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  • 2h
    markjedi1 added a tasting note to whisky Glenury Royal 1968
    Well, for a first encounter with this distillery, it is quite a pleasant one. This bottle is actually still available, but you will have to pay a king’s ransom for it. Online you…
  • 2h
    Erik Elixer added a note to whisky Glen Grant 1990 SV
    "This whisky was filled into 2 refill sherry butts in 1990, the year Germany previously won the World Cup. It was bottled in 2014 to celebrate Germany winning the 2014 World Cup in…
  • 9h
    meiotic added a review to whisky Exhibition Islay TwS
    Nose: Salty beachiness, summery, a hint of wood smoke turns it Autumnal, and, with that, out come the Cherry Tunes, the crust of a fruit pie, vanilla, Disarono, marmalade, candied…
  • 9h
    peatlover99 added a note to whisky Kilchoman 2009
    Producer Tasting Notes: Colour: Golden amber  Nose: Strong vanilla with citrus fruits, caramelised brown sugar with sultanas.  Palate: Sweet toffee up front with a hint of mar…
  • 10h
    DunklerRabe added a note to whisky Linkwood 1991 GM
    Seems to be a bit rough on first taste, but it all settles down after a moment to become a very fruity, pretty sweet and overall pleasant experience.It has got a bit of everything,…
  • 10h
    DunklerRabe added a note to whisky Glencadam 21-year-old
    Nutty (hazelnut) and malty and an overall complexity in the nose. That impression stays tastewise and it gets sweeter towards the finish, which is a bit short and not oaky at all f…
  • 11h
    DunklerRabe added a note to whisky Glencadam 14-year-old
    Like with their port finish the influence of the finish itself is rather weak. Lovely nose with green apples, citrus fruits and a certain sweetness but it falls a bit short on tast…
  • 11h
    DunklerRabe added a note to whisky Glencadam 12-year-old
    A decent entry level whisky, but it lacks some intensity. Especially the port influences are very weak which is a bit disappointing. I like their regular 10yo more.
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