Hereby a list of new bug fixes to be release on the 18th of May end of day:

Whisky pages
- Tasting tags description on mobile didn't fit. This has a better alignment now.
- Tasting notes, wishlist, ratings and collection now show the level icon for that particular member

User profile / dashboards
- User avatar on profile page shows the full image again and is not zoomed in.
- General approach to dashboard and trackers improved. Everybody can create their own homepage now.
- Friends widget couldn't be removed from profile page, this is fixed now.

- The invoice and pdf download of the invoice was missing. This has been put back to the market dashboard
- Counter on the auction items was not right, this showed the amount of marketplace items. Now it shows the amount of auctions
- Fixes on the mobile view for market items.

General / performance
- Gzip compression enabled on css, javascript not only on html items
- Changes on the columns weren't saved, these now work on distilleries, brands and bottlers.
- Added additional widget options for administration purpose
- Searchengine now also looks at bottled date if searching: littlemill 2017

- add a bottler is enabled again
- add a distillery is enabled again
- todo widget can be used again and doesn't give errors
- binding whisky to brand works again