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  • 25m
    mordread added a note to whisky Imperial 1997 GM
    The same cask, the same bottling date and two different % of ABV... That's the story! ;-)
  • 27m
    A Benchmark!
  • 3h
    nlsanand added a review to whisky Ledaig 10-year-old
    This whisky delivers the peat smoke flavour. Definitely a smokey oily whisky, delivering what it promises. I commend them for this. This whisky tastes better with a bit of water (a…
  • 3h
    I was liking how this was marketed as a cheap single malt. It really isn't very pleasant to drink unfortunately. Something very off. The finish contained something that I had found…
  • 4h
    nlsanand added a review to whisky Bowmore Laimrig
    Not sure the flavour profile of Bowmore goes that well with a heavily sherried cask strength presentation. Overall, this is not a bad effort for Bowmore which had some mediocre off…
  • 5h
    littlebuzzed added a tasting note to whisky Macallan Amber
    Only my second Macallan. After that freakshow of the "1990-Whiskybroker Macallan" tasking, i was hoping this one was better... and it was. Much better actually. Nice all around, n…
  • 6h
    littlebuzzed added a tasting note to whisky Macallan 1990 WhB
    Glad I only had this one sample. This dram easily took the top spot in my list of worst whiskies tasted. 
  • 8h
    Whisky Hamster added a note to whisky BenRiach 17-year-old
    Just listen to Falnor, he's right!... ;-)It's hard to find a reasonably priced richly peated malt that is port cask matured. The reddish color reflects the port nicely and this dra…
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