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Member groups

Groups created by Whiskybase members. You can join a group to participate.

Groups Last Activity Members Topics
Whiskybase Israel

A group for whiskybase members from Israel! We can discuss new arrivals to the shops, prices, and re…

11.01.2014 21:33 9 3
Whisky Forum Bulgaria

The home of the whisky enthusiast in Bulgaria!http://whiskyforumbg.zinaf.net/

12.01.2014 15:00 21 1


27.01.2014 17:55 2 1
Irish Whiskey Appreciation Group

This is a group for those interested in Irish whiskey!

08.03.2014 22:57 14 1
Whisky society waterland

De Whisky Society Waterland is gevestigd in Purmerend en is een vereniging van en voor whisky liefhe…

13.03.2014 20:53 15 2
Sailing the West Coast Isles with Whiskybase

In this group the members of the sailing trip can discus their trip to Arran, Islay, Campbeltown and…

29.05.2014 23:44 14 6
Peat Appreciators Society

A group for the peat purists, phenol fanciers, and everyone in between.

23.08.2014 00:59 4 1
African Whisky Society

This club is dedicated to whisky lovers in Africa. Ce club est dédié aux amateurs de whisky en Afr…

19.10.2014 17:42 1 54

For Lovers and Collectors of MACKMYRA Whisky - to share Informations, Pictures, Samples, Wants and N…

03.12.2014 17:32 5 2
Austrian Whisky Fan Group

Diese Gruppe ist für Österreichische Whisky Fans und Fans von Österreichischen Whiskys.

14.12.2014 18:32 12 1
New Whisky Brand

Branding for Your Whisky with the new brand “El Triomf I el Rodoli de la Gala I en Dali" by Salvad…

16.12.2014 17:11 1 1
leather heads

that peculiar LEATHER taste ! That's what we're looking for...Dear whiskyfriends,this is a group whe…

10.02.2015 21:57 3 0
Hell Drinkers

collectie whisky's van onze proef avonden

11.02.2015 12:19 1 0

Un gruppo di whisky per tutti.

26.03.2015 02:23 3 1
The HFR Whisky Fan Group

The Fan Group of Hardware.fr users

11.05.2015 13:51 32 2
Westvlaamse Whisky liefhebbers 11.07.2015 14:20 11 1
The Art of Whisky/Food pairing

I was a wine/food guy (still am) until about 15 years ago I had a 1968 35 yo Glenfarclas, and then a…

08.08.2015 18:44 2 1
SMWS Poland

Hi,Anybody from Poland willing to help me with an issue regarding SMWS Poland? Local Society members…

29.12.2015 18:13 2 1
Best of Whisky

Members of www.bestofwhisky.pl/forum

05.01.2016 21:44 21 3
Whisky Adventskalender 2015 (5th Edition) 17.01.2016 17:36 1 1
Whisky Adventskalender 2014 (4th Edition) 18.01.2016 10:43 1 1
Whisky Sampelbox

Whisky SampelboxLink:https://www.facebook.com/groups/427800714047045/Hallo zusammen,wie die im Namen…

28.02.2016 15:49 11 2
Whiskybase members from Denmark 25.04.2016 12:00 20 3
Quelqu'un en Romandie?

Fous de vieux sherries romands êtes-vous là? Je n’ai pas un grand cercle d’amateurs éclairé…

10.05.2016 10:18 3 1
waiting for my money from a whiskybase transaction

I sold a bottle via whiskybase. And although the buyer confirmed the receive of the bottle via email…

24.12.2016 22:16 1 1
Whisky Cruise Opportunity

How would you like to visit up to 10 Scottish malt distilleries in 8 days?  You'd set sail from Liv…

31.12.2016 17:32 3 1
Bruichladdich Friends

Platform for fans, friends and enjoyers of Bruichladdich - one of the most interesting whisky distil…

19.01.2017 17:22 16 3
Trusted bottle keepers worldwide

Found a whisky that cannot be shipped to your destination or only with horrific parcel fees?Let it s…

17.02.2017 07:53 6 3
Caol Ila Lovers

Are you a Caol Ila whore or an occasional enthousiast?  Doesn't matter.  Anything about Caol Ila…

03.04.2017 00:29 17 3
Nashville Tennessee's Scotch and Bourbon Guild

With the Bourbon Trail just up the road, and with Tennessee Whiskey to consider, it would be nice to…

31.05.2017 01:39 2 4
Whisky Club Utrecht (WCU)

Voor leden of geïnteresseerden in / van Whisky Club Utrecht

07.06.2017 20:55 3 0

Oficjalna grupa forum SmakWhisky - Official SmakWhisky Polish forum group

26.07.2017 15:45 14 2
Best whiskies under 30 Euro's

The number of whiskies for sale is enormous. There are many great whiskies to drink on even greater …

06.09.2017 10:18 16 3
Czech republic - Česká republika

Jestli tomuto popisku rozumíte, tak nejspíš umíte česky a jste vítáni ;-)

13.09.2017 12:29 27 3
Swedish Whisky

Discussions about Swedish distilleries and their whisky

05.10.2017 08:56 19 2
Bunnahabhain Appreciation Group

Discuss everything you want about our favorite Islay distillery.

