In a thread from a few years ago I noticed the following proposed changes for the site:

"- A weighted average value will be implemented; meaning 1 single shoplink can not adjust the average price to much.

- historical price overviews so you can see the changes in pricing

- Auction prices. Which will show you current and historical auction prices."

Can we confirm if/when these will happen? If they already have, my apologies. The ability to see auction prices (which, as most people know, are a more conservative estimation of value given they're likely to be lower than shop retail prices), would be fantastic. Until then a lot of us will continue to rely on Whisky Hunter and similar sources for valuations, especially for bottles that are really only accessible via auction these days.

I'm not saying we necessarily need to incorporate advanced analytics in determining whisky value, but some of the above changes would be a great addition to the site and I for one would find it hugely valuable.