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  • 60m
    Reliable sources have confirmed that this definitely is Ailsa Bay. And no, that's not Serge. Might be more to come in the future....
  • 2h
    MaltMartin added a tasting note to whisky Dallas Dhu 1980 DL
    A fresh and lively Dallas Dhu. A real summer whisky.
  • 3h
    MaltMartin added a tasting note to whisky Highland Park 1979 CA
    Strange HP, not well balanced. May be a little too young
  • 3h
    MaltMartin added a tasting note to whisky Bowmore 1979 CA
    After a while this whisky becomes really beautiful. Intriguing Bowmore from a difficult era. Tasted with Rick and Emiel.
  • 3h
    MaltMartin added a tasting note to whisky Glenturret 1965 CA
    This whisky definitely needs time. Tasted in my garden with Rick and Emiel.
  • 3h
    I_SPEY added a note to whisky Aberlour A`bunadh batch #47
    Colour: mahoganyish! Nose: notes of sherry,wood,vanilla,oranges, malty mince pies, wood polish, hazelnut, soaked raisins and chocolate!  Taste: syruped caramel, "spicy" apple, p…
  • 4h
    ASWhisky added a tasting note to whisky Talisker 25-year-old
    ich zitiere Peter_W1Fazit: ein wundervoller älterer Talisker, der sich viel Kraft aus seiner Jugend bewahrt hat und durch die langen Jahre im Fass eine wundervolle Komplexität a…
  • 4h
    wenkrush added a tasting note to whisky Clynelish 1995 DT
    A fantastic dram through and through.
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