Talisker 30-year-old

Category Single Malt from Islands, Scotland
District Isle of Skye
Bottler Distillery Bottling
Bottled 2010
Age 30 years old
Casktype American and European Oak
Strength 57.3 % Vol.
Number of bottles 2958
Size 700 ml
Price 466.67$ 504.00£ 336.00
Cask Strength
zby0001 Review note
less than a year ago
zby0001 gave this whisky 91 points
Weighted Rate
Initial taste
Talisker & Brora & Glendronach
Rossi99 Note
about a year ago
Rossi99 gave this whisky 91 points

nice and easy dram! Oily, punchy and lively.
It doesn't taste like a 30yo dram
Coastal breeze mingling with lemon zest so well and  a little bitterness finish!
good one!

Tabrulavubeg Note
about a year ago
Tabrulavubeg gave this whisky 93 points

A great nose. A very delicate and complex dram.
Dangerously well drinkable.

At 57,3% alc. this bottling, unlike other Taliskers at this age, is not lacking the power that should be characteristic for this distillery's whisky.

Eclectic Scotchist Tasting note
about a year ago
Eclectic Scotchist gave this whisky 93 points
Deep gold

Old oak (as from an old sailing ship), old pleasant leather, beautifully dampened soft peat smoke (reminiscent of what a newly spent fire might smell of at some distance), intense and elemental, salty sea, iodine, liquorice around the edges of the glass, sweet malt, toffee and crème brûlée (both increase in influence over time), muted tones of pepper, citrus, vanilla, some cream, 'four fruits tea' (red fruits), hints of dark chocolate, mild and pleasant furniture polish, a whiff of tobacco, heather. Rather complex nose with an interesting development.


Lovely clean and soft peat smoke, a phenol element with a beautifully refined 'roundness', old oak which blends with sweeter components such as toffee and cream, pepper, iodine, salty sea, red fruits and a refreshing citrus presence.


Powerful, complex and long-lived. The peat smoke is more or less absent after swallowing only to reappear with a wonderful, almost powdery soft quality that lingers all to the very end. Brine, vanilla, hints of red fruits and old oak make up the background. That beautifully refined phenol element reappears. Old leather intermixed with some undefined nuttiness, some iodine again and some fresh unburnt peat. Sweet and rich malt throughout.


Simply a superb scotch - this style of whisky doesn't get much better than this. Medium to full-bodied with an almost chewy feel to it. I absolutely adore the heavy wood presence in this 30 year old Talisker (which makes me think of old wooden ships) . Expensive, but I am inclined to say it is worth every penny. One of my personal favorites.

Ralph Hiltrup Note
a couple of years ago
Producer`s Tasting Notes

Nose:  Mild nose-feel. Very reserved, and slow. At first, teasing fruit acidity (red apple skins) and dried fruits, with sweeter notes (rum toffee, chocolate brownies). Quickly then, sooty smoke (a burned out peat fire) with, after a while, alluring, aromatic spices (frankincense, clove, cedar) and polished oak, followed by more fruit, now boiled sweets. Water makes it more maritime, with iodine, menthol and beach scents, but there are also notes of milk chocolate and soft vanilla toffee in the smoky development.

Body: Medium.

Palate:  Drinks well at full strength. Slow but consistent, with autumn berries and dried fruit. Cherry stones. Cooling at first, then becoming hot and lively. Water (add only a little) brings up a pleasant smooth texture. It`s now quite sweet and again cooling to start (tart au chocolat) then warming overall, with some salt, a trace of acidity and some very measured, slightly sooty, smoke.

Finish: Long, with roasted malt, the ghost of black pepper, and some nutmeg in the smoky and savoury aftertaste.

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