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  • 2h
    TastyDram added a tasting note to whisky Yamazaki 10-year-old
    Conclusion: A young whisky that shows already some character with his fruity flavours. This 10 year old is getting rare.My tasting notes can be found on my A Tasty Dram blogspot: h…
  • 3h
    TastyDram added a review to whisky Glenmorangie The Original
    Color: pale straw.Nose: Honey and heather flowers take the lead. Citrus and vanilla are also present. A very sweet and accessible dram. Adding water rewards you with peaches, ripe …
  • 3h
    TastyDram added a review to whisky Glenfiddich 12-year-old
    Color: Light gold Nose: Vanilla and oak are dominating the glass. Water unleashes the fruitiness. I'm thinking of cooking pears and green apples. Taste: Not many surprises here. …
  • 3h
    TastyDram added a review to whisky Springbank 10-year-old
    Color: Copper Nose: Soft and sweet peat smoke are balanced by citrus and vanilla. Adding water is like opening a spice drawer and there's a leftover of dried sausage hidden in it …
  • 3h
    TastyDram added a review to whisky Hakushu Bourbon Barrel
    Color: goldNose: A hand carved oak fruit bowl, full of tropical fruits. Think of pineapple and coconut. Water adds bananas, citrus and melons. And off course some oak and vanilla. …
  • 3h
    TastyDram added a review to whisky Auchentoshan Valinch
    Color: warm yellowNose: Crème brûlée and some brown sugar. Despite the high ABV it has a very soft nose. Water reveals something flowery and orange zest.Taste: Again sweetness o…
  • 3h
    TastyDram added a review to whisky :whisky
    Color: pale strawNose: Soft vanilla with traces of anise. Afer a while you'll discover some overripe mandarines. Water reveals some oaky notes.Taste: Again some vanilla and on the …
  • 4h
    ASWhisky added a tasting note to whisky Kilchoman 2009
    sein junges Alter lässt viel hoffenfür einen 4y unglaublich weich und harmonischmit angehender Spannung und stimmigen Aromeneine wenig spürbare Metallnote verhindert die 90 Punk…
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