just notices, on a bottle apprroval page I see this (bold = wrong/not the data that was submitted by user):

Whisky property


Brand     Macduff   

Category     Single Malt

Name     1978 CA

Strength     55.80 %

Strength Unit     %vol

Stated Age     16

Vintage     03.1978

Bottled     06.1994

Size     700 ml

Bottler     Cadenhead   

Bottling     Authentic Collection

District     Eastern Highlands

Cask Strength     No

Single Cask Whisky     No

Colored     No

Chillfiltered     No

Core Range     Unknown

Distilleries     Macduff


But, knowing this was wrong before, I kept an eye on it and sure enough the issue is still there; i.e. when approved, the bottle lists:




Cask Strength
Single Cask Whisky

Add/update info


Would be nice to correct that so when approving bottles we see the correct/submitted data...