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  • 47m
    KayMeertens added a tasting note to whisky Ledaig 1993 CA
    Sample from Bishlouk. I like it! Score: 87/88.
  • 2h
    Feusi added a note to whisky Johnnie Walker Black Label
    At these times "the" whiskey in a bar in switzerland, Chivas or red label, much more there was not available (Glenfiddich of course). A bitter herb drought remains in the mouth, th…
  • 2h
    Feusi added a note to whisky Glen Rosa Pure Malt
    Amazing how contrary whisky can be produced. I will try in a next opportunity again and hope this bottling for me tastes a little better.
  • 3h
    A vatting of 104 different malts, the oldest being a 1961 Miltonduff.
  • 3h
    Feusi added a note to whisky The Famous Grouse 12-year-old
    Complex aromas in the nose, brings a very pleasant mouth feel, honey and malt combine to form an "easy drinking" drop.
  • 4h
    Feusi added a note to whisky The Famous Grouse 18-year-old
    Sherry and oak fill the nose. Pleasant on the palate, the woody notes are beautifully balanced against the sherry. Pleasant long finish.
  • 4h
    jazzpianofingers added a note to whisky Arran 1996
    3cl Sample 'Elegant and characterful' N: Not your usual sherry nose. Theres a liquorice sherbet dip vibe, vanilla and caramel but with a fresh herbal strain through the middle w…
  • 7h
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