Hello and Greetings! Merry Christmas! Looking forward to the holiday Seasons!

My name is Stephen, and I'd like to welcome you to the Nashville Chapter of Whiskybase. I am less than 2 years into my Whisky Journey of what I hope will be another 40 years of exploration. I've gleaned a lot of information from sites like this, and Ralfy Reviews to know that it's important to be educated before you buy, and it is also good to talk to other buyers of what they're finding with producers quality.

Currently open, I've got 3 good whiskey's to compare with each other. My local guy had 50% Prohibition Ed Cutty Sark on sale for $26 buck per Liter bottle, and I've found to be a great bargain. I've been drinking it along side 2 other whiskey's; Eagle Rare 10y and Rittenhouse Rye BIB at 50%. 3 Great bottles to compare! All bottles were in the $30 price range here in my neighborhood, and I see that as good value!

Bottles I've stocked up on are Old Grandad 114 as I hear they may be going away. I've also stocked up on some Evan Williams small batch bottlings. They were less than $15/bottle, and I'd tasted one a few weeks back and was really impressed with it for the money. I've still got a good little stash of Elijah Craig 12y small batch, and they have become extinct in the stores.

So, what are you drinking?? and what are you collecting??

Look forward to discussing.