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  • 4h
    C.H.M. added a note to whisky Lagavulin 1995
    Rauch, Rauch, Meer, Meer, Torf, Torf, Kraft, Kraft, Würze Würze, Stärke.
  • 4h
    Juergen78 added a tasting note to whisky Hakushu 12-year-old
    Ein Whisky mit relativ klar definierten Aromen. Kein Überflieger, aber ein schöner Daily Dram.
  • 4h
    rdavek added a review to whisky Collingwood 21-year-old
    Mature rye nose, well integrated wood and notes of brown sugar, vanilla and dried fruit.  None of the chemical, acetone notes one often finds in younger 100% rye.  The mouthfeel …
  • 6h
    Toffie76 added a tasting note to whisky Laphroaig PX Cask
    Tout ça me parait un peu bricolé et au final , il me manque la fougue d'un jeune Islay et la maturation "forcée " par le passage dans 3 types de fûts n'y apporte rien, si ce n'…
  • 6h
    maetz added a note to whisky Auchentoshan Valinch
    Aroma: Zitusfrüchte, Zitronenlimonade, Grapefruit, frische eines Frühlingstag am Morgen, dezent Vanille, Lorbeerblatt(?), Muskatnuss, Zitronenkuchen Zugabe Wasser (0,75) Sehr we…
  • 7h
    Koning added a tasting note to whisky Highland Park 12-year-old
    The lingering and gently smoky finish wins me over!
  • 7h
    Koning added a tasting note to whisky Isle of Jura 10-year-old
    A whisky with unique aromas. If the taste and finish weren't so light I would love this whisky. Unfortunately, it is more interesting to smell than to drink.
  • 7h
    Koning added a tasting note to whisky Springbank 10-year-old
    The quintessential Campbeltown malt!
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