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The Marketplace has only just been launched and now comes yet another fantastic application on the market; the Whiskybase iPad app. On the iPad app, you can view whiskies, evaluate and add to your collection or wishlist. Of course, the iPad app communicates with this online site so you always have the most current information on your tablet. The iPad app is free, if you want to use all the features of the app, then it costs only 0.89 euro per year. With the iPad app, the Whiskybase is now at your fingertips!

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  • 17m
    karloff added a review to whisky Hazelburn CV
    I loved the first bottle of Hazleburn I tried so I was keen to try this, and I thought it was a great deal at around the 40 quid mark. Thoroughly enjoyed it, it was the sort of dra…
  • 25m
    karloff added a tasting note to whisky Hazelburn CV
    Another great addition to Hazelburn. I bought this in Cost Cutter in Dufftown.
  • 6h
    The link is valid, so is the price! Still a few left. http://www.bestofwines.com/uk/whisky
  • 6h
    p4blo added a tasting note to whisky Glenmorangie Lasanta
    Nice quality for the price.
  • 17h
    p4blo added a tasting note to whisky Springbank 10-year-old
    A great entry level whisky.
  • 18h
    Jaydee added a review to whisky Longmorn 2002 SlB
    Again a very nice bottling from slijterij Bams. Sweet fruity nose. Intense taste with fruit and honey; few drops of water will add to the fruity taste. Full body and nice long and…
  • 18h
    DennisV added a review to whisky Talisker 2001
  • 18h
    dw added a note to whisky BenRiach 1971
    without water:  superb (91-92p) with water: what we have now is a bad copy of a jamaican single cask rum (long pond!), still nice to drink but somehow ruined (87-88p)with water…
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