A bit of a quicker release this time as we had some smaller issues to fix and some more important things going on with below items.
Next release will be the last short term bugfix release before we start on our roadmap. This will be shared in the next weeks as we are finalizing this.

For now:

- Sharing buttons (Facebook / Twitter) on bars, hotels, restaurants and distillery pages caused 404 pages when clicked. This is solved now.

- Some issues with marketplace calculations on shipping when using different currencies. Refunded money to people involved and fixed the bug

- Improved some loading times of pages (minified css, improved image compression)

- Design update to trackers so more information will fit on the screen.

- Issue with prices in shop links (leading zero issue) is solved now.

- Admin page for bottlers and distilleries show the existing bottlers and distilleries so administrator of this becomes easier.

- Improved the invoices (characters) on the Market

- Adding a botteling serie didn't work, this is fixed now

- Deletion of distillery reviews works now

- Checkins on profile page showed your own checkins and not the checkins of the profile you visited. This is fixed.

- Sorting on vintage didn't work, this is fixed.

- Photo image on whisky page was to big and didn't fit on first load.