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  • 11m
    Hvdree added a review to whisky Longmorn 1996 BR
  • 14m
    jazzpianofingers added a note to whisky Cragganmore 1972 G&M
    N: Fruity and floral, very fragrant. Lots of wood showing as is a lush green dark forest canopy. Waxy, fruity, yeasty and malty, and dense-intense for a ’40 percenter’. Hints …
  • 26m
    Hvdree added a review to whisky Glen Ord 1996 DD
  • 28m
    ThS added a note to whisky Dalmore Single Cask
    Après tout ce qu'on a pu lire (Ruben, Serge) sur ce whisky, je m'attendais au pire. Eh bien , pas du tout. C'est juste très bon: plutôt complexe et carrément gourmand.
  • 49m
    Vattted (Blended) Malt Whisky (Glengoyne,Glenrothes,Glenfarclas und Tamdhu)Information from Whisky Dungeon
  • 54m
    jazzpianofingers added a note to whisky Old Parr 12-year-old
    N: initially smells fairly cheap and a bit rough. After time: sherry influence, old wood, marmalade, raisin/fruits, citrusy vanilla, preserves and dried figs offer themselves. Than…
  • 2h
    avansele added a review to whisky Aberlour 10-year-old
  • 2h
    N: Young but coloured whisky and on the nose: waxy, dried fruits, apple mainly with a light fudge malt and burned malt indicating rushed distillate - likely.   T: Really light…
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