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The Whiskybase Team has worked hard in recent months to create a big expansion of our website. This is called the Marketplace. Now it's possible to buy and sell whisky from other members of Whiskybase. Whiskybase facilitates this through a secure and user-friendly platform. Have a look at your collection and see if you have bottles you want to say goodbye to. You will be able to sell those bottles in your own mini-shop on the Whiskybase Marketplace. In the mean time keep your eyes open for great offers on the Marketplace. 
Take a look in the helpfiles to get started, you find them here.

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  • 21m
    mikespike added a note to whisky Ardbeg Auriverdes
    Not a special Ardbeg, pretty average. Pretty OK to drink, but far away from deserving an investment of 100-140 Euro for those who want to buy Whisky to enjoy a good dram. I cannot …
  • 4h
    nlsanand added a review to whisky Balblair 2002
    Very complex malt with an interesting composition. The nose is not over-endearing being somewhat spirity. Nose focused on malt flavour. Palate opens up with a sourness that is abso…
  • 9h
    Forrest added a note to whisky Highland Park 1986 MoS
    Highland Park 1986/2012 (54.1%, Malts of Scotland, Amazing Casks, bourbon hogshead, cask #MoS 12052) This baby was one of the stars at the Lindores Whisky Fest in Ostende.Colour :…
  • 10h
    Titi94 added a note to whisky Highland Park Dark Origins
    A sherried release from Highland Park, Dark Origins is a combination of 80% first fill sherry casks (of which 60% is European oak and 20% American) and 20% refill sherry. A dark ex…
  • 10h
    Titi94 added a note to whisky Highland Park Dark Origins
    Producer's Notes: Colour: Rich mahogany. Nose: Sherried spice and ripe bananas combine with roasted hazelnuts and baked apple. Palate: Well-balanced, dry peat at first mellowing…
  • 10h
    Forrest added a note to whisky Macduff 1973 TWA
    Macduff 38 yo 1973/2011 (47%, The Whisky Agency, bourbon hogshead, 188 bottles) There's a nice but strange bug on the label. May I suggest the bottlers should add the names of a…
  • 10h
    Makeneki added a review to whisky Highland Park 18-year-old
  • 10h
    Makeneki added a review to whisky Octomore Edition 06.1 / 167
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