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The Whiskybase Team has worked hard in recent months to create a big expansion of our website. This is called the Marketplace. Now it's possible to buy and sell whisky from other members of Whiskybase. Whiskybase facilitates this through a secure and user-friendly platform. Have a look at your collection and see if you have bottles you want to say goodbye to. You will be able to sell those bottles in your own mini-shop on the Whiskybase Marketplace. In the mean time keep your eyes open for great offers on the Marketplace. 
Take a look in the helpfiles to get started, you find them here.

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  • 41m
    walli_90 added a tasting note to whisky Finch Classic
    Stimmige und verheißungsvolle Nase, sonst leider etwas unstimmig
  • 2h
    KayMeertens added a tasting note to whisky Glendronach 2002
  • 2h
    Yvain added a tasting note to whisky Bladnoch 2001
    Une bonne surprise. J'ai goûté une version en 350ml, mais du même tonneau. Le sherry prend le dessus sur le côté vert et jeune du lowland et renvoie à quelque chose d'assez g…
  • 2h
    KayMeertens added a tasting note to whisky Glendronach 2002
    Sample from Bishlouk. Funny to find some notes that I normally associate with the sherry casks but seem to be own to GlenDronach's style nevertheless.
  • 3h
    Allandale added a tasting note to whisky Laphroaig An Cuan Mòr
    Intense body and depth.
  • 4h
    nc2malt added a note to whisky Kilchoman 2008
    This entry is a duplicate of: http://www.whiskybase.com/whisky/54317/kilchoman-2008-single-cask and can be removed.
  • 4h
    Igor added a tasting note to whisky Glenlivet 15-year-old GM
  • 5h
    Moro added a review to whisky Glendronach Parliament
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