05.11.2017 14:57 56 7

-- This group is in Swedish -- Denna grupp är för svenska medlemmar av whiskybase.com-- Bra…

09.11.2017 18:57 14 1
Le Groupe Francophone

Toutes discussions sur notre nectar dans la langue de Molière.

09.12.2017 12:35 113 3
Whisky taster und Whiskyevent besucher!

Eine Gruppe für deutschsprachige Whisky taster und Whisky events besucher!

20.12.2017 23:55 2 1
Glenfiddich collectors

Glenfiddich lovers

22.12.2017 13:16 1 0
Whiskybase members from the Netherlands

Voel je vrij om als Nederlander aan te sluiten in deze groep.

28.12.2017 14:23 170 8
Whiskybase California

For Whisky Lovers and Whiskybase members living in California that want to talk whisky, where to buy…

30.12.2017 18:14 3 2
Ayrshire & Arran Whisky Group

Come and share your thoughts, tastes and passion for the best scotch whisky on the planet - Arran Ma…

31.12.2017 00:03 8 2
Samples ruilen / Sample swap

Hoi allemaal, Ik ben op zoek naar mensen die samples willen ruilen. Ikzelf heb een vrij grote col…

01.01.2018 19:23 4 1
All about Bourbon

All about Bourbon What are your favorite bourbon Was sind eure lieblings Bourbon ?! ~ 25 €/$ …

16.01.2018 23:38 24 5
BFF(Bowmore Friends Forever)

To all you Bowmore fans,feel free to join my free bowmore lovers group,where we can talk,discuss,etc…

29.01.2018 19:28 25 6
Pure Extract Garcinia - Boost metabolism Level

Pure Extract Garcinia - Therefore, if ingested in moderation cash regular exercising, carbohydrates …

02.02.2018 11:53 1 1
TALISKER made by the sea

 LAT57° 17´. 9N, LONG 06°21´.5W welcome 

10.02.2018 22:30 64 14
Jazz Solo

An accumulation of whisky related resources and information.

20.02.2018 22:12 2 8
Imperial whisky group

Here you can share your tasting notes of Imperial whiskies with other lovers of whiskies from this d…

06.03.2018 14:56 7 4
Whiskybase-members from Norway

This is a group for Whiskybase members from Norway.

13.03.2018 22:31 33 3
Underdogs - Imperial Whisky Freaks Koblenz

Wir lieben Imperial Whisky. Einer der letzten unbekannten Perlen.Ein echter Whisky Underdog-  ;…

16.03.2018 21:27 4 2
Sample Trading

This group is for people who want to swap whisk(e)y samples

26.03.2018 21:17 27 1
Whiskybase Canada

A place for us to complain (and boast) about our native land.

17.04.2018 22:00 48 29
Deutsche Whiskys

Diese Gruppe beschäftigt sich mit allen Brennereien Deutschlands und deren Abfüllungen.

23.04.2018 12:08 32 3
Facebook- Treffpunkt feiner Geister

Die Übersicht der Facebookgruppe:Whisky.de - Der Treffpunkt feiner Geister

23.04.2018 12:12 95 2
Whiskybase-members from Belgium

06.05.2018 10:37 302 55
Manly Spirits - FAQ & News

This group should provide answers about the distillery and its products and everything else about Ma…

07.05.2018 12:43 1 1
Whiskybase Deutschland

Gruppe deutschsprachiger und in Deutschland lebender Whiskybase User.

08.05.2018 00:09 345 30
What whisky are you drinking right now?

What are you drinking right now?

