, navigation was not possible beyond the first page
- [FIX] Several links in mail notifications were leading to empty pages, we fixed these
- [FIX] Adding a new role: editor to Whiskybase: responsible for creating content (to be planned)

- [FEATURE] When a user deletes his account or when we delete a user account the ratings from that userid are stored. We use this to track the behaviour of possible fake accounts.
- [FEATURE] Setup functionality to import shop links automatically when using csv, xml or rss feeds. To improve the addition of shop links and lower the amount of work needed to update the prices. (still in beta)

September 2018
- [FIX] Search was not taking rating into account
- [FIX] Markup of tasting notes needed cleanup to remove colours or strange characters before translations start
- [FIX] Order of photos on the page was not correct, implemented a fix for newly uploaded images
- [FIX] Cancelled orders on the Market couldn't be paid out manually, implemented new status and admin features
- [FIX] New tasting notes form to improve the user experience on desktop and mobile
- [FIX] Update algorithm to replace whiskey/whisky with tasting notes due to incomplete translations
- [FIX] Sending messages to members still possible if the full name is typed -> removed this option to comply with privacy settings
- [FIX] Average rating of bottles was not updating -> fixed script
- [FIX] Admin page for market items was getting unusable. Removed non-essential information
- [FIX] Breadcrumbs were not working correctly, fixed the issue
- [FIX] Default gender should not be set to male but should be empty

- [FEATURE] Translate all tasting notes to English
- [FEATURE] Add content pages and update design to work both on mobile and desktop

July 2018 

- [FEATURE] Tasting notes translated to English as default
- [FEATURE] Default language of the site set to English
- [FEATURE] New design setup for Whiskybase in general. Better responsive setup and fixed maximum width
- [FEATURE] Whisky bottle page: get a fresh new look for general information
- [FEATURE] Whisky bottle page: additional releases moved down to midsection (instead of the 4x25 ratings)
- [FEATURE] Whisky bottle page: adjusted tasting tags setup
- [FEATURE] Whisky bottle page: simplified the working of forms for tasting notes/reviews and ratings
- [FEATURE] Whisky bottle page: removed the option to use markup in tasting notes, notes, reviews (for easier reading)
- [FEATURE] 4x25 ratings are removed and not available anymore
- [FEATURE] All tasting notes are now available in English
- [FEATURE] Default setting for all new users or not logged in users: English
- [FEATURE] Option to change the language setting to read original tasting note (inside profile page)
- [FEATURE] Updated the editorial pages to fit the new design
- [FEATURE] Added overview editorial pages for easier navigation

- [FIX] Removed the wrong message in outbox that it is not possible to send messages
- [FIX] Sorting on lists fixed
- [FIX] Copy of bottle in edit mode small bugfix
- [FIX] Small bugs on the messaging system fixed (wrong error messages)
- [FIX] Payout in Market was not working when using credit card / Ideal

May 2018

- [FEATURE] select privacy settings for downloading lists (other members can't download your lists unless you explicitly enable this)
- [FEATURE] private messages only possible between friends and moderators. To prevent spam messages and unrequested messages about selling your collection.
- [FEATURE] ability to remove your account to comply with EU regulations
- [FEATURE] ability to filter on for sale items in lists -> we included shop links in this filter option
- [FEATURE] upgrade to PHP7.1
- [FEATURE] cleaning up the market -> remove old market offerings and automated reminders for market offerings 

April 2018

- [Major maintenance] Server migration planned on the 5th of April no further development planned.

05 March 2018

- [FIX] Ability to remove wrong photos from within the admin pages
- [FIX] Admins are able to delete a photo next to the de-activate option
- [FIX] Increase widget for friends activity from 10 to 25
- [FIX] Shop photo contains name instead of profile name, change to the profile name
- [FIX] Timeline entry has a new status added: reopened
- [FIX] Not all tasting notes show up on the whisky page
- [FIX] In whisky lists ABV / PROOF are sometimes not displayed correctly
- [FIX] Adding a brand gives a 404 page
- [FIX] Payment in the market are handled manually this should be done automatically after a buyer accepted the order
- [FIX] Automatic cancellation of unpaid market orders
- [FIX] Role status of members can be wrong in lists view
- [FIX] Update to the admin screen for submitted bottles, showing images in direct view
- [FIX] Photo or info url are now mandatory to increase the quality of submitted bottles
- [FIX] Improved privacy for trackers and private lists
- [FIX] Shoplinks for non-members is limited enforcing login or signup to whiskybase
- [FIX] Shoplinks are shown in default currency (settings can be changed in your own profile settings)
- [FIX] Editing large lists in list mode is slow -> changed the setup
- [FIX] Website on brand and bottler pages not shown
- [FIX] Improve SEO settings on whisky pages

