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  • Bruichladdich
    • 90.61 × 89 votes
    • 1882 whiskies
    • Scotland


    Pronounced Brew-ich-laddie. Since the Second World War, Bruichladdich has been a minimally peated Islay malt. Now batches of heavily peated spirit are also distilled, namely Port Charlotte, peated to …

  • Springbank
    • 93.06 × 40 votes
    • 2027 whiskies
    • Scotland


    Springbank distillery is one of the last surviving producers of Campbeltown Single Malts. The distillery, located on the southern Kintyre peninsula, produces three distinct types of single malt Scotch…

  • Laphroaig
    • 89.35 × 81 votes
    • 1936 whiskies
    • Scotland


    Laphroaig is one of the few distilleries with its own malting floor. The produce of this floor is heated in their own kiln, first on a very low temperature over smoky peat to bring the peat aroma in t…

  • Glendronach
    • 89.56 × 51 votes
    • 1064 whiskies
    • Scotland


    Pronounced glen-DRON-ach Meaning Valley of the brambles.One of the many distilleries to date from the years immediately after the passing of the 1823 Excise Act, Glendronach was built in 1826 by a con…

  • Bowmore
    • 86.16 × 76 votes
    • 2405 whiskies
    • Scotland


    Bowmore is one of only a handful of Scottish distilleries which still operates it's own floor maltings, with three currently in use. They provide up to 40 per cent of the distillery's malt requiremen…

  • Balvenie
    • 89.30 × 38 votes
    • 1364 whiskies
    • Scotland


    Pronounced bal-VEN-ee Meaning Beathan's Farm.Balvenie was William Grant's second distillery built just four years after it's neighbour Glenfiddich. The first spirit began to flow in May 1893

  • Ardbeg
    • 85.83 × 73 votes
    • 1423 whiskies
    • Scotland


    The distillery Ardbeg has arisen from an illegal distillery which has been in production since 1794. Ardbeg has been officially founded by John McDougall 1815. The distillery is located at the south s…

  • Aberlour
    • 87.04 × 50 votes
    • 684 whiskies
    • Scotland


    The distillery Aberlour has been found 1879 by James Fleming. There have been another distillerie at the same place since 1826, but this one has been destroyed totally by a fire. Another fire 1898, ca…

  • Edradour
    • 86.99 × 49 votes
    • 739 whiskies
    • Scotland


    Pronounced edra-DOWER meaning between two waters. Long renowned as the smallest distillery in Scotland, Edradour  produces in a year what an average Speyside distillery turns out in a week. If the sp…

  • Glenfiddich
    • 86.53 × 54 votes
    • 660 whiskies
    • Scotland


    Glenfiddich Meaning of the name: Valley of the DeerPronunciation: glen-FID-ikAfter Mortlach, Glenfiddich was the only second distillery to be built in Dufftown, with construction commencing in 1886…

  • Glengoyne
    • 87.14 × 47 votes
    • 545 whiskies
    • Scotland


    Pronounced glen-GOYN Meaning Glen of the wild geese. The theoretical Highland Line that divides Highland and Lowland single malts runs through the distillery site, meaning that although  the spir…

  • Strathisla
    • 88.08 × 39 votes
    • 435 whiskies
    • Scotland


    Pronounced strath-EYE-la Meaning valley of the river Isla. Strathisla was established by George Taylor and Alexander Milne in 1786, initially using the name Milltown. Several owners later, the name S…

  • Glenfarclas
    • 87.62 × 42 votes
    • 1408 whiskies
    • Scotland


    Glenfarclas is one of the very few Scotch whisky distilleries to remain in a family ownership, and operates the biggest mash tun and the largest  stills on Speyside. Unusually, they are direct fired …

  • Lagavulin
    • 85.43 × 67 votes
    • 337 whiskies
    • Scotland


  • Kilchoman
    • 85.22 × 48 votes
    • 429 whiskies
    • Scotland


    KilchomanMeaning of the name: Coman's churchPronunciation: kil-HO-manFirst casks were filled on 14th December 2005.First release of Kilchoman September 2009 as legally-defined 'Scotch whisky'.

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