12.05.2018 11:44 114 4
Moderators Group

A group for Moderators

20.05.2018 12:40 13 13
Whisky - Schweiz

Hallo zusammen,diese Gruppe dient allen gleichgesinnten Whisk(e)y Liebhaber aus der Schweiz sich hie…

24.05.2018 22:33 16 2
Schweizer Sample und Flaschenbörse

In Deutschland funktioniert es bereits wunderbar, wär doch schön hätten wir dies auch in der Schw…

02.06.2018 20:38 7 1
Sampleswap // Samplebörse // Flaschenteilungen

Buy or swap samples and see which bottles I share

02.06.2018 21:09 6 6
Specialists Group

This group is for Specialists. All questions regarding the tasks of the Specialist can be discussed …

03.06.2018 21:33 106 129
The Ardbeg Group

The Ardbeg Group is the peatiest, smokiest, most complex group of  all  Ardbeg lovers are very wel…

04.06.2018 10:49 200 27
Whiskybase Version 4

In this group we discuss the latest version of Whiskybase: version 4.0 Here you can suggest feature…

04.06.2018 23:36 83 7
The Octomore Cult Club

Are you a peat head who loves Octomore? I once thought you needed to love peat to love Octomore. But…

09.06.2018 10:28 30 9
Bottle Search

Looking for a special bottle? Ask here

12.06.2018 15:25 566 1201
Whisky Video Club

If you like watching videos on whisky like I do; reviews, discussions and generally information. Her…

14.06.2018 22:39 10 12
Whisky poems

e.e. cummings, Dylan Thomas, James Joyce, Nietzsche, Jung.

15.06.2018 11:56 5 4
''Infinity of spirits''

Deze groep is bedoeld om in de eerste plaats een nieuw whisky/spirits festival onder de aandacht te …

16.06.2018 22:26 4 1

A Group for everyone who wants to Swap or Buy Whisky Samples. (20ml-2cl or more) Here is my list…

18.06.2018 22:27 30 1
"Japanese whisky" and "Whisky scene of Japan".

Information and communication about "Japanese whisky" and "Whisky scene of Japan".

23.06.2018 07:55 97 11
Whisky lovers from Belgium

Voor alle liefhebbers van de godendrank woonachtig te België.

24.06.2018 12:57 313 46
HFR Forum Hardware

groupe whiskybase pour les membres du forum HFR http://forum.hardware.fr/

The Wine Bitches

For all fans of wine finished malts

Glendronach Enthusiasts

For all who like and support this great brand. Who want to Talk about it or share info.

Whisky Adventskalender 2013 (3rd Edition) 1
Whiskygudarnas Plats

Inofficiell grupp.

Brothers Single Malt Club (BSC)

This group is created for members and friends of BSC regardless of where you are. Please come and jo…

Chiltern Whisky Club

Whisky tried at monthly tastings.

Single Malt Lover's Austria

Open Group for Single Malt Lover's, Drinker's and Collector's. ( Scotch prefered ) Everyone is wel…

My Karuizawa collection for sale

Hello dear dram drinkers,In order to finance another project, I plan to sell my collection of closed…

Whisky Stones ??

Ey guys i saw an article on that website http://scottishwhiskyworld.com/ about whisky stones. what d…

Dansk Whisky Forum

Gruppen er oprettet for at give folk der kender hinanden via facebook gruppen af samme navn mulighe…

Whiskybase Taiwan (在台灣的威士忌粉絲團)

A group for whisky drinkers in Taiwan.  

Valhalla W & C 2
Kilchoman Keepers

For all of you that love the newest 100% Islay distillery. Kilchoman displays all that is great abou…

How to edit my collections!

Hey Guys,I´m new here and i want to add bottles to my collection, but when i klick "edit my collect…

Whiskybasegroup Flevoland

Meant for whisky lovers in the province of Flevoland and nearby towns. Would be great to exchange an…

Friends of the Cutty Sark Forum

For all members and friends of Germanys Biggest Whisky Forum "Cutty Sark" (www.scotswhisky-community…

W.W.Club Scotch Whisky Single Cask

About our business -- William & Co. Spirits Limited Our whisky business started from 2013 in A…

Smoky Room

Whisky Freunde Regelmässige Reisen nach Schottland Tolle Gespräche Kulinarische Entdeckungen S…

Whiskyfreunde Lemgo

Wir sind eine kleine Gruppe von ca. 15 Personen die sich regelmäßig treffen um leckere Abfüllunge…


Detect and report here fake or suspicious whisky bottles on all running whisky auctions. So none o…

jack Daniels sinatra century Reserve bottle number 10 of 15

I was lucky enough to purchase bottle no 10 of 15 of the sinatra family reserve 2 yrs ago in Amsterd…

SWLG Swiss Whisky Lovers Group 2


Maltköppe aus Butjadingen / Stadland

Hier mal eine Sammelgruppe für alle Maltköppe aus dem Butjoorland und aus Stadland. Hier seid ihr …



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