- [FEATURE] prepare for server migration
- [FEATURE] create the basis for central currency setup
- [FEATURE] all currency related items should be shown in personally preferred currency
- [FEATURE] public page to show used exchange rates

- [FEATURE] prepare settings to profile/settings pages so we create a central settings setup
- [FEATURE] prepare for translation of tasting and review notes

24 Jan 2018

- [FIX] When a bottle is removed the child versions should be removed as well
- [FIX] When removing a child version remove all the links between parent and child
- [FIX] Not all the sizes of a bottle are shown correctly
- [FIX] Bottles using proof or decimal notation for proof aren't shown correctly, this is now fixed.
- [FIX] Show in-active photos in the admin screen 
- [FIX] When navigating to the help/support pages non-members received a login message, this is now removed
- [FIX] When submitting a new bottle the thank you message was shown in a wrong language
- [FIX] Email send out sometimes were send out in the wrong language
- [FIX] Distillery check-in couldn't be removed
- [FIX] Member rates block missed the total amount of member rates
- [FIX] Multiple adjustments on the filtering setup to avoid losing settings
- [FIX] Checked the calculation of the ratings to avoid issues with average / latest
- [FIX] Forgot password should work on email not just based on acountname

- [FEATURE] Integration with stripe for Creditcard, IDEAL, SOFORT and Bancontact payments in the Market
- [FEATURE] Ability to connect whiskybase shop with the whiskybase platform for easier integration on bottle information
- [FEATURE] Social sharing updated with whiskybase logo and better setup of the images

20 Dec 2017

- [FIX] Rating on whiskypage and search result are not matching
- [FIX] Columns in search, brands, distilleries and whiskies disappear
- [FIX] Cookie grows to more than 2mb and causes profile issues
- [FIX] Custom font type causes issues on Windows computers - replaced with opensans
- [FIX] Rating on whisky page and search result are not in line
- [FIX] When scrolling through whisky notes on whisky page items are not editable
- [FIX] Payout to market sellers gives the wrong message in the confirmation email
- [FIX] Maintenance of database
- [FIX] EDGE gives an error with sending Personal messages, body message not working
- [FIX] Bottle submission form was sent to quick, increased checks on form and disabled key
- [FIX] Admin list for the market doesn't update
- [FIX] Link in review email gives 404
- [FIX] No PM is sent after review has been given
- [FIX] Market settings can cause system error messages to be shown - replace with a correct error message
- [FIX] Navigation to the 2nd page and further doesn't work in market search
- [FIX] Chrome version gives an error with uploading images
- [FIX] Bottlers can be disabled in the map view (that has been an issue for years.....)
- [FIX] Shoplink doesn't open new browser tab/window
- [FIX] Whiskybase logo shows the old logo
- [FIX] Blends are not shown under multiple distilleries when the distilleries are known
- [FIX] CSS changes to the admin menu and admin blocks

- [FEATURE] Historical shop links are stored in the database for future functionality
- [FEATURE] Single Sign-on to support system for easy ticket submission
- [FEATURE] Implementation of a new support system and cleaning of old links
- [FEATURE] Cleanup scripts for session information and database logging
- [FEATURE] Translation setup for additional language implementation
- [FEATURE] German translation files implemented
- [FEATURE] Create newly designed editorial pages for editorial articles
- [FEATURE] All original images are stored in the original resolution
- [FEATURE] Changed the mobile setup of the menu
- [FEATURE] Improved the profile menu
- [FEATURE] Added a new FAQ system + a lot of new articles: whiskybase.freshdesk.com/support/solutions


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